2012 05 14 Things Go Awry When Knock Out Gas Is Involved

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Things Go Awry When Knock Out Gas Is Involved

Havok, Firestar, Yishi, Blizzard, Boomerang, Ringer

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Midtown, Manhattan

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The heroes arrive to stop a bank robbery, they're knocked unconscious, the villains get away but aren't able to steal anything.


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The still-diminutive black-garbed and masked figure of 'Yishi', a largely unknown powered vigilante operating in New York City, sits on the edge of a rooftop in that same city, her small legs dangling over the edge, kicking idly as she turns her head to regard the more colorfully-attired young woman at her side. "I confess. This is where my work with the PD has the advantage: they always know where they are needed." Which isn't at all true, honestly. But every unit /she/ has ever been attached to has known, or they wouldn't have requested /her/ to be there. That being her non-costumed identity, naturally. "Patrolling and not managing to find anyone or anything in need of help is always so frustrating." And tiring, really, staying 'up' for anything for so long only to find nothing.

Firestar smiles at Yishi as she sits next to her on the edge of the rooftop, swinging her own legs, she doesn't look nearly as frustrated with the lack of criminals to stop. "Think about the bright side, maybe it means we're putting a dent in crime, making a difference. I think it's very good when we fail to find criminals and evildoers." Now there's a perspective stemming from optimism, which makes Firestar such a nice member to have on any team. "I guess it is easier in a more defined role, like you have with the PD, but we're doing good. Heck, a few days ago I helped a blind man cross the street. Made me feel everybit as good as stopping crime. Are you hungry, Yishi? I can fly down and grab us hotdogs."

Several floors below and just down the block, the front and sides of a local bank are covered in ice. The bank building is but a small part (lower three floors) of a high rise structure. The ice reaches up to the fourth floor. People on the sidewalks begin to scatter while vehicles in the street slow. People of New York are a special breed, they often want to watch the action and not run for their lives.

Emerging from the fleeing crowd, a man wearing a green and red costume (with rings all over his body) approaches another man wearing a white uniform with blue trim. The man with the white uniform seems to be the source of the ice generation. Both now stand on the corner/sidewalk in front of the bank. Pleased with the results.

Even before the ice is visible at their altitude, Yishi has turned away from Firestar - how rude! - and is looking in that direction. Already her mind has keyed to some tiny hint that something is not as it should be. "Sorry, Firestar. I don't think we'll get a chance for a snack." she murmurs, re-activating the voice-altering feature of her body armor even as finally, the ice becomes visible and people begin to scatter. How does she do it? Even she couldn't explain it, other than 'I had a feeling.' "We had better go, it seems."

Yishi could just catch a ride with her teammate, but she hates to burden Firestar, who can otherwise be so graceful in the air. Instead, the black armored figure leaps from the rooftop's edge onto a windowsill, and bounces from there to the fire escape, then throws herself down the stairs of several sections until she can reach one of the ladders, which she rides to the ground before drawing her batons from her belt and snapping them to full extension. Facing super-powered or even super-teched foes? This could get rough in a hurry!

"Hey, are you even listening to me?" Firestar pokes at Yishi's shoulder, unaware of what's about to transpire, but beforelong, she too can see the ice. "Huh? How did you know that would happen, Yishi?" Firestar asks as she takes to the air, her body engulfed with a flaming aura, she was about to offer a ride down to her teammate, but sees Yishi already choose to go the ninja route. "Well, time to break the ice," Firestar zooms down and already emits heat waves towards the icy build-up. Whatever means it serves, the ice shouldn't be there, and she's perfectly equipped to remove it.

The heat is detected by the transgressors who look up toward the approaching Firestar. Ringer mutters something to his cold comrade and then Blizzard raises both his arms. He comments, "Let's cool her off."

Ringer starts moving toward the frozen bank's wall.

Not only will our Hot Heroine have to deal with the impending burst of icy cold, but just to her right, from another ledge of a building, a swishing sound of a boomerang hurdles toward her with dangerous velocity.

Moving as quickly as her compact, small but athletic body can move - that armor she's wearing seems not to impede her much if at all - Yishi turns her head and glances to Firestar's left, even as she plants her foot, pivots and throws her baton towards the other heroine's right with a small grunt of effort. There is nothing at all she can do about ice canons or powers, to be sure. But a boomerang? That, she believes she can intercept and foil, perhaps quite to the frustration of the interesting person on yonder ledge.

It's a good thing Yishi is alert to the boomerang, because Firestar's only hope of not getting hit by it is if Yishi's attempt proves successful. As it is Firestar only has her eyes set on the oncoming cold assault, and she answers in kind with heat, extending both her arms at the incoming attack and blasting out waves of heat radiation. It remains to be seen whether the cold is colder or the heat is hotter. "Cool me down!? Ha! I'm way too hot for you, dweeb!"

