2012 05 20 Sunday Afternoon Breakout

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Sunday Afternoon Breakout

Armand, Night Thrasher, Flying Tiger and Escaping Criminals (Both Emitted by Night Thrasher)

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Lower Manhattan

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Flying Tiger interrupts a convoy of prisoner transport vans in order to recruit some muscle for some future endeavor. Night Thrasher, aided by Armand, stop them!


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Traffic is a mess today in Lower Manhattan. Why? Certain streets are being blocked off by police on their motorcycles and inside their cruisers. Why is that? Because there is a convoy of prisoner transport vans that are currently transporting prisoners from one correctional facility to another. Why go strait through Manhattan? Who knows? However, the boys in blue are doing their best to create a safe and speedy path for the transport wagans to get through the city. There are three wagans in all, marked with that various logos and serial numbers of equipment owned by federal law enforcement agencies.

Perched on a rooftop is Night Thrasher. The young leader of the New Warriors heard of the prisoner transfer and is doing his own monitoring of the situation. He stands at the edge of a several-story tall building, looking down at the passing convoy.

There's a young man…woman, whatever busy idly shoveling bits of fried rice into his mouth with a pair of chop-sticks as he watches the cars go past and not go past and such with some interest. Armand stays behind the little barriers because he has no choice but he's curious as he neatly catches a piece of shrimp between the wooden sticks and tucks it into his cheek, chewing slowly and watching with interest, taking mental notes.

It is certainly a sight to see going strait down the middle of the street in the middle of Manhattan. A few minutes go by and the convoy continues on its path. Police trail the prisoner transport vans slowly behind it. It seems like a v ery efficient effort by the NYPD and the Federal Officials. That is until everything is interrupted. A manhole cover explodes just before the first transport van goes over it. The first van's front end is lifted up into the air and it slams back down. The police that were ahead of the van on motorcycles are tossed off their bikes and land in a clump further ahead. In quick succession, a few more small explosions go off along bisecting alleys and roads which will deny the vehicles an exodus from the pre-determined path the vans were meant to take.

People outside of the police line start getting rowdy as the surprise and noise allow them to register what is going on.

Up on the skyscraper, Night Thrasher stands there. His eyes dart around the HUD of his helmet, trying to identify what is going on. Deciding to head down to the ground below, Thrasher heads for a fire escape and proceeds to climb down swiftly. As he climbs down, as it would be painful to leap, he notes someone zipping through the air. There is an individual flying from high above, heading for the vans and the growing carnage below. The individual flying is clad in an orange and black outfit. Something appears strapped over the individuals back.

Okay, that's a surprise. Armand was watching and nodding slowly to himself before the manhole cover explodes and he freezes up chop-sticks half-way to his mouth and dropping a carrot as he grips his take-out box more tightly and is jostled back a couple of steps when people start getting crazy. He's pushed this way and then he's pushed that way and then he's almost dropping his food as he swears softly in French and cranes his neck to see what's going on as he hears more explosions. He looks up however in time to see the man wearing orange and black flying above their heads and his eyes widen as he looks back to the vans and wiggles/squirms past some screaming running individuals.

The vans understandably have come to a stop, the first one can't go anywhere and there's no escape for the other two that are lined up behind it. Some of the police that were not scattered by the explosions get off their bikes or get out of their cruisers and head for the transport vans. The figure from above? The individual descends fast and comes in for a controlled landing. He slams down on top of the last van. The heavy landing leaving footmarks in the top of the vehicle. The orange and black-clad man has a tiger mask on. Strapped over his back is a large, overfilled duffle. The tiger-esque individual heads towards the rear of the van he slammed down on, raises a foot and kicks at the edge. There is a loud sound of rending metal as locks are forced open by the hit.

Night Thrasher looks down towards the growing craziness and grits his teeth, "Who the heck?" He asks outloud to himself. He slides down a ladder leading to the neck level of the fire escape. Once on that level, he grabs the edge of the fire escape and flips over it. He leaps down the remaining few floors and lands heavily against the concrete of the sidewalk below.

