2012 05 16 Amora S Gift

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Amora's Gift

Carol Danvers, The Enchantress

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05/16/12 16:00

A spa

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Amora sneaks up on Carol in a spa. She has a gift to offer the Avengers' Chairwoman.


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There are times when a woman needs to pamper herself…. and we're not just talking some wine and a bubble bath. No, we mean a full out spa day. Carol Danvers, former Agent of SHIELD, former Air Force officer, former cosmic entity, and current Avenger has EARNED herself a spa day. In fact, she's there now, naked as can be, face down on the massage table, enjoying the aftermath of a wooooooonderful bath, when she hears the masseuse walk up. Feels those skilled, powerful hands begin to rub and pry and loosen. Then comes the whisper, close to her ear…

"Before you power up and try to kill me, I'm not here to fight you, Carol Danvers." The voice purrs. Carol might not recognize it, exactly, but it carries that same tone - the almost echo that fills the voice of both Thor and Sif. That's right. Carol's massage today is being provided by… Amora, the Enchantress!

Carol was so comfortable. So relaxed. It's rare that she ever gets to feel like this. But a gift certificate from Janet is not a thing to be ignored or squandered. Originally, Carol had intended to share today with Jan, and maybe a few other Avengers. But Jan had to rush off - some kind of fashion emergency. And there really wasn't anyone else at the Mansion wanting to come along to something like this. So, Carol has kept her appointment. And she has enjoyed herself … right up 'til now.

Frankly, had Amora never said anything, Carol would never have known. She certainly wasn't going to make eye contact with her masseuse. And Amora was doing a wonderfully skilled job. But as soon as Amora speaks, Carol's instincts kick in. All that effort is instantly wasted, as she goes as tense as a steel spring, twisting half-around to get a look at the woman whispering in her ear. She doesn't show much concern for her own nudity in this situation, though that likely has as much to do with her ability to generate her costume her clothing with her powers as anything else. "Who the —-" she starts, and then the rest clicks in. She has seen Amora's profile, even if they have never met personally. "Not to be abbraisive, Enchantress. But if you don't want to fight, why /are/ you here? I doubt it's just to brush up on your massage technique."

"Pfft." Amora snorts, her hands continuing to work. While Carol is much stronger than Amora, the Enchantress is an Asgardian. Her fingers can crush rock. They can't hurt Ms. Danvers but certainly they can dig into even titanium tough muscles to relax them. "I am here because I owe you something of a debt. I am many things, Carol Danvers. An Asgardian. An enchantress. A villain occasionally. A hero more rarely. And… I am a goddess. A goddess of beauty and, yes, of love. And love has done you many deservices."

Carol isn't just lying down on the table at the moment. She's half-sitting up, turned onto her hip, torso twisted about to look towards Amora. Her arm is somewhat covering herself, but frankly Carol isn't too worried about it. She gives a little bit of a frown, but it is a pensive one, as if she's trying to /think/, very hard. Some of what the other woman says makes a sort of sense. But Carol has never been one to buy in too greatly to the 'divine' aspect of the Asgardians. They aren't /her/ gods, after all. "Well. I won't deny that love - or what has pretended for love - hasn't played merry Hell with my life more than once. But that isn't your fault, Enchantress. Don't get me wrong: I'd love a target to lay all of the blame on. But I'm too self-honest to try that. So, what's your point? What is, is. It's done." Carol isn't looking for anyone to make it 'all right.' She stopped believing in fairy tales for herself a long, long time ago.

Amora sighs, eyes rolling. "On my honor, Carol Danvers, by the soil of Asgard, I will not harm you this day. Lay down so I may do my job here, today. If we are to discuss this, you would do well to gain benefit while we speak." She waits, to see if Carol will comply.

Carol considers Amora a bit longer. "I'm not at all sure why you want to keep giving me a massage, especially since I'm tense as a board, now. But if me laying down means you'll keep talking … alright." She trusts the other woman to keep her word. Granted, she might speed up the passage of time so that it's suddenly tomorrow so that she can kill Carol, but Danvers is pretty sure she'd notice that trick before it's too late. Besides, if the Enchantress wanted to just kill her, she could have done so before revealing herself. With a sigh, Carol twists around and lays back down, tucking her face into the open padded ring once more.

