2012 05 25 Goldilocks And The Bears V3 5

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Goldilocks and the Bears v3.5

Mirage Sunpyre Logan Nightcrawler Hulk

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Xavier's Mansion, various locations

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Sunpyre (Goldilocks) stumbles into the house of the bears (Logan, Hulk, Nightcrawler, Mirage) - strange things are afoot.


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Rec room, perhaps semi busy on account of classes letting up for students with summer's approach, and again, those students not in classes are probably sleeping. Thusly, Kurt Wagner finds himself here to pass the time. Presently at the foosball table, he seems to be placing the ball at odd angles to the foosball players so that he can hit it once and see how many times he can bank it before it pockets. So there is an occasional sound of a foosball being hit by a player and bouncing about on the table but not loud as if a real game were in progress. He looks a little better, but still could use some beefing up, this will take time considering his length of captivity. But, he looks bluer perhaps, better color, brighter yellow eyes.

Passing several of the younger students as they leave Dani nods and greets them, reminding one about a late homework assignment, "Hey Kurt." she greets as she meanders through and over to the foosball table. "You talk to Alex yet?

Rather brand spanking new to the Mansion as she is, Leyu Yashida is not looking for the Recreation Room. She'd have to do some work before she would have any rights to use such a place. And she has no idea what a healthy Nightcrawler actually looks like - in person, at least - so she wouldn't know if poor Kurt is only just starting to bounce back from his captivity. As it is, an unfamiliar Japanese face framed by two long ebon ponytails peeks in the door, nearly trampled under by students exiting with enthusiasm - or at least speed - and glances about. Selfsame head bobs at the figures she sees inside, and starts to disappear back into the hallway, still exploring.

Shaking his head, Kurt says, "Haven't spoke to him just yet, is he still ever ready in the Ready Room or living it up at the boat house?" He perks a brow as if offering her to take up the table opposite him and play at a game - or at least just have fun smashing balls around. Then the excitement near the door as students flock about out there distracts him a moment and seeing the face retreating nearly into the hallway, he calls out. "Servus," he greets, full on German, "You can come in, plenty of room - we play nice … honest."

Dani shrugs "Not sure, since Lorna left he probably came back to his old room." she leans against the foosball table after hipchecking it to make the ball roll randomly, "He wanted to ask you about new members to the team." she glances over at the entrance and the girl peeking in "Speak for yourself, Kurt.

Shouldn't that be Latin? The young face returns momentarily, glancing at Kurt and then Dani, before following far enough that the rest of the young woman is visible, arrayed in a very mature - read here 'staid', formal, and pretty boring - dark grey woman's skirtsuit and flats. Oddly, she looks a bit young for the outfit, but it fits well, so she's not playing dress-up with someone /else's/ clothes. But she does seem at once young enough to be a student here, and yet not. "Gomen nisai. Please pardon me. I am still finding my way about. I did not mean to interrupt your gaming." She seems unsure quite how to respond to Dani's joking, though she is hoping the other woman /is/ joking.

Even Kurt doesn't know when Dani is joking with her deadpan humor, if she has any. But he is smiling all the same, canines and all, "Ok, I only speak for myself, I won't bite - Ms. Moonstar here might, she's know for being an avaricous carnivore with a taste for human flesh, or so I've heard it said." He certainly is joking. Still, "Its a common room in the Mansion, popular amongst students avoiding term homework or classes even. Not even playing a game, really." Just explaining, his eyes coming back to Dani then, "New members you say, don't tell this has to do with Jimmy meeting up with you back in New York?" Not that he would mind either way, its a curious way of transitioning the conversation, or trying to find out what it is about other than new membership.

"Oh please." Dani rolls her eyes at Kurt "I haven't eatten human flesh since I left Asgard." yes it is hard to tell most of the time when she is joking, but this time she makes an effort to make it clear that she is. Though her face once more deadpans when Kurt continues about the reunion in New York "No, it isn't." she then focuses her attention on the nicely dressed woman. Quite different then her own jeans, blouse and seude mocassion boots "And please don't call me Ms. Moonstar, that's reserved for the students. It's Dani.