"…mon dieu…" Armand is beyond words right now as he calls on perhaps divine intervention and he looks around with concern as the police start coming out and then Tiger Man decides to kick in a door and he takes off running along that barrier, looking for an opening caused by the explosion where he doesn't have to jump over a barrier. What the hell is he doing? Nobody really knows but he does have to drop his take-out box of chinese food, gripping his chopsticks and wiggling past the barrier while folks are distracted by the Super Tiger.

People in orange jumpsuits start filing out of the opened transport van. The Tiger-esque man raises a hand to take the strap of his dufflebag off of his shoulder. He hurls the oversized bag down to the ground, "Hey guys! Figured you didn't want to go Upstate. I figured you'd rather work for me, Flying Tiger. Let's get the rest of your friends out and beat feet, huh?" The men in the orange jumpsuits immediately start tackling the nearest police officers. A couple of other jumpsuited individuals, a man and woman, head for the tossed duffle. Flying Tiger leaps off the van he was on and slams down into next van and works on breaking the opening latch on that one.

Night Thrasher runs out of the alleyway he landed in, vaults over a gathering of people and lands inside the cordoned off area that the vans were using. The police are trying to fight the half dozen individuals that escaped the one van. Other police are trying to chase off the people that have gathered to watch the insanity. The New Warrior's eyes dart about the scene, noting the men and women in jumpsuits and then noting the location of Flying Tiger. Hydraulic joints aid in Thrasher's next leap; He leaps up onto one of the vans and spins around. Smoke pellets are tossed into the melee that is unfolding between cops and criminals.

Just a young man…with chopsticks, not very intimidating at all. Armand shakes his head slowly and his hair goes from dark brown and darkens to a jet black as he rips off his hat and tugs the little band out of his hair that's holding it out of his face letting it lengthen and seem almost to thicken as it goes from his lower back and grows long enough to reach his ankles as he just throws caution to the wind when he sees one of the jumpsuited individuals getting too close to that barrier and like a hairy tentacle, strands of black hair stretch to wrap around a barrier, creating a trip-wire like effect to trip up one of the individuals before he retracts the hair with wide eyes, starting to choke and wave his hand as smoke pellets are dropped into the craziness. Okay! One down…COUGH COUGH WHEEZE.

The police are having a hard time containing the criminals, as the criminals clearly seek their freedom far more eagerly than the police want to keep them contained. The criminals open up the duffle and the two that got to the bag first spill out an assortment of guns and weapons. The woman in an orange jumpsuit that got to the bag first calls out, "We've got guns!" As she grabs a pistol and makes sure a bullet is in the chamber. The criminals start arming themselves.

Except for the one that got to the barrier. The tripwire created by Armand succeeds in tripping the criminal. The man is startled but eventually works on getting back up as the smoke starts to envelope the area.

Flying Tiger rends open the door to the second van and criminals start filing out of it, "Same deal for you guys! I free you; You work for me. Grab a gun, stay together and we'll escape!" The Flying Tiger leaps to the last van and works on that lock.

Night Thrasher leaps off the first van and lands inbetween it and the second van to intercept the escaping criminals from the second van. Thrasher's audio-enhanced voice (due to his helmet) comes out gravelly and menacing, "Wrong way. Back in the van!" The closest escaping criminal gets a full set of knuckles smashed into his face.

"Son of a monkey's di-" The rest is snuffed out by coughing and chaos even as the criminals start arming themselves and Armand reacts on instinct, hair snaking out towards the next individual who nears that barrier…to wrap around the wrist of one of the criminals who starts to raise one of the weapons aiming for one of the cops and he jerks with a wince to throw off the shot, thankful for the smoke for now so its a tad challenging to see the small man or exactly what's snaking out and grabbing and tripping and such. Jet Black strands fading to a more smokey grey for the time being. "Ahh…thou…shalt…not…pass!" Yeah, he doesn't have the staff but Gandalf is a role model!

A stray bullet can be heard ricocheting off something in the distance as a tendril of hair throws off one of the recently armed criminal's shots! A police officer is thankful for the missed mark. As the criminals gain arms, police change their strategy. They retreat back towards the barriers, screaming for civilians to get clear and find cover within the adjacent buildings. Bullets fly off as other armed criminals start spraying into the slowly fading smoke cloud, "Back off!" Calls out one of the orange-clad criminals.

