2012 05 25 Morning Rooftop Intrigue

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Morning Rooftop Intrigue

Night Thrasher, Night Raven, Armand

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Rooftops, Downtown Manhattan, NYC

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Night Thrasher chases down a person of interest. Night Raven patrols. Armand wanders by. Then a Helicoptor shows up with a big gun.


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Rather early morning over NYC - the sun crests the horizon to the distant east to bring more direct light to the rooftops of the sprawling city. This leaves the streets far below still covered in shadowed darkness from the buildings. Amidst this darkness, the rooftops are generally quiet as usual. The city large enough that night watchers and vigilantes alike rarely run into each other even though its a fairly uncommon to common profession it would seem.

Still, here above midtown, amidst the high rises of the city, there is some activity. Night Raven finds himself here atop a lower building in the area, one suitable to actually see what could be happening on the street level. Half the rooftop is swathed in breaking sunlight, the other in darkness from the shadow cast by the building it is tucked against.

Lying in the darkness and staring up at nothing in particular, "Two days of watching wasted by some masked crusader trying to do good on all accounts. Wasted, and one step further now from Gianni because of that fool. It was me, I should of waited, I shouldn't of rushed in, Joe would have been an easy target if he spent a night in lock down." Such is the vain of the one sided conversation by the masked man (http://sniktbub.wikidot.com/character:29).

There is a crashing noise on one of the adjacent buildings followed immediately by the sound of creaking metal from an ill-used set of hinge joints; Maybe a fire escape or building access door being used. Moments after the crashing and metal squealing noises there are the faint sounds of shouting, "No!" can be heard echoing off the nearby buildings. A couple of early morning shadows cast silhouettes on a building, betraying where the ruckus is coming from. One figure appears to be running from the other.

On the building that this is happening, Night Thrasher is the one doing the chasing. The New Warrior exitted the door for the roof access while following the seemingly retreating man. The man Thrasher is chasing is dressed in a rather wrinkled suit… as if he hadn't gone home after the work day ended the previous day.

Night Raven could go on for days, talking with himself, but there is something strange afoot. Bolting up right, then noticing the activities on the next roof top, he decides it is time for action. A moment of consideration, guy in suit, ninja like guy chasing him. Hrm, ninja guy, guy in suit …. pulling a rabbit out of thin air, magician like, Night Raven produces two revolvers, rather archaic revolvers it might be noted, and pops off a few rounds. "Can't a guy get any rest in this city. Now, who is up to evil this fine morning? I'm not sure if the ninja or the suit should get the next bullet." Its hollared enough to be heard, catching and echoing off some of the buildings. Though his right hand gun is leaning towards the suit who happens to be trying to flee at the moment.

The sounds of the bullets echoing off the various buildings high above the Big Apple startles both the New Warrior and the suited man that he is persueing. Thrasher's gaze shifts off the running man to try and I.D. where the shots came from. The suited man? He thinks Thrasher is shooting at him. So what's he do? He raises his hands up to his head and covers his head with his arms and ducks down. His running stops as he simply drops down against the rooftop. The various bits of gravel that line the rooftop do a fine job on the man's suit, leaving it tattered while he sits there huddled to keep from getting shot. Thrasher shouts out, "Stop shooting!" No knowing if the source of the bullets is friend or foe to himself or to the suited man he persues.

"That answers it," says Night Raven as the man puts up his arms, "The guilty are usually the culprits." The logic being the hands going up are admission to guilt. "No more shooting then." Revolvers go away, Night Raven judgint the distance between the buildings like he's going to jump over. There are calculations going on for the moment, he continues to speak. "The ninja suit confused me I admit, otherwise I would of dropped your friend there." Obviously indicating the man in the suit. At the moment he looks ready to run and spring, he pulls a grapple gun out, fires a line over and makes his way over on the line between the two buildings instead.

The man in the suit is groveling on the ground, "It wasn't supposed to be like this. No one was supposed to find out!" As he sits there all huddled up on the rooftop he fumbles around inside a pocket of his suit's jacket. He produces a smartphone and shakily fiddles with the buttons on it. Adrenaline and nerves making it difficult for the quavering man to really work the phone.

Thrasher closes the gap between himself and the once running man. He reaches down and grabs the fellow by the back of his collar and looks over towards the ziplining Night Raven. He's never seen that guy before and his helmet's HUD zooms in for a better look and even takes a couple of pictures of the figure approaching via zipline.

