2012 05 23 A Boy Scout In Spandex A Furry An Asian Schoolgir

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A Boy Scout in Spandex, a Furry, an Asian Schoolgirl, and a Hedonist

Cyclops, Gypsy Moth, Hepzibah, and Sunpyre

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May 23, 2012

Foyer - Xavier Mansion

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Cyclops welcomes the new arrivals to the mansion.


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Standing in the foyer in his blue and gold X-Men uniform, the man of the mansion awaits the new arrivals. Having been informed of X-Factor’s latest addition, Gypsy Moth, contacted by the Department of Homeland Security about Sunpyre, and having spoken with his father earlier about Hepzibah. He has welcome many to the mansion before, but this particular group should prove interesting. A interstellar pirate with a unique connection to his father, a former criminal hopefully mending her ways, and the sister of a former teammate with a power to match his temper. Cyclops ponders just how they will fit in with the current quirky residents of the Xavier Mansion. Scott just shakes off any lingering questions as he waits.

Isn't it delightful? Sybil Dvorak's belongings arrived earlier today. Two very large men drove them up in a truck and, one must imagine under the watchful supervision of mansion staff, unloaded the goods in the room assigned to her. Now, hours later, Ms. Dvorak herself arrives, in one of those stretched limos they make out of Humvees. She thanks the driver, tips her generously, and then makes her way inside. She is dressed for the occasion, in a pair of thigh high boots, opera gloves, a pleated mini-skirt, and an expensive silk top. All in black.

Hepzibah separated from the rest of the Starjammers almost the moment the shuttle landed. Corsair has told her so so much about Earth, but she still has so many questions. There's no telling where she's been (and it's probably better not to ask), but Hepzibah returns to the mansion at last. Boot heels click on the marble floor as the felinoid saunters in, bushy tail swishing gracefully in her wake. Her attire fits in well enough on earth, if she were in a nightclub. With the exception of the twin blaster pistols she openly wears. She gawks as she makes her way in, talking half to herself. "Big place this is."

Outside in front of the Mansion, an airport towncar pulls to a stop, cleared through the gates however such things have to be done. The driver gets out and comes around, opening the back door. A passenger emerges, looking around a bit dazedly, almost. Then the passenger follows to the back of the car, and gathers up a pair of large rolling suitcases. She doles out a tip for the driver, and bows her head as she thanks him for his efforts. Then she starts struggling with the bags, making her way up towards the porch. (You folks can feel free to continue. I'll get in there soon enough, and all over myself gaping.)

Mentally told of Sybil’s and Leyu’s arrivals by Jean, Scott nods and notes Hepzibah’s entrance, “You have no idea…Yes, the mansion is big…and the planet, even bigger.” A wry grin on his face greets the felinoid, “Perfect timing, Hepzibah. You are not the only new arrival. Two mutants are moving in today, so I thought you could help with the greeting and meet some new people. Perhaps the three of you can acclimate together to life here.” The doors at the entrance are opened telekinetically by the headmistress of the school for Gypsy Moth and Sunpyre as Cyclops offers, “Welcome” to the new arrivals.

Two vehicles arriving so closely together? Surely, that will set the neighbors tongues awagging. If there were neighbors, anyway. Sybil glances behind her to the Asian beauty. She looks in front of her to the man in blue and the exotic alien. "My, oh my. A Boy Scout in spandex. A furry. And an Asian schoolgirl. Someone's ordered the full fantasy platter. If I had known it would be like this, I would have enlisted years ago."

Hepzibah swishes her tail and pivots as the doors open, her weight naturally settling onto the balls of her booted feet. She flashes Cyclops a fanged smile. "Hepzibah not here long, and already on greeting duty? Scott should have talked more with Chris." She watches the two women enter, folding her arms beneath her bosom.

To be entirely fair - and let us be fair, alright? - the young asian woman is not dressed as a schoolgirl. She is wearing a relatively formal woman's business suit in dark grey, jacket included. But she does look young. Not /quite/ 'are you sure you're legal' young, but still young. And the twin ponytails don't help in the maturity department.

The young woman in grey is, honestly, gaping at the mansion and the limo, but soon enough she can't decide whether to choke at the dark-haired European woman's scandalous remark, or choke at the sight of some man in a body-tight costume and a blaster-toting felinoid visible through the large front doors opening without anyone there to open them. As it is, her suitcases fall from her hands in a tangled mess and she stumbles back, blushing. She is delayed, then, kneeling down to re-order her bags before she can make another attempt to reach the porch.

