2012 05 15 Camping In Limbo

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Camping in Limbo

Cyclops and Mirage

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May 15, 2012


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Cyclops and Mirage inspect Limbo in preparation for the upcoming field trip.


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Still on Earth and in his office at the Xavier Mansion, Cyclops dressed in his X-Men uniform blue and gold with a cowl and cap and visor sits at his office and using the mansion’s comsystem contacts, Danielle Moonstar, “Mirage, if you can. Please come to my office and if you can bring Arkon’s bolts with you.” Standing up, the headmaster rifles through a backpack with various equipment, food, and even weapons and on his monitor is a map and layout of Limbo.

There is an affirmative response from the other end and it is not long before Mirage is striding through the door. In one hand
she carries her mundane bow and arrows and in the other she hefts the golden quiver with its magical bolts. She is also decked out in her uniform, except hers is black and red. "I take it we are going somewhere." she eyes the bags he is packing

Nodding his head in affirmation when Dani arrives, “Yes, I have contacted Illyana and I thought before we take the students on a trip there, that we should check it out. While I believe Illyana is in full control. Given her past history and how Belasco or any of the numerous demons or hell-lords have a tendency to just show up. I wanted to inspect it myself first and this will be a good chance for you to use the bolts and check it out as well.” He grins, “Illyana is dealing with some mystic war or something. So it’ll just be us, but she has proclaimed that no demons are to attack us, so we should be ok.”

"Good idea." Mirage continues to eye the stuff though "Exactly how long of a trip are you thinking? It looks like you are packing quite a bit there." she sets the bow and both sets of arrows down and goes to help pack the rest of the stuff "Should be? Can I quote you on that later?" she doesn't sound quite convinced, there is bound to be some demon grudges going on in Limba, but she smiles at her jesting despite that.

“Well, with the sliding time scale there. I want to spend the night. You are good at camping, but have you ever done it in a demon realm?” Cyclops laughs, “Magik’s castle is free, but to truly know if Limbo is safe enough for a field trip for students. I want to do this right. I have packed enough for the night and the X-Men are aware. Given the timing, I am estimating what will be night there will only be a few seconds here. I have a meeting in five minutes, so we should have enough time.” He appreciates Dani’s help and once the packs are made. He reaches for the bolts, “Ok the sequencing of firing the bolts is key to ending up on the right dimension. The sequence is as follows.” He recites the order, but allows Mirage to be the one to actually fire the bolts.

"You want me to fire it in here….your office?" Mirage gives him a look as she takes one of the golden bolts along with her bow to the other side of the room so she has a bit more range in which to fire. She does as instructed, following the precise order of things as she nocks the bolt, aims toward the door frame and fires, all the while picturing her desination, the firey pit of Limbo.

As visions of fiery pits and demons dance in Mirage’s head, she suddenly finds herself directly outside the castle typically used by Magik, but at times used by the former master of Limbo, Belasco. She is in a wooded area with dying trees hauntingly posed and small glowing eyes watching the young mutant as she arrives. For the moment, Cyclops is not seen. In place of crickets chirping, demons howl and in place of clouds in the sky, plumes of smoke shoot up from volcanoes and fires off in the distance.

"I see nothing much has changed here." Mirage says out loud as she slowly turns a circle, surveying the landscape around her and on the lookout for any demons that may be in the near vicinity besides the small ones that are peering at her from the trees and underbrush. Once she is satisfied that she is relatively safe for the moment she takes note that her traveling companion is absent. "Oh great, not this again." she sighs.

Her primary scan of the area at first reveals no demons, but suddenly leaping off the castle is a six-armed demon spying venom as it is ready to come down on Mirage as it is a few inches away, it is suddenly struck head on by an crimson optic blast shot by Cyclops who appears on a branch. The blast strikes the demon smashing into the rock wall and then it explodes sending demon goo all over the area surrounding Mirage. Cyclops leaps off the branch. “We will need to work on better landings when teleporting.” He grins as he looks about satisfied nothing else will attack them…for now.

