2012 05 26 Firey Inferno In Upper East Side

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Firey Inferno in Upper East Side

The Vision, Rex Gregson

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Upper East Side, NYC

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A fire has broken out in a high-rise on the Upper East Side. The Vision is there to help, so is Rex! Reluctantly…


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It was an overcast, but warm day in the Big Apple. Rex was enjoying the limited sunshine as best she could - after all, sunburn was still a concern through overcast clouds. Thus, she had a fedora and sunglasses on, although her oilskin jacket was slung over an arm. She steps out of the Museum brightly, with a bag of swag and souvenirs from it in her other arm, and a smile on her face. She pauses on the steps, inhaling that polluted, smoggy air of a giant city and sighs happily.

There is the distinct sound of emergency vehicles off in the distance, possibly a couple of blocks over from where the Museum resides in the Upper East Side. Upon closer inspection of the sky above the taller buildings, one could notice the presence of dark smoke billowing up from presumbly the ultimate destination for those emergency vehicles. Nosy people on their bikes or on foot are moving hastily through the roads and alleys to get a better look at what is going on.

One of those "nosy" people happens to be the Avenger; The Vision. The ghostly-white Synthezoid flies overhead towards the smoke.

Rex Slows her pace down greatly, frowning. Great, just great. Two in two days. The smoke was in the direction she was heading, so she just continued walking, but ensured she wouldnt get in anyone's eyes. As a shadow passes her overhead she looks up in surprise to see the Vision, inhaling a little bit, before sighing with a frown. Well, may as well see what was up.

The various people running and biking through the streets and alleys to travel those few blocks to get a better look are met with a coelescing police line. The perimeter hasn't fully congealed yet, so there are spots where police have not gotten to yet. However, even from the police line people have a decent view. A ten story mixed-used building has a fire on several of the upper levels. Firetrucks have arrived and hosing and fire fighting measures are underway, though it appears the group of firefighters are initially at a disadvantage against the flames.

The Vision can be seen flying directly into the building, phasing through the exterior wall in order to get inside.

"Oh bother." sighs Rex. She looks at the building, worriedly, then pulls out… her notebook, scribbling down the address for later use. She looks up, blinking as Vision just phases through."… Is there anything they CANT do? " she murmers. After that, she puts the notebook away, starting to walk along the police line… one stops to say she can't go near "Oh, I know. I am going around. I need to get to the far side." She explains with with a smile, coughing as a little smoke blew their way.

The firefighters continue to do their job, though it doesn't appear to be going all too well… as progress isn't being made. In fact, some of the flames seem to be spreading. The police continue to tighten the perimeter of the scene of the fire. They encourage people that have gathered to disperse in order to make it easier for the civil servents to do their job. No one listens.

On the otherside of the building, a hole is blown out of a wall as a beam of energy crashes through the wall and lances out of the building. Standing in hole in the wall, several stories up, is The Vision. He's holding a couple of people over his shoulders, one individual draped over each shoulder. Smoke starts billowing out of this new hole and flames lap at the Vision from behind. He hops out of the hole and descends to the ground with those two people in tow. He lands on the ground and gently places them on the sidewalk.

The boom of the hole being made makes Rex Jump. She was trying to avoid the crowds, circling twenty feet back from the police line, but it still caught her off guard. "Jeez. They dont mess around…" she was now downwind of the fire, pulling her shirt up to keep from inhaling smoke. She catches sight again of Vision putting the people down, pausing only a moment to observe as flames floated overhead, cinders travelling across the sky overhead to the next building over, risking spreading the fire in the wind.

Vizh kneels down beside the two people, then looks back up towards the hole they had emerged from. He furrows his inhuman brow, purses his lips and looks back to the two seemingly unconscious people. He calls out as he looks at them, "Help! These people need assistance!" The police, firefighters and any EMTs on sight do not respond as everyone is tied up with other, also important, tasks.

