2012 05 28 A God Falls At The Feet Of Mortals

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A god falls at the feet of Mortals

Armand, The Vision, Takara, Gogo, Loki, NPC Police, NPC citizens, NPC Firemen

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New York - Museum of Natural Science

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A portal opens and unleashes hellish creatures, followed by something they never expected. The Hellfire Club gains an unusual visitor.


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-==[ Museum of Natural Science - Upper East Side ]==----

The Science Museum is the largest museum of its kind in the world. It contains over 200,000 exhibits covering almost every imaginable sector of science, technology, industry and medicine. Many of the exhibits are interactive so visitors can explore and discover science and technology for themselves. The principles of flight, for example, are explained in the interactive Flight Lab and visitors can get a "health check" in the Health Matters gallery. Exhibits from the past include some of the oldest cars, planes and trains. One of the oddest exhibits must be George Washington's false teeth! Present day science comes under the spotlight with an area devoted to global communications and the Information Superhighway. The future is explored too. Special exhibitions and prototype models give a glimpse of what we can expect in the 21st century. There is plenty in the museum for younger children. They will be particularly excited by the Launch Pad area where they can take part in experiments. In the basement 'The secret life of the Home' gallery has historic and current domestic appliances and gizmos. The museum also has a special programme of events including demonstrations, character dramas and science shows.


Obvious Exits:

[O] - Upper East Side - New York

It's a late evening at the Museum, which is having its annual Dinosaur Pyjama Party over the long weekend, which draws children from all over the city, and usually their mothers. The foyer is full of ambling kids shuffling around in their feetie PJs, and their parents in bathrobes and slippers, getting ready to head toward the Dinosaur exhibit as the museum gets ready to close within the next hour. Other patrons are still wandering around, somewhat amused by the idea of spending the night in the hall with the giants of prehistoric past.

The Vision comes in from Upper East Side - New York

The Vision has arrived.

How did Annie get involved in this thing? She's not a little kid, nor a parent of one. Still, here she is, in giant PJs decorated with friendly dinosaurs. She's got her hair in a ponytail instead of her normal braids and has on dino slippers on that roar on every other step. It was cute for the first half hour, not so much as she wanders around through the halls. *Roar* step step *Roar* step step *Roar*

The Vision isn't even here for this event. The Synthetic Avenger was in the area responding to a fire. After that was taken care of, Jarvis informed him that the security firm for the Museum wanted a consultation. All of the other Avengers were absorbed into their own activities, so Vizh volunteered for the consultation. Since this museum isn't too far from the mansion, Vizh doesn't have far to go to get home. The ghostly-white Vision is in the security office surrounded by the various monitors and displays available to the security staff. Vizh speaks with the Head of Museum Security while observing the monitors and displays.

A pyjama party. This is very awkward but Armand has made an effort, wearing a pair of dark grey sweat pants and a Science Museum T-shirt under his dark grey hoodie as his hair has been pulled back in a loose ponytail by a thin rubber tie as he walks around with a platter and he's…serving cookies? Giant cookies shaped like dinosaurs he's volunteerd to offer to individuals as he walks in a circle and offers the cookies to random people and children. His golden backpack and messenger bag still in place as usual.

On one of the monitors, there is the slightest flicker of activity in one of the hallways along one of the smooth walls, as if a portion of it was made of liquid and a pebble had just been dropped into the pool. This ripple lasts only for a moment, and a group of children pass by, some of them hopping along behind GoGo going "Raaawwwrrr" every time her slippers growl, which does nothing to ease the headaches of the parents wondering how they were convinced to go along with this craziness. Kids are hopping up and down to get a cookie from Armand, but, despite the seeming chaos, the event is rather well organized and the children moderately behaved for a bunch of kids hyped up on cookies and fruit punch.

In the security office where The Vision is consulting, one of the guards sits down in his wheeled chair which looks as though it has seen much better days and creaks from the strain. "We've been getting a rash of break-ins on the basement level. They don't appear to have been able to get upstairs, but obviously there's a lapse in security down there. No matter how many monitors we set up, they keep getting into the laboratories and stealing equipment. We can't even figure out how they're getting in. The last thing they stole was a replica of an old staff uncovered somewhere in India. It was a reproduction, but the fact is, they could have gotten it had it been the original."

The Vision stands there listening to what the fellow in the security office has to say. He has a hand up to his chin and he is rubbing at it thoughtfully while the man explains to him the problem. Vizh offers a stiff nod, "An understandable problem, sure. Perhaps a different tactic is in order? Setting up a security guard down there or perhaps a more advanced security net around some of the more tempting items?" The Synthetic Avenger looks to the member of security and is oblivious to any oddness on the monitors.

Annie continues to stomp around for the amusement of the children, ever mindful of being too scary and ruining things. Otherwise she is enjoying the children and the museum as well. Though they aren't normally her thing she likes them quite a bit on the rare occasion. She smiles as she makes her way towards a particular vendor, "Monsieur Hair! What are you doing here?" Then she answers her own question, "Cookies? Oh, those look good."

