2012 05 25 Breakfast Buddies

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Breakfast Buddies

Leyu Yashida, Kurt Wagner, Logan

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05/25/12 09:30

Foyer & Kitchen, Xavier Mansion

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Leyu gets to know some of those at the Mansion a little better, and they in return as well.


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It may not be the crack of dawn, but it isn't yet rolling up on noon either. With the long weekend about, classes closed, few of the students are up and about at this hour, save the hard-core folks and those with a morning fetish - how disgusting!. More of the adults are up, of course. But the newly-arrived Leyu Yashida is apparently just getting started with her day. She comes shuffling down the stairs from the women's hall, wrapped in a rather lovely kimono. Yet she has this slightly disheveled, vaguely dazed look about her. It's not 'bed head', like she just rolled out of bed. In fact, she looks and smells like she's already had a shower and her other morning preparations. But something is still 'off' and slightly out of place.

The dual-ponytailed young woman comes down the stairs and seems to pause at the foot, turning slowly to stare, unfocused, towards the sunlight pouring through the large windows of the front of the building this morning. Distractedly, her left hand's fingers trace one of the oriental dragons stitched into her kimono along her thigh.

While she casually takes the stairs in her dazed, if not bewildered, demure, Kurt arises. There is a coming to the balcony and then a flip or turn or sumersault or something to land his feet on said balcony, forgoing stairs in Nightcrawler fashion, Kurt probably means to wall walk down over the balcony to the ceiling of the first floor, maybe to make for some breakfast. When he lands with a heroic "Huzzah," as if he were at the staircas in some daring do Errol Flynn film, and act heroic, he pauses. "Ohhhh," he proceeds with a grimace, hand going to his side, where he comes off the balcony with a whince, "Stairs sounds good." Dressed casually in loose t-shirt and sweats, as if meaning to get in some work out today, he then takes notice of Leyu and offers a simple, "Sorry," through shortened breath as he moves to teh stairs jus thte same, going down the stairs in her direction.

Kurt's sounds and movements finally penetrate whatever mental haze is going on with Leyu, and the young woman turns, glancing over her shoulder to see Kurt advancing, visibly in discomfort. Shaking her head, she comments, "I am sorry, Mis — Kurt. Are you alright? You seem to be moving with great care and tenderness." Then a bit more of that distractedness seems to fade from her gaze, and Leyu comes forward solicitously. "Doctor McCoy mentioned you were 'slapped', yesterday? I take it this was more injurious than I had believed?"

A chuckle from Kurt induces more side holding towards Leyu, "Yes, Hank is absolutely right, I was only slapped … by the Hulk." Its still funny, but he only smiles, trying not to work the side muscles. "No more jokes, I don't know if I can keep up with them today." Though she wasn't joking, his voice suggests he knows this, but again, who knows about that pesky translation. Regaining his composure some, "You're right Ms. Yashida, its broken ribs, trying to heal now. I'll play nice. Sorry about the harassment yesterday from Dani and I. In fairness, I'll be completely honest today with you." Catching up at the bottom of the stairs finally, "Just, you know, expect an occasional compliment out of my mouth to try and match your beauty and we'll get along?"

Leyu's eyebrows rise a bit, but there's no sign of yesterday's blush. Oh, wait. Maybe that's not true. It may simply fade into the background of the apparent flushed state she was already exhibiting? Hunh. The kimono-wearing young woman approaches and offers her hands to Kurt in support. "Have you had your bandages checked this morning? I could do that for you. It may help your mobility if they were tightened a bit, to hold your broken ribs in place better." Broken ribs? Ow! "To be slapped by the Hulk … if you will pardon me for saying, you are lucky to be alive." She apparently decides not to address this question of compliments to her beauty, whatever her reasons. "I was going to make breakfast. I could make something for you as well." Probably not intending to make good old German breakfast items, however.

