2012 05 27 Laundry Day

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Laundry Day

Leyu Yashida, Richenda Gray

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05/27/12 10:00

Guest Room, Xavier Mansion

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Chenda tries to pick the lock to Leyu's room, looking for spare clothes on laundry day.


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Sunday morning at the mansion. The sun's out, and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.

So why's someone inside? More exactly, why's someone inside fiddling with the lock on the guest room door? There's a very faint clicking sound coming from the doorknob, as if something's going on inside it. Moments later, there's a louder click, and the door slowly opens just the tiniest bit…

The door clicks, and starts to open. And then a hand seizes the door and pulls it wide open, revealing a figure clad in black silk with gold trim, long black pony-tails … and a glowering visage. "Just who are you? And why are you breaking into the room given into my care?" Hmmm. She looks rather … irked.

The door flies open. There's a cry of surprise and a thud as the lock-picker loses her crouched balance and falls on her backside. And the rather irked occupant finds herself looking down at another black-haired girl, this one with tanned skin and a vaguely Hispanic look to her. It's easy to tell how tanned because the interloper's only wearing white slouch socks, a powder blue baby tee, and floral-print high-cut briefs. "Oh… I'm sorry, I didn't know this room was occupied," she replies, blushing and managing a rather sheepish smile. "It's always locked. But it's laundry day, and I stashed some clothes in here, and…"

A pause. "Sorry, you asked who I was, right?" She offers a hand from her awkward perch on the floor. "Chenda Gray. Um, what can I call you? 'Cuz ma'am's too old, and mistress just sounds kinky…"

The kimono-clad figure peers down at Richenda curiously. "'Chenda Gray'? Interesting name. I am Leyu Yashida, and I am the current resident of this room. Mister Scott Summers asked me to stay here, when he welcomed me." She crouches down, quite lady-like, and offers her hand to the girl to get up. "I am afraid whatever clothes you may have 'stashed' here are gone now, likely removed by whomever prepared this room for my stay. But you are welcome to come in, Miss Chenda Gray."

Chenda's smile grows, though it's still quite embarrassed, as she takes the offered hand and lets Leyu help her to her feet. Her hand is very strong, with an odd set of calluses. "Leyu Yashida… Japanese? Oh, right, that's a kimono. That's /so/ cool," she says, enthusiasm bubbling forth. "Thank you so much. I should check on my stuff. I usually hide things pretty well, but if they were thorough…" She leaves the rest of the thought unspoken as she accepts the invitation inside, edging a bit closer but waiting for Leyu to move first. "I promise, I don't dress like this every day. But I'm so bad at keeping track of how many outfits I have left… today just snuck up on me."

The kimono-clad Japanese woman just arches an eyebrow at that and then steps back, releasing Richenda's hand. She gestures to the room, clearly recently made over. There are much more feminine bed linens now, a small collection of stuffed animals arranged around the pillows. The closet, half-open, holds an array of feminine attire, much of it very … staid, or formal. The small desk now has a brand new laptop sitting on it, shining forth its 'Clan Yashida' screensaver. And so forth. There are even a few new pieces of art now decorating the walls: a traditional painting of cherry blossoms surrounding kanji; a large poster of the Japanese hero Sunfire; and a small photo of two young Japanese women together, holding hands in front of a beautiful Shinto shrine. "As I said, I believe what you are looking for would be gone. Sybil has a talent for feeling out fabrics, and I am sure she would not have missed anything." Why this Sybil person would be cleaning out Leyu's room, she doesn't explain.

Chenda steps in, moving aside so Leyu can shut the door. She blinks in suprise at the new decor. "I guess I'll have to check with her for my stuff," she murmurs, shaking her head slowly. "And there's no way I could slip out to the boathouse without any pants, so I'm inside for the day. Laundry won't come back 'til tonight." She glances back at Leyu. "So, who's Sybil? She won't throw my things away, will she?"

Other things take her attention quickly, though. "On the plus side, your decorator does have talent. Love the plushie collection! And the new bedstuff's too pretty to sit on… I'll stand." She catches sight of the photo and moves over for a better look. "Is this you?" she asks, pointing to one of the figures without touching the glass.

