2012 05 21 I Aint Afraid Of No Ghosts

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Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

Mirage, Richenda Gray, Nightcrawler

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May 21, 2012

Theatre on Yancy Street, NYC

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Mirage and Richenda discover where Nightcrawler has been


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-==[ Yancy Street - New York ]==--------

One of the 'cancerous' areas of Manhattan island, the Lower East Side was originally built to house a number of poor immigrants. Unfortunately, it has remained a haven for the poor ever since.
Old buildings, some in pretty bad condition, can be found in this area of Manhattan. The famous displays of sidewalk vendors and ethnic restaurants shown in the 1920's still exist here, but at night, this is one of the worst crime areas in the city.
Strangely enough, one of the more popular attractions of the area is a museum. This museum is actually the first tenement building which existed on Manhattan. This strange monument to poverty just emphasizes the blight hanging over this area.
Lower East Side continues to the north, along Yancy Street, and to the northeast, to the Bowery. Chinatown lies to the west.

Richenda Gray
Obvious Exits:

Between the odd activity here of regular street vendors and the odd museum still in existence, there is a street level corner shop that was up until recently boarded over. Even as the boards have come down one is left to ponder if its actually open or of local teens have reopened it for their own amusements. Plastered on the walls is the fortelling of a ghost show and other oddities. If one is truly curious, they might notice the street level windows from the basement level, while covered in grime, actually have bars behind them as well (that is, bars on the inside behind the windows). But again, with the crime rate that might not be too uncommon in this part of town.
Still the front door being slightly ajar, there has been recent activity at this location and if anyone is following and trails of the ghost containment rumors, this location seems to match up, especially with the oddity posters of ghost shows. Still, the posters look aged and ripped, but this could be on purpose because they're on the top layer of any other signs and posters on the walls of this building.

Talk of ghost-trapping doesn't draw Chenda Gray like a fly, but it does bring her looking around, not something flies are known for. The gypsy girl has something of a native interest in such things, and is taking advantage of some time off to look up the latest signs of such. A ghost show sounds like the kind of place that would draw them, all right!
Only, now that she's here, the signs aren't hopeful. "Ghost show… I think the show's a ghost itself, the way this place looks," she mutters, frowning at the barred windows. "Still, /somebody's/ been snooping around. Maybe business is picking up again." The gypsy girl steps forward, peeking in through the slightly-ajar door.
Inside it looks like this was at one time a small theatre, maybe even a dinner theatre, hard to tell as the lobby is all that looms into view when peeking into the door ajar. Though there is some activity beyond the double doors going into the theatre itself, as if setting things up for an actual show but skeleton crew at best (figuratively). Maybe the director/producer/owner barking orders and one or two serving as stage crew/electricians/technical/etc.
Nothing out of the ordinary … not until one of the skeleton crew is seen pushing a circular cage like contraption on wheels through the lobby. It looks like a pod from the 80s version of The Fly, but more open. Three arms extending from the bottom like a claw around a cylindrical space and what could be wire around the outside of it about 2' apart. With some glass panes here and there. As it wheels across there is an ethereal being inside that looks hopelessly lost. At about the time this is noticed the leader of this operation rushes out, barking, "I told you not here, get that thing down in the cells below with the others, use the stage elevator." Pointing where to go, and the crew member follows, taking the wispy being right along.

After their last aborted trip into Manhattan, Dani decided to make up for it by "allowing" herself to be dragged out on another one. She may have grumbled at first, but mentally she knew after her unexpected trip to Mexico and then the scouting trip to Limbo she needed a day off. So now she finds herself following the young woman around the streets of Manhattan. She has pretty much let the girl decide where they are going and what they are doing, she's just along for the ride.
Following Chenda into the run down building, she looks around, a shiver running down her spine "Something is not right here." she whispers to Chenda as she watches the apparatus being quickly wheeled away.

"No kidding… you're trembling, Dani," Chenda whispers. She knows Mirage just well enough to know that scaring her is a hard thing to do. For her part, she's not exactly sanguine, either. Dark buildings aren't her favorite places, not anymore. But the sight of the celled spirit brings another emotion to the forefront: Anger. "And that's a trapped ghost if ever I've seen one! Let's follow those ghost-nappers!" she hisses, quietly pushing the door open enough to slip through, and sliding smoothly into the shadowy interior of the building.