Putting her bow down, she was quick to raise it and nock an arrow when she saw the demon descending on her "I hope that wasn't what passes for the well loved guard dog, Fluffy." she takes a few steps back from the rain of demon guts "Yes, work on my aim." she looks around once more before looking at Cyclops "Welcome to Limbo.

“Not my first trip here.” Cyclops shrugs landing in a crouching position after he leaps off the tree. There are a fee paths the mutants can take, but one has a glowing handprint on it. Cyclops reaches into the backpack and unscrolls an ancient arcane looking map, “Illyana prepared this for us and has marked the best route to take. It is scenic but also the least treacherous.” On the map, footprints move about with words above. Something akin to a map from Harry Potter. Cyclops points in the direction of the path with the glowing hand, “We hike about ten miles or so before there is a spring of water that we can drink from.” With a smile on his face, “Think you can handle a ten mile hike through a rocky terrain faster than I can. Loser buys the winner drinks when he get back to Earth?”

She nods "I don't think this is quite what they mean by being well traveled." Mirage takes one of the backpacks, using a bungee cord to strap her bow and arrows to it before shouldering it "I was raised in this kind of rocky terrain…sans the fire and brimstone. I'll be looking forward to my free beer." she glances at the map and then at the path with the glowing marks and begins to head in that direction.

As they begin their trek, Dani maintains a lead, but Cyclops is right behind her. Along the way there are some steep cliffs and they literally have to climb up the side of mountains, but Illyana has left them with some assistance and both mutant leaders packed appropriately. Finally having reached the first rest spot, A small geyser springs out of a rock. Clearly magical in nature, Cyclops pulls out some cups handing one to Dani, who arrived first and is owed a free beer, “Ok, free beer for you.” He grins.

After the long walk with required climb, Mirage is only a little bit winded. She did her best to pace herself. "That girl thinks of everything." she grins at the fountain of water and takes the offered cup "I wonder though if I can summon Brightwind from here?" she fills her cup taking a whiff of the water before taking a drink, "Just in case we need to make a quick escape off a cliff or something,

“Well hopefully we will not need to find out, but that is always good to know. With the potential to trips across the multiverse, it may be good to know how to access any possible resource, like Brightwind. If you were on Asgard, would you be able to summon him?” Cyclops asks as he takes a rest and sits on a small boulder. He is a bit tuckered out, but mildly so as he paced himself as well. Sipping from the cup with the magic water. He hmmmns, “Are there any students who you are concerned or worried about? Maybe should not come along on the trip?”

"Yes, I could summon him from Asgard, but that could just be the fact that Asgard is his home plane." Mirage gestures around with her cup "This isn't." she takes a few more sallows of the water as she thinks over the question of students "Not really. Though I think we should limit to only a certain number of students and ones that don't scare easy.”

Nodding about Brightwind, “Well, maybe we can test out Brightwind a little later. As for the students, I agree. Some of the younger ones will spook too easily. I do think Richenda Gray and Kisha should come. They both performed admirably when they went to the Shi’ar system and it may be good to get Kisha out and about. She seems to keep to herself too much. While that is not a bad thing, she should interact more.” He shrugs a bit as he leaps off the boulder and unfurls the map again.

Mirage refills her cup, keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings "We will have to keep an eye on Kisha, she's a bit to curious for her own good. Not to mention there is no telling what she will find to add to one of her inventions." she sits for a moment on a boulder "She might decide her next invention would be cool adorned with a demon skull.

Screeching can be heard from above their heads as a demonic looking pterosaur comes swooping down towards the heroes. Cyclops seems uninterested as he studies the map, “So we have a couple of options that we can take for routes.” The demon pterodactyl with sharpened talons is getting closer, “Dani, would you like the honors or should I take care of it?” He still is not looking at the creature, but his visor seems to glow a bit, but ever the gentlemen he offers Dani first dibs.
Glancing up at the screeching Mirage's hands are already going for her weapons as Cyclops makes the offer. There were several times on there walk where she nearly had it out, but fortunately those times she didn't need it. She doesn't reply as first one, then another arrow is fired off quickly at the flying creature, she readies a third in case the first two don't take.