Flying Tiger cracks open the last van and spins around on top of the remaining van. He turns and seems to just now notice that his 'recruited' group of criminals haven't lined up behind him to march off to do nefarious things. Instead, he notes the police are putting up a fight, there's a New Warrior in the way of a group of his 'recruits' and that smoke is causing chaos among the first group. Flying Tiger clenches his fist, "What is going on? Weeks of planning for this, I'm not going to be stopped now!" Flying Tiger gives his spiel to the recently freed criminals of the van he just opened and then gestures towards the second group of criminals and Night Thrasher, "Get guns and kill him. We have to leave before more police or the Avengers or someone shows up!"

There's another crack as Thrasher slams his fist into another criminal. He lashes out with a roundhouse kick to take out the knee of another criminal. A criminal comes up behind Thrasher and slams a riot baton, recently acquired from one of the police, against the back of Thrasher's helmeted head. The New Warrior staggers.

Smoke starts to clear up even more so Armand is retracting hair back to a reasonable length, just at the back of his knees and it fades to a dark red color for the time being as he adjusts his backpack and his eyes just stay wide as he runs in the wrong direction, away from the barrier, trying to avoid getting shot in a series of ducks, dropping to the ground, rolling over, kipping back up and before he knows it he's near the Night Thrasher scuffle and his lips form a tiny 'o' of panic when the impressive looking 'Hero' is hit by a baton. There's only time for a girly scream before strands of hair reach out and extend to snake past Thrasher to wrap around the criminal's ankle and with another wince he's tugging with those mysterious strands once more to try to trip up the man with a stick.

The criminal that struck Night Thrasher with the baton is tripped up by the strands of serpentine hair. Thrasher turns around just as the criminal starts to fall. To aid in the man's descent, Thrasher swings a leg around and performs an axe-style kick. He connects his armored heel with the back of the man's head and slams him face first into the asphalt. Then NT is tackled from behind. The tackle did not originate from the orange jumpsuited individuals but from Flying Tiger himself. Flying Tiger tackled him and flew him backwards, slamming the New Warrior into the barriers. Flying Tiger yells at Thrasher, "Who the hell are you and what are you doing?!" Thrasher's audio-augmented voice responds, "Who the hell is asking? Hey, the sixties called and it wants their evil bad guy outfit back!" Flying Tiger grips the faceplate of Night Thrasher and slams his helmeted head back against the barrier, breaking through it.

Hair retracts quickly from where it tripped the man up and the young man is spinning around quickly when he sees the tackle."…Flying Tiger…it is like Captain Striped Pussy…" Armand murmurs as he eeps and jumps back when they start getting it, back and forth and forth and back and there's slamming and tackling and Armand only has a pair of chopsticks so he does…all he knows how to do. His hair sneaks forward while the Flying Tiger is distracted by Thrasher. Being very quiet…as sneaky as possible..unless the man moves, the hair is seeking out the best opening to…YOINK, its Elementary Playground-Fu…an attempt at a wedgie.

The men and women in orange jumpsuits start to coordinate now, collecting their rifles, machineguns and handguns from the dufflebag. They are firing wildly into the crowd to create a stampede of people; They should have listened to the police and leave. The police try to fight back, but they our outgunned by the newly armed criminals. Some of the enterprising criminals beat feet away from the scene of the breakout; Now that they have guns they feel like they can make an escape while their criminal brethren fight it out.

Flying Tiger continues to slamming Night Thrasher's head down, into the ground now that the barrier has broken. The tendrils of hair wrap around Flying Tiger and pull up on the outfit of the super criminal. This is enough of a distraction the give Flying Tiger pause in his brutal assault on the New Warrior. It's pause enough to give Dwayne an opening. He reaches up to grab Flying Tiger by the throat with both hands and drag him downwards. As he pulls him down, he raises his head up attempting a punishing headbutt into the face of Flying Tiger. Tiger cries out in pain and rolls off of Thrasher. Thrasher rolls up to his feet and pulls out one of his Battle Staves and holds it defensively.

