2012 05 26 Gone With The Wind

Log Title:
Gone with the wind

Armand, Dervish, Rex Gregson, Claire, Phantasm

IC Date:
26 May 2012


Brief Log Summary::
There's an attempted kidnapping outside of Jack's Pub. The group steps in to help.


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The Chelsea neighborhood takes its name from a single building, now demolished for a century and a half - the birthplace of Clement Clark Moore. Somehow, the artistic element never quite went away - anchored by the presence of the Hotel Chelsea, a residential hotel that's housed artists from Mark Twain to Stanley Kubrick to Jimi Hendrix (and, most notoriously, played host to Sid Vicious's probable stabbing of his girlfriend). These days, Chelsea's back in the center of the New York art scene, as art galleries have started migrating northward from SoHo.

Chelsea is, however, still primarily residential, offering apartments, tenements, and renovated warehouses as housing options. Most of the businesses here cater to the locals.

It is a miserable night this Saturday. With rain falling from the skies, not many people linger outdoors. However, despite the unwelcoming wetness, the flicker of light from the lightning and the accompaning rumble of thunder, the night life is far from dead. It's just mainly indoors.

Jack's Pub appears quite busy tonight with a couple standing within the doorway signaling their wait for a table. This seems to hold true for almost every indoor activity that has any form of windows to give a peek into the building. As for places such as Club Nowhere, the Russian Tea Room and the Stallion, it's bit harder to determine their popularity due to the setup preventing idle eyes peeking inside. But rest assured, buisness is good for anything that offers a roof.

Across from the pub, experiencing the fruits of the unwelcoming sky, a raven sits, peering down at the entrance.

Since his return to the United States, Ali Aziz has found it difficult to adjust, so while on his âaloneâ time he has opted to return to his private activities from when he was a student at ESU. On evenings and downtime, he would hide among the cityâs alleyways and use his mutant powers for good as a vigilante type. Times have changes since then, including his look. The Muslim mutant known as Dervish remains in an old alleyway in though really given the city's flamboyance in the evening, he actually fits right in. With the arrival of warm weather, many New Yorkers opt for less clothing and yet decorate themselves in ways to be noticed. While not of that mindset, the glowing tattoos carved into his face and chest make him stand out. Even hidden in the darkness of the alleyway across from the pub, should someone look the faint glow can be seen. Dervish sits watching and waiting, his ornately decorated scimitars are in place across his back as he will be ready to use them should the need arise.

Splish, Splash! That's the sound of a couple of boots splashing in puddles as Armand is jogging/tip-toeing along the sidewalk but not for some-reason…indoors. He's got his black hoodie on though, hood tugged up hiding the hair and shadowing his features even though those legs are exposed thanks to shorts and he stops abruptly, hands busy holding hugging a bag of oreo cookies to his chest as he looks around and turns in a circle, staring up at the sky. Yep. Probably lost again. And wet.

Under a black umbrella, Rex was 'incognito'. Or rather, she was dressed normally. Stowed away was the faux-ivory mask (Save the elephants!), the dark skully robes and such. Wearing a long oilslick coat instead, Rex seemed quite naturalized to the rainy weather. It was a lot like England. She whistled a merry tune as she walkd along, by passing the bars… being a little scrutinizing of which one if any to frequent tonight.

Lightning flashes, blinding her in a way she's only known a hundred or more times on stage, only not usually while wet and whistling…

Just as a cookie-bearing silhouette appears in her path, and then she sees a different kind of stars, before giving a shriek of surprise and stumbling back from the sheer fact that Armand was larger than her. The umbrella tumbles away as she falls back onto the pavement butt-first.

The couple waiting in Jack's Pub's doorway soon step in as a large man dressed for the weather emerges from the establishment. Eyes shift from side to side before he starts walking along the sidewalk, ignoring the plight of Armand and Rex. It is only with a glance to the alleway, catching upon the glow that the man's steps quicken. Seemingly concerned about the man who must be lingering there.

The raven that was in wait jumps from the roof and flies towards a lamp post and perches, looking down to the man.

