2012 05 14 Where Is Thor

Log Title:
Where's Thor?

Sandman, Sif, and Jarvis

IC Date:
May 14, 2012

Foyer - Avengers Mansion

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Sif comes to the mansion to find Thor. Sandman and Jarvis greet her.


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Monday evening and the majority of the Avengers are either out on missions or have a day off. Sandman unfortunately finds himself on duty. Though he should be in the monitory room, has tricked Jarvis into sitting on monitor duty as he himself makes his way into the Foyer. Dressed in his usual costume of a green and black striped shirt and brown trousers. Sandman is in the foyer and reaching for an overcoat. “Maybe I have time to get some good eats.” He grins as he heads straight for the door.

She had only just arrived in town that afternoon and it took a bit of time to get the things she needed in order. Once all was done, she made her way to the headquarters of the Avengers. She's a tad uneasy in the city without her sword but she had no way of carrying it without drawing attention so it was hidden away somewhere safe.

Finally reaching her destination, the gives a firm knock on the door, taking extra care with her strength so as not to destroy the thing. The vision that greets whoever answers it is Sif, standing in blue jeans and a red silk shirt, a hand on her hip and a worried expression on her face.

As the door is knocked on, it is opened within milliseconds as Sandman is about to rush out, nearly bumping into the Asgardian beauty before him. “Woah…” He stops himself short of crashing into her, but his body actually sheds some sand particles as he does so. “Pardon me and excuse me. I didn’t realize anyone was standing out here. Um …Do you need the Avengers?”

Sif actually takes a step back to avoid being run into, her body tensing as if preparing for an attack. It takes her a few seconds to force herself to relax. "I am looking for Thor. Have you seen him?" There's a hint of hope in her voice even as direct and to the point as she is. She has searched the realms for him and nothing. Coming back to Midgard is her last hope before she's forced to accept that he may actually be lost to her.

Blinking a bit as he looks over Sif, “Well, at the moment, I am the only Avenger here. But Sandman is more than enough to handle any assistance you need.” His form suddenly turns completely pssamic and duplicates pop out from his center form.
“What is the danger that I can do for you? Thor is a one trick pony with his hammer. I, on the other hand…” Each form does a different trick. One does a feat of strength while the other takes a different form of an animal.

Blue eyes narrow dangerously and the Asgardian takes an almost menacing step towards Sandman. "Were I you, mortal, I would watch my tongue about the Lord of Asgard. My Lord Thor is a God among men in this realm and should be shown such respect." And if he listens close, he'll hear true fear in her voice, not anger. She's worried and in such, her walls are becoming thin and showing the emotions that lie under it all.

Blinking a bit and not having expected the woman before him to be an Asgardian. Her response and tone show her to be so and shows Sandman that she and Thor earn and demand respect. “Oh, you are an Asgardian. I …um…” He shifts to his human form as the duplicates are absorbed. He steps away from the door and gestures for her to enter, “I apologize.
Please come in and I can try to reach Thor through the combadges.” He is sincere and though unaccustomed to dealing with deities and royals, he shows a modicum of respect as he bows for her to enter the Avengers mansion.

She's being rude and she knows it. A hand runs through her long black hair and she sighs. "I am … It was not my intention to be so harsh." She huffs a little before she gives a slight bow of her head and walks through the door. "I have searched the realms for him and I cannot find him." As if this explains everything. "Has he not been here of late then?"

“As far as I am aware, he has not been here. At least while I have been here. But the roster has grown a lot and we have been spread thin. I know Thor helped out against Graviton and I actually thought he was back in Asgard, healing or something.” Leading her to a seat in the foyer, Sandman uses his combadge to summon Jarvis. “Excuse me, miss. What exactly is your name? You seem to have a great amount of concern for Thor. I am sorry I am not too familiar with the Asgardians. I know you are not the Enchantress. She’s blond. But I do not believe I am familiar with you.” Quickly exiting the elevator, already carrying a tray with glasses of water, “Lady Sif?” Yes, Jarvis is that good!

The mention of Amora earns a growl from Sif as she takes the offered seat. "So Amora is here then?" And now she has somewhere new to hunt for Thor. "I am concerned for him, yes. My name is…" And then Jarvis comes out and practically introduces her which causes a rare if faint smile. "Yes, precisely." Yep, there's that odd sense of humor.