Dani is sensing things that are beyond the keen of normal humans…her valkyrie sense is tingling, and she isn't liking the sensation. Scared…well /maybe/ a little, indignant that the poor souls aren't being allowed to move on, damn straight, and a lot. "Yes, and there are more. I can feel them..I hear their souls screaming for relase." her anger can be easily heard in her voice.

With the spirit being taken off and secured elswhere, the director is back to preparing the main theatre area. The lobby is vacant. Going through the extended door jamb, it opens up into what was once a grand, if not small, lobby. Old velvet ropes on metal braces to guide lines to old popcorn machines, snow machines and the like, tucked againt the front of the building - hence the larger door jamb to serve as a wall there. There are actually three sets of double doors for the theatre entrance on the back side of the lobby. Two sets of stairs to either side of those doors with a small balcony. On one side of the stairs is a door way and for anyone that knows theatres, that's probably the front entrance to the sub level - storage, ready rooms, etc.

"Well, it was a show /once/," Chenda whispers, noting the details. "Looks like that's the way downstairs," she adds, pointing out the door next to the stairs. "Walk soft. Old floors creak sometimes." She edges the door open just enough to peek inside. Wouldn't do to walk right into the arms of some old movie monster!

Mirage stares at Chenda, not beleiving that the /girl/ just warned /her/ about squeky floorboards and sneaking "I have done this before you know." she follows the girl through the building, her footfalls soft and avoiding loose floorboards.

The stairs going down haven't been used in a while, cobwebs coat them, some old theatre litter - past sets, old posters, carboard, etc - covers them but one can get down to the basement. It too has old theatre litter about, but the way to the catacombs of storage below the theatre proper seems to have a locked door on it which is an odd place for a lock at this point in the theatre. If only listens, eventually a moan is heard from beyond the doors. Then a more real voice responds, "Remember, indoor voices … that is, human like …" Its not a command and has a taint of familiarity to it.

"Sorry, but no, I /don't/ know. I wasn't with you then," Chenda ripostes, softly pushing the door open so they can get through. She edges to the side of the stairs, up against the wall where the old wood steps won't creak so much. She makes a quiet trip down, pausing at the door for a listen and a look.
Correction: Pausing a the /locked/ door. "Great…" she mutters. "Our first lock that works. And me without a bobby pin."

Dani just gives a sigh as she moves down the stairs, scanning the various old decor and litter. Stopping at the old locked door she listens at it frowning at the voices on the other side. "Here." she tells Chenda as she reaches under her wide head band and pulls a bobby pin from her hair. With hair as long as hers she is bound to have one or two or several dozen keeping her hair pinned back.

Chenda glances back at the word, and her dark eyes widen at the sight of the styling tool. "Ooh… thank you!" And she makes a couple of bends in it and goes to work on that lock. This thing looks ancient. Maybe the old tricks Pete taught her will work on it!

The pause for the pin is long enough to hear a few loud clangs that could be rationalized as the other containment having been brought down and the ghost put where it is supposed to be. One might make a guess at larger containment units down here based on size and location, so the 'guest' has been transitioned from the portable unit to a real unit most likely. The familiar voice, "What's news John?" The reply, "Kings took a 3 game lead over coyotes, your friends, the Devils, play tomorrow to break the 1-game tie." Response again, "Why do they have to be mein fruends? Maybe they are your's John." A grunt of a chuckle, "Enough out of you, boss won't like it if we keep this up." A bang on a cage or something, more silence. Then an ethereal voice, "Why am I always next to the devil?" Familiar voice again, "Ja, human and the deceased alike, I tell you, no respect." Voices go quiet again. The lock finally gives to the pin as silence returns to the world below the theatre. It clicks and seems a little rusty, it doesn't just pop open.

Watching as Chenda works on the lock, Mirage continues to listen to the door. "That's Kurt…" she gives a perplexed look "But it couldn't be Kurt. But why would he be here?" she pauses thoughtfully, "He has been AWOL for awhile…" the decides that it must be KUrt, considerning he was just called a 'devil. "Looks like our little trip has become a rescue mission, Chenda." she assumes no one she knows would be her of their own free will.

"Yes… you're right, Dani," Chenda whispers in a surprised and suddenly worried voice, pausing with the pin to listen. "I've got to wait a sec… I don't dare pick this without them making some noise, or they'll hear this rusty old lock popping. Have you got a scarf? Or a sweater? Jacket? Something I can wrap the knob in to keep the noise down?"