Well, Dani at least seems to have decided this fresh young face is /not/ a student. Leyu bows again to acknowledge both. "Hai — er, Yes, Dani." Leyu offers, acknowledging the standing order of naming convention. Of course, Kurt hasn't offered /his/ name, so she turns to the blue fuzzy elf and queries, "Are you a Mephthid, like Mizz Hepzibah? Or a human mutation, Sir?" Yes. Sir. She called Kurt Sir. Let the jokes begin! "I am Leyu Yashida. I am here to assist in the continuing genetics research projects." She hasn't yet found 'Alex Summers' to ask him about possibly joining the ranks of his X-Factor, though she still wishes to do so.

"Had to ask," grins Kurt regarding the Jimmy situation, suggesting he was teasing and will probably tease again, simply because of Chenda trying to play little miss matchmaker and that being humerous to him for some reason. Back to the newest arrival, "That's a little personal, asking about my DNA like that, ja?" Though with mirth in his voice he doesn't care, "I'm all human mutation and I'm not even faculty here, let alone in charge. Its just Kurt - or elf, or fuzzy - or light bulb changer. The honor really is mine Ms. Leyu Yashida," he leaves the table and comes to grab her hand, eyeing Dani for the moment, wondering if this could invite more lecturing about appropriate touches. Still, its a gentleman's move, he does mean to kiss the nad, "I'll gladly assist in this genetics research." Not like he really knows anything about genetics research other than basic knowledge, but he can offer a hand right?

"No..no you didn't." Dani tells him frankly "Welcome to the mansion. You will be working with Hank then?" she then pauses when Kurt heads toward the young woman, hand coming to face, yes she facepalms, Kurt well being Kurt.

Leyu looks perhaps a mite non-plussed by having her hand taken, shaken, and then … kissed? But she doesn't pull away. She trusts no one here to hurt her. Foolish, perhaps, but true. "Thank you, Kurt." she offers. "Doctors McCoy and Nemesis, yes." she answers Dani, with a nod. "You are a teacher, Dani?" she queries. She heard that interaction with the students earlier, and has now placed her voice as the teacherly one in that exchange.

"She's teacher to us all, a funny twist - I remember when she came through as a student," fake sigh from Kurt as if longing for the old days. Though he shrugs it off, as he can't really answer for Dani. In response to their exchange about Jimmy and who had to ask what, he gurns back, "And yes, we have to keep you on your toes Dani, your wits need to be sharp as steel and I must be the wetstone that sets about that task you know." Stage whispering to the Japanese woman, "That's my role here, keep everyone on their toes. Sorry to hear that you know, working with those two, sounds … you know, boring."

Dani decides it is in her best interest to ignore whatever is coming out of Kurt for the moment "On the side. I'm also part of the X-Factor team." she then defers the handshaking and greets Leyu as proper for her culture, giving a slight bow at the waist, hands to sides.

Greeted so, Leyu returns the bow with equal measure to Dani, smiling momentarily to show her pleasure. "I have heard of this X-Factor team. Scott's brother, Alex Summers, is leader, yes? A government sanctioned team of heroes?" To tell the truth, Kurt confounds Leyu. The only part she really feels competent to answer is his last. "Boring? Oh, no. Not boring at all to me. I had come hoping to research with Charles Xavier. But as he is apparently leaving the planet - so exiciting! - I will continue his research with Doctors McCoy and Nemesis, until his return."

"Not that exciting," says Kurt, waving off space travel with a flick of his tail. "It wasn't that long ago X-Factor returned from space you know," is he bragging by not bragging? His yellow eyes look at Leyu, seeing if there is some impression there, "I'm with X-factor as well, now - but I've worked with Scott before too." Maybe his pride is hurt that this woman who know all about Charles and Scott knows nothing about him, but he's going to get it in there it would seem.

"You want exciting try Limbo, never a dull moment there." Dani again it is hard to tell if Dani is joking, but as she has recently been there she probably is "Dr. Nemesis, he's a strange one, Dr. McCoy on the other hand is quite nice to work with. You'll get along well with him.

