2012 05 24 It Was The Dufflebags Fault

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It Was the Dufflebags Fault

Night Thrasher & Krista

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New Warriors Base

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Night Thrasher catches Krista raiding his Fridge, confusion ensues.


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Main Room - Warriors Central

This room puts posh hotel lobbies to shame, at least in terms of size. The ceilings are twenty feet tall, tilted and arched into a peak, showing off the many glimmering skylights above. The room itself has more floor space than two typical suburban houses put together, with a hard wooden floor littered with numerous throw rugs, mostly under the furniture to keep the chair legs from scratching the finish. The walls are decorated in the same silver steel motif as the rest of the base.

Obviously a gathering room of some kind, two tables with a dozen chairs each sit at one end of the room, near a recessed, tile-floored kitchenette. By the tables is a small open lift, about ten feet to a side, leading upward. At the other end of the room are a large pair of double-doors with the word 'Danger' stenciled on them.

A fish tank sits along a far wall, with numerous exotic looking fish dancing about in the clear water. Beside the tank, bracketed by a tall fern, is a large display case with a clear glass cover. Inside sits a long katana, and several other pieces of period Japanese Samurai equipment, all looking ancient.

On the opposite wall is another large glass case, almost a small greenhouse, inside of which several small, exotic plants move slowly, looking toward any movement in the room. Further down this wall, nearer the tables, the light from the monitors of several recessed computer workstations glow with the flickering light of their screen savers.

It's late at night and all is quiet at the base the New Warriors call home. None of them suspected that there was an intruder in the base. She wasn't in plain sight, and had no idea where she wound up. All she knew is that one moment she was being chased by a maniac cat and had dived in the backpack to hide, the next moment she is trapped in it with no means of escape. There are no zippers on the inside. Hours pass and try as she might she couldn't get the owners attention, she finally gives up and boredom sets in and she finally falls asleep. More hours pass as she sleeps and she finally wakes, at first confused and then her powers decide to become unstuck. There is the sound of ripping canvas, and thuds as a number of now flying objects fall to the floor. This is bound to wake someone up.

Warrior's Central is, indeed, quiet at this time of the night. Most of the team have gone to their own personal homes or are crashing in one of their rooms down one of the hallways from the main, common room. The common room is dimly lit with enough light that someone will not stumble or trip when they walk in here. The duffle that Krista was in was placed on top of a cushioned chair within the sitting area of the room. The various objects inside the bag are scattered this way and that. The commotion does not arouse any interest, though. At least for the moment no one is aware of the uninvited guest.

"Oh frak." the tiny girl mutters as she peers around the room she finds herself in. The chair she stands on creaks in protests so she quickly hops from it before she has to add one one more thing to her list of things destroyed today. With a sigh she begins to move around the room and pick up the contents of the duffle and stack then neatly on the counter.

The room is pretty spacious, actually. Several chairs, a table with more chairs aligned around it, a kitchenette with fridge. The place looks like it could be the common area for a hotel… well except for the lack of a piano and the kitchenette. The rustling of the short girl hasn't brought about anyone's attention just yet. If there is an alarm system for the building, there are no obvious signs that the alarms have been tripped. The movement, though, does make SOMETHING happen at least. The lights in the room brighten, probably due to a motion sensing device. The large common room is now illuminated. Doors leading out of the room are made readily apparent.

Looking up and around as the lights come up Krista whistles softly, suitably impressed by the surroundings "Swanky." she comments to herself as the completes stacking the items in a pyramid on the counter. Then her full day of entrapment and missed meals catches up, her stomach rumbles its lack os sustenance. She looks conflicted then, grab something here and leave monetary compensation, or leave…possibly triggering alarms and get something on her way back to the facility, which is probably locked up making it impossible to get in until morning.

As Krista's brain racks itself with these important decisions, quiet answers her silent questions. The room remains as it was, completely quiet. One could curl up and take a nap and not be disturbed by the lack of activity in the common room at this time of the evening. The refridgerator looks rather inviting, one must admit. It's oversized; Meant to feed the young members of the New Warriors. To help expedite Krista's decision, it would seem there is no kind of locking mechanisms on the fridge at all…

Looking certainly won't hurt, and Krista's stomach once more grumbles so it is decided. See if there is anything she can take with her, at least to tide her over until she gets breakfast. She moves in the direction of the kitchenette, pausing to peer into the fish tank, she refrains from making silly fish faces as well as from tapping the glass tank. She opens the fridge and is short enough that she doesn't have to do the fridge lean to study its contents.