Hearing the gunshots in the background no doubt the screams and sound of things shattering is all a bit much to Armand but he's quickly drawing that hair back once he has its desired effect and there's a distracted Flying Tiger. A bit of a wince as he sees the headbutt and he takes a step back, hair just really looking like hair for the time being, falling still as he pants softly and watches with wide eyes. "Ahh…now there is sticks for all…" He adjusts his grip on his…chopsticks.

Night Thrasher takes an opportunity to look off towards the gathered armed criminals while Flying Tiger holds his nose and face and rolls on the ground. Using his helmet's telescoping vision, he zooms in to look at the crooks and their guns. He shakes his head, "Getting out of hand…" He mutters to himself, returns his vision back to normal and reaches into a compartment at his belt. He flips open the pouch and pulls out small three inch by three inch box. He hurls it towards the group of armed criminals. There is a loud burst as the box, a cordite explosive pack, explodes in the middle of the group. The closest limbs to the center of the explosion are fractured or broken and screams of pain erupt from the orange jumpsuited individuals. The other criminals start to run from where the explosion came from, scattering away from the vans and making a run for it. Flight winning out over fight now.

Flying Tiger gets up to his feet just as Thrasher turns to look back at him. Thrasher says with a grin beneath his helmet, "Your former future ragtag henchmen are running away." Flying Tiger leaps up into the air and starts to ascend, "No! I don't even know who you are, you can't do this!"

Armand's hands find their way to his hips as he watches with a slow shake of his head. "…now this is different, oui." He nods to Thrasher tentatively and gestures in a random direction. "Merci Monsier…Person, I may have lost mon chinese for the day but I have gained new respect." A pause before the dirty, tired looking young adult just takes a deep breath and turns to warily start to find a good safe path to make a get-away.

Thrasher glances towards Armand but doesn't pay him much mind. His focus is on Flying Tiger. He shakes his head and watches his escape path. He runs towards one of the vans, leaps on top of it, twists to judge the distance between him and the escaping villain and then leaps. The hydraulics in his joints engage to propel him high into the air. Thrasher times it right and tackles the fleeing Flying Tiger in midair. His arms wrap around the Tiger, he squeezes and twists trying to force the man underneath him as they descend, together, towards the ground. A few seconds of freefall and struggling from Flying Tiger occurs before they slam hard into the ground and roll around upon impact.

The little man pauses to look up to watch Thrasher and Flying Tiger with a slow blink, Armand is quiet as he just looks amazed for a few moments, cringing when they hit the ground and he takes a deep breath, hand moving to cover his mouth and he edges towards the barriers, letting the Police and such pat him over and start asking him questions about him being alright. He just coughs and waves a hand vaguely, babbling in French.

The bone jarring impact doesn't seem to slow Thrasher down, at least not in the way that it slows Flying Tiger. Thrasher rolls off of the costumed villain. He reaches to his waist and pulls out a couple of strands of wire. He forcibly turns Tiger over and wraps the wires around his wrists as makeshift handcuffs. Once that is complete, Thrasher leaves Tiger for the cops. He runs off in the direction the other criminals escaped towards.

The cops, after checking Armand, let him go and direct him to 'go back home'. The police have a lot to deal with now and don't want to waste time on the babbling civilian.

Armand exhales softly, slipping away from the Cops and his hat is…found trampled and all exploded and such but he retrieves the poor thing, holding it to his chest and staring off in time to watch Thrasher take off and then he looks back to his hat, slowly walking off. "…wicked…" And it was cool, he has alot to think about.

Night Thrasher sprinted down the street to follow the men and women who got a headstart in their escape. The battle stave is replaced on a clip on his backpack assembly. While reaching for his back, he pulls off the skateboard that is attached there. He pulls the board around and tosses it on the ground in front of him. With his running head start, he hops on it and zips down the street to chase the escaping criminals down. Meanwhile, the police go about initial cleanup efforts and containing the few criminals and Flying Tiger that remain prone on the ground.

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