"Quite exciting to me, both of them." After all, until now Leyu has never seen anything outside of her native Japan. It's all new and different to her. "Ah! Then, two members of the famous X-Factor. An honor and pleasure to meet you both. I am hoping to meet with Mister Alex Summers when he is available." She says this, but never explains /why/ she wants to meet with him. But she seems quite stoked to be meeting two members of the team. "I have not yet been able to meet either, but I thank you for your advice, Dani. Hopefully I will find a way to work with both. I will be the junior researcher, after all." Junior researchers don't get to express their opinions of their betters in Leyu's world. They just get to do their jobs and get out of the way.

Kurt's smile indicates he honor and pleasure is something he is glad to hear, but its more playful than real vanity creeping in there. "Limbo, that's what I missed while on vacation," he sounds like he would of loved that one. Then again, maybe he thinks Amanda might of been involved and it would of been good to see her too. Back to the latest arrival, he smiles warmly, "So, Charles invited you to help with the research then took off … and you, Ms. Leyu, came along for the opportunity. That explains a lot and leaves so many questions. But I like mysteries and you're wearing them so well." As if, not knowing anything of who she really is or about her past makes it all a fun game to him - some of that might be lost in translation all the same.

Dani must not be ignoring Kurt as much as she lets on "We are going back, taking the students on a field trip, you are welcome to join us." she looks back to Leya "You as well. It's always good to have numbers when you travel through there. Scott almost became demon food last time.

"Actually, no." Leyu corrects Kurt, honorbound to tell the truth despite the fact it would all be so much simpler otherwise. "Doctor Xavier did not invite me. I submitted a request to join him, and came as quickly as I was able. Unfortunately, he apparently had not had a chance to fully review my request, because of this trip. But he left word with Mister Summers that I would be welcome to stay here and work with Doctors McCoy and Nemesis in his absence." Sounds pretty presumptuous, right? Sending off an email and then rushing across the planet to meet up with the World's Authority on Mutants? Who does this chick think she is?! Oh, wait. She thinks she's Leyu Yashida. Whoever /that/ is, right?
"I am not attempting to be mysterious. If you have questions, please feel free to ask." Leyu offers. She looks truly torn when Dani mentions a field trip to Limbo, like she would LOVE to go, but her obedience is requiring her to demure, as she will surely have work to do here at the Mansion. "I am sure I would be of little use in the midst of Limbo to protect our charges. But I thank you kindly for the offer."

"You're too kind, let me know when the boat sails," grins Kurt to Dani, about the Limbo trip. Like he needs to get back into action having been out of it so long. Though towards Leyu, "No, I mean, mysterious is good. I like mysterious, like no use in Limbo after flying all the way here on a wish to join the research. There has to be more to your story than that. What is it, love interest … *hopefully not* … on the run from assassins, you have some abilities you're not telling us about, saving the world, the galaxy … the universe?" He's slightly gossipy at the moment, but seems genuinely interested.

Dani makes a gesture to Kurt "Fuzzy man has a point. There must be more to the story then what you have told us." she leans against the fossball table again, crossing her arms over her chest as she waits to her the rest.

Leyu looks a bit non-plussed. "What more could there be? I have been working on genetics research for years in Japan. I wanted a change, and asked Doctor Xavier if I could join him here." And then didn't wait around to get confirmation before skirting across the world. Ahem. "There is no … love interest." Not anymore. More's the pity. How sad. "No assassins I know of. I would love to be able to save the world, the galaxy, or the universe. Very much so. But I doubt I will be accomplishing anything like that any time soon." Anyone spot the part she /didn't/ address? "I do not know why you feel there must be more to my 'story' than this." C'mon. She /so/ doesn't want to talk about /HIM/. Jerk. Everyone will surely hate her once they know. She's positive of that.