As the musician and long-haired bayou-transplant have a run in, a darkly colored sedan that was lingering in park shifts into gear, setting into motion quickly. The wheels of the car hits a puddle, spraying the pair with collected rain water as it continues along its way. To about a few hundred feet down the street to where the now briskly walking man is.

Cursing at himself for choosing a rainy evening to go on his first night of adventuring since his return to the states. He peers out from the alleyway, noting the ground and the street and already planning ways around the puddles and slippery surfaces should he need to prevent some sort of crime. As he strategizes the best route, he notes the woman fall on her butt and the sedan near them as well the couple going in as a man walks out. He steps back into the alleyway, cursing in Arabic about the rain. Dervish ponders simply leaving the area as it seems nothing may occur. But when a man is spooked, he considers and remains in the alleyway, but making no action towards anyone.

"Watch where you're jogging!… Wait, are you okay? " anger was turned to concern as the now-drenched Rex sits up, glancing about. First to the stunned-but-sitting-up Armand, and then to her umbrella now in the road. Deciding the man was okay, she scrambled to her booted feet and darted - stopping at the edge of the road as the Sedan rolls forwards, making sure that he wasnt' going to continue until fter she had continued forwards to chase and then pick up the umbrella before it was gone for good. She missed the glow, and the man spooked.

The car makes no apologies for drenching the pair, nor does it seem all that apologetic as a bat extends out of the rolled down back driver's side window, swinging and smacking the back of the man of the sidewalk's head. There's a sickening crack and the pedestrian unexpectant of the street side attack falls down. The car skids to a stop, splattering the newly made victim with water as others from the car emerge, quickly grabbing and dragging the man into the vehicle. Considering the speed to which they do this, it seems like they could make a living off of this.

The raven that was upon the street lamp leaps off, falling onto the car roof silently.

Hearing a rather sickening sound, Rex' head whips up and around, eyes widening as she sees but silhouettes there. Turning, she bolts back onto the sidewalk, the wind pulling her sideways as it gusts into the umbrella now. She held on one-handedly as her other one reached for an inner pocket and her phone there, eyes focused on the quiet doorway ahead in a brick building.. Out of sight first, THEN start talking to 911…

Ok with the attack made and the man he spooked down for the count and in a fleeing car, Dervish is glad he stayed. He ignored Rex as he extends his arms and quite the sight as the man contorts his body, spinning around at superspeed. With his arms extended, he actually manages to lift up off the ground and starts whirling his way towards the fleeing car at a speed of nearly 100 mph.

Armand oofs softly and is sitting up just when SPLASH, there's that car splattering them all with water and such and he coughs and chokes, shaking his head as he waves a hand vaguely and takes a deep breath and then…another deep breath before he catches a glimpse of what's going on, hopping to his feet quickly as he takes a deep breath as he turns in a circle and he tucks his oreos under one arm and he just stares as something is pursuing the car and he sighs softly. "…mon dieu…"

The doors are not even completely closed as the car starts speeding off. If a car surfing raven wasn't an odd enough looking view to add on for those watching the fleeing vehicle. The two foot bird grows, shifting into something more human-like, darkly clad, wearing a hoodie but with no facial features other than a glowing, almost demonic-like eyes and jagged teeth. Crawling on the roof, the figure sticks his head through the roof, seemingly putting him 'face' to face with the driver. A shout emits from the opened window as the car breaks suddenly which is likely bad news for anything following it at, oh say, 100 mph. The reverse lights flick on.

SEeing movement on the sidewalk, Rex peeks out of her hiding place and sees that Armand had woken up. a pang of guilt at forgetting him, she waved with her free hand. "Hello yes. I am at ahh.." a pause, her british voice uncertain before she remembered the address "There is a kidnapping in progress and - my goodness! Uhm… Black car with a man wearing a hoodie on it… Hey you!" she waved to Armand again, waving him over "Get over here out of sight!"

Thankfully speed, agility, and movement are his thing when spinning, so the sudden abruptness of the car stopping and going into reverse means nothing to a spinning mutant that can break through steel and concrete. A car is nothing but for the passengers well, that is a different question. Dervish, the glowing whirling mutant collides with the back of the car hoping to rip through it and grab the apparently kidnapped man.

