2012 05 15 Welcome Back Thor

Log Title:
Welcome Back, Thor!

Armand, Enchantress, Sandman, Sif, Thor, and Ulik, Trolls, SHIELD Agents

IC Date:
May 15, 2012

Central Park - New York

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Thor returns. Big fight against Ulik and trolls


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Earlier today, a hammer came flying through the air from seemingly nowhere and crashed into the Great Needle in Central Park. Within minutes, SHIELD was in the area and cordoning off the surrounding area, though a few stragglers, onlookers, tourists, and New Yorkers remain at safe distance taking pictures, though many of them have been deterred by the suddenly inclement weather that has formed with the arrival of the hammer. Rain pours down from the sky and lightning strikes have erupted throughout the area. Scatters of thunder can be heard in the background

A small crater where the Great Noodle stood has been made the mystic hammer of Thor, Mjolnir remains embedded in the ground stuck in a piece of metal. Once the weapon was identified, a message was sent to the Avengers. Arriving first on the scene is Sandman along with Sif, current Avengers guest. As most of the team are on a mission off world, a message has been sent to them and as well. Unfortunately, not the most intelligent of the heroes, Sandman stands next to cadre of SHIELD agents who are speaking regarding the incident. Looking confused and annoyed, the pssamic hero decides the best form of action to take is no action until senior members of the team have arrived. Looking to Sif, "We can't lift the hammer. But no doubt someone will try to attack or something. Until the others arrive. It is just us. Any types on what to do with the hammer. Maybe move the ground around it?"

Twenty feet away from the hammer a green mist forms. Walking from the center of it? Amora, the Enchantress. Asgardian goddess of beauty and sorceress par excellence. How did she know the Hammer was here? As a capable spell slinger attuned to Asgard, Amora felt the hammer's aura as it entered the earthly realm. Also? It was on the news. She got a text about it on her cellphone!

Is Amora here to attack? To claim the hammer for her own? Not at all! She sits her shapely backside on a boulder and settles down to watch. Eventually, some idiot will give himself a hernia trying to lift the hammer or some other sort of entertainment will roll along. Amora fully intends to take advantage of the free show. She summons popcorn.

For people who are lovers of history, this is something quite interesting. He's not in shield or an Avenger or anything, so Armand has to remain at a safe distance, wearing a yellow poncho over his get-up today due to the rain and he has a notebook and a sparkly pen as he edges forward to get a better glimpse at the scene, wiggling and squirming to get as close as possible at this distance and he scribbles down notes, bottom lip tucked between his teeth in concentration and then he blinks and….blinks against a he notices something else in addition to the hammer and he tilts his head to the side.

Once apprised of the situation, Sif was only too happy to make her way to Ground Zero with Sandman. While he seemed content to stand on the sidelines, Sif was not. "She has her own defenses." Her arms unfold and the sword she had strapped to her back before leaving is drawn as she walks closer towards the crater.

She circles the rim of it, manuvering her body until she stands directly across it from the Enchantress, the hammer sitting dead center between them. There's no expression what-so-ever on Sif's face. In truth, it looks as if she's standing guard over the weapon and while her body seems relaxed enough, one who knows her well will know she's poised to pounce in a split second should the need arise. No one will touch that Hammer save Thor and Sif plans on seeing to it.

A dark portal opens 30 yards to the south of the mighty hammer. Emerging from the portal is a hideous man-beast wearing a green chest piece with matching shorts. His skin is yellow and hairy. His feet bare and only has two toes. His hands embrace what looks to be brass knuckle like items made from a strange unfamiliar metal. And most noteable, his face, somewhat akin to that of a troll.

Deep set eyes scan the area, takes note of Sif, and he smiles. He starts striding toward the hammer. With his voice raised, he anncounces, "I Ulik lay claim to the mystical hammer Mjolnir. Try as you might to stop me, I dare thee pathetic mortals. I dare thee Sif. For it is none a task you will find yourself capable of."

With the presence of the Enchantress, Sandman sighs, “Crap!” He looks to the SHIELD agents. “Be ready for anything. If she is here. More will be on the way!” Shifting his form to a fully psammic form, he cannot wait until his teammates arrive. Extending his body and moving in a similar fashion to Mr. Fantastic, it is in short time that Sandman is near the boulder on which the Enchantress sits.

Not pleased that Sif has taken her own stance. Sandman ahems as he looks the beautifully beguiling blonde Asgardian. He is not eloquent, but tries his best, “Enchantress, your presence here can only be a bad thing. I know all you Asgardians got some attachment to Thor. The Avengers will handle this…perhaps it is best that you head on out and if we need any assistance. Sif is better suited to help us out.” While typically one to just fight, with two tall hot Asgardian women like Sif and Amora. He does not stand a chance. Acknowledging that, perhaps, talking will get her to go away.

