2012 05 16 Dining With A Goddess

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Dining with a Goddess

Enchantress and Mirage

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Swanky restaurant in Mexico City

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An Asgardian Goddess and a Valkyrie discuss business…and men.


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One moment, Dani Moonstar is hard at work cleaning up her room. The next? She's sitting in one of the best restauraunts in Mexico City, at a private table. Dressed to the nines, one might add. Across from her, also dressed to kill in a gorgeous green dress that manages to show off clevage and leg, back and belly and yet somehow still be legal, is Amora the Enchantress.

Mild surprise would be an understatement to describe what Dani is feeling about now. She stares at the woman across from her for a long moment then looks at herself and finally her surroundings. She gets over it rather quickly "Well, to what do I owe the honor." she takes the napkin from beside her plats and proceeds to lay it across her lap.

"Excellent." Amora says as she motions for the waiter to pour wine. "I am pleased to see you don't lunge for the attack the way so many of your comrades would." A deep, dark red is poured for each woman. "There are presently four Asgardians on Midgard, Dani Moonstar. Three born, one honorary. No matter what conflicts the past might have brought, there seems to me no reason why we should not be civil. Our bonds are born of love for our homeland, after all."

"Attacking you would be fruitless, you are at an obvious advantage." Dani takes her glass of wine and sips it tentatively, she is more of a beer person, but she won't complain. A little alcohol about now is needed after her surprise "Civil it is then. How are things in Asgard since I left?" she seems genuinely curious, she was there long enough to at least gain a fondness for it.

Amora sips from her wine glass as well. No menu is given. Instead, a variety of foods are brought to the table and served. Once the servers have left, Amora offers Dani a faint smile. "Well enough. Odin remains Odin. Loki remains Loki. As it shall be for quite some time. The truth is, I spend most of my days on Midgard, presently. I enjoy the chaos."

Looking at the food placed in front of her, Dani smiles. Good, authentic Mexican food is hard to find in the northeast where she presently resides "Watching it, or causing it?" she sets the wine glass down after another sip and politely waits for all the food to be set out before taking her fork "You mentioned four Asgardians, Thor, you and I, I know. Who is the fourth? Loki didn't decide to come play too did he?"

"If he has, I do not know of it." Amora admits, "His sorcery and skills at deception are enough to block even my sight." Amora loads her plate. She may be beauty personified but she's also an Asgardian. They tend towards hardy eating, "No, Lady Sif currently resides with Thor in Avenger's Mansion."

As Amora explains Dani picks over the dishes, filling her own plate, though not to excess "Interesting. I guess going to welcome her to Midgard, as you call it, would be the proper thing to do." she takes a few bites of her food, delighting in the taste.

Amora smiles, perhaps just a touch bitterly. "If one can pry her from Thor's bed, yes, I imagine it would be." She takes a moment to eat, "I wonder, Dani Moonstar, what you are doing with your Asgardian power, here on Earth. Fighting for mutant rights? Promoting equality and harmony?"

"Some of both, but mostly preventing and stopping powered criminals from giving the rest of us a bad name." pause to take another sip of wine "I also teach. In fact, I am planning trips to both Limbo and Asgard for my students. So they will be better prepared should they end up in those places. Unlike myself when I first went.

"Very forward thinking." Amora shakes her head. "I am surprised you cling to Xavier's dream so forcefully, however. I had honestly hoped for better for you. Sacrificing so much of your life for the good of others? Very noble. And yet, how happy are you personally?"

"I didn't realize you cared so much, Amora." Dani replies, maybe with a bit of snarkiness. "I have my moments." she smiles breifly as a happy memory surfaces "But not every moment can be that way, lest they wouldn't be special.

Amora can't help but smile. "True. If life was nothing but pleasure, how would we know how to define it? Tell me, though." She considers her words, "Is it hard? Seeing death all around you? By simply walking through the streets of New York you must see the spirit of Hela hovering over dozens…"

Putting her fork down she takes up her wine, taking a deeper drink as if the question itself was disturbing to her "It is not easy, no. It is even harder when the touch of death is on child." she hand tightens around the glass "I fear the day when I can see the aura around someone and feel nothing.

"Everything dies, Dani." Amora says, though perhaps there is a touch of sympathy in her voice. "Even the gods cannot outlive the death of the universe. All the more reason to squeeze every drop of joy out of life."