"You mean, lucky for me someone like you is around," grins Kurt, his yellow eyes warming up to the sunlight pouring into the Foyer from the large windows - or perhaps they're warming up to Leyu. "Alive and well, can't keep a good elf down you know?" Then before there is some cultural confusion, he offers, "Its an old saying, sort of, where I come from, sort of that is." Either the case, he certainly isn't turning down the hand for support, taking full advantage of that offer. "Leyu, you're too sweat for your own good you know. That or you're spoiling me because I really am lovable - change bandages, cook breakfast, I'm the luckiest man in the mansion right now because you're making that offer. Lets work on breakfast together, in fact, let me cook for you, you can help with the bandage, we'll call it a fair exchange." With that, he moves with Leyu's support, off towards the Kitchen.

Leyu helpfully supports Kurt, proving at least a little stronger than she truly appears, and knowledgeable enough to know /how/ to support someone with broken ribs to ease the agony of it all. "Well, if you want me to redo your bandages, we'll start with you seated on one of those stools," she murmurs, as they come walking around the corner and into the kitchen, "before you start trying to cook." She glances up, blushing, and bobs her head to the existing occupant. "Hajime mashita, Logan-san." She distracts herself immediately from Logan before her embarrassment can threaten to freeze her, starting with getting Kurt's shirt off - she does all of the work, there - so that she can undo those bandages and then get them back on, a good bit tighter.

Indeed, within that kitchen there's already one X-Person, that being the Canadian mutant Wolverine. He's standing there in front of the fridge having recently closed it, a half-empty bottle of orange juice is held lightly in one hand. He's wearing just a pair of sweatpants that proclaims simply, 'Property of Xavier's'. The scruffy and grim looking Logan glances over at the new arrivals. He offers at first a faint grunt of greeting but then his lip curls wryly, hint of a fang flashing there in that half-smile. "Playin' the invalid card, good approach elf."

But then he turns to face Leyu and replies almost casually, "Dozo yoroshiku," His voice taking on a cultured tone offering no accent of the gaijin to his speech. There's a cock of his eyebrows and then he looks towards Kurt as if for an explanation… or maybe an introduction.

With Logan's response and his shirt being removed, Kurt says, "That makes Fourteen - what's your count." With a grin, as if there is some male bravado score which could involve shirts being removed by lovely woman, maybe, who knows, its probably some game between them whatever it is and who knows the real score. Either way, one probably owes the other a beer in the end.

Though he returns the curious look, "I was thinking the same, she knows you by name. You're just that famous I guess, we'll have to get you an avengers lunch box with your mug up on it now." Though he turns to the girl, "Ms. Leyu Yashida, genetic researcher swathed in mystery. She's going to work with Hank and Doc N on Charles' mutation studies I think. Whom I have the honor of preparing breakfast for, a fair exchange," he lifts his brows regarding the personal attention he's receiving, grinning a cannine like grin for the moment. "Whom I also owe my thanks to for all she's done while remaining so mysterious … that's a good thing Leyu, I like it." If she doesn't pull his shirt back on, he'll be doing just that as he moves to the fridge, "Eggs and schnitzel - er sausage good all around, ja?"

Of course, Kurt's male posturing will be interrupted several times with winces of pain, as Leyu works quite efficiently - some might even imply 'brutally' - to re-wrap the elf's ribs. She seems to studiously avoid involving herself in the man-to-man conversation purposefully taking place around her, saying nothing to interrupt until she is finished her work, including getting Kurt's shirt back on.

Leyu turns and bows to Logan quite formally, though not with /great/ depth, still more than sufficient to show respect. "< Begging your pardon, Logan-san. I will not discuss such private matters with those to whom it is no business. But it is honor and pleasure to make the acquaintance of cousin Mariko's 'not-gaijin', even so. >" Leyu offers a rapid-fire speech in Japanese, and then turns back to Kurt.

"I would prefer vegetables with breakfast. Perhaps I will cook my own, after all." She's not going to turn her nose up at the sausage, but it's not ranking high on her priorities, either. One must remember a Japanese diet is pretty light on meat, pretty heavy on the veggies. And there's no way she maintains a figure like that without paying attention to such things. "I do not consider myself any great mystery. But what Kurt has offered is accurate, Logan-san. I hope to make other contributions as well, soon."

