2012 05 21 Ghosthunter Aftermath

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Ghosthunter Aftermath

Nightcrawler, Richenda Gray, Warpath and Mirage

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Midtown, Manhattan

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The day after Kurt is found, the three meet up and Mirage gets a visit from Warpath


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They escaped the ensuing madness that took over the theatre as the malicious spirits took their revenge. Whatever really happened, the good news of it is no one is dead or missing from what anyone can tel. In the preceeding escape, eventually Richenda went on to do whatever student things she does in NYC while Kurt informed Dani he would like some time before reporting back in to Alex about his whereabouts. After some rest on Kurt's part, he meets back up with Dani in Midtown, wanting to do some shopping and try to feel normal perhaps. Though, he's still trying the natural blue thing - something that, given his history, isn't easy to do. Not that it isn't easy, he prefers being his natural self, just with so many people around he isn't sure of how some might react. Still, when it comes down to it, he finds the cafe they said they would catch up at and has found a table before hand on the street side of things in the alfresco patio outside the cafe.

There Kurt sits, a steaming cafe latte in hand, with him blowing off the steam and sipping at the whipped milk/cream covered with cinnamon. Blue to the world in civilian styled clothes. A loose, button up shirt with short sleeves, comfortable (loose) fitting slacks of some sort and he's actually taken some time to wear shoes. Looks like he had a long bath to clean up after his stay with the ghost captors.

Wandering into the cafe, carrying several bags from a brief bit of shopping on 5th avenue is Dani, right on time. Her gaze scans the sitting area and she nods when she sees Kurt waiting for her and heads over to the table "You are looking better." setting the bags down under the table she goes to order her own beverage from the person at the counter then comes back to sit as it is prepared "You must have quite a story to tell.

He grins warmly at the looking better comment and Kurt gives a nod when Dani truly joins him at the table and indicates a story to tell. "Ja, something like that. I don't know if I should because its involves mistakes on my part, which lead to me being captured." As if that could be the end of it. But then, "Wenn ich stumpfe … I was looking into the matter for Amanda, the ghost trouble. I helped Herr Stanek discover he could trap teleports I suppose." Leaning forward, "Though, I don't think he fully realizes what he has, it wasn't the cage I was trapped in but the cage served more like an anchor. He could rework the device to something smaller to merely hold teleporters in place, but his mind only grasps the cage as a holding device currently." Not to mention he's not someone with the ability to teleport.

"Mistakes? Please Kurt, you are by no means alone when it comes to making mistakes. Ask Alex about Madripoor when we get back." she nods her thanks when her tea is brought to her and sips it quietly as Kurt continues his story. "Sounds like he could be trouble in the future, especially if he discovers exactly what he has. Maybe we should have captured him while we had the chance.

With a slight brow lift, Kurt concedes on mistakes, everyone's made theres. He's probably not so ashamed of them, but it paints a less heroic story than he'd like to tell. He does seem to take mental note of Madripoor as he listens to the rest. Setting his coffee down, but keeping his hand on the cup, he leans back in his chair a little, just enough to allow his tail mobility while looking semi-normal 'relaxed.' "I think it was all accident mostly. From what I gather, he was a ghost hunter, like in those TV shows, where they use IR cameras or whatever and look at dust specks that they call orbs. I'm surprised how quick he tried to capitalize on it thought, once he realized he had something that real. I don't know about capturing him," not quite in Kurts nature, despite their job with the government even, "But, if your friends didn't change his mind on the topic, maybe we should consider a visit to destroy what he has and make it more difficult for him to think about starting another ghost circus."

Dani sips more of her tea, grinning at his description of the popular ghost hunting programs. "Only he went from ghost hunter to ghost trapper." her hand tightens on her cup, but fortunatly it is to sturdy for it to break. "I think we should consider going to smash his equipment whether he has changed his mind or not." what the man did goes against not only her native american nature, but the valkyrie side of her as well "What he did was abhorrent, not only to you but to the lost souls he captured.

