2012 05 19 Armand Joins The Hellions

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Armand Joins the Hellions

Armand, Empath, and Takara

IC Date:
May 19, 2012

AB Sitting Room - Massachusetts Academy

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Armand joins the hellions.


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Saturday evening and just before the sun sets, the tour of the Massachusetts Academy has ended. Leading Armand back to the Administration Building, Manuel de la Rocha, dressed in the school uniform, khaki trousers with white dress shirt, brown tie, and red blazer with various pins and whatnot on it. Takara, having assisted Manuel on the tour, is also present. Finding some seats in the Sitting Room, Manuel gestures for them to sit as he prepares a coffee for himself and asks the others if they would like some.

Armand declines the offers of coffee initially, he wears a pair of clean black slacks, a simple white polo shirt and a dark blue sweater, his hair braided back and twisted into a bun at the nape of his neck as he settles into an offered seat, folding his hands in his lap over his messenger bag and he just bows his head politely and fidgets with the latch of the bag.

Takara settles onto a seat in a lady like manner, wearing the girls school uniform that has the same tie and blazer the same, but a slightly different shirt and a knee length skirt with white socks. She politely accepts the offer, looking back to Armand with a sweet smile, "As you saw, it is quite a nice campus."

Finishing pouring himself a coffee, he takes a seat next to Takara, “Yes, it is very nice. Safe, secluded, and protected.” Manuel smiles as he sips, “How did you like it, Armand?” Students leave the headmistress’s office and look and wave to the group and then rush off. For his part, he waves to them, but in a non-chalant almost dismissive way.

"It is a very nice campus…I am sure that your students and teachers and such lack for nothing that are in need of." Armand bows his head politely before looks between Takara and Manuel. "I am also very sure that you are all very well protected here, away from the core of the bigger cities and the like, it is impressive Monsieur, Mademoiselle."

Takara bows her head slightly to Armand, rests her hands on the edge of her lap, "Only limit is what you want to get out of it, it is freeing to explore it." She keeps a honest and sweet tone to her voice, "I had the same reaction, it seems overwheleming." Takara takes a breath, "But after being here, it feels like welcoming extended family."

“Well, Armand, you have seen the campus. You have met fellow mutants. We have easy daily access to New York. What do you think? What are some reservations you may have regarding joining the school?” Manuel leans back into his chair as he reclines crossing his legs, “If it is tuition, the majority of the students are on full scholarships. The staff believe in giving everyone a fair chance at education and believe mutants should be provided the protection and comfort allotted to everyone else.”

Armand crosses his legs and then uncrosses his legs before leaning forward and resting his elbows against his knees as he rubs his hand over his face. "A big welcoming extended family, oui but…what of the other families who are in need. What are being the programs that the school goes to help in the cities in the like? Or would have to be something I did on my own time?"

Takara nods in agreement with points Manuel brings up, thumbs twiddling occassionally as she listens, "Indeed, anything less would terrible. She puts serious thought after the question is raised, chin raised slightly, "If you want to help people on your own time, do so by all means." Her height and weight grow slightly, a six foot even teenager, "As for programs, we do take care of the families of students here, make sure they are protected. Outside of that, I am uncertain."

“Well, there is an organization that funds the school. That organization donates regularly to various charities that assist with outreach to underprivileged families. But here each student is required to volunteer or give of their time in some form or another.” Manuel leans forward also uncrossing his legs, “Realistically, Armand, we cannot help everyone. There are simply too many people. Here we strive to help mutants, who face big problems with registration and prejudice…however we also realize that everyone out there needs some form of assistance. We help how we can. If you choose to you’re your mutant abilities or whatever else you can, you can freely choose to do so.”

Armand quickly shakes his head. "My hair changes the color, this is not an ability to help others. I want to cook and bake and feed homeless people and help donate left over foods from the cafes to those who are need." He ticks things off on his fingers. "I do not speak with my family, I do not worry about that…" He trails off slowly before taking a deep breath and he slumps back in his chair, rubbing a hand over his face and just giving a small nod. "I will attend the school so I can be learning, however but…I do not want to benefit from any of the luxuries. I come to school, I take classes, I go back to the place wear I stay…I work part time…this I could do."

Shocked that a student would attend but choose not to accept the luxury afforded all the students, “Fair enough, Armand.” Standing up from his seat and extending his hands, “Welcome to the Massachusetts Academy. You can do as you wish, but you will at least be given a uniform to wear while on campus.” He smiles content with having reached out to another mutant.

Takara's grin grows when Manuel informs about the programs, flicking her head to the left to get a stray loose hair off her face. She bows her head to Armand, standing up from her seat for a moment, "As you like Armand. Welcome." TK settles back down.
Armand glances to Takara before bowing his head and looking back to Manuel and politely shaking an offered hand before he takes a deep breath. "Merci." He murmurs softly his 'thank you' softly in French.

“And first lesson/display begins already.” Looking around the room to see how tall the ceilings are…a good 15 feet up. Manuel looks to Armand, “So I have seen you switch the color of you hair, but I wonder if your hair can be used offensively and defensively.” Pointing to the chair that Takara is sitting on, “Can you use your hair to pick up the chair and move it…while Takara still sits on it.”

Takara shrinks back down to her normal size and uses one hand to grab her skirt and hold it down, "That would be interesting." She uses the other hand to hold onto the chair.

Armand's eyebrows raise a fraction as Manuel makes the request and he moves a hand to his head with a slow blink. "I am not very strong." He starts out carefully before he looks around carefully, considering his location before he closes his eyes for a moment and shrugs his shoulders. A hand moves to unpin his hair from where it's coiled into the braid behind his head and as it falls free it seems to be unbraiding itself. "What do you want me to do again?"

“Simply grab the chair and move it.” Manuel commands, “And do not worry about Takara. She will be fine. I just want to see what you can and cannot do with your hair.” He smiles and winks to Takara to see that she is alright with this.

Takara seems okay with being part of this demostration, just has to shift so the risk is minimal, "If I knew giving the tour would involve being lifted, I would have worn the pants." She looks back to Armand, "I will be fine, worst case is I start growing and add more weight to the load."

"You know, last time I get into a new school, all they wanted with test results and a running of an obstacle course." Armand drawls softly as his hair fades from the dark brown to a jet black shade and he grits his teeth as it also grows another 2 or so feet, going from his lower back and lengthening to his ankles. Then he just freezes up for a moment, fidgeting and he takes a deep breath. "I do not tink I can do people." He looks apologetic. "Is just hair."

Takara gets up from her seat and moves over to Armand, doing her best to try not reach out and touch some of the growing lengths, "Never know if you don't try. Even if it's hard now, practise and it just might happen." She reaches a hand over for Armand's shoulder, leaning down to try look him in the face with a grin.

Nodding his head, “Not too worry, Armand. It was just to know what you could do and where to help you. And no worries nothing that happened at your other schools will happen here.” With that Manuel bows, “Ok, set up a dorm room for yourself, Armand and I will begin the paperwork.” With that he heads into the headmistress’ office.

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