2012 05 23 Ready To Move On

Log Title:
Ready to Move On

Cyclops and Skids

IC Date:
May 23, 2012

Gathering Hall - Xavier Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
Sally tells Scott she is ready to move on.


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As a cluster of students leave waving to Cyclops as they exit, Scott decked out in his blue uniform with his cap pulled back and bedecked in his ruby quartz lenses, he stands by the bulletin board looking over a list of names of students who have signed up for Mirage’s field trip. He hmmmns loudly and scratches his chin as he wonders about some of the students who plan on going. The final student, a teen with a flaming head looks as if he wants to ask a question, but then changes his mind and rushes out of the room mumbling something along the lines of ‘Damn, that guy is scary…not cool!”

From the entrance comes Sally. A few shopping bags, Gap, Old Navy, and one of the more trendy stores denote her shopping habits. What is new is the spaghetti strapped top she's gone with. No jacket, no long sleeves, no sleeves at all. She watches the departing students and Scott as she approaches a slight pout at seeing the elevator filled up by a small amount of exiting students.

Grinning to himself as the student leaves, Scott heard what the student mumbled. “Well, ‘scary and not cool’ is better than ‘easy and lenient’” Shaking his head as he turns to head to office, he catches sight of the recent shopper and tilts his head, “Sally?” His voice suggesting a bit of surprise at seeing, a pleasant surprise. He makes his way towards the youngster, “Getting a new wardrobe for the summer?” He asks with a smile on his face.

"Something like that, Scott." she says after a light pause. Thr girl shifting a little, adjusting her load one bit. The ex-trainee smiling, though not exactly as much as she was, silent for a moment, mulling over her words, "I…was gonna wait actually to tell you this, but, I'm moving out once I get a job, and yes I know school is important, I should be able to go to junior college while i'm working…"

Nodding his head when she reveals her plans to move out, Scott remains silent to let her speak, but takes a seat on one of the couches and gestures for Sally to sit, should she want to. “Well, the Institute offers college level courses, Sally. As for a job, well, you could work in town.” He pauses a moment and considers his next choice of words, “School is important, but if it is right for people. Sally, you’ve been an excellent student from your days with X-Factor through the X-Terminators and while you were with the New Mutants. We can all always use training, but I wonder if sometimes, some of the students actually feel trapped here or don’t make an attempt at a life outside these walls because they are afraid.” Offering a smile, almost of pride in a student, “If you move out… and you are sure you are prepared for it… I couldn’t be happier for you.”

She smiles, "I just really felt it's time, even with my time with Stryfe, I was feeling a little caged in."

Sally looks up, "I think i'm ready, I just won't know until I actually do it."

She smiles again, "I'd stay, but I just feel I need to do this, for me."

Pausing again to consider his words, Scott is not usually the one to simply speak his thoughts without careful thought. The X-Men leader “Well, we have done all we can for you here, Sally. You’ve been with us a LONG time and faced and endured much your whole life. The Morlocks, Stryfe…It hasn’t been easy and you have persisted and come out the other side.” He stands up and placing his hands behind his back starts a pensive pace from the couch to the entrance and back to the couch, “I cannot help but feel that a lot of what happened to you was because of your association with the school, with the X-Men, and with me.” A rare thought said aloud. Shaking the thought out, “Your grades and training show you to be a great student. You have excelled in the Danger Room and on your time with the different teams. But do you think that makes you ready to face that world out there? Forget being a mutant. Simply being an adult.” Scott knows the answers to the question and he asks more for her assurance than his own.

She steps back, silent, a thoughtful look on her features. Thinking over or, or giving thoughts to an entirely other question before she looks up, "I think I am as ready as I am going to be, Scott."

“Alright then. At the end, it is you think that matters most. But I agree as well.” Showing another smile of pride in his student, “Have you had any leads on any jobs? Are you looking in New York City or somewhere else entirely?” He ponders a moment,
“We have quite a few connections throughout the world…heck throughout the universe, actually.” He tilts his head almost to laugh at that, “We can probably get you settled somewhere and soon too, if you want.”

"I had some prospects in the city, i've dropped off applications, had a few interviews, but nothing yet. I've been on craigslist looking for some place to dtay." she says with a smile. "I'd…like to do this on my own, if you don't mind." she says, "Somethings, I just have to do on my own."

“Not a problem. Trust your instinct, Sally. They have gotten you this far and they will get you further.” Scott approaches her and places a hand on her shoulder, “I hope I don’t have to say this. You know, you will always have a home here, Sally. Like it or not, you are part of a family now. If ever you need our help, whether you ask or not, the X-Men will be there…I will be there. There will always be a spot on the X-Men, waiting for you, should you ever need it or want it.” He jokes, “We tend to look after our own and you are one of us.”

She picks up her bags, "Thank you Scott, and I hate to cut this short, but I do have things I need to get too, like actually finding a way to afford everything I'll need and ya know, rent." she says, starting to move off.

“Alright, Sally. Good luck and let me know if you need any help.” He smiles and nods proudly as Sally heads out.

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