Looking like he is going to say something, Scott actually remains silent unsure of how to respond to Sybil’s description of the others. His skin tone reddens suddenly to match his ruby quartz visor. In a very un-leader-like moment, “Um…” He hmmmns a moment, “Well, yes. Um, ladies, welcome to the Xavier Mansion. I am Scott Summer, though I go by the codename Cyclops.
And this is Hepzibah, an ally and new resident to the mansion like yourselves.” Stepping out the door to move to help Leyu with her bags, like a good boy scout. He continues the introductions, “Leyu Yashida and Sybil Dvorak.” He introduces the new arrivals to each other as well.

"Please, allow me." Sybil reaches out and one of the bags levitates into the air. With Hepzibah present and Cyclops in uniform, there's little point in hiding their powers. "Hmm. A nice amount of silk in here. Is that a kimono? Hand stitched, too. Wonderful. I might ask to borrow it sometime, if you don't mind." The bag floats toward the mansion's front door. "Nothing feels quite so luxurious and exotic as a proper kimono, made exactly right."

Leyu stumbles verbally, starting out saying something in Japanese before her conscious mind reminds her to switch to English. She was startled, and embarrassed. "Thank you, Mister Summers. Mizz Dvorak." She might have been apoplectic with embarrassment, if Sybil had decided to give a rundown on anything /else/ in silk in that bag. Or. Well. Anyway! She covers her embarrassment by allowing her inner scientist to come out and play. "You are a telekinetic, with a mental sense for textures of what you move? Amazing." She follows up with a good half-dozen rapidfire questions about Sybil's first power manifestations and known limitations, as she gets her other bag righted, only to have Scott take it from her and help her up the stairs. "Thank you again, Mister Summers. Beg your pardon. I have come hoping to speak with Professor Charles Xavier?" There are others she wants to see, but she should start with Xavier. Right?

When Leyu gets to the porch and can see Hepzibah more clearly, she bows her head again. "Hello, Miss Hepzibah. Pleased to meet you. Are you also a human mutation?" She's curious, and trying not to be insulting. She may fail, but she's trying.

Since greeting apparently involves some form of assistance with bags, Hepzibah shrugs and starts forward to help out as well. Brows raise as the suitcase levitates, but that's all the reaction she gives. The alien woman has seen plenty of weird things in her life, and Scott DID say they were two mutants. When Leyu asks about her 'mutation', Hepzibah just laughs softly and shakes her head. "No, no. Is not human at all. Mepistoid, from planet Tryl'sart. Long story." Seeing as both bags are now accounted for, she shrugs and adds. "And just Hepzibah. No 'Miss'."

Impressed with the power display, Scott steps to the side as Sybil uses her powers on the one bag, "Your control is more impressive that I was told, Sybil. You are able to identify the fibers and individual stitching with your telekinesis. You will make a fine addition to my brother's team." Carrying Leyu's other bag and leading the new arrivals into the Mansion, "Professor Xavier is preparing to leave as we speak. He will be on sabbatical off-planet with the Shi'ar. That is why I came to greet you. As leader of the X-Men and one of the headmasters of the school." He offers a smile, "Not quite Charles, but I can help you." With Hepzibah naming her planet, Leyu may realize the X-Men's reach of influence extends beyond the Earth. As they enter, "So rooms have been prepared for all of you, but I will give you all a tour of the mansion. As Hepzibah can verify. The estate is rather expansive."

Sybil chuckles as Leyu asks her questions. "Later, I promise. We will sit down and I will answer your questions. Perhaps you will even answer mine." She winks at Leyu and then walks inside, following Scott. "An alien? How interesting! The only thing we didn't have on the Night Shift, really, was an alien. A werewolf. Kali cultists. Twin brothers in suits enchanted by a dead man's soul. A homeless man with an indestructable scarf. An actor with a magic rope. A voudoun priest. A storyteller who likes to bury people alive. An old tailor who could paralyze people with one eye. A man who could see the five mintues into the future. But no aliens."

Leyu bows again to the Mepistoid, as she apologizes. "Very sorry, Hepzibah. I meant no disrespect. Thank you, kindly, for explaining. I have not had the opportunity to study xenobiology. Perhaps I may learn more, while we are both here? With your permission, of course." No one should just be subjected to medical tests or evaluations without their permission.