And then Ulik arrives…so much for not fighting. “Hey…dog face…shush… The hammer belongs to Thor and yer gonna have to kill me to get it!” The rain that pours on him is already hampering his abilities, but he will do what he must. Armed SHIELD agents already appear on the parameter of the cordoned area. Armed and weapons aimed at Amora and at Ulik.

From a distance flashes from cameras are seen as the tourists and news crew take advantage of the arrivals of the Asgardians. One pushy reporter approaches Armand, “Sir…or…Mam…um, what do you think? Will Thor arrive? Are you a fan? “
"…mon dieu…" Armand mutters softly to himself a he sees Ulik show up and he scribbles something in his notebook furiously before he jumps a bit when a reporter approaches him and he stares for a for a few moments. "…what do tink? Oh um. I tink…" He trails off and stares at the scene, sneezing a bit in the rain and shifting weight from foot to foot. "Yes maybe, it is his hammer yes? Would you ever drop /your/ p-purse or favorite accessory and just leave it there for two large super maidens, a living sand castle and a…very ugly big man to play with? No, there would be germs." He shoves his notebook back in his messenger bag and yanks out a granola bar which he unwraps with shakey hands. "…scary germs…"

No word. No change in expression. Sif simply moves. And quickly. Her destination? Between Ulik and Mjolnir. Her eyes are her only tell and in the burns an almost literal fire of anticipation. Her body keeps a stances that will allow her to attack or defend, whichever need be. However, she does not immediately move, refusing to attack first. No, it's better to get a guage on her opponent and his prowess and style of fighting. The weather? It seems not to bother her. If anything, it almost seems to invigorate her, as if she rejoices in it. Or perhaps the potential meaning behind it.

Sandman's movements are noted though her eyes never stray from Ulik. After his attempts to help her find Thor, Sif has no reason to distrust the Avenger. He will not go for the Hammer himself and she seriously doubts he'd facilitate anyone else in doing so. No, he can be trusted so she need not focus on him too much.

Amora on the other hand? Her, Sif worries about some. She wouldn't put it past the Enchantress to help this beast get to Thor's hammer or even attempt to take it herself while Sif is distracted.

Sharp fang-like teeth emerge as Ulik receives the challenge of Sandman and the repositioning of Sif. "I will take such pleasures in all challenges. Especially those of the Warrior Maiden." His fists raise and his pace picks up. He'll close the distance with Sif and engage her first. He intends to grab her sword arm and strike her midsection.

Four 10 ft tall humanoid monster like creatures emerge onto the scene from the portal. Their skin is ruddy tan and their faces appear trollish. Two carry a large club, the other two carry huge battle axes. They're apparently with Ulik and have the full intention of engaging and doing collateral damage to SHIELD agents or anyone else who will stand against Ulik. They fan out and charge the crowds with mighty trollish roars.

The reporter seems confused by what Armand has said. Either the accent or the words themselves have thrown him off, “Well, thank you for that.” The reporter then moves on to the next person. Though more onlookers have arrived despite the bad weather. Many push against Armand as they try to pass him for a better view, but security has been placed at the cordon to keep people back for their own safety.

The SHIELD agents are quick to attack firing off rounds of electric energy at the trolls. A phalanx of agents rushing forward to engage the trolls. For every troll, there is about 3 agents. For those innocents without the crowd, begin to rush away and flee causing a bit of a maddened mob mentality and pushing people aside to escape. Only reporters and foolish tourists remain behind snapping pictures.

For his part, Sandman notes Ulik attempting to go after SIf and while she can probably handle this, all the pssamic hero sees is a big ugly Dog Man going after a hot warrior babe. Hindered by the rain, Sandman does his best and extending his arms stretching their pssamic form out to try to grab Ulik’s hands and restrain him as best as he can.

As the clouds churn up above, the lightning grows violent and the thunder begins to rumble and shake the very windows of Manhattan's glass canyons. Arcs of lightning blaze across the sky like a colossal spider's web, striking the rods that adorn the tops of the skyscrapers. As the rumbling of the thunder grows and grows, coming to a near-deafening rumble, a bolt of lightning greater than the others erupts from the sky and strikes the ground but a few feet from where Mjolnir lies.

When the blinding flash clears, a man stands where the lightning has struck. No, not a man - a god! Thor lifts his head slowly, taking in the scene before him with a grim stare. His face is bloodied and scratched, a beard now upon his chin where he was once clean-shaven. He wears the clothes most would know him to wear, though they are torn, shredded and burned as though he went through some great turmoil.