Those dark blue eyes of Logan's follow Leyu's movements as she goes about taking care of Kurt. When the name Yashida comes up he cocks an eyebrow just so, registering a faint hint of being taken aback. But then his attention affixes fully upon the young woman. As she speaks one might get the feeling that Logan is measuring, gauging, his eyes narrowing subtly as if judging her movements and the very inflection of her words. When she finishes his answer is simply to close his eyes faintly and lower his head, the subtlest of bows.

When he turns back to Kurt there's still a faint haze to his expression, as if not sure entirely what to make of what. But he pushes on with the important matter of breakfast. "The works, 'Crawler. You know how I like them."

With that, Logan walks over to the breakfast island in the kitchen and takes a spot on one of the stools. He asks calmly, "You plan to train here, or are you gonna focus on research?"

"No, I made a promise, I know, the German thing … but I can cook vegetables just the same," says Kurt, adding some German on there again, to the effect of how cute cultural bridges or barriers can be. Moving to the fridge he begins to fidget for some items. "If there are vegetables you prefer, just name them .. and no, they won't be cooked in the sausage grease either." As he lays it out and fires up a stove top, he fidgets around for some pans. While trying to be macho, there is still some wincing just the same, because the pans are high and he's actually sticking to the ground so has to reach for them. "Wait, training, see, another part of the mystery." Before long there will be a low sizzle as a couple of pans start going - vegetables and sausages first, separate pans of course. "What do genetic researchers train at?" He lifts a curious brow, but amused, because this is what Dani and he were sort of teasing/hinting at the other day before there were multiple interruptions.

Leyu seems about to object and step in, but Kurt brings up his promise and she subsides. Logan would likely instantly recognize this as her acceptance of his honor debt and choice of expiation. If she is as formally raised as Mariko was, it would be hard for her /not/ to act in accordance with such dictates, as 'old world' as they might be to most even in modern-day Japan, let alone the US. "Shalots. String beans. Spring onions. Kale if you have it." she offers, when asked about her preferences for vegetables.

"It has not been decided, yet. I have asked Alex Summers - Havok, yes? - about the possibility of joining the X-Factor. But I have not yet been approved. I believe he wishes to evaluate my readiness before he will agree." Leyu admits, proving that she may well be another of those 'new faces' for the team Dani was dishing to Kurt about yesterday, even though neither knew it at the time. "Assuming he approves me for the team, I assume I will be training in team tactics, since I have not worked with a team previously. Only with my brother." Half-brother, but whatever.

Leyu lets it drag out quite a bit before she finally offers, softly, "I have taken the callsign of 'Sunpyre'. You may have heard of my brother, Sunfire."

The bottle of juice is set down on the tabletop with a resonant glassy clink. Logan listens to the words that come from Leyu even as Kurt goes about getting breakfast ready. He doesn't step in or offer much feedback visually, his features seemingly stoic for the time being. Eventually when she brings up the topic of codenames and then her brother he gives a single solemn nod.

For a moment his jaw sets, tendons bunching but then he tells her levelly. "This is a good place to learn control, precision. What you'll need fer out there." He gestures with a slight nod towards the world as a whole. He lifts a forearm and wipes it briefly over his lips as if to get rid of the taste of that juice before he turns his attention aside, perhaps letting his thoughts wander. "Your family's meant much to me and mine. You need anything, you ask." He leaves it at that for the space of several heartbeats, then he says quickly, as if to drive away any cloud that might have descended upon the conversation. "Hurry up with the grub, elf."

"Time, it takes time," says Kurt, "Honest, you get more flavor the lower the heat." Though he turns up the sausage then and throws a little pan on a third stove top. "I'm scrambling, we can get out some salsa … unless anyone has egg preferences." Just by way of saying it. Hands and tail now moving over the stove, he turns an eye towards Leyu finally. "See, that's what Alex is going to talk to me about you know. He'll ask what I think about you joining the team, I'll give my opinions and he'll ignore them. I'll probably throw in that I'm curious about team fraternization policy if you're going to join though," which he probably won't really bring up to Alex. "Sunpyre, should I guess your ability isn't much different than Sunfires?" If there is any odd feelings regarding the formers perceived arrogance and Kurt himself, it doesn't come up in any way. Just morning conversation. He flips out some sausages for Logan to get snacking on morning grub, scrambled eggs will join them shortly - if there are other requests put in for eggs another way, he'll work on them too.