"What, you can't simply be a good looking woman researching genetics. Moira has that front covered," grins Kurt, perhaps teasing; again, perhaps, lost in translation. "I mean, Charles isn't advertising for research assistants and I mean, knowing where the mansion is and what is really going on around here. Stumbling in on random fuzzy elf - hawt, but random I'll admit, and reacting every day normal. Either its a sinister plot afoot at the circle K - or …." His eyes gleem yellow to golden. Then he turns back to Dani, "Elf is preferred." Correcting the fuzzy man comment as if his pride were some how ruined for a brief second.

Logan has arrived.

"Probably a lot sooner then you think with the way things sometimes are around here." Dani tells her or would warns be a better word to use? "The invitation to Limbo will remain open. I mean, not many scientists get a chance to travel to alternate dimensions. And maybe the good Doctor," she doesn't state which one, "would like some samples.

The rec room isn't very recreational at the moment. It's quiet, save for a conversation on three sides. An unknown young woman - Japanese, for those with the eye for it - wearing her hair up in a pair of ponytails, dressed in a relatively dowdy but well-fitted grey women's skirtsuit, stands near the doorway with her back to the hall. In front of her by only a bit is the blue furred form of a recovering but not yet 100% Nightcrawler, apparently doing his best to charm her. Across the room, Dani leans a hip against the foosball table.
The stranger blushes a bit, becomingly, at whatever it is Kurt just said. "Thank you kindly for the compliment." she murmurs, politely. "I am no sinister plot, I assure you. I mean no one any harm. I am here to continue to pursue research in genetics." There might be more she would /like/ to do, but she can't. Not until she can speak with the currently elusive Alex Summers. But now Leyu is very nearly - not quite, but it's coming - on the verge of tears. All she wants to do is make a good impression, and these people standing here are her potential future teammates. And they apparently have not a good impression at all of her. How awful! "Domo Arigato. Thank you very much, for the invitation. I will consider."

It'd been a long and distracting trip. Logan'd left from the mansion a few months back, giving his usual lack of explanation and offering little of a timeframe for his return. Most of the X-Men were used to his occasional sojourns so there wasn't much of a hub bub. Yet today of all days is the day he's chosen to make his return.
First there's a little beep from a system security monitor deep in the catacombs of the X-Mansion's underground base, acknowledging the return of the X-man. Then his motorcycle roars to a halt outside the mansion proper.
The short scruffy looking man scowls absently to himself as he swings one leg over the other and gets off the bike. A rough hand reaches for the backpack in one of the saddlebags and casually slings it over his shoulder. Up to the front door he wanders, footsteps calm and steady.
Not like he was expecting a parade or anything, but the mansion is quiet. Eerie quiet, but then that could just be nerves. His nostrils flare subtly and he picks up a handful of scents, most old, most in passing, save for a trio off down this hallway.
Moving with that calm quiet, Logan steps down one hall… turns down another. A few moments and he hears voices. Smirking to himself, he step silently right behind the new Yashida and when first noticed the other X-ers probably espy him leaning there in the doorway nearby as he growls in that gruff tone of his.
"The hell's a guy gotta do ta get a beer round here?"

Lifting a brow curiously, somewhere between the unseen tears broiling in the young Leyu or maybe at the sudden appearance of Logan in the doorway behind her. Kurt doesn't know whether or not to laugh. Its a funny timing issue, all things considered and yet, she is close to tears. "Mein fruend," he says warmly, "Simply asking is a good start." Then a chuckle, becuase, well, it was funny. Culturally insensitive, a hand of Kurts rises as if to take Leyu's shoulder warmly, but real manners come back to him. "You are welcome here," is all he can muster at the moment, obviously she knows someone who knows someone and the tears are a nice touch that brings out his better behavior. Then he glances around, "Two beers coming up," as if he's gonna bamf for a round, then checks with Dani and Leyu to see if they want one before he poofs.

"I see we haven't gotten off to the best start." Dani says apologetically to Leyu, "Of course you are welcome here and we know…well at least we are pretty sure you aren't up to some nefarious plot." her attention is then pulled from the asian woman to the entrance of Logan, whom she hasn't seen in years and probably didn't hang around much with in the first place "Go to the fridge and get one?" is her reply to his gruff question.