Armand pauses where he stands with the tray of dino-cookies and he murmurs softly in French to an individual who runs off with the cookie and then he turns quickly before jumping as he stares at Annie for a few moments and offers a small smile and then holds the tray up. "Is cookies, oui. It is good to see you Annie! It is a a strange event here…"

"Yeah," the other guard that's supposed to be watching the monitors says, pouring himself a cup of coffee into a mug with the museum logo on it. "Want a cup of coffee?" he asks, gesturing to the pot. The guard sitting spins halfway around in his squeaky chair and nods. "We thought of that, tried putting up motion sensors and better locks on the doors, but they're still getting in. We had to move all the sensitive things into the Vault, or else we might have some really big problems." he sighs. "What do you think about some kind of infro-ray sensor grid?" he asks, meaning infra-red.

Annie is a source of great amusement to most of the kids, and the parents take this as a break to go down as much coffee as possible. "We get to see the dinosaurs, we get to see the dinosaurs!" a kid sings as she hops around Gogo in a circle, looking up at her. "What's your favorite one? I like the Stegamolosaurus." to anyone with very sensitive hearing, there is a soft *thoom* sound, like someone hitting a bass drum underwater. It is barely audible to the average person, but a few of the kids look around. On the monitor, the wall ripples again, this time bulging out just slightly as if being pushed from the other side. Armand is gaining popularity as more cookies are being circulated and a small crowd is forming around him. "Mum can I have a cookie? Mum can I have a cookie? Mum can I have a cookie?"

The Vision lowers his hand from his chin and crosses his arms over his chest as he considers what is said to him and the question posed to him. He states matter of factly, "I imagine the motion sensors that you are already employing utilize a form of infrared detection." He pauses and looks to the man getting coffee. He shakes his head, "No thank you." And he follows that up with, "And you are sure you have not picked up anything on the video recordings to indicate how they are getting in?"

Annie laughs at the antics of the kids swarming around her. She takes one of the cookies offered up by Armand, and after a bite she answers the hopping child, "A steglamasaurus? Oh, that's a good one. I think I like the Triceratops best though. With the three horns and the shield all around her neck. That's my favorite." Annie doesn't have any super senses, so she is barely aware of the pop. Just enough for her to look up a moment before looking down at the kids, asking one of the quieter ones what her favorite dino might be.

Takara finds herself in the museum with some of her family, not that many people would pick out they are related by a glance. Being lead towards the dinosaurs by a six year old while her parents enjoy some coffee, "Oh, so this was plan little kuma." Lead further in, she is pulled towards Armand and Annie with a grin, "Now there is a face I havn't seen in ages." TK waves to both.

Armand is being swarmed by children! This is a bit terrifying but in his sweat pants + hoodie and his museum t-shirt, he's doing best that he can, grinning a bit to the little ones as they talk to Annie about dinosaurs and the like. He passes out cookies to the children as they approach, even offering a couple to some parents with an apologetic grin as he shrugs helplessly. He does pause for a moment, turning his head as he watches some distracted children.


A young girl turns to her brother, who was about to bite the head off his brontosaurus cookie. "There it is again…" she whispers, and her brother nods absently, looking up and around. This time, it's loud enough to surprise a few people into silence, but after afew moments, they go back to talking.

"Not even a hint. We watched the tapes over and over again, and on the computer logs there is no record of any of the sensors going offline or detecting any unauthorized movement. It's like whoever's doing it can fly or walk through walls." the man with the coffee takes a seat at his monitoring station, only a couple of seconds after the wall bulges with the sound.

The quiet girl holds out her shirt, which depicts a Deinonychus playing the electric guitar. "I like this one." she smiles. "They eat meat!" thrusting her arms out with her hands bent down like claws, she waddles around, her path taking her toward Armand. "Rawr, I'm a dinosaur and I eat cookies!" and like most quiet children, she is a terrible influence and a dozen other kids are now heading toward the Cookie Man in a similar fashion. "Rawr!" "Rar!" "Grr!" they waddle past Takara, just narrowly avoiding encapsulating her in their swarm. One of the heads of the event wearing a safari outfit taps on her portable microphone. "Ladies and Gentleman, and dinosaurs, we'll be heading down the hall to the Dinosaur Exhibit in just a few minutes. Everyone start lining up, and we'll march down this hallway. We were sure to feed them all lots of cookies, so they won't be hungry for any children tonight."

The Synthetic Avenger hrms in thought after that information is given to him. He shakes his head, "There aren't many people who can do what I do; Fly and pass through solid matter. I would be interested to know if that is truly the case in this matter." Vision looks towards the monitors and then towards one of the computers, "I would like to interface with the computer systems that are associated with your security systems." He says this as means of asking for permission.

