2012 05 25 Run In Run Off

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Run In, Run Off

Wolverine and Mirage

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Wolverine and Logan run into each other, than to New York


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Having just gotten back to the mansion yesterday it doesn't seem like long before the X-Man known as Logan is already out front of the mansion, kneeling partially beside his motorcycle and going through some of the gear that he has in the saddlebags. He starts to pull out trash, old beer bottles, a few pieces spent bullet-casings. Once he's gotten them clear he walks back into the foyer to throw them out then he steps back out onto the driveway.

With a ROAR the motorcycle comes to life, its engine humming and coughing as Logan turns the accelerator. He grimaces and kneels back down beside it as he kills the engine, moving to adjust some of the vehicle's innards as he makes ready to head into the city.

With classes out for the holiday weekend and nothing on the X-Factor radar to take care of, Dani has found some free time in which to take it easy and relax. And what better way to relax than a high speed gallop through the grounds on her pegasus Brightwind. Yes, normally she would be flying the winged horse but there is something exhilarating about riding the fast pegasus in the more mundane fashion. The pounding of hoofs proceeds the actually appearance of the mounted woman, who leans forward over the neck of the horse encouraging him to jump over the low hedge that decorates the lawn. Hearing the roar of the bike she gives the pegasus a gentle nudge with her knee and he turns to race toward the sound. The creature is fast, certainly faster then his earthly counter part so it isn't long before the rider is within earshot. The pegasus starts to slow at a safe distance, even though he could proably stop on a dime if necessary. "Leaving aleady?" She is riding bareback, with no bit or bridle.

The X-man looks up, shielding his eyes from the morning sun with one hand, and when she comes into view he gets a small smile. There's something utterly beautiful just in that silhouette with the sun behind her and riding this mythical creature. Logan chuckles faintly to himself, a few old memories springing to the fore that he dismisses with a wave of one hand in her direction. "Just headin' inta the city. Gotta touchbase with some folks, let 'em know I'm around."

Logan closes the clasp to one of the saddlebags and then rises up to his not so considerable full height. Sliding his hands into the pockets of his jeans he gives her a once over and cants his head to the side. "You seem in a good mood, what's the occasion?"

Dani lifts a leg over the back of the pegasus and slides off to dismount "Long weekend of no kids and no classes." she pats Brightwind on the neck affectionatly "And there is nothing like a good run to rev up the adrenaline. Right Brightwind?" the pegasus, quite intelligent and fully capable of understanding, Dani at least, moves his head up and down in answer. "I guess a politely worded e-mail won't do for these /friends/ of yours?"

"Not usually." Logan steps around the bike to fold his arms over his chest, focusing those blue eyes of his fully on her. "S'been a dog's age, Dani. What've you been doin'?" He glances over towards the pegasus, then back towards the Valkyrie girl. He cocks his head to the side as he asks, "Last we talked was…" He scritches a fingertip over the curve of his jaw, the stubble crackling faintly as he rubs at it. "Heck five, six months ago?"

Resting an arm over the back of her steed, Dani shakes her head "About three actually. It was right before you disappeared this last time." she looks thoughtful, "We passed each other in the hall and you grumbled something about Scott, then needing a beer. After that you weren't seen again until just recently.

"Hnh, really?" Logan does actually seem a touch taken aback as he leans against that motorcycle. He lifts a rough hand to rub absently at the back of his neck thoughtfully, then shakes his head and looks back at her. "Ehn, anyways. So you're doing the teaching thing more now?" He tilts his head the other way until there's a short cartilaginous crackle from his adamantium laced skeleton. "I always figured you for fieldwork."

"My teaching is fieldwork, at least mostly. I'm teaching the older students about the various dimensions and alien cultures they may encounter should they join one of the teams after graduation. Which includes going to those places so they have first hand knowledge. We have a trip to Limbo planned next month." she runs a hand over the pegasus' back "Go home boy." she tells him. The pegasus takes a few steps away before spreading his wings and flying off. "I've also become a member of Havok's team.

"Hnh, the other Summers seems like he's been keepin' himself busy." There's a faint half-smirk that flickers over Logan's features, just there for an instant and then it's gone. That having been said he pushes off of the motorcycle and gains his feet. One leg is swung over the bike's seat and he rests his hands on the handlebar. "Alright, you stay safe, kid. I'm gonna mosey. I'll bring you back a present." His lip curls wry as he reaches for the key to the motorcycle's ignition.

Lifting a booted foot she places it on the motorcycle tire. "Oh no," Dani starts with a shake of her head "Not by yourself you won't." she drops her foot and takes the few steps to the side of the bike "I'm sure these, /folks/ you are going to see are trouble. And someone has to be around to get you out of it."

A short snort comes from him, rapidly chased by a smirk. He gives her a _look_ as if to say she doesn't know what she's getting herself into, but then he offers a small shrug and gestures behind him. "A'right, fine. Climb on. And watch the hands, don't want you gettin' any ideas." Then once those words leave his lips he perhaps cuts off any initial rejoinder from her by turning the motorcycle over, its loud engine roaring to life and drowning out any possible conversation until she climbs on board behind him.

She didn't look like she was going to take no for an answer so when he agrees Dani just gives a brief nod and gets on the back of the bike. Giving him a playful swat on the shoulder in response to his teasing "You're incorrigible. I don't know why we keep you around." she retorts in equal teasing fashion, after the engine noise ceases. The prove she can keep her hands to herself she rests them on her thighs as she waits for him to speed off.

The motorcycle tears off, starting down the drive and darting forward not unlike the mount she so recently rode around the grounds. Of course they don't have helmets so there is that thumbing of the nose at the gods of chance, but then he leans over to his side and tells her, "Hold on," And once she gets herself situated really guns it down the highway! Vrooom!

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