Nightcrawler is so gentle, trying to be reassuring and - as most men are - reduced to a degree of helplessness by even the serious possibility fo female tears. Reassured, if only a little, Leyu unwinds a tiny bit. Then? Well, then Logan growls, and Leyu almost quite literally squeaks and spins about, only barely avoiding tangling her limbs and going down in a heap. On the 'do you have powers' check, that'd be a 'no' for 'eyes in the back of her head' or 'other supersenses'. Oops. Worse? When she sees Logan, Leyu goes /bone white/ with shock. No words. It doesn't even tip over into horror, though it could. It's just pure shock. How could she not have anticipated that Mariko's gaijin would be here?

The short man's heavy brow furrows as he sees poor Leyu reeling back on her heels as it were. He cants his head to the side and uncurls a hand as he begins to gesture towards her, words starting as he murmurs, "Somethin' the…"
And, of course, that's the moment that the mansion's alarms begin to wail their warning of proximity alert and possible dangerous situation. Logan's drawn up short abruptly, turning with a swirl of motion. Instantly he's on edge, there's only a bare moment of hesitation and then no word of explanation. He breaks into a run down the hall, his backpack left behind him as he instantly drops it from his shoulder.

Almost a facepalming moment for Kurt, this couldn't go any better or worse and yet still amusing for the most part with more air of mystery thrown in. Then the alarms trigger, "Eh, guess sooner than later for that action Ms. Leyu, but knowing nothing about you, advisery committee suggests lingering here." Then, nothing else considered, he is out in a bamf, leaving purple smoke behind moving to see what is going on just the same.

It's her fault, Dani tempted fate, she jinxed it with her comment about how things were around here "See, you just get here and the excitement has started." she sees that Kurt and Logan are on top of it "I'll stay here, if you need back up I'll come down.

Leyu is only barely coming out of her shock at seeing Logan - the only X-Man she seems to have shown /any/ recognition of upon seeing them - when the alarms sound, and her head whips around, trying to ascertain their cause and meaning. Logan sprints off, and Nightcrawler takes only a moment to explain before disappearing in a cloud of brimstone-scented smoke. The young woman looks curiously after them, and then back to Dani. "Perhaps we should go as well?" she queries. Sure. She's a little worried. Yet something in her demands she go take a look. Foolhardy, maybe? But the others were all theorizing to unseen depths.

CUT: To Front Grounds – Xavier Estate

The Hulk

From near the west wing, a series of smoke bamfs, purple in color, brimestone in scent, would indicate a certain ceiling elf is in progress to checking out the grounds. Though between alarms and knocking at the front door, that would be a good place to start. Nightcrawler is making his way across the lawn from the west side towards the front area to see who is 'at the door' and what else might be en route to have triggered the alarms on the way into the compound.

The pounding has gone on for nearly a minute now, a fevered pace of banging and shouting. "CHARLES. CHARLES!" The Hulk i sstanding at the door, huge fist slamming (albeit not at full force) on the door. "CHAR—" He notices a flash of something to his left, darting quickly. "I need to see Charles immediately."

Of course that's the moment when the door opens and from within stands the X-Man known as Logan. He's defintiely on edge, the double doors thrown open on either side of him. The short man is balanced on the balls of his feet and his expression is a faint contorted hint of a growl. "Ya ever hearda the telephone, Banner?" There's a quick glance one way, then the other, but for now Logan lets the big green set the tone of this particular meet and greet.

The Hulk squints eyes at the one he once called enemy. "Ever heard of jumping over here faster than a cell signal, funny guy? Where is CHARLES?" He asks, a bit of fury escaping his body in a shiver of muscles and a loudness of voice only saved for frustration.

Coming up at that time and stopping as the request, Kurt squats with hands on the ground a moment. "Ya, funny that, Charles is off into space, a call would of saved the disappointed trip back to wheverer you just came from." Though, still curiosity killed the cat, "We're here though, but I'm taking it we won't do for whatever party you were planning?"