As he straightens up, he stretches his right hand to one side and Mjolnir hums as though a spark of life has been revived within it. The mystical hammer flies to his hand as though it weighs nothing, wielded as it has always meant to be.

"Ulik," Thor begins, his voice ringing out like the very thunder itself, "Call off thy pitiless beasts and return to Nornheim."

Thor remains still despite the battle, another flash of lightning punctuating his next word.


Armand is in that crowd of freaked out people, granola bar clenched between his teeth before he moves a hand behind his head to jerk desperately at the tie keeping his hair back, letting all that damn hair falling down around his shoulders as he is jostled around and oofs as somebody stomps on his foot and the very reporter that was trying to interview him, unless he moves out of the way, Armand is reaching for him as well when Thor arrives he lets that hand drop as he pants softly and damnit…loses that granola bar.

Oh this is going to hurt. A lot. Still, Sif's all that's standing between him and Thor's and she's not about to let him have access to it so she braces herself to take the hit, knowing she has nothing on Ulik in strength and they're matched in speed.
Her sword arm is caught and while it stops her from stiking him as she normally would, she still attempts to reverse the blade and drive it directly down into the massive hand holding her arm.

The hitt from the massive beast lands and she can feel at least a single rib crack if not more. She doesn't give him the pleasure of hearing her cry out, however. And she isn't nearly hurt enough to stop her from fighting back.

Deep blue pools flicker to the innocent people and she growls. "Sandman…" And her eyes flick to the masses again. He needs to get them out of here. She can handle herself.

She can almost sense the moment Thor appears even if she can't see him at the moment and she isn't about to take her eyes of Ulik to look. She does, however, finally show a hint of emotion on her face. The shadow of a dark and wicked smile touching her features.

The crowd pauses at the arrival of Thor and they begin to cheer and are not as afraid. Some flee, but the few that remain begin to chant Thor’s name. “Thor! Thor! THOR!” Someone shoves past Armand, “Move it, Medusa!” The trolls engage the SHIELD agents. The trolls stomp about, but more and more SHIELD agents arrive on the scene. And for every soldier that falls to the trolls three more arrive as nearly every SHIELD agent within the city is called and summoned to the park to protect the crowd. Many fall and more arrive.

For his part, Sandman is unable to hold Ulik back, the creature moves forward and is able to land a blow against Sif. Sandman’s sand arms are torn from his body as he lets out a loud scream of pain and falls back. With the arrival of Thor, Sandman grins and fights past the pain and when the hero arrives, the sand from his arms that were torn off begin to form a sand barrier. He lets out a grin and yells out to Ulik, “Now you’re gonna get it.” Sandman’s body begins to fade and wither away as it is caught in the wind generated from Thor’s storm and begins to form a barrier separating the participants from the battle from the onlooking crowd.

Ulik lets out a loud roar when he hears the command from the Asgardian god of thunder. Barking out like a rabid dog, “Your presence means nothing, Odinson! For now I shall have the pleasure of ripping Mjolnir from your dead body!” With SIf tossed aside and Sandman now engaging in the battle, Ulik rushes forward charging towards Thor.

Amora watches the battle with delight because it is amusing.

"I am in no trifling mood, troll," Thor scowls, seemingly oblivious to the chanting of his name or even the allies around him, "Mjolnir belongs only to THOR!"

As Thor shouts his own name, he turns the hammer in his hand and brings it in a sweeping arc before him. The flat head hums as it rushes through the air, aiming to make contact with the rock troll's jaw - the force behind it fuelled by the strength of a Thunder God in no mood to spar. Even as he lashes out at Ulik, he barks out orders.

"Sandman, arm thyself and go the aid of Fury's warriors!" A pun? Really?

"Sif," Thor takes a moment to glance her way, his features mostly mask by matted hair, cuts and his new beard, "Aid him!"

New York…so far Armand's not comfortably impressed. Terrified impressed yes, but sometimes it is challenging to really process what one is seeing. People begin cheering, somebody shoves him out of the way and upon being called 'Medusa' he just gasps. "…I have no snakes or tangles, hmph…" A shake of his head and he turns again to peer out towards the battle, noticing the barrier that begins to form and he slooowly slips a pen out of his messenger bag and arches an eyebrow as he tentatively pokes at the barrier…the barest brush of the pen, barely there but curiosity at time wins out. "…I wonder what body part this was…"

Sif goes flying through the air, landing with a heavy thud and likely leaving a Sif shaped dent in the concrete. She is up instantly though and if she's in pain, she shows no signs of it. Her sword is taken up instantly and there's only a split second where she appears torn on what to do.