It has taken forever…so forever to get to this top floor, 10 freakin' stories and not taking the elevator for some dumb reason. Armand pants softly to himself as he holds a big-gulp sized chai-tea latte that is probably iced and takes sips from it from time to time, making his way out onto the roof with his sheer rainbow swirled clipboard tucked under his arm and a pen tucked behind his ear. It was a simple plan, it really was. Find a safe place to rest and read…and then he walks right into a scene, watching from where he stands and his mouth drops open around his straw. "…oh non."

Coming to the building to join the other two finally, Night Raven stands casually, arms to his sides, no guns out now. "So, what's he up to anyways, drug trafficking, smuggling, slavery rings, mercenary for hire?" Referring to the suited man with the phone at work. "Which family is he working for, that could help me with some leads I was following. Some guy in a blue and red suit, shooting ropes from his spandex get up ruined two days of trailing, maybe this guy has some connections." Digging into his pocket, he withdraws a flash light object (the same he drew on assassin mom). "He's your catch, don't know what you got him for, but do you mind." He inclines his head to the man's hand, indicating the flash light object has something to do with Night Raven taking hold of that man's hand.

Night Thrasher's eyes are wide with the array of questions and statements tossed in his way by the unknown individual. He shakes his head and raises a hand for the other Vigilante-looking fellow to halt, "Yo, wait. Hold on. Who are you? What are you doing here?" The man in Thrasher's grasp starts to attempt to shake out of Thrasher's grasp. He manages to wiggle out of his suit's jacket. He pushes himself away by kicking his feet and sliding on his back on the rooftop, "No, stop this. They're going to kill me!" The smart phone has been dropped and lays active on the rooftop at Thrasher's feet.

Armand lowers his cup and half shoves his clipboard into his messenger bag as he runs to the edge of the rooftop to peer over the edge and to stare at the individuals on the other building and he shifts weight from foot to foot, looking up and then looking down before he calls out. "Excuse me! Nocturnal Bumblebee? Bird? You! The one with the stinging! Have you found another surprise assasin?"

"Well, I was contemplating my next move over there," says Night Raven inclining his head back to the building he was lying on, then another person joins the mix. Then he turns to see who it is, realizes who its is, then shakes his head negatively. "No, not an assassin, trying to figure that out actually. Its Night Raven." An answer to the man who was chasing the other and a way of kindly helping Armand remember his name perhaps. Turning to regard the suit though, "Stop trying to get away, you'll live longer once you say who's coming to kill you," its part of a trail obviously, if there's some big family connections there.

There's the faint 'chopchopchop' sound off in the distance which is the tell-tale noise of a helicoptor, maybe a news coptor or a police coptor. Horns can be heard randomly down below. The sounds of New York reach even up here.

The man that's trying to escape Thrasher continues to skid backwards on his rear, away from them. He's shaking his head frantically and he has a wild look in his eyes, "You don't get it! I'm not telling you anything, because I'm dead already!" He scrambles up to his feet and starts to run, again, towards the edge of the building.

Night Thrasher glances from his target and then towards Night Raven and then towards Armand, "There used to be a time that I could do this without interruption. This guy's been funneling money… he's just a stepping stone." He kneels down, retrieves the dropped smart phone. He glances at it and realizes that a call has been made and it's still on the line. Thrasher humphs, "What's this?" he hits the 'speaker phone' key on the device and the phone makes a faint *chopchopchop* noise from the other end of the connection.

"Mon Dieu…" Armand watches a bit horrified as he shakes his head slowly and he takes a deep breath. "Moon Birdy…Stranger Man! Can wait one moment, I tink there is attention coming and he might jump." He's helpful at least. Or he tries to be.

Assuming he needs say nothing to the other masked man, Night Raven grabs for Armand's shoulder. "He's jumping, and if you stay to watch, you'll be dead too!" If the grab lands, he'll pull the other man towards the doorway back into the building. "His friends are coming and I don't know if that hair trick is gonna stop bullets, take cover now," he's trying to be helpful in his own way. Whether Armand moves towards the door or not, Night Raven will put himself between the chopper approach and Armand, pulling two revolvers once more. He'll side comment to Night Thasher, "Same for you, unless that suit is bullet proof — though for all we know, they have rocket launchers." He says this as if this isn't the first time someone's fired rocket launchers at him. Truly he means to make a retreat, let the suit jump, but he's going to let the other two go first - if both go, he's gonna follow, otherwise, he'll stand to see what the chopper brings.
Moments after the man in the suit takes off for the edge of the building, a Helicoptor makes its presence known. A helicoptor rises up and comes into view, coming up from lower levels of the building. The sudden ascent of the coptor stops the running man in his tracks. He slides to a stop, a couple of feet from the edge of the building.