Seated at the small midtown cafe's alfesco patio, Kurt and Dani are enjoying some coffees as they talk quietly. "Abhorrent yes, but in ignorance. His world went from looking for proof of afterlife and spirits, something we take for granted in what we know, to having it not only confirmed." Though he smiles a little, "But I am definitely up for some destroying the equipment he has - and possibly any data stored in computers that are left." Rolling his coffee cup slightly on the table, he doesn't lift it just yet, "I admit, I was starting to look forward to performing again - he figured out who I was, wanted to throw me in the show." A wistful sigh, "I need to get back in shape though, that small cage wasn't enough to maintain adequate work outs, my diet was reduced. I need to get back into the swing of things, so to speak."

"You want to perform," Dani points in the direction of Broadway "There are plenty of theatres auditioning. In fact Cirque would probably kill for an acrobatist of your skills." she shakes her head "Though it would have given you a chance to escape. You would have been removed from the cage. I doubt he had the whole building wired." she swirls the tea a bit "At least it didn't look like it from the holding cells.

"Much as you rock the 'starving German student' look, Kurt, I'll be more than glad to help you get back in performing condition," comes a familiar voice, as Chenda casually vaults over the low iron decorative railing surrounding the cafe patio. She's clad in a pair of denim cutoff jeans with the legs rolled up for hems, a white tanktop, and a gray, turquoise-trimmed hoodie with the sleeves rolled up. Her usual red high-tops hit the concrete and carry her to the table Kurt and Dani share. "Hi, Dani! I checked the newspapers; nothing about our little adventure's hit the presses. I don't think that place had cameras, either, so it looks like we're safely out of the public eye," she adds, slipping into an unoccupied chair and opening a bottle of orange soda.

"This is true," grins Kurt, about the potential chance for escape, "I imagine the stage had something prepared to hold the ghosts, but I would of seen more of the theatre too. All in all, who knows what would of happened …" Then Chenda is amongst them and Kurt is grinning more, "Ah, Knuddlechen, yes, I need a good workout or two and some calories, perhaps Chenda of the Pink and Gray would share a meal with me - simply for training purpose." His grin suggest he's not thinking about training at all. Towards Dani, "I imagine some of the stage was wired to prevent performing ghosts from wandering too far, but if I had found some escape during my performance, no telling if the real haunts would of escaped and what could of happened to a live audiance, ja? I mean, if they're done with Herr Stanek, hopefully they retunred to their old haunts and aren't sticking around in the city to torment more of the living."

With no intention of sneaking upon the trio, James Proudstar crosses the patio in plain view. The eyes he wishes to catch are those of Danielle Moonstar. As it's been some time since they've encountered one another. Likely when they were in their teens and she was assigned to the Hellions (because Magneto couldn't deal with the clinically depressed New Mutants after their Beyonder encounter/slaughter/resurrection).

Currently James wears boots, blue-jeans, and a tight fighting black tshirt. His hair is pulled back in a pony and maintained in a leather thong. His face bares a calm demeanor, one that implies he seeks only former friendship or those of his own kind with which to talk.

It's likely he'll be noticed (being 6'8") before he can approach the table to speak.

Nodding at the young girl as she approaches, Dani offers her a smile "Hi, Chenda. Not surprising, it's not like we set out to be noticed. A nice, clean rescue, exactly what we always want," slight pause, "but so rarely ever get." her gaze goes between Kurt and Chenda as the banter "Maybe another grill out?" she suggests as she sips the last of her tea. As she gets up to go get a refill her gaze falls on James, several emotions flick across her face before she settles on what she hopes is a neutral expression. She waits until he is close before addressing him "Hello James. This is unexpected.

"She would," Chenda replies with a grin, enjoying the banter. "And some gym time tomorrow." She smiles at Dani at the suggestion. "That's a great idea! Some pressure-releasing and good food all in one. Know any good barbecuers?"

And then Mirage looks over her shoulder, her face going into surprised emotional contortions. Chenda follows her gaze, dark eyes widening once she sees what Dani did. "Um, hi!" she says brightly, with a bright smile and a wave, though her eyes grow a touch pained right after the words leave her mouth.

"Yes, gym time, and a barbecue," says Kurt agreeing to everything. "The agreement for a dinner between us two I will hold it to you as well." A slight chuckle then, as Dani gets up and his eyes notice the approach and the exchange. The other he might recognize, at best, from files and images but no first hand accounts. So he doesn't join the exchange and leaves that in Dani's hands for the now. Instead he focuses on the person next to him, as if letting that other conversation go where it may. "I'm glad you were amongst the recuers, I mean Chenda and Dani, how lucky could one man be to be rescued by so charming a team?"