Thor's orders are not to be disobeyed however and she turns her back on him, her sword being brandish is such a way now that she is clearly on the attack. With full speed and strength put into it, she turns her attention on the nearest troll and lets out an unheard growl before literally pouncing on it, intent on burying her sword to the hilt.

Ulik is struck square in the jaw sending the creature hurling back a few feet and them landing on the ground with a loud quake like effect powerful enough to send shockwaves through the park and cause the sand wall to crumble apart just as Armand’s pen brushes against it. A Loud moan is heard as the sand follows the orders of Thor and breaks apart spinning and whirling about to begin to form a sandstorm aimed for the trolls who continue to fight against the SHIELD agents who are falling quickly. Though they have managed to take down one of the trolls with a battle axe. There are still three who smash, toss, and kill some of the agents. Leaping on the back of a troll, this one also carrying an axe. With Sif on his back he swirls about uncontrollably trying to knock her off, but the stab is well placed like a true warrior goddess. The troll falls lifeless. Two more left. A disembodied voice yells out to Sif, “I can blind them within my storm. When they are blinded, take them out!” She would recognize the voice as Sandman’s.

Ulik is back on his feet quickly enough. He spits out a few teeth and blood drips from his jaw, “Enough of this, Odinson! Die!” He yells out as he rings his pounders together sending out a power shockwave towards Thor. Followed by a quick fist as the creature moves with hyperspeed. The fist ready to smash into Thor’s face should it connect.

Thor's head turns as Ulik's fist connects with it, his whole body shifting to one side on a pivot as he does his best to roll with the punch. It is mighty indeed, and a lesser man would be vaporized by it, but the Thunder God is far more than that. He turns back around just as quickly, scowling as he reaches out with a hand to clasp the troll by his throat and hold him aloft. He growls through gritted teeth.

"I tire of thee, Ulik."

Thor reaches down with his other hand to clasp the troll's wrist, holding him out before him and beginning to turn. Slowly at first, then faster and faster still. The air begins to rush about them, Thunder God and troll moving with such speed that they are but a blur to all who look upon them.

But only for a moment, as Thor suddenly releases Ulik and sends him hurtling skyward at a blistering pace. Hurtling skyward with such force that, if his aim is true, the beast will find himself passing through the sky, the stratosphere and the cold of space before landing at last in Nornheim.

Armand gives a tiny little squeak/yelp when the wall starts to crumble apart and he's stumbling back anyways due to shockwaves and all the chaos going on and he can only gasp and slap a hand over his mouth during his brief moment of fearing may have poked the sand person in the wrong place. However…super sand is off to do some more fighting, trolls look to be handled so the little man with the hair turns his attention to the conflict between Ulik and Thor, lips forming a tiny 'o' as he watches. Okay. That is impressive.

With Ulik gone from the scene, Amora tired of the situation and uses her magic to teleport away. Similarly with a portal opened by Sif’s sword, Sandman listens to her and using his sandstorm tosses the two remaining trolls and two dead ones through the portal and as it closes. His body falls to the ground reforming in its humanity. SHIELD agents take control of the situation and help any people who were injured or hurt. And as the sunlight breaks through and returns.

Thor, who has seemed so stalwart throughout the battle, staggers now as though the last of his strength has been spent. His knees buckle slightly and he reaches out to lean on a nearby SHIELD agent for support, even though the man almost collapses himself under the Thunder God's weight. Mjolnir now ceasing to hum, Thor turns his attention towards Sif as the last of the trolls are vanquished. He begins to make his way over to her, a noticeable limp in his step. There is a lot they have to discuss, no doubt, but not in the middle of a crater in Central Park.

Over —> there as the crowd disperses Armand just presses a hand to his chest and takes a deep breath, hair shifting from its dark brown to black to back to dark brown and he turns slowly to begin walking away, notebook slipped out of his bag to quickly start jotting down more information. That…yes, that was interesting.

With the last of the trolls gone, Sif turns to the nearest Shield Agents and points to Sandman. "Help him." She does even consider that he wouldn't be helped. She turns and sheaths her sword at the same time. Despite her injuries, the warrior is quick to move to Thor's side, metting him halfway. "My Lord." Her eyes meet his for only a moment before she moves to offer him the support he likely needs at the moment.

With Sif helping Thor and off to discuss some private things. Sandman is helped by SHIELD agents and once the area is cleared and returned to normal, he is sent to the Avengers Mansion to heal and report the day’s events.

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