2012 05 19 Sweet

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Armand and Empath

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May 19, 2012

Valley Drugs and Pizza - Snow Valley – Mass

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Empath learns of Armand's mutancy and tries to get him to join the Hellions


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After having been summoned away to attend to Hellfire Club business, Manuel de la Rocha has returned to Snow Valley and though his friends and classmates have left the Four Seasons, he has found Armand before he returns to New York. The Spanish mutant then offers to treat Armand to some pizza, “I am sorry, I had to leave so abruptly, but since I noticed you have a large appetite. How about some pizza? It is kinda fancy.” He offers the smile as he leads Armand into the Pizzeria. Manuel is dressed down from earlier where jeans a blue plaid shirt.

Without a plethora of outfits, Armand just chooses to change out of the oriental inspired formal top to a simple button down to go with his slacks and such, the chopsticks still in his hair and his bags with him as he follows after Armand with a soft chuckle. "Is alright, I am sure you have much business…and oui! Pizza will be filling. Do they have maybe the type with extra lots of cheese?"

“They have a variety of cheeses, I believe.” Empath offers when they are greeted by the hostess and led to a table in the middle of the sparsely filled restaurant. “So, Armand, did you enjoy the rest of the time with my friends? I hope they were nice. Thomas has a tendency to go on and on about nothing, but Takara is able to reel him back to reality.” Manuel offers a smile and then passes a menu to Armand as he peruses his choices.

Armand accepts the menu and he fidgets a bit before opening it and taking a deep breath as he nods slowly. "Y-yes, very nice…kind oui." He scans the menu for a few moments. "They spoke of many tings. Special Schools. Safety…all these things." His jaw sets before he tilts his head to the side. "I have gone to special school before, very interesting topic really. They cut my hair, it is funny story really." He taps on a choice. "I like this one, 3 cheeses."

“They cut your hair?” Manuel grins and chuckles a bit, “Did you still have your powers?” He laughs some more when the waitress comes by and takes their order. She writes the 3 cheese for Armand and Manuel shakes his head, “Nothing for me for now. But perhaps, later.” The waitress nods and smiles, almost blushing, “You are cute.” Manuel nods and dismisses her when he looks to Armand, “You don’t like special schools? What was so special about your previous school?”

Armand's tilts his head to the side curiously at the mention of powers, hand fluttering to his head reflexively before his hand lowers and he eyes Manuel warily. "…ahh…pardon?" Then he quickly shakes his head. "Yes, cut it to regulation length. It was military school for boys of course." He explains and then he watches the interaction between Manuel and the Waitress thoughtfully. "Hmm…when people are considered special, often times there's a niche they are expected to fill."

“Yes, you eluded to that in our conversation in Central Park. I was never clear how you were special though.” The waitress returns with pizza for Armand and two drinks of cola. She smiles and goes to lean in closer to Manuel, “These are free of charge…just for you.” Manuel smiles and strokes her cheek, ‘Thank you, dear.” He returns his attention to Armand, “I never did get how you are special. It’s like you have a secret…and I just love finding out secrets.”

Armand's brow furrows for a moment before the frown vanishes upon catching sight of the food and he perks up a bit, murmuring his gratitude in French before he carefully picks up a knife and a fork and examines the Pizza with a critical eye. "It would seem Monsieur…you have the many who are fond of you in a way." He points out. "And we are all made of secrets perhaps." Slowly the dark brown of his hair fades into a cinnamon red as he sits and begins cutting pizza into little squares.

Nodding, “You would be surprised at the secrets that some carry. It is with a heavy heart and heavy weight some of us bear.” Noting the color change in Armand’s follicles, “Did you make your hair change color like that? Which by the way, the red works better. Much more flattering.” Manuel grins as his powers start to kick in on Armand. Empath attempts to make himself much more likeable to Armand, more friendly and more willing to open up.

Armand's eyebrow raises as he spears a pizza square and shoves it into his mouth, chewing slowly at the question, eyes widening a bit. After a swallow he just gives a little nod. "Ahh, oui. Sometimes. Merci…I consider sometimes the color." He takes a sip of cola and continues to eat his pizza, savoring the texture of the cheeze and crust before sighing softly and wiping his mouth. "It is like a body part, oui? Another part of you is your hair, but not all have to worry about it like me I do not tink."

“Well, of course, hair is a body part an extension and expression of who we are.” Manuel smiles “It is nice to see that you can simply change it at will. Become someone new whenever and wherever you like.” Sipping from the soda, “Tell me, you must be a mutant to do that. Is there more you can do with it?”