"You are welcome to check with Sybil, if you wish." Leyu offers, with a gentle smile. "She is across the hall." That would be 'Guest Room 2', in case Richenda wasn't checking earlier. "However, I believe we can likely do something about your attire before tonight. I see no reason why you should have to wander about the masion today in only your undergarments." She smirks. "As amusing as Gypsy Moth - that would be Sybil - might find that. I do not think she would throw your things away, but she may have simply tossed them into the laundry, unless they interested her." Interested? What a curious turn of phrase.

"Domo. I am my decorator." Leyu admits, smiling. She gestures Richenda towards the chair for the desk. "If you find my new bed linens too nice to sit on, please, take the chair. It's fine." She won't argue. She finds them very nice as well. Of course, Richenda then scampers around to the photo on the wall. One of the faces inside is indeed Leyu. That face, framed by those twin ponytails, isn't hard to match at all. The other is another pretty Japanese young woman. "Yes, that is me in the photo."

"I should… I don't know why she'd find them interesting, though. Just old stuff, jeans, tees, and the like. They're probably in the laundry already," Chenda agrees, straightening. She giggles at that comment. "Well, it probably would be funny, unless Alex caught me. He has /no/ sense of humor."

She skips back a step to stand beside Leyu. "So the ponytail girl is you? You must really like that 'do," she says. "I don't blame you, it's really cute on you. Nothing looks good on me except one 'tail, or leaving it loose." The fact doesn't seem to bother her much. "So who's the other girl? A friend?"

"She likely would not." Leyu offers. And yet, anything is possible and Leyu isn't going to attempt to guess the reactions of Sybil Dvorak. The woman confounds - and fascinates - Leyu. "Why don't we take a look at what I have available, and see if anything would suit and fit you, for today?"

"Yes, the girl with two ponytails is me." Leyu offers, smiling at the compliment offered, however it is intended. But she frowns slightly at the last question. "That is Ayane. She was a friend of mine." There's something emotively laden in her tone, but she doesn't explain.

"Oh… sorry, I didn't mean to pry," Chenda replies softly, hearing that feeling come into Leyu's voice. "But if you ever want to talk about it, I'll be glad to lend a shoulder," she offers sincerely. By the tone of her voice, she's not some gossip, but genuinely cares about Leyu's feelings on the matter.

She lapses back to an easier topic. "It /is/ cute on you. I'm serious. You've got the perfect hair to pull it off, all silky and shiny," she says admiringly. "Maybe not traditional, but very cute."

And on to another subject. "It couldn't hurt to look, I guess," the gypsy girl says, glancing at the closet. The first impression brings a doubtful frown to her face, but she looks back at the Japanese woman with a cautious smile. "Does anything look promising so far?"

She is quiet and a bit subdued, but Leyu smiles with a wryly grateful expression, and nods to Richenda. "Thank you kindly, for your offer and your understanding. I am not yet ready for that. But I will keep it in mind."

The Japanese woman offers a little smile at Richenda's evaluation of her preferred hairstyle. "Actually, that is precisely why it is my style of choice." She won't bother to explain that it was Ayane's favorite, and that's why she got into the habit of wearing her hair that way, and now she just can't quite imagine /not/ wearing it that way. Not right now.

"Well, I think some of my athleticwear might do." Leyu offers, as she makes her way over to the dresser, opening up the drawers and pulling out a couple of pairs of sweatpants, laying them over the end of the bed for Richenda's examination. She'll lay out a few t-shirts and sweatshirts as well. "I realize we are not precisely the same size, but I think these would do, would they not?"

Chenda giggles and smiles, pushing her hair back over her shoulders. "'Cuz it's not traditional, or 'cuz it's cute?" she asks playfully, picking up one pair of sweatpants and looking it over. "Worth a try…" she murmurs, stepping carefully into them and sliding them up. Okay so far. She takes a few tentative steps…

And she steps on the hem of one leg, and the sweats puddle around her feet with a *plop*. Oops.

"Because it's cute, I suppose." Leyu offers. That is why Ayane loved that look, anyway. The other woman steps over and kneels in front of Richenda, then draws the pants back up her legs and over her hips. "These have drawstrings for a reason, silly." She tugs them tighter and ties them off with a bow. Then she helps roll up the hem of the legs so that they will rest around her ankles instead of under her feet. "That should help."

