2012 05 24 Team Discussions

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Team Discussions

Havok and Mirage

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Ready Room - X-Mansion

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Havok and Mirage discuss a possible new team member


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Alex takes a seat. It swivels around so he can watch the room and he seems reflective of recent events. "So, Liz, Lorna, and now Heather. Looks like we're dropping like flies."

Moving across the room Dani drops into a seat, "Guess we are going to have to take on more recruits." she begins to idly tinker with the controls of the danger room, watching through the glass the results of her machinations "Looks like you will be busy with applications and interviews.

"I met with a woman last night, Sybil Dorvak - filed a report on her. She's interested but I'm still skeptical about her motives." Alex states as he pulls one ankle atop his knee and settles back into the swivel command chair.

Rain, followed by snow, cycles through the danger room as Dani plays with the controls, "With a name like that I would be skeptical too." she then cancels the weather settings and turns her head toward Alex "What's her story?

Turning to the controls, he drops his leg and leans forward. He pulls up Sybil's SHIELD file, "Gypsy Moth", a telekinetic that focuses on manipulation of soft fibers. Hedonistic. Sexual. Sensual. Contacts with Spider-Woman. Which causes him to read aloud, "Spider-Woman… as in Jessica. Which is another reason I'm reticent. Then again that should have no bearing on my decision since they've nothing in common with me."

"All that is irrelevant. It describes more than half the past and present members of the various x-teams." Dani probably couldn't care less about her sexual preferences and what she looks like. She leans over, resting chin in hand as she scans the screen "What is more relevant is her criminal history are if we are going to wake up one morning and find a knife in the back.

The details continue about her associations with a Villain group called Night Shift. Encounters with Mockingbird. And suspected criminal history. "She's never been arrested. Just 'associated' or 'alleged'. I don't know what to expect other than the Maggia to come calling one day with Count Nefaria knocking down our house."

Dani studies the file for another minute "It would't be the first time we brought in someone with alleged criminal ties. But do you think she has it in her to be a team player. Hedonism usually goes with narcissim and people like that don't tend to be.

"Which is something she wishes to 'prove'. So I'm totally down with a probationary period so she can 'prove' herself." Alex states as he turns in his chair to address Dani directly.

"It's your call whether to add her to the team, but I won't hesitate to put an arrow in her if I feel that has become a threat." she leans back in her chair, looking quite serious about the warning and knowing Dani she would do exactly that. "What does Val say?

"Val's cool with it. As long as she does the register and public ID thing. And like you say, team player. So it's really down to the rest of our team, whether or not they want her." Alex states in summation.

Dani glances at the picture that goes with the file, "You mean what's left of the team." she gestures to the pic and chuckles "I doubt Kurt is going to object if she walks around like that most of the time and Theresa..well I don't know her well enough to say.

Alex smiles but says nothing. "Hey, so tell me about Warpath." as he attempts to guide them into a segue and discuss other recent developments.

A frown emerges at the change of topic, but whether its over the person or the situation he dropped at the teams feet is in question, "He needs our help. Sam and Roberto have disappeared, there is reason to beleive that they are somewhere in the Savage Land. You still willing to help like you told Sam?"

"Totally, when do we leave?" Alex asks realizing that there's a chance for a fight and the opportunity to see dinosaurs again. He leans forward in his seat, anxious and a smile crosses his lips.

"James has to take care of things on his end so the timing is unsure, but we need to be ready to leave at a moments notice." Dani grins at Alex's eagerness "Do you think you could get this Sybil woman in before then? We may need all the help we can get.

"I need word from Kurt on her. I'm pretty sure Terry will go with what ever we decide. But yeah, I'll have Forge ready the jet." and Alex stands… "Oh by the way. I was wondering what you thought about Warpath." he clicks a button on the keys and an image of Warpath comes up. It's a SHIELD file alongside Cerebro file. Both are a little out of date, but there are notes about his criminal associations as well as how his brother died on his first mission with the X-Men.

Dani stares at the file that fills the sreen, and her face takes on a completely stoic expression, she then stands as well, "And you can keep wondering." her face may be stoic but her tone indicates that whatever she thinks about him it is complicated. With that she turns and stalks from the room.

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