Rex Gregson pauses at this, frowning again as she hears the shout. A glance towards the nearby EMCs and stuff, then back as she calls back "I'll go get someone!" before turning, to book it as fast as she can towards the police line… weighted down, she wasnt going that fast but she was at least trying, having to HAVE to help in this case. This much she was sure she could do.

As Rex calls out to Vizh and starts to run off, the Avenger raises a hand in a vain effort to give Rex pause, "Wait!" he cries out, "Just drag these people away from this building. I need to go back inside for more!" After that declaration, Vizh lifts up into the air. He ascends to the opening in the building he created.

Around the building, the fire is still not under control. Ladder trucks have been set up, men with fireaxes and halligan hooks are trying to open up areas or collapse areas to create choke points and contain the fires in specific areas. Gouts of pressurized water are sprayed up into the building from a number of firetrucks.

Rex Gregson skids to a halt at that, glancing back to him. She frowns, thinking, then nods. She runs forwads, putting her bag down there beside the two people. With some effort, the rock star moved to lift the shoulders of the first one, starting to slowly drag them back from the danger zone. It was slow going, but she was working valiantly to do so.

A gas pipe must have been touched by the super hot flames as the hole that Vizh created explodes in a firey inferno all of a sudden. The shockwave of the sudden explosion is enough to shatter most of the windows in the building and any adjacent buildings. A couple of the ladder trucks are tilted backwards, enabling the ladders to fall at the wayside with a couple of firefighters still on them. Large chunks of debris from the building rain down. A couple of firetrucks get ruined by falling debris. As for the Vision; He appears in the hole that he created earlier. He's carrying another individual, this time in his arms. He starts to descend to the ground below, but another explosion rocks the floor of the building he was on. This throws him and the individual he is carrying off haphazardously to the side and down below.

A shriek comes from Rex, and she very nearly bolts there. As it was, she was quivering badly now, crouching at the explosion. Her hat was blown off, and her face pale as she sat there now, wide eyed, not wanting to move another inch really as she turned to watch Vision exit again.

After a few moments, she calls over "I need help! I can't pull them both away in… in time!" perfectly fine in front of fifty thousand, rooted to the spot during an uncontrolled explosion. Go figure.

The Vision flips end over end in the air while carrying the unconscious form of a person he saved from the building building. The Avenger subtly alters his density so he's denser than normal and he attempts to control his flipping so that when the two of them collide against the ground, Vizh comes between the person he is saving and the asphalt below. Vizh lands heavily, creating cracking and a small impact crater where he landed. The person on top of him is slid off of him and onto the ground beside him. Vizh grunts as he pulls himself up off the asphalt.

Chaos reigns over by the firetrucks. Not only are the fires in the building being fought, but now people need to be rescued from around the broken fire trucks and service vehicles that have been crushed by falling building debris.

Rex Gregson puffs a few times, and starts to pull once more on the one man, finally getting through sheer adrenalin, to the 'safe line'. With a wheeze, she turns to jog towards the other one, moving to do the same, though this time it was much slower. "… Someone get their ass over here to help!" She shouts at people she saw through the smoke.

With the police, firefighters and EMTs kind of busy, NYC is notoriously understaffed, Rex's pleas fall onto the ears of a few good samaritans within earshot. They are hesitant at first, but since there isn't a police officer or anyone in uniform helping… they proceed to head towards Rex and the saved occupants of the building. One of them calls out to Rex, "We'll help. Take one shoulder and I'll take another. Someone else grab those other two. I am sure the Avenger has his hands full!"

The Vision is up on his feet and looks towards the citizens that have come to help. The slightest of smiles forms on his inhuman visage before he lifts up off the asphalt and heads back for the building. Beams of solar energy lance out from the jewel in his forehead. They pound at gouts of flames in an effort to pat them down to allow him easier ingress into the burning building.

"I'm out of strength." mutters REx wearily, but helps as best she can as the last of the people, and her bags, are returned to safety. She puffs, sitting down on the sidewalk a little bit in shock, shivering from adrenaline as she just sits there, resting for now.

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