Leyu recognizes the import of Logan's words, and his delivery, and gently minimizes her own response in echo to him, nodding wordlessly but solemnly. Clearly, from her earlier brief speech, she thinks very highly of him through her connection to Mariko. She needs not reiterate that and make him more uncomfortable.

"Fraternization policy?" Leyu questions softly, as Kurt rambles on. She used to think she was fluent in English. But since coming to the Mansion, she has repeatedly found herself assured these people must be speaking an entirely new version of the language. "Surely members of a team are encouraged to spend time with one another, yes? 'Unit cohension'?" Wow. Poor Kurt is going to be so crushed whenever he finally figures it out.

"Yes. My powers are quite similar to my brother's. Normally, I would argue that I am quite accurate and precise with my powers. But as I have never worked with a team, it is possible I may still have something to learn." Her brother certainly couldn't teach her how to work with a team. He couldn't even work well with /her/. "I dare say I am not as precise as Sybil has already proven to be with her powers."

A bit after that, Leyu remembers to say, "Scrambled is fine, thank you."

As for Logan he seems content to settle down and munch on the sausages provided him. He leans there against the island in the middle of the kitchen, occasionally biting into the meat and chewing as he lets the two talk. His lip curls faintly at Leyu's misunderstanding then looks across the way towards Kurt, "You'll have to excuse him." The Canadian X-Man dabs at some of the grease on his plate, swirling his food idly before stealing another bite. "Kurt fancies himself as somethin' of a Lothario. I think he might ask you out or sommich. Maybe go out to his tree where he makes all the cookies." For some reason Logan seems entirely pleased with himself for that comment, amusing himself if nobody else.

"I was tying to be Giacommo, the Italian version of Lothario, but its falling down the cultural divide," intones Kurt, flipping some egg with a tail spatula so that he doesn't burn the veggies. Not put off so much by Logan's summation of the situation. Preparing a plate of veggies and eggs, with minimal sausage, for Leyu, he explains, "Fraternazation policies in the States are meant to keep coworkers from intermingling private lives with work lives - meaning if you work together you can't play together." The spatula in his right hand comes up as if making a point, he waves it flippantly a moment, "Sorry, I mean, they can't date or flirt, or mingle in a nonprofessional manner. I'll play it lightly though, promise me to pretend to blush occasionally while on missions when I make comments about how hawt you are, and I'll keep my cookies to myself." Then a chuckle, "And, mind you, I make some mean cookies," add inneundo in there, he's taking cookies and running with it now. Then as he gets his long cooked sausages out of the pan, no inneundo there, he looks at Leyu, "Who's this Sybil? Should I be jealous?"

Leyu turns to regard Logan carefully as he explains, as if what he has to say is of vital importance. She screws up her face a bit, considering - it's quite adorable, really - and then turns around to watch Kurt cooking. It's quite a scene to take in. Likely if he were fully healthy there would be a foot in there with both arms and the tail. "I … see." She considers Kurt's response to Logan, and his words to her, before she finally tries to formulate a response. Which means the first thing Kurt gets for his trouble is another blush - the timing says it almost has to be about Sybil, whomever that is.

"Ms. Sybil Dvorak, callsign Gypsy Moth. She has the guest room across the hall from my own, and has already begun working out her arrangements with Alex to join your X-Factor." Leyu doesn't actually address how jealous Kurt should be of Sybil. Logan, however, might notice Leyu's left hand unconsciously stroking her fingertips across the pattern of an oriental dragon on her kimono over her left thigh, as she thinks and then speaks of Sybil.

"A policy such as that would be quite a challenge for a group that not only works together, but lives together when off-duty, I imagine." Leyu opines, and she probably has a point. "I believe you can likely be assured certain comments will continue to earn response in blushes. I do not believe any pretending will be required."

