2012 05 24 Hello Anime Girl

Log Title:
Hello, Anime Girl

Leyu Yashida, Sybil Dvorak

IC Date:
05/24/12 09:00

Kitchen, Xavier Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
Leyu and Sybil encounter one another the next morning after their welcome to the Mansion.


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First thing the next morning, of course, Leyu Yashida is back up and about, starting with a brief workout and then a quick shower. Then she changes, slipping into soft cotton pyjammas and then her long silk kimono, and a pair of slippers. She takes her time with brushing out her hair, and then twists it up into her usual pair of ponytails. Ready, or so she believes, to face the day she finally emerges from her guest bedroom and pauses there, glancing around. She has no idea how active the Mansion may be at this hour, so this is her first clue.

Honestly, she's rarely up at this point in time. Sybil Dvorak likes to sleep in. However, this is a new bed and, quite honestly, not up to her usual standards. She'll have to have a new one delivered today. Awake because she didn't sleep well, Sybil steps out of her room in a very short kimono. Her hair is not mused. In fact, it is moving, arranging itself as she walks as if it were alive.

When Sybil steps out, Leyu turns to face her, bowing smartly. "Good morning, Ms. Dvorak." She can imagine it might be that Sybil wouldn't normally bother with being up at this hour, but she can't be sure. And she has to admit, it isn't as if Sybil /looks/ as if she's had no sleep. The shortness of the kimono draws Leyu's eye for a moment before she can pull it back. How silly, really.

While Sybil is less circumspect in the way she glances first down and then up at Leyu's body. "Hello, anime girl." She says with a purr. "And did you sleep well? Any interesting dreams?" Her hair grows still, perfectly in place now.

"I am not 'anime girl'. Leyu Yashida, Ms. Sybil Dvorak." Awww. Leyu sounds a bit upset. Perhaps she doesn't like being reduced to a stereotype? Or maybe it just hurts that the other woman couldn't be bothered to remember her name, when she clearly remembered Sybil's name? "I slept fine, thank you. My dreams were largely unexceptional." A considering pause. "How did you sleep?"

Now, it is Leyu's turn. Stray hairs are tucked away and the pigtails are better straightened out as Sybil's power combs through her hair. "Why do you bother to wear clothes under a long kimono, darling? It seems such a waste."

Leyu only barely registers the light tingle, util Sybil actually comments about the clothes she's wearing under her kimono. "Well, Scott Summers said that this facility also functions as a school. I would not want to present myself as anything less than fully decent to any of the students. I am a guest here, after all." She reaches up, touching her hair, and then offers a shy but endearing smile to Sybil. "Thank you for helping my hair." It is, as expected, quite silky smooth and soft. "I thought I would head for the kitchen. I could make you some tea?"

"Tea will do. Depending on the blends they have here." Sybil says with a long suffering sigh. "If it is supermarket crap…" She shakes her head. "Just another thing I will have to have brought in, I suppose." Fortunately, Hank McCoy tends to be quite the cultured tea drinker. "The offer is lovely, though. Thank you."

"If their available blends are not to your liking, I have several in my room I would be happy to share." Leyu offers with a little smile. Maybe if she makes a point of being nice to Sybil, she'll make enough of an impression that her name will be remembered, rather than being reduced to fetish labels? "Is there anything you would like with your tea? It is breakfast time for me, but I do not know your own habits."

"I don't eat breakfast, generally." Sybil admits. "I move straight onto lunch." She runs her powers across Leyu one last time, straightening out the pajamas and kimono both. "Mmm. Silk underwear. Good. Very good." The underwear is tugged as well, before Sybil turns and heads for the stairs.

Leyu looks all sorts of discomfited - almost disturbed - as she feels her clothing rearranging itself to Sybil's specifications. But she follows towards the stairs, ready to accompany Sybil downstairs in spite of herself. "Mmm. Well then, tea it will be. I am not sure if they will have any lunceon foods ready at this hour, but we shall see. I have not been able to meet with Doctor Xavier, as yet. Apparently he will be gone for quite some time and had no time to meet with me before his departure. But Doctors McCoy and Nemesis have welcomed me to their research." Yes. Leyu is filling dead air with sound so as to make her way through. She's a bit nervous for some reason.

