2012 05 23 Goodbye Lifeguard

Log Title:
Goodbye Lifeguard

Lifeguard, Havok, Mirage, and Slipstream, Valerie Cooper, X-Men, Lilandra

IC Date:
May 23, 2012

Ready Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
Lifeguard says goodbye.


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Seated in the Ready Room are the Camerons (brother and sister mutant), Slipstream and Lifeguard. Both are dressed in variant costumes of red and blue with various X all over. Seated at a large circular table, they sit before a large view screen, with the image of their aunt, Shi’ar Empress, Lilandra Nerimani. Also present in the room is Mutant Affairs Liaison, Valerie Cooper, and Scott Summers and Jean Grey, X-Men. They all appear to be in some sort of conversation. Slipstream appears bored, but nods along while Lifeguard appears almost saddened. She has a half smile on her face and nods. “We should probably tell the others. May as well as tell them now.” The golden half-alien, half-human looks to Valerie as they both stand and embrace in a hug, “Thank you for everything.” Heather offers to Valerie as Valerie nods acceptance and offers her own respone, “No, Thank you for everything.” With that, Jean Grey sends a mental summons to as many members of X-Factor as are available to come to the Ready Room.

Summoned to a room that he normally claims as his own, Alex is curious to the nature of the call. He suspects an emergency of some sort so he wastes little time getting to his destination. He even shows up in costume, ready for action - then again, it is called the 'Ready Room'.

Bursting into the room, Alex says, "What's going on? What did I miss?" with a hint of excitement and anxiety to his voice - wanting a fight.

Used to receiving summons via comm unit and from other people and not Jean, Dani enters the room more curious than anything else, certainly not with the 'exuberance' of Alex who proceeded her. She looks around and the gathered crowd and her eyebrows archup, though her curious look changes to concern as the notes the expressions of those in attendance. Having come in, in time to where Alex's question she decides not to echo them.

Shaking his head at his brother’s entrance, Scott holds on to Heather’s shoulder and offers, “You will always have a home here and a place among the X-Men.” Looking to Slipstream, “You too, Davis.” Jean offers both hugs and then looks to Scott and Valerie, “Nick Fury has arrived and is waiting in Scott’s office.” Valerie frowns a bit at Havok and approaches the X-Factor leader, “We’ll talk. I already have some candidates lined-up.” Scott, Jean, and Valerie make their way out of the Ready Room. While Davis taps his fingers and looks to the monitor with his aunt, “Ok, so will I be able to surf up there? I mean, so you even have any water?”

When her teammates arrive, Heather appears visibly upset and saddened. At the expressions of excitement from Alex and concern from Dani, Heather turns and yells at her younger brother in clear Australian accent, “Davis! Shut up! Teleport out…now!” Davis gives off a sigh and rolls his eyes at his sister. A warp wave opens up behind him, “I’ll see you on the homeworld, Aunt Lilandra!” With that he runs through the warp wave and disappears from sight, leaving only the members of X-Factor in the room. Wrapping her arm around herself and appearing skittish and speaking lowly, “Um, so yeah, I have to leave.”

"Leave?" Alex says as he takes a step or two toward Heather. "What do you mean you /have to/ leave?" His hands emulating the queryful palms up at his waist, and his face confused while trying to understand or gain a target to attack.

Dani quietly watches the others depart and the exchange via the monitor, she has already quickly figured out what is going on, and the teleporting of the young boy only confirms it for her. Always more empathic and understanding of people then others on her team she nods in understanding "To get in touch with what you have become?"

The monitor with Lilandra is still on and listens Heather offers for her aunt, “I will explain, Empress.” For her part, Lilandra hmmmns and remains silent for now. “Deathbird has escaped from her prison. And Blacklight and White Noise have freed her. The Empress feels that they will either make another attempt on mine and Davis’ lives so we are better protected on the homeworld.” She scratches her arm a bit when Lilandra speaks with a sudden authoritative tone similar to the royal Shi’ar, “Plus it is her obligation as part of the Neramani bloodline to do her part for the Empire. As Empress I have made my decision with regret. Heather and Davis must return to the Shi’ar Homeworld and do their part. The Council has chosen for them and I must agree” Heather speaks up again and offers to Dani, “And yes, I need to know more of who or what I have become and what Davis may become. No matter whatever the alien council has chosen, I think I should go.”

Deflated, Alex sighs and finds resolution in the further statements of Heather. A slight frown and then he looks back to Dani before returning his gaze to Heather. "Guess that means you gotta go…." is stated in a resolute tone.

Dani takes a few steps forward and gives Alex a nudge with her elbow "A bit more supportive would be nice." she asides to him under her breath. "You think you should go?" she casts a glance to the monitor with Lilandra on it then focuses her attention "Is now the time for shoulds?

Moving with a surprising speed, Heather reaches over and embraces Alex and lifts him into the air, “Alex, you have no idea. The impact you have had in my life. My life has changed so much since I met you. I owe you a world of thanks and gratitude.” She releases him and then plants a big kiss square on the blond man’s lips, go so far as to lean him over, “Lorna won’t mind.” She drops Alex and adds, “And you have the nicest human ass, I have ever seen!”

”Not necessarily the time for should, but for now, it is best. It is my heritage and I need to learn more about it. Davis and I will be better protected there and can contribute.” Heather offers a smile and goes to hug Dani, “Thank you, for all you’ve done as well. While we have not known each other long. I appreciate your presence in my life.” She lets out a sigh as she looks to the monitor with her aunt, “I’ll contact you before I leave, Empress.”

Shaken, not stirred, Alex is lifted into the air and hugged. He hugs back, if his arms are free. Then kissed, SCORE. And Lorna totally won't mind, she'd be jealous or something. He smiles and says after being commented on, "Thanks… I'll miss yours too."

Alex isn't one for long goodbyes, and this was the shortest one ever. He appreciates that and says, "Cya." in her parting. He really doesn't say buh bye either. Cause it's never permenant.

Returning the hug from the much taller female Dani nods her agreement, "Don't be a stranger. You are welcome for a visit anytime." she then nods at the request and watches as Heather leaves.

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