“Wait no…Amora…I don’t know who that is. Enchantress is not here. Well not in the mansion anyway. I have not heard of any of her appearances.” Jarvis lifts his finger up in a shushing manner to Sandman, treating the pssamic hero like a child, which causes him to frown. Jarvis steps forward offering Lady Sif some water, “Lady Sif, I am Edwin Jarvis, the manservant to the Avengers. I am abreast of everything that happens in the mansion and have gone over all the files regarding the Asgardians. Unfortunately, Thor has not been present since the Graviton situation. As Master Sandman has mentioned. I had believed he was in Asgard recovering. I fear however, if you are here…then.” Sandman intervenes, “Sif? I promise you. We will find him. Thor is one of our teammates. Wherever he is, we will find him. I promise you.” He offers a sincere smile.

Sif can't help but give a little chuck at the antics between the two. The water is taken with a grateful smile and her eyes lift to Jarvis as she takes a long drink, listening to what he has to say. "It is an honor to meet you, Sir Jarvis." While she may, chronologically be older, she still feels the urge to show the man respect.

Her eyes dart back and forth between Jarvis and Sandman before her back straightens and her shoulders square. "He is not in Asgard and has not been for some time. If he is not here then…" Her voice trails off and she just can't bring herself to say the worst.

With that Jarvis looks to Sandman. The Avengers frowns a bit, “Sif, admittedly the Avengers have been…spread thin as of late with different missions and fighting villains. However, we should have kept a better eye on Thor. For that, I am sorry. We…” He frowns as he looks to Jarvis, “Jarvis, if you would not mind, if you could prepare the guest room for Lady SIf. I will alert Ms. Marvel and the rest of the team about her presence and put out a priority call. It seems we need to find one of our own.” Jarvis does just that. Sandman takes a seat next to Sif, “What was the last you had heard from Thor?”

A deep breath is taken to steady herself as Sif listens to what's happening around her. "Thank you both," is murmured as they talk of setting up and room. Her head lifts slowly and there is determination set in her eyes. "Do not pull others from their duties on Midgard to look for him, M'Lord Thor. He would not want the mortals to suffer because of him. If he lives… I will find him."

And yet, she has a feeling her words fall on deaf ears. They would it such things were being said to her. "I… Ares and I searched for him after he disappeared after the battle you speak of but found nothing… I searched the other realms as well…"

“Well, Ares has been here. His new oracle is one of the Avengers and he frequently visits here. So any information that you can give us. While we are not gods. You would be surprised what we mortals can do.” Sandman says with pride and another grin, but then changes his tone to one of empathy, “For tonight, I fear not much more can be done. Please accept our hospitality. I am on monitor duty, so I can scan the entire planet and even some of space.” Jarvis steps down as he has already prepared the room. Man, he really is that good. “Lady Sif, there is mead and other food and imbibments that we keep ready when we are visited by Asgardians. You should eat.” He then turns to Sandman, “Master Sandman, the monitors have been set to your combadge. Any alerts will be sent automatically. Why don’t you serve as host while I monitor and then we can switch until the others return.?” Sandman nods acknowledging that is a good idea.

Sif nods her head. "I understand. You have my gratitude for what you are willing to do for him." And she sounds truly grateful. Another one of those faint smiles goes to Jarvis and she nods. "Mead sounds wonderful. Thank you both for your wonderful hospitality." It will be good not to have to sleep in a hotel tonight. "If there is anything I can do while I am here… I shall rest later this even and start again in the morning."

Jarvis starts to head to the Monitor Room, but turns to Sif, “You are our guest.” Sandman shakes his head, “She is our guest, but she is from Asgard. Something tells me they do not simply sit around and look pretty. They keep themselves busy…and still look pretty.” Jarvis has a confused expression to which Sandman clears it up, “Sif, let’s eat, drink, and then you can join me on Monitor Duty. We can start to track Thor and if you grow too restless there is a Simulation Room. Trust me. That room can create anything for us train against or fight.”

Sif nods her head and finishes the water before standing. "Yes. Nourishment is a good idea. I have neglected it since arriving in Midgard this afternoon." She gives both a tight smile as she draws herself up to full height of six-foot-four with the boots. She then makes a motion with her hand. "Lead on then…" And she frowns. "Who are you?" This, of course, is directed at Sandman since she remembers Jarvis giving his name. Perhaps she just missed it when Sandman did.

Almost laughing as he blinks when he starts to lead Sif to the kitchen, “I am Sandman. Thor’s teammate. Well, actually my name is William Baker. My codename is Sandman, but my friends and allies call me, Bill. Feel free to call me by any of those.” Once is the kitchen, an Asgardian meal is already laid out with various hearty meats and plenty of mead. “Wow, Jarvis really is that good.” Sandman gestures for her to partake first as he is not sure if Asgardians just rip into their food or what.

