2012 05 25 Simulating For Sif

Log Title:
Simulating for Sif

Sandman and Sif

IC Date:
May 25, 2012

Simulator - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
Sandman and Sif fight some Asgardians in the Simulation Room


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After having spent a few days recovering from the fight with Ulik and the trolls that heralded the arrival of Thor, Sandman is in the Simulation Room. He is currently in a battle against a simulated Spider-Man. Tossing balls made of sand towards the swinging hero, Sandman grimaces as even the simulation creates a Spider-Man that is quick and agile enough to dodge his sand. Decked out in his usual green and black striped shirt and brown trousers, the hero grumbles a bit as he yells out, “Simulaiton end!”

The door to the simulation room opensjust as the last ball is dodged and right before the simulation ends. The War Goddess stands there in the same red and white 'costume' she wore during the battle. Once again her sword is strapped to her side. "Anticipate his moves and it shant be able to dodge quite as easily." She steps inside fully, door sliding shut behind her. "Forgive me. Am I interrupting?"

Recognizing the voice and grinning a bit as Sandman turns to welcome SIf into the Simulation Room, “Well, that is easier said than done. Spider-Man has a nifty little gimmick called Spider Sense, it allows him to anticipate what will happen before it actually does.” Shrugging, “It is still possible to hit him, but makes a bit harder is all.” Bowing his head formally as if greeting royalty, he speaks in a faux British voice, “How fair thee, Lady Sif?” Laughing it off, “How are you recovering from the fight with Ulik? You took a few good licks yourself?”

The news of Spider-Man's powers causes a brow to twitch on Sif. "Fascinating. I shall have to remember this." She finds a piece of wall to lean against as she watches him, his accent causing a light laugh from her. She bows deeply at the waist. "Quite well, indeed, My Lord! And how doth the morn find thee?" Oh yes, she knows he was playing. And she's teasing back. See? She's learning! "I'm completely recovered. How are you feeling?"

“Well, the little spider-twerp is a ‘hero’…but still a jerk, if you ask me.” Half-smiling, “I fare well this morn, but in all seriousness, having my arms ripped off by Ulik while raining, hurt like hell…I don’t know how you, Asgardians do it on a regular basis.” Sandman shrugs, “I am glad Thor showed up, but really one punch and it sent Ulik literally to the stars…a bit humbling!”

Sif blinks yet again. "A hero, is he? Again, something I shall have to remember." Her look then turns sympathetic. "I am truly sorry you were injured in such a manner and so severely."

However, the mention of Thor's abilities has her smiling with pride as she pushes off the wall. "He humbles even those in Asgard. All but the All-Father." She gives a little chuckle. "My Lord Thor ever has been quite the warrior."

Grinning a bit as he ponders the potential of siccing Sif on Spider-Man, but reneges. Not nice. He exhales and smiles, “Hey, injuries are a part of the job and come with being an Avenger…oh, by the way, congrats…I have heard you are on the team officially. Don’t worry about the probation thing. We all had to go through that.”

”I am thinking it is time you learn to use this room for yourself and for some training…is there anyone you really want to beat up?” Sandman grins, “This room can recreate just about anything or anyone.”

"I cannot think of…" And then Sif pauses and a slow smile begins to curve her lips. "Amora." Her answer is give as she makes her way over to him. "And thank you. I am most honored to be a part of this." And in truth she sounds delighted. There's a spark to her that was absent before Thor's return. Her anger tempered now.

“Ok Room Simulation MOE #1” The room goes black and then suddenly to the side of the Avengers appear to evil Asgardians, Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner. The Skurge is rushing charging towards the two heroes swingin a large axe wildly while Amora stands in the background smiling and whispering some sort of enchantment in an ancient Asgardian language, her hands aglow with mystical energy.

The moment the room goes dark the sound of Sif's sword being pulled from its sheath at her hip can be heard. Having the new opponents to face brings a smile to her face. She's obviously ready for a workout since the battle. Her eyes are constantly moving back and forth between the two as her body tenses and crouches, waiting for the perfect moment to move.

“Well, while they may be simulations…they are pretty real…” Sandman’s body shifts into a sand form and suddenly duplicates pour out from him. One in the front and one in the back. The one in the front gets smashed into bits with the wild axe wielding from Skurge. Sandman’s voice rings out, “You want the girl and I’ll take the guy?” The two remaining Sandmen move to surround Skurge who remains still with the axe ready for them to attack. Meanwhile Amora takes her attack directly to Sif and with glowing hands of mystical energy, she fires off two yellow beams of energy blasting towards Sif.

if gives a sharp nod of her head and moves quickly. "Done!" And then she's heading for Amora. The shots are dodged easily enough with a roll of one and a quick jump and flip over the other. There's a set determination in her blue eyes as they narrow, the tip of her sword scrapes along the floor for a second before it's brought up in an arc that aimed straight for the Enchantress' ribcage.

Amora not expecting the direct charge of a physical attack, falls back as the sword is brought it. It cuts the bodice of her green costume as she drops to the ground and is surprised to see blood. While she is not much of a physical fighter, she is still Asgardian and while no mortal would have survived that sword swipe, she does. She grows angry as she starts chanting and begins firing off another series of mystical blasts at Sif.

For his part, The two Sandman charge at Skurge from opposing sides, an easy tactic for which the Executioner simply rolls forward to avoid them. The two sandmen collide and form into one large one. Grinning Sandman towers over Skurge, “Hey little man. You are about to get beat!” One hand forms into a hammer and the other forms into a mace and move to slam into Skurge.

A smirk curls Sif's lips as the sword finds purchase and draws blood. The first shot from Amora is avoid but the next catches Sif square in the chest, sending her flying backwards to land on her back. It lasts only a moment, however, before a graceful kipup has her back up on her feet and her sword readied again. Blue eyes cast a glance at Sandman to see how he fares before she's charging Amora again. She makes sure to keep her body following the same motions as her previous attack until the very last moment when she jumps and twists her body so she lands behind the sorceress to bring her sword down.

Surprised and shocked at the spillage of blood, Amora is mad and slightly crazed. Not necessarily a good thing when fighting a warrior goddess. When Sif lands, she moves forward hands a glow and ready to fire off another more powerful blast, which misses when Sif flips over and behind her, Amora has only a few seconds to turn and gasp when the sword comes down slicing at her neck and beheading the blond beauty. The simulation ends with the beheading of Amora as the room is set to avoid stop at killing blows.

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