"What is it like, to be a lesbian in Japan?" Sybil asks, as casually as if she were asking the time or the weather. "I imagine it depends on the station of your family? The way you try so hard to avoid looking at me. Not just denying yourself but afraid to be found out."

"Wha —?" Leyu startles, nearly tripping on the stairs, ending up leaning over the railing as she catches herself. She stares with a little bit of horror at Sybil, quite obviously embarrassed, even humiliated. "My family have disowned me. That is why I am here. I left. And my … my girlfriend left me. She could not come out." And here's Sybil being so flippant about something so important to her.

"Well." Sybil shakes her head. "Your family is not here. Your girlfriend clearly made an error in judgement." She continues down the stairs. "And you are here, now, where such things matter less. If you wish to be open about yourself, I recommend you do so. Be proud about it."

"I still have no desire to simply shout it from the rooftops." Leyu answers, quietly. "I realize you speak from some measure of greater experience in this place than I. And I appreciate that you offer the advice you do because you really think it would be best. But I do not know if I am ready to do that, just yet." She won't say no. Just 'not just this second'.

Sybil glances back. "Too bad. I know some wonderful lesbian dance clubs. I suppose I'll just find someone else to take." She smiles and then pushes through into the kitchen. "And here I was hoping to see you in leather. Tight leather."

"I don't even own any tight leather." Leyu answers as she pushes through behind Sybil, heading for the stove. She apparently intends to do just as promised and make the tea for the both of them. "And I have never been to a lesbian dance club. We rarely even got to go out in public. Though we did go to karaoke together a few times." Leyu pours water from the faucet into a teapot she sees sitting out, and then sits it on the stove and gets the burner lit. Then she starts looking for tea, when she pauses and turns back to Sybil. "Wait. Does that mean you are, too? A lesbian, I mean?"

"Bisexual and happily so." Sybil settles in a chair. Her kimono rearranges itself to protect her modesty. "I don't believe in limiting myself. There really isn't a point to denying the pleasures and joys life can bring."

Leyu once heard someone describe that - read it, actually, online - as omnisexual. The term never made a great deal of sense to her, before Sybil. Now? She can't really imagine describing Sybil as anything else. "I see." she offers, as she discovers a wooden box containing several different kinds of teas, and the accoutrements to use the tea leaves in their traditional form. "Here we are. Your selection?"

Well, damn. Now, Sybil has to get up to look at the various tea types. She rises to her feet and walks over. She leans forward and peers into the box. "Hmmm. Interesting." She taps the box of earl grey. Yes, it is a bit overdrunk but it is a classic for a while.

Leyu would have brought them over to Sybil, of course. But Sybil came to her, and Leyu smiles. "Alright. Earl Grey it is. I think I'll go with a white oolong, myself. Please, make yourself comfortable. I'll bring the tea to you as soon as it is ready. Do you want anything else?" She seems happy to serve in this way, but Sybil can't possibily be unaware that it's very natural in her culture.

"Mmm." Sybil smiles. "Well, someday, we might discuss that. But not until you are ready." She walks back to her chair and settles down once more. "Tell me about this shortsighted little girl that let fear stop her from following the path of love."

"…" Leyu considers Sybil carefully, curiously, as the other woman lays that one out there. She's not quite sure it's safe to even ask what she meant by that. Apparently 'Do you wat anything else?' was taken somewhere it was never meant to go, and quite deliberately so. "Pardon? Ayane? She was my friend in college. We worked in the lab together. We were very close. I loved her dearly, and I think she loved me too. But she was too afraid of her family to tell them the truth, and since I had already told my family, she knew staying with me would reveal this to her family. She … had no choice."

"She had a choice." Sybil shakes her head, sadly. "She could have chosen you. The same way you chose not to hide. She did not. I will not gainsay your wonderful loyalty or the way you chose to dwell on your positive feelings instead of the anger you feel at the betrayal, but, at least be honest."

"I am being honest. She did not feel she had a choice." Leyu answers, turning about to mind the tea kettle a bit. "I know she could have chosen me. I would rather she had chosen me. But I still love her. And I understand her fear all too well. It has controlled me all of my life, until now." Leyu's hand strays to her ponytails, sliding her fingers through them. "I miss her."

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