2012 05 25 Beat It Mister This Is My Beat

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Beat it Mister, This is My Beat

Spiderman Night Raven

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Hell's Kitchen, NYC

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Two vigilantes show up at the same crime scene.


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Late at night deep in the bowels of the city, it's that time when most of the city's denizens sleep and there's that hint of silence that's broken by the occasional cat's mrowl or car horn. Usually things are winding down and in a few hours the world will come back alive with commuters and workers and activity springing back. But right now, it's quiet.
So quiet that our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is fighting back the sleepies as he remains perched upon his point of outlook. Balanced perfectly on the balls of his feet on the edge of a flagpole overlooking Hell's Kitchen, Spider-Man gives his head a shake and grimaces a bit to himself from beneath that mask.
. o O ( Man, those early classes are killing me. Need to talk to the Dean about them, completely unfair to nighttime vigilantes. )
That is when, of course, his spider-sense triggers. A hum in the back of his ear and just enough to give him an angle. With no hesitation he leaps off the side, dropping into the abyss between buildings and then uncoiling smoothly to fire a webline. There's a /THWIP!/ and he's on his way.

Hidden by the darkness as well, Night Raven happens to be perched in his own manner. He's been roosting on a fire escape for some indefinite period of time observing the street level. What is at ground level is the hangout of one Joe 'Twoshoes' deFranco, a local drug dealer with connections to certain families. Perhaps hoping to make his way up the ranks some day, he has still never been above regular street dealing as a way to make a mostly honest living. Under his light pole- de-nuit, what may have trigged a certain tingling sensation is that his meager pushing is encroaching on the turf of one Tommy 'Feathers' Florenato.
Tommy and some thugs come strolling down the street towards Joe's light pole. "What what what fellas, I'm working here, cantcya see," asks Joe nonchalant like with a smile that says completely otherwise. "Ya know this ain't you're place little Joey," says Tommy, the goons getting ready to gun down Twoshoes. This it the moment that Night Raven is leaping his own fire escape rail and the click of the soft heels of his feet indicate he is incoming just the same towards the spot of trouble, two revolvers coming to his hands seemingly out of the darkness.

Gunmen, hoods, gangsters, oh my. Spider-Man's dropping out of the sky with a speed that'd be dizzying for most to perceive, let alone experience. He's silent in his movements, landing with barely the faintest of thip-thaps of his feet. The old brownstone building providing him with a suitable perch part way up its side as he takes up his spot above the coming fracas. His arrival is announced by that cheerful tone of his as he offers greeting,
"Heya fellas, nice night for it. Do me a favor and drop the heaters, see." Of course those words are then accompanied by a pair of /THWIPS!/ as the Spectacular Spidey fires his webshooters to try and yoink a pair of the weapons from the gunmen, Night Raven having escaped his notice for the moment.

Thugs … never really learn do they, but web thwips don't really give them teh choice of dropping their heaters anyways does it. Tommy takes the moment to start reaching into his vest for an iron himself, he wants to bring the heat. Everything is happening rather fast, faster than Night Raven would care for but he answers the night with his own sting - assuming Raven's sting. Its bad allusion but he didn't write the old poem, just stole the quote. There are two pops from the alley he is rushing from as his revolver fires, aiming for thug one and thug two, Tommy's goons, hoping to hit their legs before they go for any other weapons. Figuring Spidey ain't all bad means they can take care of the intrusion by Tommy together. Though his real target is Joe and he's still running across the street, the heels of his casual dress shoes clicking on the pavement. Joe seems caught between using this sudden eruption of vigilantes to backpeddle and get off of Tommy's turf. Two hands are coming up like he's innocent as he doesn't know which way to run just yet.

When Night Raven emerges, Spidey's already leaping off of his perch. He lands amongst the now fallen men in a half-crouch, then snapping his head around like a whipcrack to focus fully on the other vigilante. Raven's image is given back to him by the mirrored lenses in the mask and then Spidey's voice snaps out just as quick, "Alright fella, not sure what's your deal but I had this." He brings his hands up wrists turned and fingers splayed, "Drop the guns before I get even more antsy and ram my ovipositor down your throat."
The light tone of Spidey's words belie the severity with which he's treating this moment. With a small tilt of his head he keys open the comm that Reed Richards gave him, starting to subvocalize the call for police and paramedics while trying to keep Raven covered.

"You had this," ponders Raven, training one gun on the sidestepping Joe, trying to sneak out of the area, "I sat on that fire escape for two days waiting for your friend Joe here to make a bad move and when you show up, hell breaks loose, that the had this you mean?" Though he's not shooting anyone anymore, that's for sure. In fact, the spare revolver is slipping into a holster or pocket or thin air. Though one of the thugs, holding the blood in on his thigh, mostly, says, "Don't let him get us Spidey." Maybe its a funny turn when the thugs ask Spidey for assistance. As teh call goes in, Raven remains covered. Spidey could certainly do what he wants to him save the gun trained on Joe now, who's stopped in his tracks not knowing what happens when two vigilantes are fighting over who gets the bad guys somewhere between afraid maybe and curious even.