After several moments of Krista perusing the contents of the fridge, one of the doors leading into the Common Room opens up. The door opens up normally, lacking the haste one would swing a door open when confronting an intruder. Sure enough, once the door is open, a person steps through. That person is Night Thrasher. He's wearing his armor and it appears scuffed and scratched up, as if he had been in a fight and has yet to repair and touch it up. His helmet is off and being held under his arm like a biker's helmet. His gaze is held low, thoughtfully looking towards the floor of the Common Room. After several steps inside, he looks up and he stops mid-step as he registers that someone's at the Fridge.

Krista hrms at the contents and finally settles on a yogurt. It's small, portable and probably won't be missed. Pulling a dollar from her pocket she folds it in half and places it in the spot the yogurt sat in. She turns from the fridge, nudging the door closed with her foot as she does so to see that she is no longer alone. She freezes, staring at the scuffed up man across the room.

Night Thrasher stands there for a few moments more, completely taken by surprise by the stranger in their headquarters. A slight shake of his head and blink of his eye knocks him out of his brief stupor. His helmet drops down and he grabs it in his hand, "Who are you? What are you doing here?" There is an aggressive tone in his voice. His posture changes to one of a man about to pounce into action. Clearly he's holding himself back from attacking instinctively.

Several responses come to immediate mind but Krista immediately refrains from those. Common sense tells her not to piss of the armored dude who's kitchen she is in. She just decides to answer the questions instead, "Krista and this is where I found myself." she points to the ripped dufflebag "The owner of that brought me in." as she speaks she is easing back, though the fridge prevents her from backing up to far.

Dwayne listens to the reply he is given but all he hears is 'I snuck in through that bag!' His hand clenches a little tighter on the helmet as he steps towards Krista as a direct response to her easing back. He shakes his head, "That's how you bypassed our security systeM?" A mental note is made to re-evaluate the security measures for Warriors Central. His eyes dart to look at the yogurt, "What is your angle? You didn't just sneak in to steal our food? How did you sneak in here using that duffle?"

"I was inside it!" Krista realizes that even though it is true, it doesn't sound believable. Sure she is short, but hardly small enough to fit in a duffle bag and not be noticed. "And it's not stealing if you leave compensation." she gets a bit defensive about being called a theif and stiffens up at the presumed insult "I left a dollar in the fridge.

The New warrior's brow scrunches up a bit a the response, "You actually think I'm supposed to believe you squeezed yourself inside that duffle and snuck in here that way?" As he asks this question, he side steps slowly to put himself between her and the exit of the common room. His eyes dart up and down as he sizes up Krista. He can't help but to have some confusion in his voice when he says, "You snuck in here to pay for a cup of yogurt? You by-passed, like, a dozen groceries to do that…"

In a strange bit of eye gymnastics Krista is looking at Night Thrasher with her left eye and the yogurt in her hand with her right eye, though after a moment both are looking at him, "There was no squeezing or other feats of contortion involved..and I like yogurt and it's less likely to be missed than the string cheese.

The New Warrior still has a look of confusion on his face, but his body language betrays that he is relaxing and slipping out of his aggressive stance. He shakes his head at her, "Than how the heck did you get in here while in there?" he gestures at the bag with a pointed finger.

Covering her eyes with her hand she gives a sigh "I'll start from the beginning." dropping her hand back to her side "Okay, there I was, somewhere in Midtown minding my own business on my way back to where I reside. All of a sudden out jumps this maniac cat and starts chasing me like I am the snack du jour. Not wanting to be cat food for some crazy stray cat I take cover in that." she points again to the duffle "Next the you know I am being zipped up in and carried who knows were." she pauses she see if her is following her story "Hours past, I fall asleep. When I wake up I'm bursting out of that thing like the alien from the woman's chest in that movie..only not so gory. So here I am."

Krista's explanation of things doesn't do much to change the confused look on Dwayne's face. He shakes his head several moments after the last word she uttered leaves her mouth. Thrasher humphs, "O…kay." He tosses his helmet down on the nearby couch. He waves his hand as he speaks, "You were running from a cat?" He says in disbelief. He asks, "How big was this cat?"