The boomerang is struck with the baton, there's an explosion and green gas floods a several cubic yard area - also encompassing Firestar's location.

The hot and the cold war continues. Energies blasted at one another and stopped by one another in between the two opposing forces.

Ringer pulls a large ring from his belt and throws it toward's Yishi. The ring has heft to it, but it's designed to entangle if striking true.

Little Yishi grimaces behind her mask as the boomerang presents a gas. She did her job, she spotted the threat and intercepted it … and failed to account for something. She's rather upset by that. Yet she hasn't time to dwell, because they are still under assault, and there are innocents still in danger. She amps the volume on her suit and shouts, "Get clear! All of you!" towards the crowd. Then she has to twist around, her body flowing quite gracefully through a motion that to most would seem impossibly quick. The observant would note, however, that she's not that fast. She just seems to have known where to be /before/ the attack got close, her baton extended and intercepting the ring from its inside, as her whole body continues its motion, throwing that momentum into the ring as she sweeps and redirects it back - this time towards the white-garbed figure trying to ice over her teammate. "Firestar, are you OK!" she shouts, concerned about that gas, and trying not to show the muscle strain in her arm from that maneuver.

As her battle of hot and cold continues, Firestar grimaces and increases the intensity of the heat she's generating, "you know I haven't even began to get serious yet…you may really wish to reconsider," she warns the wouldbe iceman, only there's one thing she is still unaware of, and that's the boomerang heading her way. Sure, Yishi did intercept it on her behalf, only as the baton strikes the boomerang, it explodes and release gas that engulfs the area Firestar is floating in. "Huh? What?" Firestar for a moment is distracted, not having expected the explosion or gas coming out of nowhere, and soon she starts to cough and lose height, before she stops generating her attack. This of course serves the opportunity for a deadly combo, should the man with the ice powers continue to strike, she could get hit with another dose of unpleasantness while plummeting down. Seems the gas was a knockout gas.

The returned ring strikes Blizzard and like an extending spring wraps around him in it's coils. This distracts and disrupts his icey attack upon Firestar at the same time she discontinues her attack. Thus hot and cold fade equally. He struggles, "WHAT THE HECK?!"

The Ringer is dumbfounded and steps away from the building toward Blizzard, "Hang on Bliz, I'll get you out of that." He closes and will begin the untangling. It won't be until the next round that he'll be released.

Meanwhile, somewhere up high and on the side of a building, another boomerang is released. This time toward Yishi. It arcs down around knee level and when it is within 4 yards of Yishi it will drastically raise up and attempt to strike her in the chest.

As Firestar starts to fall, Yishi twists in place and sprints for her friend, doing her best to catch her despite the fact that Firestar is taller, a tiny bit heavier, and falling from a height - even if its' only several feet. Yishi's arm and shoulder are already stressed from managing to redirect the ring, but she makes a valiant attempt to catch her friend and at least keep her from bonking her head or something else disastrous.

So what happens when that boomerang comes in? It's just one of those mysterious, annoying things. Yishi 'catches' Firestar with her whole body, so she goes down. And down, her 'chest' height is now devoid of Yishi-parts, and the boomerang whips up perfectly to strike where she now /isn't/, if only barely. Of course, Yishi isn't attacking anyone, either. She's completely taken with checking on Firestar and trying to help her teammate.

Dangit. Stupid badguys, fighting dirty. Muttermutter.

Firestar is lucky to have a friend like Yishi, because she very well would have crashed quite hard on the ground. Instead, she gets her fall softened by Yishi, and although Yishi falls to the ground herself for her effort, at least it spares her being hit with the boomerang. The fiery aura around Firestar is gone, and she seems to be knocked out, looking lifeless as Yishi manages to stop her from getting extra bumps and bruises.

Boomerang's boomerangs are special. More special than those found in the outback and have more deadly applications. Regardless of the 'miss' of Yishi, it has a proximity detector that causes it to detonate straight above the damseline duo. More obnoxious knock out gas floods their area and fills a 12x12x12 area around them.

"Come on you fool." Exclaims Blizzard as the Ringer is removing the coils from his teammate. "The heroes showed up too quick. We've got to get out of here."

Ringer finishes his work and frees Blizzard. "Let's get rollin." he says as he himself starts running toward their escape vehicle (The Ring Mobile).

That's when a FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM is heard and the area around the villains lights up. They weren't targeted, but their attention was claimed by another hero standing on the nearby street corner. "That'll be quite enough." Exclaims Havok as he enters the open area of the conflict. "You two need to surrender or else the next shot will do more than startle you."