"Oh… they're on the /inside/," Chenda murmurs, blushing brilliantly as her pants are hauled up and tied in place. Silly girl. "Sorry. I'm used to having them on the outside." Then Leyu rolls up the legs. "I think this is my day to be dumb," she adds, covering her face with her hands. "Would this be a good time to agree with you that your hair is cute?" Definitely a joke.

"Yes, on the inside." Leyu offers, smiling indulgetly as the other young woman struggles a bit. There. All better, right? "If you would like to agree that my hair is cute, you are welcome to do so, 'Chenda.' How, does that feel better? Would you like a sweatshirt as well? Or is that enough?"

"I would like to… it'd be the first smart thing I've said since I put these pants on," Chenda replies, peeking out between her fingers. Taking that smile as a good sign, she slowly uncovers the rest of her face. "It's definitely warmer, and a lot less embarrassing. This should be good enough. Thank you, Leyu." She bows her head gratefully, then takes a chance and steps forward to hug the kimono-clad woman tightly. "Thank you so much!"

Perhaps a bit startled at the sudden embrace, Leyu delays reacting, going still for a moment, before she finally slides her arms around Richenda and hugs back, gently, patting her back. "You are quite welcome. I am glad they are comfortable and warm enough. Now you can check with Sybil later, when she gets up, about what she did with your clothes in here. I think I should change, and head downstairs to fix myself some breakfast."

Chenda giggles at the hesitant hug. "There's a good point: You give great hugs," she says lightly, as the hug parts. "And I could try and fix you something. It's the least I could do after you loaned me these pants. I can check in with Sybil later."

Leyu smiles ruefully, knowing her hesitant hug is anything but 'great'. "It's quite alright, 'Chenda'. I appreciate the offer, but you need not wait on me. It is my fault that your clothes you were seeking have been taken and aren't where you left them." Why the other woman hides clothes is a question for another time, right? "I assume you are a student, here? Mister Summers explained about the students."

"You're right that I'm a student here," Chenda says, nodding. "But today's not a day for lessons, unless it's to remember what's in the closet from day to day," she adds ruefully. "I'm not a very good student. You can probably guess why not."

She steps back from Leyu, glancing at the closet. "Well… not /your/ fault," the gypsy girl replies softly. "And they wouldn't be here if not for me." She hesitates, then speaks up again. "It probably sounds paranoid, but I keep a few stashes of clothes around the mansion, just in case I get caught with wardrobe trouble away from my room or have to leave in a hurry."

Paranoid? No. Strange? Definnitely. "What kind of wardrobe troubles do you usually have, 'Chenda?" Leyu queries softly, clearly hoping to broach the subject and gain some greater understanding. She's here studying genetics, which includes the powers those genetics bring on. She probably thinks this has something to do with Richenda's powers, and perhaps thinks there might be something she can do to help ameliorate the wardrobe malfunctions they may cause. Like unstable molecules or something! "I don't see any reason at all why you would be a poor student. Distractable, perhaps. But it is the duty of the educator to find the means to reach and fully engage every student in the way that is best for him or her."

"I'm not sure I /have/ a best way," Chenda replies honestly. "I've studied, I've listened, I've taken notes… nothing seems to help much. Maybe I'm just plain ol' dumb."

She tries to think of another subject, but Leyu's question demands to be answered. "Wardrobe troubles… well, I took the seat out of a pair of sweats sliding down a stair banister last week. Sometimes I forget things, like today. Other times stuff just… /happens/. I just have awful luck with clothes," she replies. "At least I don't disintegrate 'em. Not more than once a year. By accident."

"I do not believe you are dumb, 'Chenda. You will come see me in my lab once I am set up. We'll see what I can find to help you in learning better." Leyu offers, supportively. She won't let anyone just declare themselves a loss. She isn't useless or worthless, despite her family disowning her. So no one else is either. "Mmmm. It sounds like you are a very active, somewhat tomboying young woman, and your clothes aren't necessarily always up to your shennanigans. Perhaps our best choice would be to teach you how best to repair the damage your adventures do? Assuming you do not already know how to sew?" Leyu smiles. "But, all of that can wait. For now, why don't we go to the kitchen, and we can work on breakfast."

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