"Yes." Dani says with a nod and stifled sigh "That is why I do nothing. I let death have its way. I am not a sociapath though, so I feel bad, not particularly for the marked ones, but for those that are left behind." she goes back to eating her food "But enough dreary talk. Did you have business to discuss or is this merely a social call?

Amora simply shrugs. An eloquent shrug, yes, but still a shrug. "Social, yes. I would suggest you consider working for me but… well… I do not believe you would. Though I wonder, despite all the good you do… as a hero and a teacher… don't you wish you could do more? You claim to support equality yet you only teach mutants."

An eyebrow goes up. Curiousty is piqued "Well between X-Factor and the teaching my plate is kind of full, but just to satisfy my curiousty, what would working for you entail?" she leaves the other question to be answered after her own question is answered.

"I need someone to run my charity work." Amora answers. "Yes. I do believe in charity. In this case, I am establishing a scholarship fund to seek out promising young mages and help them find training." She leans forward. "So many young witches end up making deals with demons because they can't find any other way to learn."

"And what does that entail? Wearing a suit and soliciting rich people for money?" Dani looks Amora up and down "I doubt you would have any problems getting anything from anyone. What's the catch?" she is suspicious, maybe even rightfully so, "Though I do understand your worry.

Amora fiddles with her fork. By now, she's tucked through most of her meal. "Oh, no. I have plenty of funding. No. I would need someone to contact the children. Set up the tutoring. That sort of thing. If I do it personally… well… let's just say I would tire quickly of Strange questioning my motives every day."

Understanding dawns "So basically I would be on the look out for children of such talent and once found send them to you." Dani's eyes narrow "Any why do you think I won't question your motives?" her own meal finished, she sets her fork down and uses the napkin on her mouth. She starts to say more, but decides not to since this is a civil conversation.

Amora shakes her head. "Finding the children is easy enough. No, whoever I hire would be in charge of DEALING with the children. My go between, as it were. You may question my motives all you wish… but tell me this. How much easier would Illyana Rasputin's life have been if someone had made this opportunity available to her?"

Mirage raises her wine glass "Well played. Using my friendship and knowledge of her against me." she then drains the glass "I will think about it. I would certainly rather see any child trained by you then by other groups." namely the Hellfire Club in her case "While honestly I don't completely trust you, I trust them even less.

"You'll find out eventually. I currently serve as White Bishop for the Hellfire Club." Amora speaks with, perhaps, surprising honesty. "I have encountered Selene multiple times over the years. You know the old saying about enemies being kept closer."

The wineglass shatters in Dani's hand at that revelation. There is quite a bit of history there and none of it particularly good "That is right up there with the enemy of your enemy is your friend." she gives a tight smile "But I hesitate to call us friends.

Amora sighs and twirls a finger. The wine glass reforms on the table and the spilled wine leaps back inside the glass, purified of any dirt if might have picked up. "I can imagine. I do not pretend to be a hero of virtue, Dani Moonstar. That would be silly."

Looking at her hand, Dani uses her napkin to dab at the resulting cuts "Again I will think about it." knowing that the HFC may be involved will probably make Dani agree to do it just so she can mitigate the bad influence. She takes a breath and glances around once more "So, the food was wonderful. How is the dessert?

"Well, now, that depends on what you want for dessert." The word are said with just a hint of flirtation. Amora, however, summons the waiter. "Fried ice cream. Two servings. One for myself. One for my friend."

Dani can't help but chuckle at being called friend, considering what she said not more than a minute ago "So, if I were to walk out the door right now, where would I find myself." she also asks the waiter for a coffee with a shot of chocolate liquer in it when he comes to the table.

"Mexico City." Amora answers. Both desserts, as well as the coffee, are brought post haste. Obviously, the two women are getting prefered treatment from the staff. "Most of the patrons here are entertainment stars or crime bosses."

"And me without my passport." Dani surveys the patrons trying to determine who falls into which category "I guess it is the later that makes this a better place for the former to dine without being bothered by reporters." she smiles at the dessert when it is placed in front of her and tucks into it quickly before it gets to melty.

"More that only the very wealthy can afford to eat here." Amora notes. She's not ashamed of her wealth, no matter how she acquired it. She is, after all, a goddess. "Do not worry. When you are ready, I will transport you back to your home."

She leans foward as if she was about to impart a secret "Can I keep the dress?" she puts a hand to her torso as if to imply it will have to be ripped off of her lifeless body. Despite her reputation as being a bit of a hoyden she does like pretty things and has few of them at the moment "It is spectacular, and despite not having any place to wear something like this, well…" she doesn't state the obvious.