"…what?" Armand takes a few steps further back on to the sidewalk, looking back to Rex and then back to the street, watching the chaos as he shoves his oreos into his messenger bag and he takes a deep breath, running towards the doorway. "Go go go, Mademoiselle, go! You may be in danger, it is all going nuts…"

The metal of the car does not stand much chance against Dervish's speed as it starts to give way to the mutant's attack upon the back of the car, helped along by the car heading in reverse. There's a chorus of shouts coming from within the car as the trunk starts to get shredded. Phantasm's head bolts out of the car. "What the FUCK are you doing?!"

The passenger doors open and three large goons leap out running in their perspective directions. One heads off towards the alleyway while another runs down the street in the general direction of Armand and Rex, wide eyes on the incident around the car. One draws his gun and takes a shot at Dervish.

"If i am in danger so are you." that brit accent replies to the french one. She does though, duck back around the corner with her phone as she relays more information to the police - a very VERY brief half glimpse of any license plate, a description roughly of Dervish. She still had her opened umbrella in the other hand, awkwardly held in front of her. Her eyes blinked as she tried to clear water from them, glancing up at Armand "Are you okay? " at his urgings, Rex hesitated, not wanting to really expose herself to any possible danger out there. It seems that the truth about New York City was… very true.

As the man starts running towards them, she decides to go with Armand and turns to bolt - dropping her phone in fear as she grabs at Armands' arm "Run!"

Sometimes one just wants a quiet place to eat and relax from a day's work. One such girl is Claire. She is lucky to have managed to get under a roof before the rain got the way it is right now, and is now just finishing enjoying a meal in one of the restaurant nearby. But, as she is paying for her food, she hears all the commotion happening outside. Cars screeching, screams and all that good stuff that are part of a car accident, and so, half out of curiosity, and half wanting to help, the girl rushes outside, and is met with quite the scenery. "What the heck…?" she blinks, as she sees a human whirlwind, three goons coming out of the car, and wonders if she should let this to the 'capes'.

As the car is torn asunder by Dervish, he looks to Phantasm, "You, bird-man ghost thing, take that man." He points to man running towards Armand and Rex. Still spinning he pivots his direction as he goes to give chase to the man running towards the alley. Thankful to have checked out what parts of the street were slippery, he pivots to avoid puddles as best he can moving at a pretty fast speed. He hopes to deluge a rain of chops on the thug, should he catch him and should he avoid slipping up.

Armand squeaks and shakes his head when Rex grabs his arm and he takes a deep breath and pushes Rex towards the nearest pub. "G-go in please, just…be safe and the phone with the talking is the good, good phone talking. Right." Then he turns peek at the man running towards them and he takes a deep breath, ducking in the nearest doorway. This is not fun!

"… UGH." says Rex simply, as she was already running. But she lets go of Armand, not bothering to get her phone off the ground as the 911 operator's voice, tinny, continues to squawk out of the phone as it lay in a puddle, no doubt about to expire itself. She books it, closing her umbrella finally.

The car is indeed ripped apart. And although the driver was coherent enough to duck out of the car in its final moments and make his escape running away from the scene, the abductee was not. Phantasm glances in, seeing the extent of the damage and curses, "Can't!" He slides in, proceeding to apply pressure to the wound, leaving the duo near the pub on their own.

Unchallenged by the retreating Rex and Armand, the one running in their direction continues to run, passing them completely as he simply just wants to get out of there. The one who is shooting at Dirvish continues to shoot at him as Dirvish goes after the other one who ran into the alleyway. There are, thankfully the sounds of sirens approaching.

Moving at a speed faster than humans can move, Dervish is able to dodge the bullets and hopes to overtake the one in the alleyway unleashing a few punches and chops to knock him out.

Claire mentally curses at herself. She doesn't *want* to be a hero, but, at the same time, she doesn't want people that intentionally hurt other people to get away simply because she chose to do nothing. And Life keeps throwing those kind of situations onto her lap. And worse, she has nothing on herself to cover her identity. A quick glance around and she sees one thug fleeing unchallenged, one being followed by the hurricane, and one shooting. She has to do something about the shooting guy before he hits someone. Luckily, the shooting guy has his back toward Claire, and she runs toward him while at the same time stretching her arms longer. She plans on wrapping one arm around the guys's head to blind and gag him, while her other arm will wrap around the guy's wrists and lift them up in the air so the guy doesn't shoot anyone by mistake.

