2012 05 25 More To Empath Than Meets The Eye

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More to Empath than Meets the Eye

Empath, Nightcrawler, and Takara

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May 25, 2012

Parking Garage - Massachusetts Academy

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Empath causes a bus "accident" and then has a revealing discussion with Nightcrawler and Takara


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As a bus full of students is returning from a field trip into Boston, a sports car pulls up behind the bus and blares it horn wildly. The driver of the sports car is Manuel de la Rocha, dressed in for the Spring weather in jeans and a blue and black polo shirt. Of course, black sunglasses hide his eyes. The students look over at the horn blowing sports car and an impatient Manuel shouts, “Hurry up! Move!” and then throws in a couple of Spanish curses to punctuate his annoyed state at having to wait.

A asian girl just happens to be nearby with a drawing pad on hand, thumb up as she looks at the scene from the side lines with a chuckle, "Mr de la Rocha, langauge." She was not on the Boston trip due to a family thing, made her own fun and a few friends with people that work around the mechanic's shop. TK is dressed with jeans, a white bandana tieing back her hair and a long sleeve shirt. She is holding a closed sketch pad to her side, and a smile on her face.

Shooting a look to Takara. The students rush off the bus and the driver gets off, leaving the bus running but empty and blocking Manuel. The burly strong man raises the sleeves on his shirt to show off muscles. When he reaches the window on the sports car, he taps on the window, “You got a problem…” He tries to intimidate Manuel, but that is a never a good tactic against an empath. Using his power, he grins the bus driver remains silent and then simply goes back to the bus and starts to drive off. Manuel parks in that spot where the bus drops off students and begins to make his way out when suddenly a loud crash is heard just as the bus is off campus.

Takara waves to the students she knows as they are ushers off the bus, her attention on Manuel and the driver as she crosses her arms. She walks over to Manuel after the driver has left, about to say something before the sound of a crash makes her pause. TK look in the general dirrection of the crash, then back to Manuel, "Welcome back, is he going to be okay?"

Shrugging his shoulders, “No idea. Nor do I care. It is an empty road, so if anyone got hurt it would just be him.” After he makes that cold statement, there is an explosion and school security is already on the scene rushing off the campus. “How was your time? You didn’t go on the trip, did you?” Manuel asks with a smile seemingly more interested in how Takara’s time was than the bus explosion he just caused.

Takara's care for people does reflect in her emotions, she is concerned while talking, glancing over in the general direction of the crash at times, "That is cold Manuel." But she is happy that Manuel is still himself, smile comes back with a honest feeling of joy, "I was absent from the trip, family matter that needed my touch." Takara takes in deep breath, "It was interesting while not on the trip, I had some time to draw without it being work." She taps her sketch pad, "The family is okay for the moment."

Manuel is not all unfeeling and cold. When Takara mentions a family matter, his expression shows some concern, “What was the family matter? Though, I take it that it was not that major if you found time to draw?” He offers a smile, “I’d love to see the new artwork.” Ambulances and fire trucks can be heard in the background and a shocked worker screams something akin to “Oh my god! There is blood everywhere. I have no idea where to start.” He exhales and maintains the smile on his face as he ignores the cries and pay attention to Takara.

Takara focuses on Manuel with a nod, "It was the kind that needed a patient ear and a big sister to make it feel better. My little sister was attacked in the city." She keep her tone and action calm, sighing, "She's okay, just shaken up about it with a few scratches. She doesn't open up to many people, I tried to get her to talk." TK taps her sketch book again, "While I was on the other side of the door waiting for her to let me in, I had some time." She draws her book open, showing a page with TK sitting on one side of a door, talking through it to a hooded girl on the other side.

Like all surprises, a haze of man sized purple smoke is all that announces the arrival of Kurt Wagner at the Mass. Acad. Why this location, why now, all good questions that, perhaps like the bus crash and chaos outside the school grounds, unaswered the same. Perhaps better for Kurt, he wasn't around when the bus driver was influenced to do whatever he did by a certain someone. Though, here he is, finding himself amidst said certain someone and another someone whom he's not familiar with. Knowing Manual to be the student though, he can figure out two and two. He goes right for the pair, "Lovely picture I'm sure, but, really, does no one hear the sirens?" There isn't any real indication that someone needs to get up and go help either, plenty of sirens indicating help has arrived despie all the cries of OMG and blood everywhere even.