Asgardian she may be but she is still a Lady and it shows through in her manners and etiquette as she seats herself before pouring a glass of mead. "A pleasure and an honor to meet you, Sir William." A plate is prepared before her head cants to the side and a brow arches. "Will you not be joining me in the meal?" Curious yes but it doesn't stop her from taking a small bite of meat. The way it's prepared causes her eyes to widen before she gives a nod of approval. Indeed, Jarvis is that good!

“Oh yes, I wasn’t sure if on Asgard the women eat first or what. So I was trying to be polite.” Grabbing a plate for himself and beginning to tear off some of the meat for himself. He looks it over, ”My first Asgardian meal.” Sandman pours himself some mead and raises it in toast, “To…um…what’s name…white guy with a beard…to Odin, King of Asgard! And to Thor! And to you, Lady Sif!”

Sif's eyes widen and she practically chokes on her mead as Sandman tries to remember Odin's name. Her blue eyes cut to him and she isn't sure whether to laugh or get angry therefore she settles on simply lifting her own glass. "To Asgard and the Avengers." And then another long drink of it is taken. "And yes, the All Father's name is Odin." Even as she eats and drinks, there's a sadness in her eyes when Thor's name is mentioned. One she can't hide no matter how hard she tries. "The meal is prepared well. Authentic."

“Yes, well with an Asgardian on the team. Jarvis has learned how to prepare only the best Asgardian feast. It would be the same with Olympians, and I am pretty sure, he can even make some alien stuff too.” Sandman grins, “Me, I am a meat and potatoes kinda guy. Specifically burger and fries, but I can eat anything.” He hmmmns, “Well…maybe not anything.” Nothing her sadness, Sandman gets personal. “I have to ask, Sif. I know we just met and stuff, but I gotta ask. You are really really down about Thor. I get he is a god and stuff, but you are sadness seems to be a bit deeper. Are you two…?”

"Burgers and fries?" Sif's brow arches and she looks at the feast prepared for her. "They do not compare to what is here." Oh yes, she's just a tad biased. Another drink is taken and her mouth wiped, sapphire pools cutting to him when he asks his question. Her brows draw in confusion. "Are we what?" And then she realizes what he's not asking. "Why can't mortals just speak thier minds?" is muttered to herself before she shakes her head and finally answers. "I love Thor, yes. If you wish to know more than that, you will have to wait until I… We find him for it is not just my story to tell."

Laughing, though if it is from being uncomfortable or his own stupidity, Sandman nods and half smiles when he tears into the meat, “Well, in that case, then we must find Thor…if for no other reason to hear the rest of the story.” He looks over the meal and sighs full already off the fine meal. “So if Thor is the god of thunder, then what are you goddess of? You seem the strong warrior type? So like you are the goddess of fighting or hunting or something?”

Sif can't help but chuckle. "War." Despite her fine manners and ladylike way of behaving at the table when she stands and draws herself up to her full height, it is likely easy to see. Especially as she grabs the nearest item that is about the same length as her sword and begins twisting and twirling her wrist to demonstrate her ability with her chosen weapon. As soon as it started it ends and she takes her seat again resuming her meal. "I will need to leave this evening to retreive my sword. I thought it best not to walk through town carrying it during the day."

“Fair enough. Well, if need be. You can take a Quinjet. It is one of our flying vehicles. Kinda like…um …The all-Father’s chariot, but instead of rams or dogs, or horses or whatever other creatures pulls him along. Our chariots are metal and have wings and engines that let them fly. Go in grab your sword, get back and no one will be the wiser.” Sandman applauds after the display, “Once Thor is found, you will have to show me how to use a sword like that.” He holds out his arm and turns it into a sandy form and starts stabbing and cutting into the air in a comical clumsy way.

Sif, once more, frowns a little. "I … Would not know how to operate your flying machine." She finishes off the meat and goes to work on the greens, occasionally wiping her mouth and taking a drink. "I am truly thankful for what you are doing for, My Lord Thor." Another drink is taken before she frowns and sits the glass aside. "I should go get my sword now, actually." She has too much energy and the need to burn it off. Training will do that but she needs her weapn first. "Can your training room without stand Thor's attacks?"

“Yes, it was made specifically to withstand Thor’s most brutal attacks.” Sandman stands up and summons Jarvis to clean up while he heads to the Monitor Room, “Alright, farewell and return once you have found your sword. I shall start the search for Thor in the meantime.” Sandman bows his head and exits.

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