"Ya know, buddy. Maybe it's just me but I get a lil peeved when I'm stopping some jerks from killing another jerk, and then some other guy waltzes out in a mask and starts shooting folks." Spider-Man slowly starts to step to the side, interposing himself between Raven and the remaining fellow who's able to flee.
"And by the way, we totally already have enough crazy vigilante guys with a firearm fetish running around popping people. His name's the Punisher. I know the Punisher, sir, Punisher is… well ok he's not a friend of mine, but you are no Punisher, sir. So just chill."
That having been said he tries to make sure that the injuries to the two aren't severe, dropping his guard just a smidge on Raven to perhaps insure the two fellows aren't going to bleed out.

Lifting the gun trained on Joe, Night Raven scratches it along the ivory mask he wears. "Well, jerks are stopped, vigils antied, before we light cigarettes and drink away our sorrows in some whiskey," he replies, and it may even have something to do with the current situation or he's out in left field again, "There's one task left, before we do this chilling thing you speak so cordially about." From a pocket, or from up his sleeve, or somewhere like that, Night Raven produces a flash light like object in his free hand. "Joe, I suggest not seizing the moment for a night marathon," holding the gun like he means no harm, in palm finger off trigger, he steps towards the injured goons and means to put the cylindrical like object on them. Maybe its a stamp for some club that he owns and he's going to give them free admission to it, then again, it probably doesn't take spidey-sense to guess this isn't meant to help them, whatever it is.

"Ya know, I really don't have the time nor the patience for this," And with no further warning he brings a web-shooter up, the small device flickering to life with a little blue LED as its fire mechanism auto-adjusts. A spray of wide and thin tendrils is fired towards Night Raven, perhaps to try and lock him down or perhaps to try and dissuade him from coming closer. It's just a quick burst, a bare fragment of a second before Spider-Man is darting towards Night Raven. There's a leap to the side where he chambers his next jump to ricochet off of the street lamp and hurtle himself straight at the other vigilante.

The other man moves with reflexes that speak of years of training, ducking and dodging to the side when the spray comes up, but then again, its wide and manages to catch him partially regardless of any intentions he might have. One half of his body is covered and it holds him for the moment. The one free hand, having held the flash light object twists and turns until tada!, a revolver is there in place of the object. It trains in the vicinity of Spider-man with an archaic popping, stray shots fly wide. He can't match the speed and agility of the other vigilante. "Who sent you, was it Yi?" This may be all he has time to say/ask as the web slinger is hurtling towards him.

In mid-air the Amazing Spider-Man twists, those shots flying just wide. A whisper of a hair's breadth bullet slices a single small furrow along the fabric of his costume's shoulder, another is barely ducked as he closes the distance. Time seems to slow for him as he turns just so… just enough. Then it returns to normal as they collide with a /WHAM!/
The two grapple for a moment, Spider-Man quickly using his enhanced strength to gain a measure of the upperhand. There's a swirl of movement and suddenly Night Raven is being hoisted up to look at his mask's own reflection in the eyes of Spider-Man's. The red and blue vigilante's voice snaps out quickly, "Ok, buddy. Nobody sent me. But I'm making a citizen's loopy arrest. You have the right to remain crazy. Anything you can hallucinate you probably will."

"And I, my fine friend, do not have time for this," says Night Raven, perhaps also alluding to the police sirens that can be heard more distinctly as coming in this direction now. The gun being no good, the vigilante and, apparently, part-time stage magician produces another cannister out of thing air. It relaces some gas into the air - most likely a pepper spray. Whether the shiney eyes protect like goggles or even if the spandex hood stops air particulates like some James Bond fabric, it still leaves some cloud of dust. Hopefully enough to startle long enough to twist a little himself - enhanced strength but certainly not on Spidey's level, and shoot a grappling gun to pull him off into the alley nearby. Whether or not the pepper spray even works, he's not sticking around as police cars arrive on the scene. "That's my cue, exit stage righ…left… - ugh … exit …" says Joe, letting his feet get him out of there as well.

There's that hiss and puff and suddenly Spidey's choking, no Q did not create his suit, unluckily for him. It's just enough to give Night Raven that instant, that split second if distraction and weakening of grip for him to fire off that grapple line. Almost instantly the other vigilante is torn from Spider-Man's grasp, sending the man in red and blue sprawling to the side.
Still hacking, Spidey recovers a bit. Turning around just enough to catch a glimpse of the retreating silhouette of Night Raven against the skyline's dim glow. A scowl mars Peter Parker's features behind the mask even as he coughs again, shaking his head.
What gets through to him, however, is when Joe starts to make his departure. "Hold up Lucy, you got some splainin' ta do." With barely a glance he twists his hand to the side and /THWIP!/ fires a good glob of goo at the feet of the fleeing Joe.
Spider-Man crouches, seemingly about to give pursuit to Night Raven, when one of the other goons pipes up, "My leg… I… I can't stop the bleedin'!" There's that split second of hesitation, Spidey looks right, looks up, looks right again. The goon's life wins out of course. He darts back even as the police and emergency vehicles are rolling up. "Hold on fella, you'll be fine."

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