The voice of the presumed stage crew that wheeled the cage down is gone in the ensuing quite. There is an occasional moan which could be some words from one of the ghosts which is followed by the quiet. Finally the coherent ghost voice picks up again, "If I were alive, I'd exorcise you, you know?" A silence, then the fuzzy german accent, "If I were a devil, I might devour your soul - and since you're living challenged, I would be able to actually do it, if I were really a devil …" A harrumph sound from the ghostly side of the conversation and quiet again.

Dani has her wide, red head scarf, which she pulls off and hands over to the young woman. It leaves her hair a bit messy but at the moment there are more important things to worry about. "I think they left the room. But we still need to be careful. We probably still have surprise on our side but that won't matter if we are seriously outnumbered."

"Thanks… and for the record, I still think you have gorgeous hair," Chenda says with a grin, accepting the scarf and carefully wrapping it a couple times around the neck of the knob and tying it. She goes back to work on the lock, working the pin around a bit to loosen the sticky components. "On the plus side, in this darkness, my flash-bangs will /really/ hurt if they come back and find us here."

Quietness ensues on the other side. The luck unsticks on the inside eventually, just need to pop it off on account of the rust, but that's a matter of hitting it. The door is a little stuck too can be assisted to open, pushing in to the rooms below the theatre itself. When this is done, one can see that the center is an aisle and there are side compartments, set up this way as theatre storage originally with thick walls every that look like small cells - originally part of the support structure for the main building itself but literally converted into cells now. What was once open walls facing the center aisle of this storage space are now cell doors of the same odd mixed wire-glass encasements as the transport pod device. The walls also having been lined with the wire if one takes note - and if one takes further note at the street level windows (in the area under the lobby) they might note similar wires going to the bars there. The rooms are indeed housing the deceased, recent and otherwise, minus one cell holding a fuzzy blue elf who seems to be drifting off to sleep. Little is provided in the way of comfort for the elf or the deceased.

"Muy bueno…" Chenda whispers triumphantly, unlatching the door and pushing it inward a bit before she unties Dani's scarf and passes it back to her. Then she slowly pushes the door open enough to look inside, then all the way open. "Dani, you /gotta/ see this place. It's like a prison for ghosts! And then she catches sight of the very much alive occupant of one cell. "And one German goblin!"

Patience has always been a struggle for Mirage and she does her best not to rush Chenda with the lock. She urges the girl to stop talking and continue on with the lock when starts to chatter.
Once the door is unlocked and open Mirage wastes no time in going in and looking through the cells "Poor, tortured souls." she says under her breath as she passes down the cell lined corrider and stops in front of the only one with a living occupant "A little early for bed time..isn't it?" she asks the familar occupant.
Wolfsbane pages: Rar rar rar

It is indeed a prison for ghosts, or spirits actually. Some seem to be ye olde residual type of a haunt, doing the same thing they did in life. Only stopping oddly when they hit the wall, then retrying - just day to day stuff. Others turn and look, a whisper of 'who is it, who is this guest' sort of thing catching on. Then of course there are the other types of spirits. A few whispers of 'Yes … we've been expecting … so lovley … so tasty' caught up by the two or three malicious type but others whisper the names of the new arrivals with their strange spirit intuition, thus 'Danielle and Richenda' are picked up by the spirits of ill intent.
The fuzzy face perks up, "Heilige Kuh! - It is about time back up has arrived!" Kurt is getting up from his near sleep to come to the cell front, ignoring the voices even though his neighbor has joined in, "Oh, the devil has friends," and side whispers to the residual ghost trying to fry eggs next to him, "Satan Worshippers," as if that explains it all. A smile grows on the blue face, cannines becoming exposed in his growing excitement.

The gypsy girl looks around in unabashed wonder at the strange spirit-trap cells. "How'd they /do/ this? I mean, don't ghosts walk through walls?" The creepy whisperings don't make her shiver, but she doesn't look at those ghosts for long.
And then Mirage speaks to Kurt. Chenda smiles brightly and relievedly, seeing that Kurt recognizes them. "Sorry… took a while to track this place down. Are you all right? Could you move if we busted you out?"
She glances at his neighbor. "Huh? We're not devil-worshippers, we're mutants! And so's he! And we're gonna get you out of here." Not that she has much hope of convincing this Bible-thumper, not with her obvious gypsy features, but hey, she can try! "Now we just have to figure out how to open these cages…"

"Next time leave a note and we may come looking sooner." Mirage then studies the cells "I would ask why you just didn't teleport out, but I think the answer is obvious." if the cells can prevent an incoporal entity from escaping it isn't much of a leap to preventing teleports as well "Chenda, look for a control panel or something." she gestures to the opposite end of the hallway. And if there is another door make sure it is secured from entry. I'll look at this end." she then gestures where they came from.

