2012 05 22 Hedonist Seeks Hero Team For Fun And Frolicking

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Hedonist Seeks Hero Team for Fun and Frolicking

Gypsy Moth & Havok

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The Club

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Gypsy Moth desires to join X-Factor


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The phone call came yesterday. A woman named Sybil Dvorak claimed she was a mutant in need and asked for a team leader of stature to come to a specific address at a specific time. Suspicious? Perhaps. Especially since a quick database check would show that Sybil Dvorak is the criminal known as Gypsy Moth. Or suspected to be, anyway, since she has never been arrested.

Alex was met at the door of a warehouse. Led inside, it became pretty obvious that the crates inside were for show. The forklift hadn't been used in years. The woman meeting Alex seemed innocent enough. Jeans. T-shirt. Nothing fancy. Except she moved with the grace of a trained killer.

She led Alex through the warehouse to a cargo elevator. Down they went. And down again. At least fifty feet below the surface. That's the point where the music begins pounding. Techno with a sensual beat. The young woman escorted Alex along the balcony. Down below, on the floor, are about three dozen people involved in sexual acts of all sorts, ranging from simple making out to hardcore BDSM.

Alex's escort opens a door and leads into what seems to be a glass box, like a VIP box at a stadium. Inside? A bar. A hookah. A bed. Multiple televisions. And an arm chair with a perfect view of the carnal mayhem below. Sitting in that chair is an elegant woman, exotic in features and dressed in a leather catsuit. She stares out over the club with a proud smile.

Alex arrived to the location dressed in his uniform composed of combat boots, black cargo pants, black unstable molecule shirt with white concentric and glowing lines in a circle on his chest, and a black leather like jacket. He says little other than to greet and agree to be escorted into the bowels of the warehouse. Once below and hearing the music he starts to realize there's more to this than he expected. When seeing the floor and the sexual acts he's taken aback but tries not to show it. He does offer a quizzical smile and a furrowed brow.

Once inside the glass box, Alex addresses the woman visually, taking in her lines and curves as well as the leather and grows curious as to her desires and designs. Surely he wasn't invited here to be made a hostage. He soon states, "I take it you're Sybil?"

Little fingers. Alex will feel it. Little fingers traveling over his body as Sybil feels the fabric, working out the details. She hasn't even turned to look at him, yet. "Unstable molecules are delicious." She says, her voice purring. Her accent as exotic as her appearance. "They taste like the powers they adapt to. Like touching molten metal. Delightful."

Glancing down, he'll look for the 'touch' and sees nothing, but he feels it and glances back up with a queryful look, "Nice trick. I'm Alex.". His statement and introduction implies that he's moving forward with the conversation and assuming that she is indeed Sybil.

"I've seen you on the television." Sybil says. She turns, finally, the entire chair swiveling around. "Hello, Alex. Welcome to The Club. I am delighted to meet you." She rises, not so much lifting her body through muscle but floating up to her feet. A trick common to telekinetics and movie vampires.

Able to see her more clearly and directly, Alex notes how lovely she is. His features soften slightly, relaxing, even though he probably knows he shouldn't because danger comes in all shapes and sizes.

"It's my pleasure. So what can I do for you?" Alex asks, trying to get the train on the business track. She apparently invited him here for a reason and it's likely not a social call since neither know one another and he's pretty sure she's a criminal.

Sybil smiles, "To business, then. Feel free to help yourself to the bar." She taps the glass and it darkens, blocking out the sights below. Minimizing distractions. "I will be blunt. My club is, very obviously, not legal and, as you might suspect, quite profitable. Recently, I was…" Her expression darkens, "… controlled by the Mandrill. For long enough that the Maggia moved in to take control of my club. After leaving the Mandrill's clutches I retook control of my club but I made some enemies in doing so." She walks over to the bar and begins mixing a whiskey sour. "I need help. Protection. If this were the west coast, I would turn to my old team, the Night Shift. Here? Well, I am a mutant… perhaps it is time I integrated myself into the community. So, a deal. In exchange for help dealing with Maggia incursions I will join your team."

Standing his ground and making no movements toward the bar, Alex listens to her case and is surprised by her assertive statement that she would want to join the team. "Uh…" he starts his sentence slightly confused, "You want to join a /hero/ team and be a /hero/? No disrespect but I did a little checking and well, the reports say that you're into drugs and drug dissemination, sex, and <he motions to the floor> sex for profit as well as you were with the Night Shift, clearly a villain team on the West Coast. I'm not saying anything that you're doing is wrong, in fact it's all alleged. But X-Factor really isn't a safe house for mutants to run to when they want help from stronger oppressors. Plus, you'd have to use your powers for good against mutant villains - sort of like, allegedly, what you've been acting as during your career. Are you sure you want to be a good girl?"