Smiling as he peruses the artwork, “Wow, the artwork is great and if you ever need assistance with something like that I am 100 percent positive I can get your sister to open up. I can get anyone to open up.” Firefighters show up and begin to put out the fire by the trees that have caught ablaze from the explosion of the bus. The driver is removed from the wreckage and placed in an ambulance. He is alive. “As for the attack on your sister, you should let Shaw know. We are part of a much larger group and Shaw can take care of such things. Or I can gather some students together. A small group of Hellions, if you will.” He hmphs with a wicked grin at that. When the sudden arrival of an X-Man, Manuel raises his hand to bat away the smell of brimstone, “Can’t you do something about that? Seriously, demon. How is it that you sneak up on anyone when your arrival is heralded by that most foul stench?”

Takara smells the arrival first, free hand waving up to her nose to shoo the scent away, but then when the person that made it comes by, she looks surprised, "I hear them, but help is already there. Little else that could be done from this end." TK look back to Manuel and shakes her head, "I will let him know when I see him, but I am more concerned in making sure she is okay before I go smush a puny guy about it." She slowly closes the book and looks Kurt over carefully, "Hello, I'm Takara. Who are you?"

"While I'm sure Manual enjoys the sound of the sirens, I'm curious that no one else finds it annoying," says Kurt regarding why he was curious. Then he regards the gentleman over the matter of brimestone, "Should you find the smell bothersome Mr. de la Rocha, you'll have to take that up with Ms. Gallio, and I recommend speaking with Herr Shaw regarding well played arrogance, if you want to make to really work for you." Coming back to the girl again, he smiles a canine like smile, "Kurt Wagner, sometimes known as Nightcrawler … or, better still, Professor Wagner to the student body, as I've accepted the position offered to me in your illustrious school." A warm, maybe friendly grin for Manual.

The smile that Manuel had earlier all but diminishes and he exclaims in Spanish, <You’ve got to be kidding me! First that crazy Asgardian, then the red-skinned sychophant, and now the blue demon> It is followed by a plethora of Spanish curses and then Manuel ahems, “Well, Emma taught over at your school, so I guess it is only fair…perhaps we can do a student exchange and I can head over to Xavier’s and play with the kids there.” His new grin matches Kurt’s. “Nightcrawler is one of X-Men. He and I go way back. We had some fun at on a military base a few years back.”

Takara bites back a soft laugh, giving Kurt the appropiate bow for a teacher, "Herr Wagner, pleasure to meet you. Takara Kelly, or Overlook." She stands upright with a warm grin, relaxing a little, "Have to get one of you to spill the full history, in due time." Her smile turns to a impish smirk, "And without the use of funny foam."

"Oh its a funny story indeed," grins Kurt all the same, old friends that they are, "Manual influenced me into a rampage … oddly it probably saved my life, the base commander wanted me dead anyways. But I don't think we'll flaunt each others losses in the other's face, as most of mine don't involve the death of my teammates." Looking more at the young gentleman, Kurt isn't smiling, but he speaks warmly despite how Manual perceives him, "My job isn't to judge you on your intentions in life - its to give you the skills to stay alive. You don't have to like me, you will have to listen to me and find the value in that." Simple and honest is all that it is. Though, a grin for Overlook, "What's wrong with funny foam?"

Probably not the best idea to bring up the death of Hellions a still sore spot for the Spaniard. Removing the sunglasses he had been wearing, it is one of those rare moments when Manuel’s eyes glow with his power amping it up a bit as he turns to Kurt in an outright use of his powers, “Apologize.” Manuel is clearly overreacting and upset as tear streams down his cheek from the glowing eyes. “Apologize!” He yells as he attempts to make Kurt truly sorry in an attempt to feel sorrow, which may carry over to Takara as well. Grabbing his head a moment, the glow diminishes as pain strikes the Spaniard’s head.

Takara raises her eyebrow to Kurt bringing that up that sore subject, keeping a level head, "Not as effective for extracting stories, candy is better." The push of emotions does have some effect on her as her smile turns sour for a moment, her entire person growing in size to a clear seven feet tall. Takara shrinks back down to normal size after the power stops, wiping a tear from her eye as she reaches over to Manuel's shoulder, concerned.

Kurt at the point of giving the apology, from Manuel's powers and not sincerely, catches himself in that moment. One hand comes to his side, perhaps indicating an injury exists there that he had been covering up for the moment. "Lesson 2 Mr. de la Rocha - and its not to say that my presense here is indeed at the bequest of those in charge. Longterm gain is far better than short term results, you can speak with Mr Shaw, Ms. Frost or Ms. Gallio. Because I'm truly sorry for your losses, the point being, rubbing salt in wounds only aggreviates as you well demonstrated." Then a smile to Ms. Kelly, "Candy is indeed better, but the foam is still just as fun. Perhaps we can ponder old war wounds some day over candy - and away from noisy sirens?" Then as a peace offering to Manuel, he throws out in his direction, "I've run into your old friend Jimmy Proudstar, he's doing well but his current teams in trouble."