Annie looks up at the THOOM, trying to place not only where the sound is coming from, but what it is. But little girl's come first, and so her attention is pulled back to the Deinonychus fan. "Oh. That is a scary one! You better watch out Armand. They are after your cookies!" She jowns in with all the rawring, imitating the little girl as well, until the announcment is heard. Then she starts towards where the line is at, though she does spend a good deal of time looking around for any stray children or dinosaurs.

Takara arrives amoungst the swarm of kids heading for a cookies, the little boy with her imitating the groups actions as well while she catches Annie's line, "Just the cookies?

Takara arrives amoungst the swarm of kids heading for a cookies, the little boy with her imitating the groups actions as well while she catches Annie's line, "Just the cookies?" She heard the thoom, looking down to a litle boy that is happily gnawing on a plundered cookie and returning to her side, "It's been a long while Annie, but I'm glad I ran into you too Armand."

"Oh non…non…they are coming for moi!" Armand wails playfully for the children as they swarm and he is handing out those cookies as he goes. "Here, here…oh non, here!" He passes out the cookies before he ducks his head sheepishly at Takara as she witnesses the play pretend and he nods to Annie as well, holding out a cookie for Takara to take if she so wishes. "Oh goodness, it was soooo haaaard to make the cookies for the dinosaurs, it was bigger than a house!" He sighs softly. "You must take pictures. Everybody, be good and stay in line and there may be cake!"

"What? Oh, sure." the older guard rolls his chair aside. "You can do that? Be careful, there's a lot of dust bunnies in that thing." he takes the opportunity to get another cup of coffee and the pair completely miss the wall bulging on the screen again.

Annie's fan giggles and then runs back to her mom, holding her hand and pointing at what she describes as a "nice orange lady". The people dressed as expeditionists start herding the kids and parents toward the hallway as the guard locks and secures the door now that everyone has arrived and checked in. "Here we go, folks! We're about to pass through the scary jungle!"

The kids all run into line and try not to look too excited and drag their parents along by the hand, giggling at Armand. "Come on, moooom!" one boy begs as his mother lags behind slightly to finish her coffee. One kid asks him, "How did you find an oven BIG enough?" which causes the other kids to be re-captivated by Armand, the cookie man. The floor seems to feel like it is humming, like the sound of a bass amplifier that had been left on accidently. Perhaps it's simply the PA system the exhibitionists were using, or perhaps it's something else. One little girl stands off to the side, arms folded across her chest and looking scared. She seems to be there alone.

Annie turns at the familiar voice. She grins and steps forward to give Takara a hug, "Hey there! Wow. Talk about a pleasant surprise!" She gives a friendly squeeze and lift, hoisting the girl off the ground briefly before setting her down. She looks at the little bow, dropping down onto a knee, "Who is this big fellow here? He looks pretty scary to me."

The Vision moves over towards the chair that was vacated pretty… readily by the member of security. He shakes his head, "No need to get up; I do not need to sit. This should only be a brief moment." From out of his forearm, Vision produces a couple of cables with a USB-accessible adapter. The cable couples with the computer in question and the Vision begins accessing data and security logs. As he does this, Vizh says, "I am routinely monitoring the Avengers' communications and security systems. Perhaps my experienced eye may see something you and your team haven't." Sure enough there are some slight issues with the recordings that can not be explained. He was focusing more on the older security records but what is getting recorded now drags Vizh's attention to the present. Vizh asks, "Curious; What in the world is that? Is there a reason for the resonance that your systems are picking up?" the Avenger asks anyone and everyone from Security.

Takara hugs the taller and orange lady, laughing as she is set down, "Always love those sort of surprises." She messes the hair of six year old boy, brown hair and eyes, looks like he has a bit of irish and german in him, "This big fellow here is Adam, my youngest brother slash dinosaur. He just had to see the dinos."

The boy with her looks up from his cookie, giving a excited waves to Annie at first. He holds out his hands, holding up six fingers, "I'm this many."

"I am having a friend of course, very very very big friend. She let me borrow her oven but I had to make her 50 apple pies." Armand tugs a handkerchief from a pocket and pretends to pat his forehead. "So much baking!" Then he looks back up and squints as he looks around warily and then he nods to folks. "Go on now, you'll miss the dinosaurs and they will run away, go on now, go to see." He nods quickly to the little bits as his 'something isn't quite right' radar starts ticking, gesturing towards Annie and the line and such before edging towards the girl standing off on her own, kneeling down to offer the tray of cookies to the little girl. "Hello Mon Petite…do you wish to have a cookie too? Come, have a nibble and lets go to the line before they are leaving us both…"

The older man turns back to his monitor and frowns. "I don't know what that is…" he says, the monitor starting to flicker with interference. "I've never seen it do that before. Are we expecting any storms?" the deep hum becomes more noticable, and as the train of children and parents start walking down the wide hallway, the wall becomes obviously deformed, bulging at least two feet outward, then snapping back, then doing so again in a circular shape about five feet in diameter. Most of the children have passed through by now, except for the ones lingering in the lobby and the little girl, who doesn't look any different, but apparently has some kind of extrasensory mutant ability. "Someone's there…" she says in a small voice, just as three *THOOM* resonate two seconds apart, this time startling the people on the far side of the hall into an eerie silence.