There's a tilt of Logan's head to the side, then his nostrils flare ever so subtly. A small nod is given to himself as he lowers his head back down to focus his attention on the sausage and eggs that remain on his plate, finishing them off with a certain amount of dispatch. Once he's made sure that none such breakfast articles have escaped his wrath, he straightens up and wipes his mouth on a napkin. "Good as always, Nightcrawler."

Logan slides off that seat, turning his back to the other two mutants. One hand lifts to wave over his shoulder as he starts to walk towards the hallway and out of the room. "I'm gonna head inta the city. You rest, get well. And Leyu." He pauses by the archway leading out, "Make sure he doesn't overdo it?" The ragged weathered-looking man meets her gaze calmly, levelly. A small nod is given and he slips out of view on his way back to his room.

"Thanks and take care Mein Fruend," responds Kurt to the parting Logan. Then back to Leyu, he joins her to eat his own food. "That's good then, the blushing is cute. You wear it well. There is no fraternization policy, I was just giving you a hard time on that front too Leyu. In honesty, you can tell me to stop and I most likely will." He cuts up some sausage and puts it on the end of a fork. "But I have to warn you, if I stop pretending to flirt, then I enter the dangerous game of team pranks and you'll be on that list. They're not bad mind you, but the last one on Alex ended up with an exploded door." As he lifts the sausage to take a bite, he pauses to whisper, "I don't know Sybil, but her name is distinctly western in origin. I take it the flight to Xavier's wasn't so direct, maybe you made a stop along the way or did you bring this Gypsy Moth with you?"

Leyu meets Logan's gaze and nods to affirm his directive. She will make sure Kurt does not overdo matters while he is healing. She is one of his doctors now, after all. "Safe travels, Logan-san."

Leyu accepts her plate of vittles and neatly puts every little thing in its place, then lifts her gaze to Nightcrawler with a smile, a blush cued as he /again/ decides to discuss Sybil. "I believe Ms. Dvorak is Eastern European. But no, I did not bring her with me. She arrived by limo near to the time my car arrived from the airport, and Scott greeted us together. We have already made each other's acquaintance. And she seems to have some affection for … my kimono." Yeah. That's it. It's just the robe, not at all the young woman in the robe. See? "I would prefer, I think, to 'suffer' the flirting rather than the pranks. I think it would be best." Buried as it may be, Leyu has her brother's temper. A prank could be … ill-advised. Unhealthy, even.

Leyu eats daintily, with great care and precision, while watching over Kurt, as promised.

Swallowing his bite, Kurt registers on something for the moment. Holding his fork up, index finger on it, "Grundg|tiger!" He chews the last bits he has, swallows more, takes a quick drink. "You barely know this Ms. Dvorak, aka Gypsy Moth and she makes you blush like this. Culturally speaking, you can be forward enough with me to say there is some feminine persuasion in your interests. Taking for granted, I might flirt more now just because." Yes, he's pretty blunt about the topic, even if its only speculation. "So you have to be honest with me now," continues Kurt, using his tail to pour salsa on his eggs, "Will I be more jealous because Ms. Dvorak is more interesting to you than I am - or because she probably finds you more interesting than me?" Then he sighs, wistfully perhaps, "I'm jealous already now." Then again, he might be faking the sigh just to make the comment about being jealous - his fork actually says he's hungry and needs to recuperate.

"I barely know you either, Kurt." Leyu protests gently, politely. "But Ms. Dvorak takes great pleasure in teasing me, quite pointedly." Which would explain her blushing at mention of the other woman, or might seem to, anyway.

Leyu stays quiet for a while, just eating her breakfast. One might think that's all she intends to say on the subject. Except that after a good while, she puts down her fork, dabs at her lips with her napkin, and sits up, turning to face Kurt once more. "Since you have asked, Kurt, I will explain. I left my home, my family, and all that I have known, because they have summarily disowned me. I revealed to them the truth of my heart, and they found that unacceptable. For the last two years, I have very privately been dating my coworker, Ayane." She does not give the woman's family name. Theirs was never a relationship about their families.