Taking him in more, its apparent he wasn't planning on this either - he's in civvies. Dirty, unchanged, but civvies just the same. "Note to self, leave notes whenever I do something. Uh, Richenda, got some paper, I'm about to be rescued and need to leave a note in here, just in case." But Kurt's chuckling the same, anticipation perhaps. Richenda's new friend looks dubious about this mutant business, but doesn't want to offend would be rescuers. To the frying pan ghost next to him, he intones, "Beggers cannot be choosers old friend, even if trollops come to rescue one, we may not look gift horses in the mouth." Then he keeps quiet, as quiet as he can.
Should one study the grid, there is a box near the stage lift that is connected to all the wires. This could indeed turn them off one might suppose, either flipping the correct switch or simply cutting the main power that goes to that box somehow. As for the cages, they can simply be opened but one needs corpereal hands to maniuplate the handles - save Kurt's cage which has a padlock on it, most likely from the nearest Ace or local hardware store.

"First devil-worshippers, now trollops? We come to rescue the nicest people," Chenda muses, with a narrow-eyed look at the Bible-thumper. She turns away to look where Mirage says. "Well… there /are/ a lot of wires going into this thing. Maybe there's a power switch." She moves to take a better look. "Surely they'll mark the ones that turn stuff on and off. How'd they use it otherwise?"

Having not expected her trip to Manhattan to come to this, Mirage is woefully under equipped, not a single weapon on her that she could use to open the padlock on the cell door "Or you could just start pulling wires. Your choice." she then begins to walk down the corrider and opens the doors of the ghosts that are aware of what is goign on.

Those that are aware come out immediately, come giving thanks, some asking for doors of the seemingly incoherent to be opened as well. It would seem the self aware ghosts try to help them as much as they can - like a loved one with alzheimer's. There is a warning towards a couple of the cells, those filled with malicious spirits. Kurt kindly awaits the power grid, or some portion thereof, to go down. There are switches on the box, not well labelled. One saying stage, another staying stage two, one saying ghosts, and a couple unlabelled ones just the same. One can follow the main lead on this power box to another room where a larger switch may be in wait, but that is probably for the entire building, right were city utilities has its lead in.

"Stage… ghosts… not a lot to choose from." Chenda glances at the main lead going away to another room. "And that doesn't look that promising, either." She looks down at the panel again, back at the cells, and flips the switch marked 'Ghosts'. "Here goes… /everything/!"

As a valkyrie Mirage isn't to worried about malicious spirits, and once Chenda figures it out they will all be free anyway so by the time that the switch is flipped all the cell doors are open "Give 'em hell boys." she says as the last door is opened and Chenda flips the switch. Her meaning should be obviously clear, now they the spirits are free they should go take thier cosmic revenge on the ones that captured them.

Everything goes indeed, at least as far as the prisoners are concerned. Kurt is free though, he just bamfs out of his cell, "Whew, that was trying but …" He begins and the other ghosts begin to leave. Those spirits of the malicous sorts are now free and the other ghosts have no mind to stick around for that, those who haven't gone off to deal with their captors are leaving quicklike right now.. Despite being unaware, even the residual type ghosts seem to know to leave the room. One of the malicious spirits heads straight for the power box, another has gone into the wiring already and the lights are flickering in this room, threatening darkness. While another has vanished, but the sounds of a woman screaming or a child crying. Kurt moves to be closer to Richenda and Dani, "I don't think we should stick around, I don't think they'll separate us from the other humans … know what I mean?"

Chenda doesn't cheer, but, seeing the ghosts suddenly freed, she does a few cheerleader bounces, thowing her fist in the air. Then she hurries back to Kurt and Dani. "Okay, this is getting too creepy, even for me! Shall we go?"
Fortunately, Kurt's prepared to oblige, once she touches and disintegrates the lock on his cell door. Once the three can join hands, there's a *BAMF*… and the only thing in the wildly flickering room to show that they were ever there is a faint smell of sulfur.

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