The Vision arches his brow as he looks at the readings. He shakes his head, "Something is not right. Do you have security down there with that group? If so, tell them to be mindful of the group. If not, get people down there." The Synthezoid unplugs from the computer terminal and retracts the cable. It disappears into his wrists and he looks towards the monitor to the camera now directed to the group.

Annie grins at the small fellow with Takara, "Really? That many? I have just enough fingers to do that." She holds up the fingers on both hands to demonstrate. Then she nods to Armand, "You got a cookie for my friend Adam here?" Seeing tht Armand is busy with a cute little girl, she snags one and offers it over herself. "This is quite the little party they've got going for the kids isn't it? I am glad the league asked me to volunteer." She looks up at the sound of the thoom, and looks at the little girl. "Someone's here?" She straightens up and steps to place herself between the sound and the children. "You should get going to those dinos."

Takara seems all smiles for a moment, until she sees the wall deform and revert, "Somebody just messed with that wall." One hand poitns it out, the other reaches for her brother's shoulder to draw him behind her, "Adam, stay close."

The guards nearly fly out of their seats as the floor vibrates. "I don't know what the hell that is, but we'd better get down there and find out." one of them opens a drawer and takes out his pistol, clipping it to his holster. The other picks up a walkie-talkie. "What's going on down there? Talk to me, Laura!" the grey-haired guard barks, calling one of the women in khaki pants. "I don't know!" she responds. "We're getting all the pe-" and there's another /huge/ BOOM, which causes all the windows in the front of the building to blow outward, and all the glass exhibit enclosures shatter, raining safety glass down on the children, who are now screaming along with their parents. The Museum workers quickly try to usher them all toward the back and head for the emergency exit, but there's a handful of kids and parents in the foyer with the heroes, and passage into the hallway is blocked when the ripping circle suddenly blows outward, spewing stone and red dirt as a portal is torn open with a green hue.

From the portal come spewing dozens of hellish creatures that look a cross between lizards and insects, and they do not look pleased to be here. It seems they were minding their own business when they were suddenly faced with a hole torn in the fabric of time and space, so naturally they decided to explore what was on the other side of it, and were faced with what looks to them like neatly wrapped noisy sausages with legs. One of them, a larger, starts heading for the lobby, with a dozen or so soldiers in tow.

With the folks from Security heading down at his behest, Vizh decides to head on over to where the group is as well. Where the security personel have to get there via stairwell and elevator, Vision simply alters his molecular structure. He alters his density so that he is completely intangible and flies through walls and floors to head towards the group on their dinosaur themed adventure. As the portal opens up and the glass shatters, Vizh redoubles his efforts to reach the group and ascertain what the heck is going on. The Synthetic Avenger's eyes glow bright white as scanners are going off to determine the source of the portal and to I.D. the things coming out of the portal.

Annie didn't catch the wall deformation, but she definitely sees the arrival of the hellish creatures. "Oh shoot!" She digs out her phone and cals out, "Armand! Catch!" She tosses the phone towards him underhand, "I've got the Avengers on my contacts. Call them! We need help with all these kids." She then goes bounding towards the large alien creature, "Hey! Buddy! Over here. I come in peace!" She waves her arm repeatedly, trying to make sure that they pay attention to the big orange woman instead of all the smaller people. "We don't want any problems. You don't want any problems. Can we talk?"

Armand was trying to coax that little girl, he really was trying to coax the little girl back…further away from that wall and then…all hell breaks loose and Armand actually dumps the cookies into the arms of the nearest child before pushing them towards the others and he's eeping as he slides on his knees holding out the tray to catch the phone and then his eyes widen as he looks back towards this new portal business and he walks backwards as he scrolls through the numbers on the phone with wide eyes and he grips the tray tightly. "Mon Dieu!" He's looking for the speed dial indeed. "Get the childrens yes….to a safety place…Hello? Hello? 1-800-Avengers? Yes, there are walking hot dogs at the Science Museum and there's a portal and all the children are going to be eaten, please help!"

Takara turns her back to the creatures, grabbing her litlte brother to shield him from debris. She stays with the few stuck on their side, pulling on some workers gloves from her back pocket.

The alarms are going off in the Museum now, since the doors were locked and the security system on them activated, a dull orange light illuminating the rooms as the safety lights turn on. The creatures don't seem to understand Annie, and come toward her, some of them scuttling behind to size her up. One of them rears back and takes a leap, while the portal continues to spew creatures and a strange bluish smoke. Police cars and fire trucks arrive, but the officers don't quite know what to do. The children continue to scream as their worst nightmares come true, creatures blocking their way out. The creatures wouldn't be identifiable by Vizh's scanners, they come from a far away place, and this is the first time they've ever been out of their home. They fully intend on taking advantage of this opportunity to sample exotic foreign cuisine, and treat the humans and mutants as intruders. The creatures seem to be everywhere now, trying to get to them.