Scott's explanation leaves Leyu feeling perhaps a tiny bit discomfited. She had so hoped to study with Professor Xavier. But if that won't be possible, so be it. She squares her shoulders a bit, more mentally than physically, and nods. "Very well, Mister Summers. Thank you kindly, for your help. We may speak further when you have time. I will try not to impose." One thing to say for Leyu, she doesn't come off arrogant like her brother.

Sybil earns a smile of pleasure from Leyu, even if there is also a hint of wariness. Answer Sybil's questions? This is the woman who referred to her on sight as an 'asian schoolgirl', in what she has to assume was a fetishistic manner. That doesn't bode well. But she wants to learn more, so she nods. "Very well, Mizz Dvorak. It can wait, of course. Thank you." The descriptions of those who were in this 'Night Shift' fascinates her, but most of it are things far beyond her ken.

Hepzibah nods in agreement with Scott. "Estate really big, yes." Again with the warm smile, Hep clearly isn't offended. Well, assuming that flashing sharp canines isn't a show of offense. Brows knit at the mention of Xenobiology, but Hep's fur smoothes down readily enough. "You tell what 'xenobiology' means, and I tell whether I study." She looks amused at Sybil, and either the fetish remarks sail right by her or she's not fazed in the slightest. "You like aliens, then? Chris tell I not everyone here does."

“Well, I suppose Night Shift are not quite as diverse as we are. So much for equal opportunity among villains.” Scott chuckles at his own joke and then noting Leyu’s expression and her politeness. No she is not like her brother…thankfully. “I will make time. So the mansion is home to the X-Men, there are currently two squads, Blue and Gold teams. Also, X-Factor currently resides here and there are students as well. The Mansion serves as a school to neophyte mutants. All of you are welcome to contribute to their education. Especially yourself, Leyu. I am told you are quite the scientist. Dr. McCoy and Dr. Nemesis, I am sure can use your expertise.” With Jean in constant psychic rapport with Scott, he is sure not to think thoughts of fetishes or any other types of kinky thoughts. “I lead the Blue squad while Storm or Ororo Munroe leads Gold team. My younger brother, Alex, leads X-Factor. Jean Grey and myself run the school. And the facilities are made available to you all, though you will need someone with you in the Danger Room, our powers training room.”

"I like everyone. I'm a people person." Sybil reassures Hepzibah. "Really." She pats the alien woman on the arm and then turns her full attention to Scott. She learned how to pretend to be a good little soldier while she was hanging out with the Shroud.

Leyu quirks slightly, not having quite expected Hepzibah's question, but she answers easily enough. "Xenobiology is the study of the biology of that which is 'alien', or not of Earth. Such as yourself, Hepzibah. In short, I would like to learn more about your people through studying you." Was that clearer?

Scott's rundown gets Leyu to quiet up, attentively listening and filing things away. She has heard of the X-Factor, and will try to speak with this Summers brother soon, given her chance. From what else has been said, apparently Miss Dvorak will also be speaking with him? Interesting indeed. "I will gladly contribute what I can to the educational opportunities. Is there a Japanese language course? Obviously, I would gladly help with biology or medicine." And she'll want to work with Drs. McCoy and Nemesis, if they'll be in charge of the research work done here in Xavier's absence.

"I presume," Leyu queries, later in the tour, "that eventually the limitation on access to the Danger Room facility will be lifted, once we are certified as safe and capable o safe operation?" She'll need to practice with the team, if she can get on one. But she'll also want the chance to 'vent' on her own.

Hepzibah gives Leyu a look that isn't exactly receptive to this concept of being 'studied'. But she doesn't respond other than to slowly nod. "Called 'Danger Room' for good reason." she offers. At least that's what she's been told. And then she adds. "We talk later, Leyu." Okay, start with talking before 'studying', at least. To Sybil, she offers. "People-person mean alien-people, too. Get along fine."

“Of course. But for now, only the X-Men can run the simulations. You are welcome to use the facility of course. Some of X-Factor’s teams are former X-Men, so they are granted access and are familiar with the alien technology that runs the simulations and scenarios.” His face gets an expression that those that are familiar with telepathy may recognize, “Well, welcome to the Xavier Mansion. If you need any assistance feel free to contact myself or any of the others on the comsystem.” With that he bows and makes his way to his office.

Sybil smiles at Hepzibah. She gets a little bold and runs her fingers down that luxurious fur one more time before stepping away. "With our introductions done, I believe I am going to go unpack my things. Settle in my room. I am sure I will see much more of you both again. Soon." She offers each woman a wicked smile. She's even sure to set down Leyu's luggage before heading off in search of her room.

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