"…A tasmanian devil…I swearing if I see Bugs Bunny…" Armand takes a deep breath as he peeks back out from behind the door frame and edges further out with concern as he stares at the chaos with a slow shake of his head and he turns in the direction of the sirens, tilting his head to the side as he takes another deep breath and starts jogging back down the hall way towards the ripped apart car, craning his neck best he can to see what the hell.

The man with the gun is not letting up in his attempts to hit Dervish. So intent on this task, he does not notice Claire's approach, nor her attack until he's suddenly blinded. Giving a muffled shout, he stops shooting to instinctively claw at whatever it is around his face. The clawing doesn't get far as he ends up with his wrists being grabbed as well.

The one in the alleyway doesn't get much further as the speedy punches and kicks knocks him forward, hitting the ground hard. He rolls, reaching a hand under his jacket to fetch something.

Blue lights become apparent, adding a bit of color to the rainy scene, causing for the remaining passenger to bump across one car's hood before he darts down another alleyway to escape. An ambulance soon follows but doesn't quite enter the scene just yet as the police set forth to secure the area for them.

As for Mr. Driver? He is long gone while Phantasm's in the remains of the car and busy trying to keep the attempted kidnapping victim from bleeding out.

Stopping a moment from hitting the man, Dervish brandishes a scimitar in his hand, "Stop moving and stay!" Noting that the others have gotten away and that Phantasm is taking care of the victim. Cursing to himself at being rusty when it comes to this type of capers, he is used to fighting on a larger scale and would have ended something like this much quicker.

Claire mentally grumbles. Figures the guy would try to claw at her and try to wrest her off from around his head. If she does that, either the guy will use HER for target practice, or some hapless witness. Neither option is acceptable for this girl, so she just wraps more around the guy, her legs around the man's legs so he doesn't run anywhere, and her arms coil more around the shooter's head and wrists, and tighter too, her hand trying to get the gun off his hands too.

Armand takes a moment to peek into the ripped up car, eyebrows raising for a moment as he takes in the scene, coughing softly and yanking a soft white towel from his bag and he tosses it in the car near the man bleeding and such. "Pardon…I am helping best that I can, the officials are coming, it is okay…don't let him die." He clears his throat and looks towards Dervish and he sighs softly. "…but I tink I found the Tazmanian devil.."

Unable to pull out what it was he was reaching for before being threatened with a blade, the man holds still and quits fighting.

The one in Claire's care is doing even worse at the resistence as he's simply just wanting to be able to see what's going on, rather unsuccessfully at that matter. The gun clatters to the ground, as there's more importantly things to do like breathing.

Phantasm looks over to the long haired man looking in, hooded head tilting curiously as he recognizes Armand. "You want to help?" Phantasm starts to shift, showing Armand how he's holding his hands upon the man's wounds, "Do what I'm doing to him." The head tilts in indication to the victim, "Keep pressure."

"Good." Dervish leans down and attempts to punch the gangster who has retreated hoping to known him out once and for all.

Claire has, by now, made the goon she was holding into a veritable mummy, fully wrapped around him, trying to render him unconscious. And he better get unconscious soon, as the sirens get louder and louder! She squeezes at him, trying to push the air out of his lungs faster.

Armand just nods quickly to Phantasm and he blinks several times, shaking his head and trying to move closer as he eyes the hands and tries to move so he can mimic the hooded man's actions, brow furrowing as he inhales the different scents and such and exhales softly.

With Dervish and Claire's movments, their respective goons are mercifully knocked out.

Eventually, the police offers who have shown up fan out to gather accounts of what's going on and collect the apprehended baddies. Scene eventually cleared, Armand is relieved of his duty of caring for the victim and the man is taken to an ambulance.

As this plays out, a seemingly discontent Phantasm passes the task of caring for the victim over to Armand and then proceeds to emerges from the car. He moves towards the alleyway where he last saw Dervish heading and glances in, "That was a fucking stupid move you did back there. Could've killed him." irritation said, the Phantasm vanishes.

With the scene cleared, Dervish is already gone.

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