She laughs. Oh, she does laugh. Deep throated and long. Sybil has to actually stop mixing her drink because of the laughter. "Oh… oh, no. I don't believe I will ever be a good girl. There is no fraternity of evil. We don't have super villain conventions. Or, at least, I have never been to one. I owe no loyalty to Magneto or the Mutant Liberation Front or the Brotherhood. I have no problem battling them."

"But like…" Alex questions with a furrowed brow that impiles confusion and he's trying to assertain her motives beyond hiding from the Maggia. "Is it your calling? Heroes are heroes because they want to help others. Unless they're heroes for hire and then they're working with Misty Knight, the Paladin, or Power Man and Iron Fist. Then they're getting paid to do it… not that we're not getting paid… but you know what I mean. We were heroes for free before we started for the government. I guess I gotta know if it's really in your heart to be a hero aside from just hiding from the Maggia?"

"Do you know what the Night Shift did?" Gypsy Moth asks, "It mostly struck at other criminals. We were responsible for more destruction to the criminal underworld on the west coast than the West Coast Avengers ever were." Sybil picks up her tumbler and takes a swallow of her whiskey sour. "It isn't as if your doors are closed to those with criminal pasts. Rogue. Wolverine…."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Alex sees that she's really not answering his question or implying that she has heroic traits. He states, "Actually, Wolverine and Rogue aren't on my team… but, I agree there's leeway for anyone to /turn over a new leaf/. But bringing me here and showing me what you're currently involved with doesn't imply new leaf. In fact, all you've really told me is that you want to join X-Factor is to avoid the smackdown from the Maggia. Even the Maggia crush other criminals and criminal organizations like your Night Shift did… when one criminal falls it opens up plenty of new territory for the victor to conquer and profit from."

"I suppose, the question is, are you willing to gamble? Perhaps I have heroic qualities." Sybil walks back over to her chair and settles down once more. "Perhaps I am lonely and seeking a community to which I can belong. Perhaps I can be redeemed, if only the right person takes an interest in me." She smiles. "I am a mutant, after all. Don't I deserve a chance at Xavier's dream?"

A smirk crosses his face as he suspects that she's playing him and he knows that he's playing the mutant dream card for equality and all that other crap. "Ok, let's go with what you're saying is true and you want to be a hero on my team. You know that we're registered, our ID's are public, and we have to present ourselves as good little mutants so people will like us. Not having sex clubs, pushing drugs, or what ever else you might be into. You willing to give that up and play nice?"

"My club? No. I keep my club." Sybil says, her expression growing serious. "I do not, believe it or not, push drugs here. In fact, I do not allow them. Bad for business. I outgrew that particular phase of my life years ago." She takes another sip of her drink. "I am happy to register as required. That makes little difference to me."

There's a slight nod of acceptance and Alex looks around the room pondering the situation, "Then I guess we'll leave it up to the government as to whether or not you can join and still keep your club. I'll be willing to give you a chance. So it's up to the team and the government. Fair enough?"

"The government doesn't need to know about my club." Sybil says. The room is remarkably isolated. The noise of the floor barely penetrates inside. "Especially since several members are rather high ranking members of the city and state government. Think of the advantage that gives you. My information network alone helps your team immeasurably." She finishes her drink. "Beyond that, yes, the terms are adequate."

She hit on a very positive note for Alex. He did not realize that city officials were involved. His right eyebrow raises in curiousity and then levels out as he realizes what she said and how much it could mean to the teams operations. "Oh…" is pretty much all he can say initially before saying, "Now that's news…" is added as his tone picks up.

Sybil touches the glass and the darkness fades, revealing the floor one more. "The gentleman in the harness? That's the city comptroller's personal assistant. The woman over there doing the striptease? An assistant district attorney. The very clean cut gentleman performing over there? One of the most powerful lobbyists in Albany." She smiles. "Come now, Alex. You are not a stupid man. You can't possibly believe the government isn't trying to screw you over… or won't try to at some point. At network such as mine can be very, very useful for when that day comes."

Looking where she points, Alex takes in the imagery below and now has names or labels to go with it. He smiles, "Damn…", which is an indication that he's impressed as well as agrees with her assessment. His arms unfold and he says, "Lemmie talk to my team, I'll run it through the right channels and I'll have your answer in a few hours."

"Excellent. You may reach me at this number." Sybil draws a business card from her bustier and offers it to Alex. "I look forward to hearing from you. I have moving men on standby to transport my belongings to your headquarters. As soon as you tell me where it is. After all, it is secret and nooooo one knows, yes?"

Alex takes the card and as her words play out he grins, "Oh totally. Just like no one knows where the White House is either." He'll not glance at the card, but pocket it and then start turning to walk away.

"I will talk to you soon." Sybil says. As Alex leaves the room, she turns to the window and taps her ear, activating the small bluetooth device there. "Bruiser, I believe His Honor has snuck in something from his private reserve. That has earned ten minutes in the penalty box. Probably did it on purpose. The naughty boy does love being punished. See to it, please."

Outside, the same young woman who escorted Alex in will escort him back to the surface. Just another day at The Club.

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