Vision flies into the room where the most of the group is currently holed up in. He hovers and regards the scene for a moment before calling out to the recently arrived civil servents, "NYPD; NYFD; Get these people out of here!" From his spot in the air, Vizh spots many of the well-travelled creatures scattering to chase down the children and other civilians. The crystal on the Synthezoid's forehead flares to life as solar energy is directed towards it. Small beams of energy lance out from the crystal towards a creature getting to close to a child or their parent.

Armand, when calling the Avengers, will get Jarvis. Jarvis informs Armand that the Vision is already at the museum.

Annie watches the creatures scurry, shivering despite herself. She can't help it. Spiders. Ick. "Welcome to Earth. I don't suppose any of you speak Spanish? French? I don't really speak either of those other than enough to ask for the bathroom. You folks need a restroom break? We've got some expert types coming. They hopefully should be able to talk to you." She continues waving her arms, twisting her head from time to time to keep track of the aliens. She is trusting the others to get the kids to safety. She is trying her best to keep their attention. But once she spots the aliens giving chase to a kid, she leaps, ripping out of her pyjamas as she goes from big woman to big big woman. She tries to snatch the offending alien, tossing him to and through the portal if possible.

Police begin shooting at the swarming creatures, which seem to be coming out of everywhere. The portal is still open and more shattered rock spills out as they continue pouring out of it. "My god, they're everywhere!" one of the men yells and manages to shoot one before it gets close to a child. The one Vision attacks goes down with a sickly crunchy splat. The Museum is looking less like a museum and more like a scene out of Starship Troopers. Firemen manage to get the back door open and are getting the civilians out, but the creatures just keep coming and they try to keep the place contained. "Get these people out of here!" a fireman yells to a policeman, who is swatted aside and thrown into a wall. Waves of the beasts have descended upon the museum and are just moments away from leaving through the smashed front windows. When Annie throws the alien, it looks as though it SHOULD have gone through it, but it is suddenly repelled by a green flash and splatters into the opposite wall about 15 feet away.

In one of those rare moments that Takara has to start growing infront of people, one of these creatures heading for her and the group of peole she is with. Being a giant is good for here, harder to get by her and she hits alot harder when she towers over most people. One moment she looks like the average teen winding up her leg for a kick, the next few see her shoot up in height rapidly before she swings. At roughly twelve feet tall, there is force behind the boot, knocking a small group of aliens in various directions.

Adam in all this stays with the group behind Takara.

"What the *bleep* is a Vision?" Armand has to ask as he looks around, catching sight of Vision by the description given on the phone and he ohs softly. "Well at least can you send a bus s'il vous plaît? Yes, yes please…thank you." Call is ended before the phone is tucked into his bag as he walks backwards towards the nearest children as well, catching sight of Annie growing before he nods slowly and grips that tray tightly as he sees some of the things coming out of the portal. "Oookay children…my little dinosauruses…I-I need you to sing the magic song…" He offers to the little children, just a couple who have gotten caught where he is. A hand moving to tug the tie out of his hair. "Sing the song, s'il vous plaît, merci merci…grow a little, s'il vous plaît, merci merci…like a rainbow change a color and we're all be okay, and when its over we will all get cake…s'il vous plaît, merci merci…" He eyes things with wide eyes as he allows his hair to slowly start fading from dark brown to shade of green. Staying in front of the children.

The Vision drops down to the ground, sniping these creatures from above is effective but it's not going to get him anywhere. The Synthetic Avenger lands on the ground as close to as many creatures as possible and increases his density to give him a measure of invulnerability. His sensors keep tabs on the portal and continuously scan it while Vizh deals with the creatures pouring out of it. What's he looking for? A source; A way to neutralize or close it. Luckily for the Vision, he can do multiple things at once. He lashes out at two of the closest creatures to him with chops of his super-dense hands. He calls out as he attacks to no one in particular, "Get the kids and parents out of here!"

Annie leaps away from the first alien she grabbed. "There are tons of these things!" she cries out as she lands to snatch up a screaming mother and the child that is clinging to her. "Hold on!" She bounds across the room, landing behind the offers and firemen near the front door. She releases those two then bounds off, trying to clear a path to the exit for those trapped inside. She plays the part of a bulldozer, not exactly fighting them, but simply rushing forward with her arms out, trying to catch as many as possible, pushing them in front of her.

In ten second, Takara is as tall as she is going to be, 24 feet tall and trying to swat the creatures that get near the group. It also makes her a very big and heavy target to the critters. When she puts her foot down, they need large number to make her give an inch of ground. A little preoccupied with trying to keep the critters at bay that she loses track of her brother.

Adam, a six year old kid gets moved out the opening, his mother who was stuck on the trapped side the hallway when this all started, there to pick him up and assure him that the others will be okay.