Amora laughs. She can't help it. "Of course. I hope you think of me whenever you see it in your closet… or wear it. It came straight from Milan. Last year's model but… mm… you wear it well."

"As long as who I am wearing it with is only thinking of me." Dani replies as she finishes her dessert and begins to sip at her coffee "Maybe I will have to attend one of those fancy dress parties that I am always refusing to go too." as a semi-public figure she gets invites but rarely goes.

Amora's eyes flicker down Dani's form. Appraising. Thoughtful. "Athletic body. Strong power. Exotic skin tone. Darling, how can your date think of anyone but you?" She gestures and a server appears to pour her more wine.

Dani lifts a shoulder in a shrug "Because men have a tendency to think with a brain that isn't located between thier ears?" she answers, despite it being a rhetorical question. She has never claimed to be a man expert and while she is no stranger to relationships they are few and far between for her.

"Which makes their attention very easy to grab… if you know how to play that game." Amora, of course, does. She wrote the rulebook. "Your beauty can entrance. Still, are you having trouble? A man you wish to snare and cannot keep the attention of? Who is this fool?"

She nearly chokes on her coffee at the suggestion and has to put her napkin to her face to cover her coughing. Dani shakes her head "I have no manly interests at the moment. Most of my time is spent with my team, which is mostly women or students. I guess I should get out more and have a social life outside of that.

"Or expand your horizons." Amora notes, "No shame in finding joy in the arms of a friend." She carefully slices off another spoonful of her fried ice cream and brings it to her lips. "Mmm. Divine. I speak from experience."

"That would be like hooking up with my brother." Dani shudders at the thought. "They are like family. The only one I have ever even had a remotely physical encounter with was just a kiss," she pauses "And we were both drunk. He's MIA as well, so that is a lost cause.

Amora shrugs. "Well, there are appliances to deal with the problem, I suppose. So inventive, mortals." She reaches over and pat pat pats Dani on the hand. "I am sure you will find someone to enjoy if not love."

A blush makes Dani's face go even darker, which is no easy feat "Maybe I can avail myself on an Asgardian when I bring the students to visit. I certainly didn't want for potential bedmates while I was there." given her exotic looks it would be no surprise.

"Perhaps. Depending on where your interests lie. Certainly, there are many a warrior and a maiden who would enjoy the company of a Valkyrie… especially the only purely human one." Amora can't help but smirk. "Imagine the bragging rights, if nothing else."

Dani is thoughtful for a moment "I don't suppose I could ask you speak to Odin for me. I would really like this to be a pleasant trip for the students, the best way to assure that is to ask instead of just popping in." she knows asking Amora for a favor is dicey, but then again if she takes the job Amora is offering they would be doing each other favors, so it evens out from her prospective.

Amora considers this. She honestly does. For several moments she remains quiet, contemplating the request. "I am not on best terms with Odin… but I am also not in exile. The X-Men have earned his respect in the past." She nods. "I can act as messenger if you give me a formally written request."

"Thank you. I will write something up and send it to you within the week. I appreciate as will the students, and especially Rahne. She is looking forward to reaquianting herself with Hrimhari. I don't want to be the one to tell her no." her dessert and coffee finished she leans back in the chair and places her napkin beside her plate.

"Oh, yes. Her wolf prince." Amora, too, has finished. The servers come and begin to whisk away dishes. "What a delightful bit of forbidden love and lust that is. The good Catholic girl taken by the pagan god…"

She nods in agreement "A great example of truth being stranger then fiction." she watches the waiters a moment. In a restaurant like this they are bound to be eye candy "I hope she isn't disppointed. She has had enough disappointment lately."

Oh, yes. Many eyes are upon them. Dani's skintone isn't that exotic in this latin land but the dress and her company certainly draw the eye, as does her proud, warrior bearing and the strength of her spirit. "We shall see. Love is ever uncertain."

Dani has been doing her best not to notice all the eyes, she isn't quite used to it in this context. Now if they were staring because she had just stopped a villian from taking out a city street…well that would be different. "Well this was a lovely meal. I will give your offer some thought and get back to you. Thank you." she speaks sincere "My absence has probably been missed, espcially since I have a class.

"Yes. I suppose it is time for us to go." Amora lays several Mexican bills on the table and then she snaps her fingers. With that, the two women are gone. Dani finds herself back in her room, dressed as she was before… but on the bed she finds a box, wrapped in green paper. Inside? That very same dress she wore in Mexico and a matching pair of heels.

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