Armand continues to eat quietly, alternating between nibbling on pizza and sipping his soda as he shakes his head. "It makes visits to the Salon unnecessary." He agrees softly and then he hesitates before offering carefully. "The title of mutant is still very strange because it makes it sound…abnormal." He shakes his head. "Color and such, I can control."

“Well, you should not be embarrassed by your abnormality as you put it.” Manuel gestures for the waitress to come over and after planting a kiss on her cheek, she giggles coyly and then, “Is there anything else I can get you?” She looks between Armand and Manuel. The Spaniard continues, “Your gift allows you access to many thing, Armand. Flaunt what you have and who you are. But at the proper times, of course.”

"Can I please have a glass of water?" Armand asks softly before dabbing the corners of his mouth and looking back to Manuel with a mixture of wariness and intrigue as he tilts his head to the side. "It is very private for some people but others, oui, I have seen flaunt their abilities for all to see. Show off amazing feats and do heroic tings…"

The waitress smiles and nods, “Sure thing, sweety.” She looks to Manuel, “And for you, sugar.” Manuel offers, “Something sweet…how about some ice-cream.” He looks to Armand, “You like ice-cream, don’t you? Or something like that. Milkshake, sundae? Something creamy and enticing?” The waitress hmmmns, “Well, I can get all of that for you, if you like.”

Armand's eyebrows raise once more as he nods slowly to the waitress before blinking. "Um. I am liking the Ice-Cream, oui." He admits softly. "But milkshakes can be more of the good after pizza." He agrees before taking a deep breath. "A milkshake, oui, would be a delicious ending to another good meal."

The waitress leaves to go get their order. Manuel continues the conversation of mutant, “Well, if you have not realized I, too, am a mutant. And I attend a school for mutants. I ponder if you would be interested in it. It is in the area and well it is a premier school. We are protected and have powerful staff…but the best part about it. There are no superheroics involved. We are there to learn, but with the addition of controlling out powers. We are not placed in dangerous situations.”

"…is your power to be rich and charming?" Armand asks with a soft chuckle before he examines a chip in his nails with a thoughtful squint. "It is not in New York City then? It is too bad…I am going to start working you see…" He takes a deep breath and fidgets a bit before giving a little laugh. "It is too bad it cannot be done like those weird computer schools."

“Ah well, thankfully we have access to teleporters. How do you think I am always in New York City?” Manuel hmmmns,
“Working? It is possible to do both. Or would you even have to work? The school is lucrative and provides for its students. We live in the lap of luxury while we learn. Luxury makes learning much easier.” The waitress returns with all the deserts on the menu. Carrying her heavy tray she drops it on the floor, spilling some of the deserts. She starts crying.

Armand looks thoughtful as he worries his bottom lip. "Luxury also blinds you to the plights of the poor…" He murmurs softly before perking when he sees the Waitress start to return. "Mon apologies, I only mean it would be odd to me, I am liking to work and give to oth-" Then she drops that tray and he's out of his seat quickly grabbing a napkin and rushing to the woman's side. "Shh, shh mon…well not mon petite but it is okay…here…wow, you were bringing the entire section, here…do not cry."

The waitress offers a small smile, “You are so kind.” As Armand helps her, she turns to Manuel, “Is he one of your friends, Manny? Is he at your school?” She looks to Armand with sweet eyes as she saves what deserts she can and places them on the table. Manuel, for his part, remains seated and looks to the waitress, “I do not know yet, if he is at my school.” He grins as he looks to Armand.

Armand pats the waitress's shoulder gently and then moves back to the table, humming softly to himself and nodding slowly. "What am I to learn at this school then, Monsieur?" He arches an eyebrow and oos softly as he takes in the surviving array of goodies. "What subjects, what skills…what does this school having to offer me outside of luxury and no requirements to be a hero…"

Shaking his head and smiling, “It is a school, Armand, it offers education, resources. It is a school like any other, except aside from the usual academics and extracurriculars, we also learn to control our abilities. With the added pleasure of luxury.” Manuel hmmmns, “How about I offer you a tour of the campus and facilities before you head back to New York?”

Armand slides a bowl of ice cream that didn't break closer and picks up a spoon before he just toys with the spoon and looks a tad wary for now. "I will come and see, I will look and see what it is this school." He nods. "But…I have nothing else I tink I would be interested in learning so we will see, hm? Sometimes seeing is better than just words." Then he gestures towards the desert. "You should try something sweet."

Smirking, “I am sweet enough as it is.” Manuel grins as he partakes in desert. With the two enjoy their meal before heading off to a tour of the Massachusetts Academy.

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