Thrasher had started to run off after the man in the suit but he, too, stopped in his tracks when the helicoptor flew up and just hovered there at the edge of the building. The man in the suit drops to his knees and pleads, "No! I tried! I didn't say anything!" The coptor spins around and a side-opening faces the building. In entryway leading into the coptor are a couple of men. One man is wearing a uniform of sorts and another man, mostly obscured, is sitting at a turret-mounted gun of some form. The man in the uniform holds onto a leather hand-strap as he braces himself against the minute movements of the coptor. He slides a smart phone into a pocket and shouts out over the loudness that is the coptor's rotary assembly, "Man! You almost screwed all of this up!" The turret-gun's barrel is pointed in the general direction of the rooftop and the people ontop of it.

"I am having no hair tricks…are those guns?" Armand's lips form a tiny 'o' before he takes a few steps back when he's tugged back towards the doorway and he sighs softly, closing his eyes for a moment before turning quickly to take off running to the relative safety of the doorway/inside area.

"They're definitely not flowers," agrees Night Raven with Armand - or that is, confirms that they are probably guns. "Maybe I shouldn't of used that grappling line earlier," he says in pondernace under his breath. There are too many people on the roof at the moment for his liking. Night Raven raises both hands, both revolvers, the first he uses to shoot the 1st suit (the one they came to kill so he wouldn't talk). This one meant to take him out but not kill him, to get him to drop. While that is done with his left hand, the right aims for the door and he begins squeezing the trigger. "Stay or go," he says, running towards the helicopter now, shouting at Night Thrasher, "They're your line on this heist." Suggesting, if he was following a trail, he might want to stay and deal with the helicoptor, but again, Night Raven doesn't know what Night Thrasher is capable of even. For his part, he's staying as long as anyone else is staying.

The suit that Thrasher had been chasing is clipped in the hip by Night Raven's sidearm. The man cries out in pain and curls up on the rooftop, holding his side. As he clutches his side he screams out, "No! This is not happening!"

Thrasher is back on the move, throwing a thumbs up towards Night Raven in response to what he had said to him. Thrasher turns back towards the Coptor, "Hey, look. Another stepping stone." People probably don't hear him saying this over the noise of the aerial vehicle. His helmet does, however, increase the volume of his voice when he says, "Not sure who you are, but I'm eager to find out." As Night Thrasher moves towards the shot man and the coptor, he slips some small dagger-like objects out of hidden compartments on his gauntlets. They are hurled towards the opened hatch leading into the coptor. The objects, blades it seems, inbed into the inner wall of the vehicle.

After Thrasher throws his blades inside the coptor, the man in the uniform cries out a command, "Get me closer to the building and light them up!" The turret gun is engaged and bullets are spit in rapid succession towards the rooftop.

Armand peeks out the door, lips wrapped around his straw as he stares at the two…heroic figures starting to do violent things as he watches with wide eyes and takes a long sip before quirking an eyebrow, then he's ducking back behind the wall as the turret gun starts firing.

In something of a duckwalk fashion, Night Raven crouches and walks/not quite runs diagnally forward (half strafing the helicopter, half running towards it still). Both his revolvers open fire, most making it towards the opening with a high level of marksmenship. If Armand watches long enough, he might an occasional flapping of Night Ravens suit as a bullet rips through it. This doesn't seem to stop him so much though, his intention being the suit man that brought the heroes together. 12 shots and both revolvers slip out to drop their six round chambers, Night Raven digging in pockets for refills - he'll cover the suit man with his body, firing rounds down range at the helicopter gunmen.

The gun mounted to the side of the helicoptor continues to spit fire towards the rooftop. Large gouges are ripped out of the rooftop as the heavy rounds collide with it. The bullets coming from the twin revolvers that Night Raven uses does very little to the coptor. Those bullets that do not go through the opening to the inside of the vehicle, simply inbed themselves in the outer hull or ricochet off. The bullets the enter the entry point? They collide with things inside the coptor to little effect. A couple of bullets do manage to knick the turret-mounted gun, but don't cause the one firing it to pause. The blades that inbedded themselves inside the helicoptor that were through by Thrasher? Something on them was mechanical and time delayed because they suddenly pop open and an aerosol gets sprayed into the small compartment of the opened helicoptor. The inside is filled with a dark smoke and the turret gun stops firing as coughing and hacking start due to the gas or smoke filling it.

Night Thrasher makes a bee-line for the helicoptor. As he runs for the vehicle he calls out to Raven, "If you'd be so kind; Drag him inside!" As he approaches the aerial vehicle, Thrasher pulls more objects out of compartments from his gauntlets.