"Ayane is unwilling to tell her family the truth, and unwilling to stay with me now that my family knows the truth. So I left. I came here because I believed, from what I have heard, that America, and Professor Xavier, can accept me for who I am. And perhaps I can build a better life for myself. I want to be a heroine, as well-honored as my brother is at home. Which is why I have asked Alex if I may join the X-Factor."

Leyu smiles ruefully. "You are a very sweet, kind man, and you have a lovely and devilish sense of humor. I am sorry I often seen to miss some of your jokes. But in answer to your question, I have never been one drawn romantically to a man. I cannot say I am /looking/ to be drawn to anyone romantically. But if there was to be anyone, I would say Dani or Sybil would stand a better chance." Honor has demanded the truth. Now, it has been given.

Taking the opportunity to eat more of his food, Kurt listens - respectfully even, as Leyu explains her circumstance. If it helps at all, nothing actually bothers him about what is said, he takes it straight forward. With some egg and sausage left, he begins to combine it but doesn't get to eating it, his stomach filling perhaps. With a grin of his own, "Oh, you're more than accepting Leyu, you're a teammate. When we're not flirting, we're family and I like to hug my family." He doesn't jump up to try and hug her, that might come later, he's just forwarning. "Some of my jokes are simply because you might not get them, I apologize for that. Blushing is good, but a smile is better. I like you more now, almost inner circle. It doesn't change the fact that your attractive, but that works for you. I'll make sure you're on my away team if we split up." Though if she can fly like Sunfire, she'll be paired with others. "Dani and Sybil is it? I'll make a deal then, I won't flirt with them either, so we're not jealous of each other." That seems settled, he stands up to start picking up messes. "You really think I'm sweet though?" Vanity for the win.

Leyu nods, smiling shyly as Kurt explains that he's willing to accept her despite her 'issues' - a thing greater than her family could accept. When strangers will accept you and your family will not, it rather changes everything, to be honest. "Yes, I think you are a very sweet man, and quite kind. I thank you for that. But if you wish to flirt with Danielle and Sybil, you should. I certainly have no claim upon either of them. I merely meant that they are women, and therein lies my own interest." Fair enough?

"It will be very different for me, learning to work - to fight - on a team. Hopefully I will not be so awful at it as I imagine." But given that her example of how to be a hero has been her brother? Yeah. It could get messy. Even ouchie. Hot temper much? "Thank you kindly for breakfast, Kurt." Leyu offers.

There is a chuckle from Kurt regarding the Dani and Sybil considerations. "Something to keep in mind Leyu, I mean out of respect for a teammate … if someone ever does have your interest, let me know, we don't need to crush each other's feelings or shatter dreams and hopes." Why, its almost like unspoken mutual accord that Logan and Kurt share, maybe Leyu is getting close to the inner circle after all. "As for team work and fighting on a team, I'm sure your no where near as awful as you imagine yourself to be. If Sybil was the one commenting on your aim being good, that's good enough for me." Getting plates to the sink, picking up more, he offers to take Leyu's the same, "Don't mention it over breakfast, the pleasure was mine, plenty of blushes made up for it. I'll let Sybil know how lucky she could be." As if he would play wingman to Leyu, even though she has no interest in romance as she points out.

Leyu blushes again - she can't help it! - as Kurt tries to assure her that she'd need only say the word and he would make sure no one hit on someone she set her cap for - an expression she would never use, as the meaning of its idiom would be lost on her. "I think perhaps you should leave Sybil to make up her own mind on such matters. She strikes me as a woman who knows what she wants, and how she wants to get it." Intimidating, a bit, to Leyu but still someone she respects. "I think I will go get ready and then see what Doctor McCoy wants to start with today." That would be Leyu begging off, ready to escape now. Enough team bonding for the moment, perhaps?

"You're good as gold Leyu, scouts honor," another lost idiom maybe, Kurt nods to her needing to get ready. "You do that, I'll see if I can find Alex to finally talk about all this new team fondness we have going on." He's letting her go findly, not drawing out anymore it would seem. Turning to actually do the dishes finally, he does call over his shoulder, "Do I still get a free shirt removal when its time to change my bandages." Hopefully its understood as just him teasing and he's not trying to keep her longer from getting ready or helping Hank.

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