2012 05 19 Four Seasons Food Among Friends

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Four Season Food among Friends

Alchemy. Armand, Empath, and Takara

IC Date:
May 19, 2012

Four Seasons Restaurant - Snow Valley – Mass

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Empath treats some friends to dinner.


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Saturday afternoon and Manuel has returned from New York City, but after a recent attack against him in Central Park, he is loathe to return to the campus as well. Sighing to himself, he has invited some of the students to meet him in Snow Valley. Dressed in jeans and a brown polo shirt, he sits and peruses the menu as he waits for the group of students. First in are Ali and Nilesh, Indian mutant twins, that share a mind. Walking in in unison, they sit at a large table and look to Manuel who nods his head. They nod theirs in unison.

Takara on the other hand has had a less eventful week all up, the most vicious attack she had to fend off was a six year old playing dolls with her. Lucky for her the week end shapes up better, invite to dine at the Four Seasons as she arrives. Coming in with a green short sleeve t-shirt, jeans and a white bandana tieing back her long hair, she glances about and quickly picks up on Manuel with twins. TK waves over while she walks over, a bright smile on her face.

The twins turn in unison and look over at the Asian teen mutant, “Hello, Takara.” They bow their heads and then look back at Manuel. For his part, the Spaniard rises from his seat and gestures for her to join them, “Yes, welcome Takara-san.” He takes his seat when she sits down and gestures for a waiter to bring them all menus. “How has life been on campus? I was busy this week in New York, so I have no heard any of the gossip.”

Takara waves to the twins, "Nice to see you both Ali and Nilesh, always a pleasure. Hiya Manuel." She slides onto her seat, shuffling to get comfortable, "Campus has been steady most of the time, a few girls and boys trying to do stuff they are not ment to." Takara reaches up to pull out her bandana, putting it in her back pocket, "I think the one concerning myself is that I had a boyfriend in the city, a mystery man." She snickers, "I wish."

“Oh…rumors and gossip…gotta love…heck I heard that there were people trying to kill me.” He starts to laugh when Ali and Nilesh look at each other, “There two people who tried to kill you in the city.” They look confused when Manuel shoots them a look. They shrug and get up in unison. Manuel and Takara sit at a table with menus ready to order as Manuel has invited some of the students to the Four Seasons.

Alchemy enters, wearing a nice little outfit consisting of dress pants with a purple shirt tucked in, and a purple tie. He stuffs his hands in his pockets and shuffles along, approaching Manuel and the others.

Takara was one of the students that got the invite and is already inside at the table with Manuel, pretty asian teenager with a wide grin. Atleast she had one before Manuel mentioned another whisper of harm comes up, "Another one and you didn't tell me. Ever consider body guards?" She looks concerned, standing up when Alchemy approaches, "Hiya, I don't think we were formally introduced. I'm Takara." TK gives a slight nod to Thomas.

“Oh, guys, I invited one of the people who saved me. He is Armand and the car should be dropping him off. Good kid. He is poor though. And is a tad odd. But he did try to save me.” Manuel sits at the table with the two other mutants. “Oh my bad, Thomas, Takara, Takara, Thomas. Growth powers, Elemental transmutation.” He grins and then takes his seat when the waiter comes by to take their orders.

Alchemy nods in return, smiling. He tends to not shake hands with people due to wanting to avoid any unfortunate accidents. Turning people into various elements while nervous is a terrible way to make friends. "A pleasure to meet you, miss." he says with his British Accent, which sometimes seems to be a superpower all its own. "Manuel! Must you go about telling /everyone/? I'd like to maintain some sort of mystery, afterall."

Such an invite is somewhat of a surprise and an intimidating experience and then there's the car that picks him up that makes him scared to even cough for fear of messing something up…Armand's made an effort to look presentable though, he wears a pair of black slacks with his mandarin styled silky top as he's worked all that damn hair back out of his face and secured it with a pair of shiny black chop-sticks. When he exits the car, he does so in a pair of simple black flats and he's never without that messenger bag as he looks around with wide eyes, entering the restaurant and seeking out the familiar face. One pin-pointed however, the young man begins to make his way over, eyebrow raising a fraction. "Pardon…ah, Monsieur Manuel? Forgive, I am late but…there was incident with the guinea pig and the motorbike, very messy." His accent his thick, drenched in France and sprinkled with New Orleans.

Shooting Thomas a look, “Seriously, we are classmates. It is who we are. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of who you are and what you can do.” When Armand enters, Manuel stands up again, “Everyone, this is Armand. He was one of the people who tried to help me when I was attacked in Central Park. Armand, these are my friends, Thomas and Takara.” He sits back down and gestures for him to join them. He passes a menu over for him. “A guinea pig and a motorbike? I don’t think I want to know before we eat.”

Takara chuckles to Thomas raising his tone, settling back down, "Still plenty of mystery Thomas, it will pass in time I hope." She takes hold of one of the menus, looking up to Armand with a freindly grin, "Armand I presume? Glad you made it, wanted to see the person that kept Manul here in one piece. Well done" Takara doesn't look to fancy in her attire, green t-shirt and jeans with a white bandana poking out her rear pocket. She looks betwene the guys present.

Alchemy sits down and gestures with his hands. "yes, but there are people around here with ears, they could hear you, afterall." he nods to Armand. "It's not about being ashamed of who I am, it's avoiding being put in some sort of cage again and made to make endless supplies of gold."

“Don’t worry. We won’t ever end up in cages, my friends.” With that he looks to Armand, “We all attend school together. I am taking college level courses, while these two are in the lower classes.” Manuel winks and then hmmmns to himself. Suddenly, he receives a phone call. He stands up when he sees the number and realizes it is a call he has no choice but to take, “Well, it seems this call is an important. Please excuse me and if I am suddenly called away. Everyone, enjoy the meal and it is on me, of course.” He bows and begins speaking in Spanish on the phone as he makes his way out of the restaurant.

Armand bows politely to Manuel and he bows politely to Takara as well, eyebrows raising as he looks 'Thomas' over and tilts his head to the side curiously before taking a seat as he is invited and he listens closely, taking the menu and then blinking as he stares as Manuel leaves and he's stuck at the table with strangers and his mouth opens and closes and then blinks and toys with his menu before waving tentatively after Manuel and looking back between Takara and Thomas.

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