The waves coming out of the portal seem to be slowing down, but the portal itself starts to behave rather erratically. It looked as though it were shrouded in fog before, but now the edges around the circular hole seem to be burning green translucent fire, the space across the portal flickering between being open and being the plain wall again. The previous thrumming sound is replaced by a static sound. Whatever power is fueling it seems to be waning. One of the security guards finally makes it to the lobby, huffing and puffing. "Too…many…stairs…" he says, and has to sit down for a few minutes to rest. One of the creatures looms over him from behind, ready to strike. A policeman snaps another clip into his gun and the deafening sounds of pistol fire ring out again. "Can't you just shove a damn cabinet in front of it so these things can't get through anymore?!"

Firemen decide to turn on their hose, blasting the creatures back while a group of them gets the civilians out. The mess just seems to keep getting worse, but the number of the creatures are being culled significantly by the heroes as they are converted to a crunchy raspberry paste. "I told you there was something coming!" the little girl cries, hiding behind Adam. All of the heroes are doing a spectacular job of dealing with the creatures along with Armand's ability to keep the kids calm in the face of such epic danger. They cling closer to the cookie man, trying to sing along without really understanding what they're saying, just muttering 'ablablalala' along with his melody, and dare to watch as the swarm continues to take out police and firemen alike.

"Ahh Bon…mon petite…dinosaurs…" Armand takes a deep breath and then another deep breath as he watches and lets his hair change colors so the little kids think they are doing magic singing or something, green fading into a streaks of green and blue and other colors before fading into a cinnamon red and the like, but the main focus is as they sing the hair just gets longer…and longer…and longer. "Bon…now, we are going to-" When a creature comes too close? Those tendrils of hair start to form almost like a cape like shield in front/around the children behind Armand. "We're gonna be fierce…come now, we are roaring…yay…yes mon petite dinosaurs, the cake will be soo big…" He's still amazed watching real Heroes do Hero stuff. "Raaaaaaaarrrr…."

Annie mixes it up, throwing aliens, smashing aliens, and grabbing and carrying any civilians when they are too close to the action. With the firefighters involved, civilians start to get a higher priority. Spotting the crowd by Armand she catapults over, landing on the alien threatening them with her bare feet. She then grabs the broken critter and uses it as a missile against another. "Doing a great job Cookie Man! You got a brave bunch of kids there!" Then she hops up to swan dive on another group of the icky alien thingies.

One of the kids still has his brontosaurus cookie and holds it like a laser gun, saying "Pewpewpew" and then he sees an alien go down in front of him and suddenly brightens. He's helping! Kids are amazingly resilient, even when waves of disgusting creatures are trying to eat them, and the others start singing louder while the few at the outer edge start 'pewpewing' with their fingers, convinced that they're doing something productive. A fireman takes the civilians from Annie, nodding her a thank you, then the hose comes out and starts spraying the aliens so the heroes have enough time to get a foothold on the situation. "I think we can get everyone else out, now! Shut down that opening before anything else gets through!" The portal glows brightly for a moment, and a gloved humanoid hand reaches through, trying to find something tangible to hold onto. As it reaches through, the elbow-length glove seems to disintegrate and blow away.

Takara changes her priority when she ses the fire men getting a foot hold, being more aggressive in pushing the critters back. She pushes forward with a large piece of debris, possible large enough to start plugging the protal up.

Adam tries to be nice to the girl behind him, offering her the rest of his cookie and a hug. His mother stays with him and the girl, trying to do her best to keep them calm and stay out of the way.

Armand keeps the children safe while Annie and Takara fight the monsters, and it's a good thing they're there, with the sheer number of them, without the heroes, the situation could have been way out of control and threaten the entire city. At the portal, the hand is followed by another, holding a staff, and when the debris comes toward the portal, the ungloved hand sweeps to the side and the rock follows, rolling down the hallway as the rest of the figure begins to emerge. The portal snaps closed behind him, and it's clear that the misty figure is a humanoid in shape. Upon his head is a dark green and gold helmet with what would have been a pair of long horns curving back toward the base of his skull, but one of them is broken off, the other bent slightly at the end. He leans heavily on the staff as he comes toward the end of the hallway as water rains down from the fire department hosing down the creatures to keep them at bay. He stands at the end of the hall for a moment and looks around with bleary eyes at the scene at hand, getting a bit rained upon in the process. His strength begins to wane, however, and the staff and helmet disappear, leaving him dressed in what was left of the clothing he was wearing when he more or less had his body disintegrated, consisting of the deep forest green tunic and black leather pants, both torn and stained with both dirt and blood, but the figure should still be recognizable to those that have seen him before. When the staff vanishes, he collapses to the ground, taking the first deep breaths he's taken since he pulled himself together. The clothes and staff were merely an illusion conjured by his own mind and magic, having dreamed that he was the king of Asgard and weilder of Odin's mighty staff. One of the policemen readies his weapon. "What the hell is /that/??"