Krista gestures with her hands, "About like that." indicating that it was about average size for a cat "But if you take into consideration I was only," she spread her thumb and index finger out indicating about five inches "about that size, it was a pretty big cat." she probably should have said that first but she has never been interoggated before so needs to learn the rules.

Dwayne arches an eyebrow in response to what she says. After things start to click in his brain, he nods stiffly, "So, you've got the power to shrink in size." He fights the urge to ask her if she's still slightly shrunk down due to her present stature. He places his hands on his hips, "Why didn't you just grow back up to your current size? Certainly that could have stopped the cat rather having to hide from it in a duffle bag."

Biting back her inital snarky comment, Krista runs a hand through her hair and looks askance almost as if she is embarrassed by the question "Shrinking is easy. It's the growing that I seem to have a problem with." she starts to bring a hand to her face, but drops it as she realizes what she is going. She then gestures to the counter with its pyramid of stuff "That's all the contents of the bag. Interesting assortment.

Dwayne's gaze drifts towards the pyramid of stuff. He purses his lips and looks back to the short girl, "Ah ha. Well, uh, I am glad you were able to find the ability to get back to your normal size and escape both the cat and our duffle bag." he gestures towards the yogurt, "I guess you were in the duffle for an extended period of time before you were capable of getting out?"

She had forgotten all about the yogurt in her hand so when he points to it she glances at it then back up at him, "Yes, those things don't unzip from the inside you know." Krista takes a few steps away from the fridge, finally relaxing now that it seems that he isn't going to /try/ to hurt her. "Where am I anyway?"

Dwayne looks around the room and then back to her, "I know." He answers her rhetorical question before gesturing around the room with a wave of his hand, "You are in my team's base of operations; Which you can understand is a bit of a problem for me and the team. It means we have to re-evaluate our security measures." He pauses and adds in a serious tone of voice, "Since you know where here is, I'm going to have to kill you now."

Krista ohs, then ohs in a much more defeated tone "And I just found the breach…wonderful." at the threat her eyes widen more in surprise then fear, she had thought things were going well "In that case may I suggest to use that swordy thing." she gestures to the glass encased Katana "Because other types of weapons have a tendency to bounce off.

Dwayne raises a hand and makes the classic 'stop' gesture with his palm facing Krista. He shakes his head, "No, sorry. I was trying to be, uh, funny." He pauses and shrugs his shoulders, "I suppose that should be left to Speedball or Nova, not me." A second shrug of the shoulders is made and Dwayne says, "I am not going to hurt you." He crosses his arms over his chest now and says, "You shrink and only swords hurt you… no wonder you were running from a cat."

She looks releived that he was kidding she didn't want to have to deal with that kind at altercation, "And stomach acid…I think, I wasn't going to stick around and be shallowed by a cat to find out." she makes a face "And I don't even want to think about the trip out if I did survive." which is to bad because she already has.

Night Thrasher humphs and nods thoughtfully at what she says, "I imagine the trip out, using that exit ramp, wouldn't be that enjoyable." He gestures towards the yogurt, "Well thankfully you avoided that fate. Have another one of those if you want it. I'll drive you home when you're up for it." He offers.

Krista nods "I would be greatful for that thanks." she doesn't go for another yogurt, someone her size probably doesn't eat much anyway "It's been a long day, now would be good." with that she heads toward the doors he came through since that seems to be the exit.

Thrasher nods and steps over to the couch to grab his helmet. He turns to walk back to the door he entered through, putting the helmet back on as he walks. He asks Krista, "You don't mind riding on the back of a motorcycle, do you? It's all I've got available."

Pausing at the door she glances at him over her shoulder and studies him a moment "That shouldn't be a problem. I can shrink down to compensate for the excess weight on the rear suspension. Other wise I would be exceeding the safe weight load that most motorcycle shocks come standard with."

Thrasher smiles behind the faceplate of his helmet, "You, uh, like bikes?" He gestures for her to follow him through the hallway on the otherside of the door, "Than you'll like my ride. Let's roll out and get you home. Clearly, you've had a rough day and it's time for it to end, huh?"

Krista nods her agreement about wanting the night to end "It's a machine. I have yet to meet a machine I didn't like." with that said she pushes the door open and lets herself be led out of the base and taken the the place she calls home.

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