"I like to keep in practice." Amora explains as she begins over, starting at the shoulders and the neck. "Now, Carol Danvers. Love has wronged you so I give you a favor. What shall it be? The man… or woman… of your dreams for a night of passion? A brief return to your cosmic powers so you may make love to the stars once more? The destruction of your memories of that nasty incident in your past?"

Carol lays still, breathing deeply, slowly, clearly trying to shed the enormous well of tension that has taken residence inside her. She listens, without speaking right away. She has plenty of thoughts, but she doesn't share them. Near as she can recall, Amora can't read her mind unless she casts a spell first, so she should be safe.

"The man of my dreams is dead, Echantress, and I wouldn't want some pale immitation." She doesn't comment on 'woman of her dreams' as she has no idea who that would be. "I don't want to go back to being Binary. I appreciate the offer. And I will accept that you mean well, but please, don't ever offer to erase or alter my memories. I've had more than enough problems with that in my lifetime. It's a hot-button topic for me. Best we leave it alone, rather than get me all riled up again." Fair, right? Carol is staying calm. But she doesn't seem to have a request. 'Love' is a prickly topic for her.

"You are making this very difficult." Amora says with a frown. She begins working her way down Carol's spine. "I would offer myself… many a man and woman have cried in joy at such an offer… but, somehow I doubt you would accept such a thing from me. So much mistrust in this world."

Carol frowns. "Honestly, it's not about mistrust." Not primarily, anyway. Carol won't suddenly declare she trusts Amora with her life. She's not stupid. But that's not what it's about for her. "As you said, you're a sort of goddess of love. Well … I want love. Not lust. Not just sex. And that's something that takes time. And lasts. It's not just one day or one night of magic, however perfect and intense. And … to be honest, being with other women has never really been my thing. I don't blame those who find it fulfilling. I applaud them for finding happiness in this life. But it has never been for me. I don't mean to make things difficult. But I figure lying to you would rather defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?"

"Mmmm." Amora considers this for a moment. She has reached the base of Carol's spine, now, and her hands work the muscles. "I see. Well, I cannot blame you for being true and honest to your heart." She considers for a moment and then smiles. "Oh, of course. My gift to you." She taps the base of Carol's neck and something changes. There's a click inside Carol and love… love returns. Or, rather, Carol discovers something incredible. Inside her mind, there is a chamber. Inside that chamber, is the purist moments of her love. The memories true and powerful, as crisp and clear as if she were living them. Beyond perfect recall.

Carol smiles a bit ruefully as Amora comments that she's making this difficult, but glad that at least the Agardian woman respects her reasons and feelings. And then … Amora touches her neck. Touches her neck, and everything CHANGES.

Carol gasps, arms pulling tight to her sides, eyes slamming shut as she is overwhelmed with … emotion. Feeling. LOVE. Memories of her love are awakened inside her, whole and complete, untarnished by either time, or in her case, the pall of grey nothingness that touches all of her memories before Rogue's fateful attack years ago. The intensity of that is rather overwhelming for someone who has spent more than a decade living instead in that dull grey pall, constantly.

Love, as she feels the connections to her family, who have been nothing but a collection of strangers for far too long.

Love, as her first crushes come alive.

Love, as she remembers Mar-Vell.

Love, as she remembers others. Not many, but there are - there were - others.

Carol's breathing slowly evens back out. It's funny, but it feels like the whole world has changed around her. But she knows it is that she has changed, and her perspective on the world has changed with it. "I … wow. Just … wow."

Wow, indeed… isn't it amazing how Carol Danvers is alone with her memories now? For Amora, Enchantress and goddess, is nowhere to be seen. She has vanished into the wind. Gone from the room. Only Carol's restored memory and the lingering feeling of strong fingers on her muscles the only proof she was ever there.

Carol looks around slowly, blinking at the feelings still flooding her body. Amazing. "Well … thank you. Hard to thank you when you're already gone." she offers, softly. Then she slides off the table, twisting around and sitting up, pulling the towel up around herself as she does so. "Still … pretty amazing." Maybe Amora deserves that title as a goddess, after all?

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