"Ahhh…Merci my Mighty Gogo…" Armand calls out his thanks as he really really hopes the children don't need therapy and then they start pew pewing and pew pewing and the little baker just exhales softly until he sees the hand. "…this is almost as gross as that TLC special about the babies being born…" Then he has a little kid ask him 'Where do babies come from?' and so he points to the portal in time for…the strange man to come through and he straightens up upon seeing the horny helmet and the staff initially and his mouth drops open. "No way…" And when he finally falls over and such, Armand is turning to the kids. "You are all so brave! Now you see the men with the firehoses and the uniforms…we're gonna make a line and we're gonna go to them, because you've saved the day…" Then he looks back to the portal. "And we will move quickly, oui? Oui…yay, thank you for singing the magic song…"

Takara abandons the plugging idea when what was heavy stuff pushes back, even makes her back up before she gets out of the way. Not sure if this guy is friendly or the cause of the critters being here, the giant Takara backs up. She keeps backing up amoungst the critters.

Annie sops mid alien stomping to look towards the arrival of Loki. She calls out to the green and gold figure, "Are you friend or foe?" She doesn't recognize him, but he definitely looks human.

"So this is how it ends…" Loki says to himself breathlessly, trying to get up, but all of his energy was spent reforming his body and getting back to some sort of civilization. He gets partway onto his side, wincing as his forehead encounters the sharp edge of a piece of broken floor. His emerald green eyes try to blink away the water falling over his raven black hair into his face, watching the people around him anxiously, to see what they are going to do to him. He is a god, fallen at the feet of these mere mortals, and is completely at their mercy. The police keep their weapons aimed at him, but begin to relax a little as it doesn't seem like he's very dangerous. "Call an ambulance…or S.H.I.E.L.D….I'm not sure which one we're gonna need here."

One of the policement says into his radio. One of the little kids runs over to hug Gogo's leg. "Thank you orange lady!" she grins. "Thank you cookie man! Thank you tall lady!" and the girl's mother runs into the broken lobby to retrieve her child, sliding on the slippery floor, then they escape while they have the chance. A few of the creatures are still crawling around the museum, but the firemen are turning off their hoses before they flood the place.

Loki hears Annie talking to him, but he just looks up at her, squinting as the world fades in and out of focus. "I…don't know…" he says, "I should ask…the same…of you." he blinks a few times, looking at the orange feet at his eye level. He doesn't dare move, in case any of the people in the group are among the many enemies he has made.

Armand waves a hand to the children as people are getting out of the building and he breaths softly before he actually does something rare, he runs out in front of Gogo and Takara some what…so that he's between where they are and where Loki is and he holds up his hands, hair retracting to a legnth just past his butt for the time being and fading to a dark green color. "One moment! Aww, welcome umm…" He's shrugging out of his hoodie and tossing it/sliding it across the floor towards Loki. "…um. Right, and now we can alll go home yes, and there are no need to…" He looks to Loki. "…mon lordish…individual, at least you are not coming with ogres or trolls, ahahaha…ha…" He takes another deep breath. "Who would like some cake? Cake is good. Yes I have a cake in the back and it has chocolate…"

Takara begins to shrink once she is certain none of those critters are going to jump out at her, gloves coming off as she winces, "Oh-kay." She sits herself down on some debris, hands to her head as she begins to say somehting to herself in Japanese.

Annie reaches down to offer Loki her giant hand, "If you are friendly, then I am friendly. Need a hand up? I am Annie. Annie Ritter. But most people call me Gogo when I'm dressed like this." By 'this' she means the purple one piece with the twin Gs that (along with tattered pajamas) she is wearing at the moment. She looks to Armand, noting that he seems to know this strange fellow.

Loki turns his head, squinting as if expecting Gogo to just crush him. He lifts a hand and makes a motion with it, and a piece of debris momentarily glows green then fades with nothing happening, and the God of Mischief seems to have succumbed to complete exhaustion, needing to sleep to replenish his natural Asgardian strength, not even having the energy to regenerate and heal the cut on his forehead. The police move in with weapons aimed. "Is this one of your guys?" the one in charge asks, "Do we need to take him to a hospital or are you taking care of that?" he doesn't care which one answers, he just wants to go home for the night and dig into a bottle of beer and a bag of chips. This has been one long day for everyone that dared go to the museum today. The police holster their weapons and begin putting plastic where the windows were blown out, a few firemen sweeping up the glass.

"Umm…this is my sperm don-no no no no non, this is just a family friend, yes…so sorry for him to be here, he is needing a shower and dinner." Armand offers a strained smile before looking to Gogo. "Ahh, yes Annie my friend…this is uh…well you may need to carry him." A long pause. "Annnd, yes, Takara…so good to see you are okay." He looks back to Loki warily. "He will be just fine, it is the crack cocaine, crack is wack as they say…very sad."