The X-Men’s resident hawk-girl, Dani’s arrows fire true and hit their mark. The first arrow rips through the creature’s neck and the other strikes the demon’s head as it explodes out in demon guts, two eyes drop from the sky landing near Dani’s feet. The headless body plummets and Cyclops rips out another optic blast rendering the body like its head into a spray raining down demon blood and guts. Calmly folding the map out, “Ok…next trek is a good 15 miles and we will set up camp for the evening. Can you make it or do you need some rest? And this time the loser buys a burger for the winner.” He grins, anticipating winning this next trek.

Satisfied that the demon flying dino won't be a problem Mirage once more puts away her weapons "I don't supposed you packed an umbrella. There seem to be periodic showers of demon entrails." she moves to stand next to him and studies the map "This looks like the best route and it gives us a 360 visual." she traces the route "I don't know old man, you look like you need to rest more." she says in return, jest implied.

“Oh is that, the case.” Cyclops leans down, “A race…whoever can make the trek first wins.” With that, “Ready…set…go…” He looks skyward and releases another optic blast straight above them to signal the start of the race. Grabbing his bag, he sprints to the beginning of the path.

Challenge issued and taken, Mirage dashes forward toward the path, hot on the heels of Cyke, as he had the starter advantage. Racing through Limbo might not the the brightest idea but she tends to be competitive and everyone who has known her long enough is bound have seen her competitive side. "For 15 miles I want a steak!" she comments as she quickly catches up but doesn't pass him at this point.

Grinning the entire way, Cyclops is impressed that with how Mirage is able to keep up. It is good to see one of the former students keep pace. And while Dani has lived her whole life in a mountainous environment, Cyclops takes some pride in how far she has come and is positive the other X-Men are as well. Having made it to the halfway point, Cyke, while full of pride, is somewhat annoyed that Dani has kept pace with him and ponders why she has not taken the lead yet. Climbing sprinting, crawling through the Limbo terrain, He comes across a red looking river that has to be crossed. Stopping short, he grins. One of his lessons, use your environment and so, once again he releases a beam of ruby-colored blasts, hitting the base of a sturdy strong tree. His beam cuts through it causing it to fall and create a bridge for which he leaps up on and makes his way across.

She probably hasn't dashed ahead because she is waiting to get closer to the campsite before putting on the mad dash of speed, or it could be that this is Limbo and the person that lags behind usually is also the one that gets eaten first. When they get to the river she stops a moment, raising her arms over her head, taking slow, deep breaths "Show off." she shakes her head with a grin but thankfully starts across the tree bridge. There is no telling what type on monstrosity is lurking in the depths of the river.

There is some growling from the depths of the river and when Dani makes it across a large sea monster makes short work of the tree bridge. Continuing the trek through to the campsite, through the wooded area, Cyke is slowed down as he blasts his way through some trees as he begins to create his own path. At times, he turns around and while he appears to be shooting at Dani, he offs some small critters ready to nip at her feet.

Barely gives the tree a second glance as she hops from it, though she is quick to get away from the river when the Cthulu wanna be surfaces. She winces at how close a call that could have been. Mirage quickly carries on occasionally picking up speed though the trees slow her down slightly as well since she has to weave through them. When the demon chihauhuas are blasted away she waves "Thanks."

After what appears to be a long time, they are both within sight of the camp ground. Scott stops short as the campsite, pretty much already set up courtesy of Magik’s magic. He smiles and takes a few exhaustive breaths. Within a 100 yards from the site, he pauses and waits for Mirage to catch up. Once she does, he lets out, “Ok, it’s a football field length away. Straight sprint from here. Think you can handle it?”

Despite being winded and breathing heavy Mirage nods as she stops by Cyke, once more raising her arms and taking deep breathes "If you can handle me winning." she cheats, ever so slightly by taking off toward the camp without so much as a warning, taking the lead and winning the race as she crosses the proverbial finish line and into the camp "Beer and a steak!" she cries out in victory…between deep breaths.

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