James pauses at the table near to Kurt while facing Dani. A nod will be all that he offers in greeting to those at the table beyond Dani. In this case, Dani his his focus and he will address her directly, "Hello Danielle. I was hoping we could talk.". His tone reserved with a hint of trouble behind the intent.

"Consider it held by me, too," Chenda replies, and giggles at Kurt's compliment. "Dani was the brains. I just got the door open, flipped a switch, and provided running commentary. Quietly, of course," she replies, giving the credit for the mission's success to Dani. After all, never hurts to make a girl look good to a man with which she shares obvious history. The gypsy girl can tell at a glance.

Dani tugs on one of her braids, a nervous tell for anyone who has known her for any signficant length of time "Of course." she glances at Kurt and Chenda a slight frown at the latter before turning her attention back to James "I was going to get a refill, we can grab an empty table and you can tell me what we have to talk about." she winces as she says it realizing that it sounded different in her head "What you would like to discuss." she corrects.

"Not to mention your natural good looks," grins Kurt on the whole rescue mission thing. He keeps a wandering eye towards Dani and Jimmy, simply as one teammate would do for another in the circumstance even though his conversational attention is at the table. Not like he has super hearing or something and could even try to listen in, unlike some people present. Nope, just him and the girl next to him. "Its not about who flipped the switches, its the willingness to pitch in that counts you know." Seeing as he's not faculty and it doesn't need to devolve too much, "Enough of that nonsense, looks like I get you alone," in public at a table near the iron railings, "Oh, what to do with you, so much sinister thoughts come to mind you know." He is in good spirits considering his extended check in at the Hotel California.

A nod of acceptance is given by James who will turn away and look for an empty table. Once spotted, he will move in that direction. He'll wait for her return and taking a seat before sitting himself.

His massive frame causes the iron chair to squeak, but it does not fail. Instead, he settles in and leans forward with elbows upon the table and a more expressive look in his eye of growing concern. "Sam said he visited you a few weeks ago. Said that you were on a team. I trust you Danielle. Which is why I come to you now. Cable broke our team up into three groups. I was pared with Feral - no idea where she is right now. Berto and Sam were in a group, and Shatterstar and Domino were together. He sent us on various sub missions to retrieve components which is for something he's building to take down Stryfe."

"We thought the mission was going as planned. But Sam and Berto didn't return as scheduled. Feral and I were sent on another raid and he took Domino and Shatterstar on a recon/rescue. Feral and I got back to the base and inside of a day we begun to worry. That's when Shatterstar showed up. Severly injured. He said that they were attacked and seperated. Feral flipped out, took off without having a clue where to go. I had to take care of Shatterstar's wounds and couldn't pursue."

"The scent that Shatterstar was covered in was from the Savage Land. I was hoping that you had a means to get down there - your X-friends, maybe the jet. Otherwise I'll be flying for days and that'll take too long."

"Yeah, but credit where it's due," Chenda replies. "Dani /did/ do most of the work." Not, of course, that she's immune to Kurt's idea of having her alone, stifling a giggle and leaning a little closer. "Kurt, we're in /public/," she whispers. "You're awfully frisky for a guy that just got out of ghost jail."

Sitting at the table across from James, Dani rolls the empty cup between her hands, nodding at the mention of the visit from her former team mate. Whatever apprehension she felt before fades as the story unfolds. Her own brow furrows and her hands still and once more tighten around the cup. Despite what has occured in the past between them, she would stop at nothing to help her former team mates in the same way she would her current ones "X-Factor has already pledged to help in any means necessary, we have just been waiting for the call. We can leave as soon as he get back to the school and inform Alex of the situation.

"So, you're saying to behave," ponders Kurt, hands on table but scooching just the same towards Richenda. This leaves his tail to do what it may, and it finds her at the chair, teasing at her side, but threatening to slip around her back - if one counts that as a threatening move, a tail embrace. "Yes, I was so lonely in ghost prison, I've been so long without female companionship. Leaves a man with desires, wants, needs to be fulfilled," his voice a little deeper, like some bad soap opera, but mirth in his yellow eyes. "No telling what I might do with all these woman readily available around me." Regular people in a cafe, no one throwing their bodies at anyone here - except Kurt propbably.