Playing it off, “That was a demonstration, demon. You know I can do more…much more…to you. That rampage was just one little trick.” Manuel ahems wiping his face away, which is pretty reddened. “But yes. It is probably not best to compare war stories.” Manuel stops at the mention of Jimmy, “I’d heard about his exploits with X-Force. If he chooses to run with the likes of Cable then he may be no better than what befell the original Hellions.” He looks to Takara and offers in Spanish <Sorry.> Not that she would understand him anyway.

Takara firmly nods to Manuel, she doesn't understand the word he said to her, but she guesses it correctly as she smile warmly again. Her hand draws away slowly, taking in a deep breath to center herself, "How bad is the trouble?" She glances between the two guys, sketch pad held to her back.

"Mr Manual, my point is teamwork and teammates. We both know what you are capable of, we also both know what happened after that rampage incident. Logan is still a call a way." A sigh from Kurt, "I'm using a modest sense of decency out of respect for your decency." He looks more directly at the girl then, as if to further emphasize he's keeping up Manual's image as best he can in front of others. Half a shrug, "Remains to be scene, Cable, a known terrorist, is guning for a higher risk terrorist named Stryfe. Jimmy has no leads on his team except one man named Shatterstar, who has disappeared again, the trail leads to the Savage Lands. I'm hoping I can prevent Jimmy from having to relive the same situation the Hellions have recently gone through." A shrug back to Manual, "There is no lost love for Cable in this, X-Factor is going in to help Jimmy if we can and some of the former New Mutants."

Nodding his head to Kurt as he gets what the teacher is saying, Manuel lets out a sigh, “Takara, the world of the ‘X’ is best left to them…” he lets out another sigh, “But if Jimmy is somehow involved, well, we don’t want to lose another one. So if I can be of service, I am willing to tag along…as I am sure Angelica will be. Perhaps a call to the New Warriors may be useful.” He contemplates a moment before he looks to Takara, “There is a lot of history involved here connecting me with the X-Men and the schools…perhaps, it is best to forget all that to keep people like Takara and Thomas genuinely good. Even more of a reason not to rehash the past.” One more sigh.

Takara shudders at the mention of people going missing, her warm smile fading into a interested expression, "It does sound complex." She looks up to Manuel with a smirk and raised eyebrow, "Under all that snark, there is a person after all. Just be careful if you go, no secret I worry about folks." Takara looks between the two with a nod.

“Your assistence is appreciated Mr. de la Rocha," offers Kurt just the same. "Ja, complex, such is the world. I should be on my way to meet with Ms. Gallio as I had intended. The pleasure is mine Ms. Kelly, it will be an honor to educate you." A grin and a bow even from the blue elf (or demon, perspective). Though before he bamfs, "And pride suits you well Manuel, wear it like an armor, just learn a better place for arrogance. Long term gain, short term goals, way your outcomes. My job is to prepare you for the complex future beyond these walls, I intend to succeed." He does go downwind enough, chuckling lightly though, before bamfing into that purple brimsone haze.

Shaking his head as the demon departs, “He is a smug asshole. So he should fit in perfectly.” With that he looks back to Takara as the final remnants of the crash from earlier is cleared out. Sirens die down. Fire is put out. “Well, we’ll see if they actually use me. I am not liked much over at Xavier’s. But if Jimmy is involved. We’ll see. The Savage Land is in Antartica. It is basically a jungle world where dinosaurs still exist. Never been there, but I have been to Hell …literally one of the New Mutants was a demon sorceress and she would teleport to her hellworld called Limbo. If I can survive there, then I can survive the Savage Land.” Manuel bites down on his lower lip with much to think about.

Takara give Kurt one more bow as he heads off, attention back to Manuel as she jokes, "I thought my life was strange enough when I arrived here." She takes in a deep breath, serious about the conversation, "If I had not sat down at a table with a Asgardian goddess, I would think you were crazy saying all this." TK look up, shrugging.

With that and all the emotion that has been felt and endured during this conversation, “Well, Yes, welcome to our world.” With that he sighs, “Well I had better get back to my room. But thank you.” With that he heads back to the dormitories.

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