2012 05 16 Camping In Limbo

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Camping in Limbo 2

Cyclops and Mirage

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May 16, 2012


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Cyclops and Mirage head home after camping in Limbo


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It is the following morning in Limbo, Cyclops and Mirage had inspected the dimension to be sure it was ok for students to use on a field trip. Having spent the previous day hiking and camping, Scott Summer is already up. Dressed in his X-Men uniform, the mutant leader has created a fire out of dead wood from tree. And with some clean water, has it boiling in a small pot.
Scott peruses through his backpack for food with which to prepare for the morning. Looking over to Dani, “Good morning…I owe you a meal after you won the trek.”

Stretching after crawling out of her small tent Dani eyes the fire, "Yes, a nice steak if I recall…and a beer." she to has her uniform on, sans her boots, which she goes about pulling on and tying before beginning to dismantle and put away the tents, "What did you pack us for breakfast? Oatmeal?" she guesses since there is water boiling.

“Yes, good call. While I suppose we could try to go hunting. I am not sure how well demons taste.” Scott chuckles, “So yeah, we have some oatmeal.” He begins pulling out some small plates and utensils and bottled waters. “I was hoping you would forget about the steak.” He shrugs, “After breakfast, we can hike back some bit and then return. I have to have a meeting and then we can head to Harry’s. Maybe invite some of the X-Men and X-Factor.”

Dani makes an ick face at the mere thought of eating demons, "As much as I like to hunt I prefer not to be prey at the same time." she folds up the tents and shoves them into thier repective packs "You could always call a double or nothing and race me again." she takes one of the waters while he prepares the hot cereal "but I really wish you wouldn't, I'm still feeling yesterday." she nods an affirmative and Harry's and extending the invitation.

“No no…despite a surprising good night’s rest. I don’t think I could manage another race.” Rubbing an achy shoulder as a joke to show his age. “Plus, I am meeting with some higher levels in the government, so best not to appear too beat up.” Shrugging as the hot cereal is ready and Scott pours them into bowls and passes one to Dani, “Any other locales you are thinking you might want to take some students after the first Limbo trip?”

Taking the bowl of oatmeal, Dani stirs it to let it cool some. "Well Asgard of course." she thinks a moment as she takes a seat on the ground, "I don't want to take the students, but I think a thorough education on Mojo world would also be helpful. Maybe a danger room scene of various situations that have and could arise should they find themselves there.

That is a good idea. Mojo may be a good idea to avoid. Though we should probably touch base with Longshot and Dazzler to see how things are going on over there with Mojo. . .But Asgard is a good idea. With your status as a Valkyrie, that would prove interesting enough. We have enough history with the Asgardians we should be welcome. Perhaps a trip to Polemachus. He gave us the bolts, so a trip to see how the planet was doing. The X-men saved it, but things always seemed tenuous there.” Cyclops taps his chin as he remembers his time there and then shrugs, starting his oatmeal.

Continuing to stir her oatmeal between bites, Dani watches the landscape behind Cyclops "I think having a few of people that were taken by Mojo as well as those that Polemachus to maybe come into the class and answer any questions the students have.

Nodding well, “Betsy and Betsy are in London right now, but I am sure they would come for a lesson. And hey, perhaps, it would mean a visit from my daughter.” Scott pauses a moment at that thought and sighs as he looks up at the bright red sky and plumes of smoke in place of clouds. “I wonder if time travel is possible with those too.”

"I wouldn't want to intrude on thier happy, fun, family time." Dani finishes her breakfast and rinses the bowl and spoon with some of her water. "Possible, most likely. Probable?" she shrugs "How far are we going to go today?

“No no time travel today. We are just going to go back home. A thought crossed my mind. But it was silly.” Scott seems a bit saddened…a rare sight. Once he is done with the oatmeal, he cleans the bowl in a small stream of clean water, “Let’s pack up and start the trek back to the castle.”

Dani deadpans at Scott "Is that even possible?" she then does her part in packing up the camp and making it look like no one had spent the night there. The remnants of the fire make it a bit hard, but she manages "I hope the river monster isn't an early riser. I would hate to end up breakfast after having my own.