A short snappish reply is bit off as Logan holds his tongue, for once. He folds his arms over his chest and perhaps wisely lets the fuzzy elf take point in this particular diplomatic negotiation. But he keeps his eyes right on the Hulk, uncowed but clearly not inviting the big Green in for tea. A tilt of his head is given to the side, the adamantium laced bones of his neck giving a short sharp cartilaginous crackle.

"In…..space…." the urgency saps out of his body as Banner sighs. "Damn it. I guess Tony is my next stop. I'm….sorry to have bothered you, Logan." He straights up, and relaxes, although the stress is still there, especially in his eyes. He looks behind Logan into the mansion as if false hope prevails, and he half expects to hear the dull hum of Charles' hoverchair. He turns and walks slowly away, head down when suddenly and with a force unseen the Hulk drops to his knees, hands firmly pressing on the sides of his head. "AGGHHMNNNNNGGGG" is the only sound emiting from him. Doubled over in pain, he leans shoulders on gravel. "Heeelp……meeeeee" Waves of pain come over him, grabbing his existance and pulling tightly.

"Oh sure, Logan gets the apology, forget whatever sleep anyone else was enjoyi…" begins Kurt, making something up to be distraught over when Hulk keels over. Rushing to the big greens side, "That's a turn for the worse," a hand coming to whatever muscle is near at hand to comfort, not knowing what to do. Then back to Logan, "I'd say lets lift him, but I won't be able to hold me side up." Then he presses something near his pocket, X-communications devices, "Need a doctor on the front lawn … stat!" He throws in stat because doctors say it, not that its Mansion protocol.

Darting over to stand beside Kurt, pointedly stepping forward just in case Hulk might lash out one way or another. Logan snarls to the side, "Go get on the horn, get some big brain. Reed, or Tony or one of those eggheads. I'll hold the fort here,"
Then, as if to emphasize his point, Logan rests a hand on Kurt's shoulder and gestures off to the side. He steps towards Hulk and kneels at his side, snapping quickly to the man. "What's the deal, Banner? What's goin' on?"
There's a beat, then Logan adds with a scowl, "And if yer expectin' mouth ta mouth yer a goner."

With a fury Logan knows all too well, Bruce Banner turns his head to look at the folks only trying to help him. Savage Hulk. Those are dangerous eyes. A low growl emits from his mouth, and a quick swipe of the arm to rid him of bystanders. Standing up fully, there is no sight of Banner anymore. After several seconds, another collapse happens, and no movement is seen from the big green guy.

Kurt doesn't need more suggesting then Logan recommending he get on the horn with big brains from off sight. There's the hope Hank or Doc N heard the call for certain, but that's as best as they can do in a pinch, the other two could hopefully be in NYC. Whether the bamfs before or after the swipe there is a trail of purple smoke left in the swing arc of the big arm. Its a mystery for Logan to fathom if Kurt took it at all or not. Even if he was hit, the decision to go inside to real comsys was made. Either case, Kurt's X to X communications don't confirm or deny anything. Either he's laid up in the mansion or getting on external communications for a real doctor in the house.

A severe scowl falls into place on Logan's grim features. He steps back a pace, another as the Hulk moves, trying to keep out of the big guy's reach when he lashes around in that instant. Then when he sees that flash of rage his expression darkens. When Banner goes down and lies still, Logan takes a step forward and steps around to stand sentinel right in front of the fallen form of the emerald giant.
"You gotta work with us here, Hulk." There's a faint gleam of silver from the man's knuckles as a hint of blade slides faintly forward, not quite drawn but definitely showing the Wolverine to be on edge.

CUT: Communications Center – Xavier’s Mansion, Hulkbusters summoned and arrived on the scene.

Left on the lawn with no clearance and the real caretakers of the mess coming to do their work, one might go to communications center to see that the appropriate people have indeed been called. Down in the sublevels, Kurt is there and by the slight damage to a console, it would seem he did indeed take some of the force from the Hulk's swipe. Good thing it was only a swipe, but still he's in a chair holding his side. One who knows him well might also notice he looks slightly undernourished already and isn't quite himself health wise. Though he has managed to get on the horn to start rounding up authorities.