Takara looks up when the police come over, glancing to the others as she returns to English words, "I'll be fine, just going to need a new set of clothes and a shower after this." She looks about and begisnto worry, "Where is Adam?" TK stands up quickly, sighing releif when she sees Adam with his mother. TK looks to Armand, she's not buying the explaination either, but doesn't question it here.

"Your…" Annie looks surprised at that. She reaches down and grabs Loki up off the ground before looking at the cop, "I think that this guy might need special attention officer. I have a feeling there might be more to him that meets the eye." She glances about the disaster scene, "Umm, where did The Vision go? I'm sort of thinking the Avengers might be better capable of dealing with this than me. Unless you got him Armand?" She carries Loki across the room as she steps over to Takara, "You okay? Where's your brother? And…that was crazy. I didn't know you could do that." The questions are answered as she asks them for the most part, "I aint the big girl on the block anymore."

The police eye Armand as well, but if he says he knows the guy, they're not going to argue. They didn't see him come out of the portal, so for all they know, he could have come from the back. "Well, thanks, you guys. I don't know what would have happened if we had lost containment of those creatures." When Annie picks Loki up and makes her statement, they seem to be a little concerned. "We'll put a call into the Avengers. We had The Vision take a look around outside to make sure none of them got out of the museum. If anyone asks what happens…it was a gas leak." he looks pointedly at all of the heroes and makes sure he's understood before he leaves. Nobody will believe a bunch of little kids that the place was actually invaded by aliens, and the parents will probably be told it was all part of the show.

Armand's hair stays dark brown with the green streaks for now as he looks between the various people, bowing a bit to the police and he looks back to the unconscious looking mischief god and he just nods slowly to Annie. "Umm…" He tries to think. Avengers, Avengers…he knows that group, not personally but he just rummages in his bag and offers it to Gogo as he takes a deep breath. "Can help me into Taxi, I will take to ah…hotel for now and then when he wakes up nobody will get um, turned into a chipmunk…you know in his imagination aha…the ah, crack. Drugs are bad. This is your life on drugs." He exhales shakily and nods to the police. "I just wanted to cook cookies…"

Takara nods softly to Annie, "There are good reasons I don't do that often, mostly it's the finding clothes that fit at that height being a killer on the wallet." She agrees to keep it a gas leak story, then points out Adam and his mother in the crowds outside, "WIth his mother over there, safe and sound. But I took my eyes off him before and…" Takara stays a normal human height, doing her best to keep herself calm on the surface, "But it's fine."

As expected, the media caught wind of something happening and being poking around the scene, a woman and her camera man slipping through the plastic. "I'm Leana Brown from Channel 3 News…is there anything any of you can tell us about what happened here tonight?"

"I could help you get him into a taxi…but are you sure that's a good idea?" Annie frowns at the thought of just sending this guy to a hotel, "I will do what you want I guess. But…I'm trusting you on this." Annie tosses Loki over a shoulder as she nods to the police, "Okay. Gas leak. Got it. Hey! Do you have one of the rain slickers around? Or a blanket?" She nods to Takara, to indicate her current clothing problem. To Takara she says, "I buy men's clothes and get them tailored down. But…you need a supersuit even more than I do."

Takara gets shy around the camera, head down and hair drawn to be in the way of her face. She looks up to Gogo with a smile, "If it can fit me like this, it'll fit me always." Her clotehs did grow along side her height during the fight, but they are still a little torn in places from the fight. WHen the camera crew comes towards them, she quietens down, "Armand, please make sure your friend gets proper care, I have to make a few calls."

"It is not a good idea, it is a very bad idea but I have at least another week in my hotel and there are two giant beds so he'll have a safe place. All he needs is rest." A pause. "And possibly riddalin." Armand takes a deep, calming breath and looks between Takara and Annie before eyeing the news reporter, retrieving his hoodie to pull back up to half-hide his face as he shakes his head slowly. "If he needs hospital or someting, I will call you right away, I promise." He bows a bit to Takara as well. "I will."

Armand is probably lucky Loki can't hear him, or he might be making the trip back to his school as a toad. The police come to drag the reporter away, but not before the camera gets a good look at all the heroes and Loki. The cameraman rubs the back of his head. "I swear I've seen that guy somewhere before…" he says, but is ushered out quickly. "There's a few taxis here waiting for you guys, unless you need a ride somewhere the taxi shouldn't go, in which case you can just get in the squad car and we'll take you home. It's the least we can do."

Takara takes in a few deep breaths to soothe herself, smiling sweetly to the officer's offer, "Thank you officer." She checks her phone, which luckily is in working order as she sighs, "I"ll head out with my family, make sure they are alright.

Armand nods to the officer as well. "Merci…I will go with ah…" He gestures to Annie. "Out the back, get into a Taxi with the crackhead and Merci again for helping us in such a way, I will owe you cookies." He waves a hand to Takara and nods to Gogo. "After you Mademoiselle…"

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