“We will be fine.” Scott offers assuredly as he starts to the path to take them back to the castle. He takes the path in a rushed pace. Not as fast as the day before and enough so that Mirage can keep up with him, but he makes good time. “It will be no time. At the river, we can figure out how to cross it.”

Keeping pace with ease, Dani keeps an eye on thier surroundings, viligant for demons and other natives that their path may cross "I really wasn't worried. It might not even be in that part of the river anymore. A creature that large could probably eat everything in its vicinity within a day. It's probably moved on to more fruitful hunting grounds.

Upon reaching the river, the sound of life underneath the water can be heard as the demon swims about. Shaking his head,
“Well, so much for that.” Scott adjusts his visor and then stops a moment, “Want to do the honors? Would your psychic powers even work on something like that? I can’t imagine arrows doing much harm to it.”

Dani stops within a safe distance of the river and watches the ripples the moving demone creates "I've got nothing. It's brain is probably to foreign…and do we really want to witness what something like that would be afraid of?" she shakes her head indicating that she doesn't "My spear might…/big/ might, but that would mean it is actually Cthulu or something.

After a long pause and sigh, Cyclops looks around the area. Two trees about 100 feet apart appear long enough and sturdy enough to handle them. Scott offers, “I will shoot down both trees. The creature will go for one and then we dart across the other as fast as we can.” He grins as he opens the visor and lets out a optic blast. One strikes the tree to the left and soon fires another blast to the one on the right. They both fall into the water and the creatures swims out towards the one on the left.

With a nod in both understanding and agreement Dani prepares to dart across the safe tree. As she rushes across a long glowing spear appears in her hand. It's a weapon/power of hers that is rarely seen since it isn't often they are fighting gods or death. She keeps the river demon in sight as best she can out of her peripheal vistoin, her spear ready to counter should it change its course.

Letting Mirage rush across the tree bridge, Scott is quick to follow, but suddenly another demonic looking aquatic creature appears. Scott stop as he blasts at it as Mirage makes it across. The creature leaps out of the water and collides the tree breaking it apart. Scott falls into the water when the tree is smashed.

Hopping off the tree as it is smashed Dani turns to see Scott fall into the river. Hefting her spear she throws the glowing weapon and the second demon. She doubts that it will do much if anything to hurt the thing, unless it is really powerful and/or evil, but if it is enough to draw attention away so Scott can swim to safety it has served its purpose. Once the spear is thrown the more mundane bow and arrows come out.

The glowing spear enters into the water and the demon shifts focus from Scott to Dani. It pops up from the water roaring loudly as it stares down at Dani. It starts to spit out and spew some venomy looking liquid. Scott for his part swims further and deeper into the water as he goes to retrieve the spear.

She doesn't wait for the demon to get to far out of the water before Dani is pelting it with arrow after arrow. As soon as she gets back she is going in get someone right on creating her, perhaps some explody ones. "Forget the spear, get out of the water." her eyes stay on the demon, as she backs away to keep from being spat upon.

Holding the spear as he swims towards land finally making it to the shallow end, he walks out of the water tossing the spear towards Dani and as he turns to look at the demon, he removes his visor and opens his eyes. The creature is bathed in crimson energy. The optic blast rips the creature apart killing it instantly. Closing his eyes and putting the visor back on, he lets out a small yell and looks back to Dani, “I think we should go from here.”

Dani jumps back from the rain of demon parts "Good call." she touches the glowing spear causing it to disappear "Back to your office I assume?" she pulls one of the golden bolts from the quiver and following the necessary steps, fires it at a hearby boulder.

“Yeah, I am going to need to shower and change before this meeting now.” Scott makes sure everything is in still together and packed. “Let’s go home.”

Dani glances at Scott and then leans toward him and sniffs "Yeah, you don't need to have Logan's nose to tell you've been playing with demons." she gives a slight chuckle and disappears as she walks into the portal.

As they step through the portal, only a few minutes have gone by on Earth despite the entire day they spent in Limbo. Once they are in Scott’s office, they are greeted by the sight of Jean Grey, Nick Fury, and Val Cooper. Shaking, “Well, so much for that shower. Thank you for the trip, Mirage.” He allows her to excuse herself as the meeting with head of SHIELD begins.

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