It's only after things have been squared away with the Hulk and he's been seen safely away that Logan leaves his side. Not out of concern or worry about the health of the big fellow, but worry about what he might do if he wakes up. So it's after the VTOLs fly up from the mansion that the Canadian mutant wanders back into the mansion. He reaches the elevator, keys in the security pass and proceeds down to teh comm center.
Once he emerges he looks around slowly, frowning to himself as he moves. He steps into the room and then pauses near Kurt. "You get through that okay?" He asks even as he takes the other man's measure, Logan's nostrils flaring faintly for a moment then his eyes narrowing as if he were gauging Kurt's well-being.

Turning in the chair, Kurt is really sitting not crouching on the chair with three of four appendages. Really relaxing for the moment, "A few ribs perhaps, beats a broken leg by someone you trust as far as being okay." Then he knows he's kidding no one, "Could of been better though mein fruend, I'm out of shape. I need to get back into the swing of things, we agreed to go to Savage Lands to help Jimmy Proudstar out, Scott wants to take a couple students to Limbo. But I have a good two months of being locked in a cell, limited diet to make up for." Chuckling just the same, "Under the weather I guess. How's Logan been?"

"Ehn," Is all Logan answers for, at least as to his current state of being. He squints across the way towards Kurt and folds his arms over his chest, expression edged for a time. A small shake of his head is given as he murmurs, "M'fine. You on the other hand look terrible." At the mention of two months in a cell, the elder X-Man lifts his chin and rumbles back levelly, "Who did what to ya and who do I gotta stab?"

Taking it in stride, Kurt certainly can't argue. "Herr Stenak, ghost hunter extrordinairre. Turns out he devised a pod to capture ghosts - it captures ceiling elves just the same." There is a shake of his head about stabbing though, he doesn't need to say it, Logan knows his stance on all that. "Amanda asked me to look into it when ghosts started disappearing, I pulled a Logan and ran off without telling anyone. I can almost blame you for rubbing off on me. That beer would be good, I took the liberty …" A slight lean of his head, he did take a moment to bamf for a couple of cold ones, sweating near a console, probably warming while Logan had to wait for the removal of the mound of green on the front lawn. Also, probably didn't help Kurt's state, extra bamfing.

"I shoulda been here," Logan admonishes himself with those few words, scowling a bit as he walks over towards the console. The short man reaches and scoops up the pair of brews, stepping back towards Kurt to offer him the first pick. Once the elf makes his choice, Logan steps back to lean against the console, the hiss of the beer opening is heard and then a few more words given. "I was off to see some old war buddies." Of course he doesn't mention which war. "This sorta… reunion thing." Kurt's known him long enough to be able to tell when Logan's holding stuff back, but that's just him.
"Anyways, didn't find 'em, was a bust."

"Which war," is the first question Kurt asks, taking the beer he selected and giving it a crack just the same. Though its redundant, the both know it. "Nothing's a complete bust around you fruend, perhaps not wholly what you were expecting when you went looking? Yes, I mean to pry on that one." Taking a swag from his can and letting Logan stew or respond as he sees fit, he breathes out enjoyment of his beer. He does slip in, "Good to be back in the states, good to see you again Logan."

"Afghanistan," Of course he doesn't say when or which one, but Kurt's lucky to get that really to be fair. Then he shakes his head after taking a sip of the beer, holding the still sweating can light in one hand as he focuses his blue eyes on the other X-Man. "And no, seriously. Usually we'd try to get together around this time of year, but this time they didn't show up. No word, nothin'. Then again last time was a bit rough if I recall."
The Canadian mutant grimaces faintly at those memories, scritching a side of his stubbled chin with a fingernail in thought, then he banishes those thoughts with another shake of his head followed by a sip of his beer.
"Good ta be seen, elf." Then he pushes off the edge of the console, "C'mon, let's get ya ta medbay."

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