Tucking one revoler away, Night Raven easily loops his arm under the man's and carries him with a slightly heightened strength of his own, making for the building. The same, his other hand has a reloaded revolver and its firing at the helicoptor just the same. With the gas or smoke popping on the inside, he's less liberal in protecting the downed suit in his run for the door. "On it," he shouts so the other can hear him, "No death from this one until you get some answers." Its all he says, before long he's coming into the door near Armand.

The suited man makes no protest to Night Raven's grasp and allows him to take him out of the fight.

Night Thrasher continues to run towards the aerial vehicle and at the right moment, his armor's hydraulic joints flex their muscle and allows Thrasher to leap higher and further than he could on his own. He grabs onto the edge of the opened side of the helicoptor and pulls himself in. One of the objects he pulled out is left, stuck to the outer haul just underneath the opened doorway. Thrasher says to the individuals inside the Coptor, "You're not picking up your boy down there. Hope you guys can blind-fly… this smoke's going to take a while to leak out of this opened bird." Anything further Thrasher was going to say is cutoff with something strikes him in the chin. One of the men inside the smokey coptor lashed out and managed to clip him solidly. The armored New Warrior hits the floor of the coptor after the strike.

Once the man is safely behind the door, Night Raven says to Armand, "Put your hand on the whole, keep the blood in him, take him down a few flights for his own safety." That's all he cares to hear, or say rather, and he's looking back out through the door at the helicoptor. He didn't see the jump into the helicoptor, so doesn't know where Night Thrasher is at the moment. However, as they is no firing from the helicoptor, he's not returning it, he takes the moment to get his second revolver reloaded and both hands full. He keeps his eye out the door, trying to judge if Night Thrasher escaped by some other means or not, watching for the smoke to clear for any indication.

The Helicoptor starts to lurch away from the building. Coughing and hacking can be heard as those inside fight against the gas or smoke that has filled it. At the edge of the smoke cloud, Raven should be able to see the New Warrior. He has stepped to the edge of the opened coptor, "Your dude is gone. You should run while you can…" Night Thrasher springs out of the coptor and backflips down to the building's rooftop he had lept from. He kneels there and pulls out another device, this time something from a satchel or pouch from his belt. The Coptor does continue to lurch away from the building… as if the smoke-choked pilot is deciding for everyone to make their departure.

Whether that is some way in his direction or the people in the helicoptor, Night Raven sees the other man is safe and finallly back on the building. Whether he's coming or not, its all his choice and for his part, he goes back in. Still, whether Armand has the man moving in side or not, Night Raven makes sure its happening. Taking hold of him he begins to descend the stairs for the moment, heading for street level. With the helicoptor and gun fire, some folks may be in the evacuation stage or panic level and my come into the ladder well. Whateve they're puprose, Night Raven will continue down beyond street level, setting the injured man down and then watching up the middle to see if Night Thrasher eventually follows. The same time, he's spening some time to attend to the gunshot wound he provided to the man, enough to stop the bleeding.

The helicoptor is flown off carefully by the pilot, smoke or gas billowing out of the opening. Thrasher slides whatever further devices he pulled out of his armor back where they came. He turns towards the opening leading to the rooftop and heads for it. He proceeds to head down the stairs, dodging anyone who is evacuating. Several minutes of descent go by until he's back on ground level. Outside of the stairwell, Thrasher looks about for the man he chased down as well as the other Vigilante. When both are spotted, Thrasher calls out, "Night Raven. He's alright, right? Just whining about his poor self?"

"Oh, he'll live and he'll live enough to give any answers that might be needed," says Night Raven looking up at the other when they finally catch up. A look over will reveal Night Raven's symbol is branded on the mans forearm now though. "So, you were after this guy and his money laundering, or where you after his clients with the helicoptor?" Really curious, if there is organized crime involved, it would seem he is really interested.

Night Thrasher nods after he's told that he'll live, "Good." He stomps up to the suited man and drags him up to his feet. He then throws him up over his shoulder and carries him fireman-style. He glances over towards Raven, "He's a small fish. Those people in the helicoptor are small fish. I'll pump this guy for info and then track down those losers in the smokey helicoptor. I'll be happy to tell you what I find out."

If one could see him smile through his mask, people might be simply horrified of Night Raven. Not that its a wicked smile, because his face is so riddled with scare tissue he looks like an extra on the Walking Dead shoots. "He's all yours. I'd be glad to hear what you find out, I have an interest in Dragon Tong and the Gianni family right now." Simple as that, he stands and pulls a business card from a pocket, hands it over to Night Thrasher. It has his symbol on it, a compliment to the suit's forearm, and reads 'Where darkness spreads its wings … the Night Raven stings!' Indicating to hold it up to the light, its watermarked with telephone number, a literal calling card.

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