His dark eyes do not stray from her own. They appear pensive, anxious, ready to leap upon some unsuspecting prey. Perhaps it's a translation of every muscle within his body, tight, bound, restricted and in need of release. A moment of silence passes between them before he finally states, "Thank you, Danielle. It is a debt of blood that I ask, and I will gladly repay."

Chenda doesn't stiffen in surprise when Kurt uses his tail for that unconventional embrace, but she does glance down betrayingly. "Naughty boy," she whispers, dark eyes twinkling with playful good humor. "Plenty of women around, but not one of them knows what you really look like… 'cept little knuddelchen."

She leans close, glancing curiously over at Dani and James. "I'm a little in the dark, though. Who's Dani's friend?" Even her sense for people can't tell her that much.

Reaching across the table Dani places a hand over one of James'. Hers probably looking dainty in comparasion "Relax." she says calmly, doing her best to radiate a sense of calm despite her on amped up emotions over the whole situation "Let's not talk about debt or repayment. If anything Styrfe and his group owe us. It is them that should be made to pay, and they will." she smiles tentatively "What you ask is the least of what I would do for an old friend.

His tail does embrace more warmly, no tickling, or not much at least, as they lean in and seem to enter into quiet playful banter. "That is something you hold over them," he grins, "One of many things you hold over them that makes you knuddelchen." His eys follow hers then to the other table. "That is James Proudstar, his brother was an X-man, when Dani's group came to the school he was with another school outfit under Emma Frost, the one Selene is trying to reopen." He doesn't comment more on the topic of schools for the moment, no need to let her know about the reincarnation of the Hellions probably. "He's with a group called X-Force. You may have heard of them from the media, billed as a terrorist group. X-Factor is helping them, somewhat, on the grounds of a mutual bigger threat currently."

As her hand is placed upon his, he covers her hand with his other. They are warm and strong with a hint of courseness to them (likely from gripping weapons or tossing boulders for fun).

Soft, and more relaxed words pass from his lips, "Thank you.". Releasing her hand, James stands and will say, "I'll be at your place in two hours." then turns and walks away without need of further words or exchange.

"James Proudstar… I've heard of X-Force, but to meet one of their members, that's something else," Chenda says. Of course, the disappointment is immediate when he walks off without a word. The gypsy girl's emotive face slumps into a frump. "Aw… he has to be the strong, silent type, doesn't he?" she asks nobody in particular, leaning a little more into Kurt's side for both physical and emotional comfort.

Even as she leans over, his head naturally inclines, leaning against her just the same. Kurt ponders that, "I couldn't say really, never met him. Only what's on file. I mean, strong and silent I give him that much on the surface." He too watches the other walk away, tries to gauge Dani's reaction. Then ponders his eyes turning to look at Chenda, "Wait, strong and silent is a good thing, I should work on those traits?" As if talkative, witty and not super musclare were good things up until just this very moment, but he might be joking just the same.

Dani nods in confirmation and watches as James gets up and walks away. She sits in thought for a few moments before getting up and heading back over to where Kurt and Chenda sit and flirt with each other "Really you two?" she questions seeing how cuddling the two have gotten, she then rolls her eyes "We've got a mission." she states to Kurt "I'm heading back to prep Alex, get Chenda back to the school." she then turns from the table, letting out a sharp whistle, which is quickly answered by a horse whinney in the distance. Sure the arrival of a pegasus draws stares, but she is in a hurry and it is the quickest way back.

Chenda chuckles. "No, it's just kind of annoying sometimes. I'd hoped he'd at least introduce himself. I mean, might be working with him sometime, if I ever get to do anything with the teams." She's done a grand total of one thing, did that well, and it's been pretty much ignored by half the faculty since, a fact that aggravates her to no end. Kurt might be able to discern that, as her hand against his stomach clenches for a moment in anger.
But then Dani's back. "Wait, a mission? Can I come? I could help!" she says, sitting up instantly.
Too late. The Native American woman is not only not listening, she's calling for a taxi! Chenda's eyes widen when the 'taxi' arrives. Normally those don't come in shining white and with hooves and wings! "Whoa…" And in a leap and a few bounds, Dani and the pegasus are gone without answering her question. Just another day as one of the unappreciated students of the Xavier School!

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