2012 05 21 Fuzzy Meets Shorty

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Fuzzy Meets Shorty

Nightcrawler and Krista

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Swindler's Cove - Manhattan

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A pleasant meeting of Nightcrawler and Krista


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A rarely visited spot of renewed green space, Swindler's Cove at best serves as a hiding place for local elementary school kids from Public School 5 - an language arts magnet school, or the nearby George Washington Campus - a public high school. However, as school is in session and no one has ditched, its relatively quiet. Nightcrawler, having gone somewhat public as a member of X-Factor, is enjoying a moment as his fuzzy blue self, but still out of the public mainstream by keeping to this park. A long getaway from X-Factor operations, its a day out for him as he strolls through the park. Short sleeve shirt, shorts, no shoes, hands partially thrust into pockets as he walks near the waters edge, perhaps imagining the days when swindlers really did use this area to conduct busines.

If one didn't look closely enough, or seen her from a distance, the young woman known as Krista could probably be mistaken for one (elementary student.) She sits on the edge of the walk, legs dangling down toward the water, though they don't quite reach, she drapes her arms over the lower railing of the fence that lines the walkway and is supposedly supposed to keep people from falling in. Sitting on the walk beside her is a violin case.

Walking in her direction, Kurt decides to try and be amiable. Thus, before passing behind her or even getting near personal space, he calls out in a conversational voice, "If its a tommy gun you have, I'm not carrying a wallet." Then he produces a smile in case she turns about, "But if its really a violin, I'm curious why you've brought it out here to look at the water with you." He keeps his smile towards light so all his teeth aren't exposed so much. His tail flickers briefly, as if testing the wind or the waters, much like his voice tests the winds of conversation with this short woman.

A hand goes to the case "It's just a violin." she replies before turning to look over her right shoulder, though when she sees it is a fuzzy blue person her head turns to look over her left shoulder instead. She is obviously trepindatious about this newcomer but she lifts one shoulder "It wanted to show the sea gulls whose boss?"

"The voilin had a vendetta against the gulls, ja?" He ponders to see if he's following along. Kurt keeps aware of her personal space after the apprenhensive look over her left shoulder. "It asked you here, but you're now unsure if you should bring it out - least the birds summon their friends in this battle of the …" He leaves it there not sure if he's on the right track, or if he was, what sort fo battle it would even be.

Krista cants her head at his summation, the breifest of grins lifts the corners of her mouth, but it never reaches the steel colored eye that stares at him, without having so much as blinked. "Actually I have an audition in a little while. I was just taking a moment to clear my head before hand..and hoping that my judges don't find my playing as appealing as sea gull crys.

"The secret before doing something like that," says Kurt, "Is to not think about it before you do it." Without question for the moment, he moves to take a spot next to the edge, grabbing the barrier rail or chain with his tail to assist his transition to sitting. "I guess I can't comment on it that much,I don't play an instrument. But when I used to perform, I would find something else to think about before I went on to perform."

Watching him move to sit near, she edges over to make room for him between the evenly spaced vertical railings, "If only that was easy." she stares down at the water for a moment, before breifly lifting her head to look at him, "What kind of performing did you do then?

"I was in a Bavarian Circus," he intones, looking across the river here at the city across from them. Kurt ponders a moment then turns back to look at the girl, "I was an acrobat, well I guess I still aim, but I don't do it for entertainment anymore. Its more like a job, the kind you have to do and don't always get paid for it. Such is life, ja? That and I'm sure you could beat sea gulls hands down - I mean, they have no hands to play the instrument." He holds up his three fingered hands with the large fingers, "I should know, my fine motor skills leave something to be desired. I shall never play a violin as well as you have and I know this without ever having heard you play."

Krista nods at his rhetorical question about life "You were in the circus, I've been told to join the circus.." she pauses "more times then I can count." she stares at the hand he holds up. At this distance it could be noticed that the pupil in her left eye seems to dilate indepently of the one of the right, if someone was paying attention to that sort of thing.

"You should," chuckles Kurt, "But I say it with reasons different than you may have heard before. It is a wonderful experience, assuming you have a good ring master with the right intentions. There are chances you take there as well. But the circus was a great experience for me. I was known as the amazing Nightcrawler then, for a time I was the draw of the circus." Eyes distant a moment, he doesn't comment about if he noticed the interesting dilation or not, the come back to focus on the short woman next to him. "Back then, they thought I was but a human in a costume. They know better now. But, its a great experience, good people. Like gypsies - we'll, my family was gypsies, but cirucs gypsies I guess, they wanted to perform."

"Well if all else fails it is something to look into at the very least." the corners of Krista's mouth turn up slightly, which is probably the closest she comes to a smile "Circus people for family. I can see how that could have some pros and cons to it. Life probably never gets boring for one, but I can imagine privacy isn't something you get much?

"I've not thought much about that," says Kurt, "I mean, I don't think much of privacy I guess, but its how I was raised. I can't think about being alone and silence - its not my forte, ja. Astute observation that one. You should be a psychologist, in case the cicus doesn't pan out either. Circus is the only family I have known, I was adopted into it, and took to it just the same I guess. Maybe I should get a violin for myself?"

Krista hmmms thoughfully, "I haven't gotten much of it in the last couple of years either, and since the last couple of years is all I remember…well I guess I'm not much used to it either." she glances up as the chimes on a nearby clock tower signal the hour "I guess that means I should head off to my audition." she gets to her feet, using the railing to assist her. It creaks in protest at the abuse, which is ignored by her "It was nice talking to you." she picks up her violin case, then takes the path that leads out of the park.

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