They're both frozen, assessing the risk of running, fighting, or hoping something comes from above in the shape of a boomerang.

As great as Yishi's senses are, she isn't aware of the proximity detector in the boomerang. She has no idea what caused the other one to dispense its knockout payload, assuming it to have been the impact with her baton. As astounding as her 'instincts' can be in combat, they are not without their limitations. And her body armor suit does not yet have independent rebreathing systems like the suit after which it was designed. So she gets lungs-full of knockout gas, as she cradles her fallen friend concernedly, running her gloved fingers through that fiery red hair, looking on worriedly, though it doesn't transmit through the faceless mask. Then … the little form just slumps to the side. And there is no more. The heroines are vanquished, despite their best efforts.

Havok kept his hands up, ready to fire upon the Blizzard and the Ringer. He never knew of the Boomerang hiding in the shadows on high ledges. Nor was he even able to be aware of the boomerang that sweapt in from behind him and smacked him right in the back of the head. Upon contact it explodes and releases the same knock out gas that everyone else suffers.

Instinctively Havok tries to duck and fire at the same time. His shot goes wide and hits Ringer in the left shoulder - spinning the villain and knocking him into a Ford sedan. Blizzard starts running and says, "Let's go!"

Havok will drop in the next round.

Within a few seconds the villains are away, the police and fire/rescue/ambulance have arrived and the heroes are woken by smelling salts that burn the nose. Questions are asked and assessments are made. Apparently the villains were freezing the bank to allow Boomerang to sneak in from above, steal the loot, then get out. It went awry when the heroines showed up too quickly and nothing was stolen.

Havok seems to take charge with the police since he's a government hero and helps the processing go quickly. Then once done, he will approach the girls. His familiarity is noted with Firestar as he greets, "Firestar." then looks to Yishi and says, "Miss." having no name to fill in the blank but offers his own, "I'm Havok, of X-Factor." which is more addressed to Yishi than Firestar.

Firestar looks pretty embarrassed to have been knocked out, and so her eyes shy away from Havok once she's been brought back to full consciousness, and is brought up to date on what she missed. "Havok," she greets him in turn, before turning to face Yishi and embracing her, "thanks for helping me not become pancake on the ground. I can't believe I was this careless." She then motions at Havok, "he's a friend Yishi, he's a good guy."

Thanks to the featureless mask, no one can see Yishi's eyebrows creeping into her hairline. This is the first time Yishi has ever 'hung around' to be spotted by the cops, and she's feeling nervous. And now they're being addressed by a registered, government-sanctioned hero-type. Who knows Firestar! And … Angie is calling her a guy? Yishi stays quiet a moment, checking to be sure the voice-alteration is switched on before speaking. Best not to screw it up at this point! Just … if Yishi is a guy, she is a /darned/ tiny guy, as she is shorter than Firestar, even /with/ the armor.

"'Lo, Havok. Like Firestar said, I'm Yishi." The name is a word in Mandarin, meaning 'Awareness', not that most Westerners ever figure that out, or care. "Guess we have you to thank for covering us when we got gassed. That boomerang guy was dangerous. I thought they were impact-coded, after the one I deflected still gassed Firestar. But the other one completely missed us, and still went off over our heads and gassed us. Me." Hence why Yishi was found half-under Firestar, holding her, but passed out. "I'm with the New Warriors, like Firestar." Please, please don't ask about registration! Crud, this is going to get ugly quick!

"No worries." Havok intones about the concerns and adds, "Yall were first on the scene and kept the villains from getting away with any stolen goods. So you did great."

Damage Control shows up and will see to the repairs and needed cleaning of the area. Police keep onlookers back and the media is behind the line trying to get statements as well as video.

"Thanks…" Firestar murmurs, although she still doesn't feel like she did much to help, seeing how both she and Yishi wound up being knocked out. She finds Yishi is being a bit weird, but has no idea she has taken her introduction of Havok wrongly, so she just feels a bit awkward, before offering, "so…villains stopped and all, can me and my friend go now? Oh, I did mention I was with the New Warriors, right?" Never occured to Firestar she may have neglected to mention that in her past meetings with Havok.

Awkward! Yishi glances at Firestar and then back to Havok, silently waiting to see if they will be given leave to go. In spite of herself, she's just too 'good girl' and law-abiding to up and leave now that authority figures are here, without being given a reason to run, or permission to depart. She too doesn't feel like she accomplished much, given that she was KOed as well. She and Firestar seem to have no idea that Havok was equally humiliated here. Perhaps they'd be more talkative if they did. Or maybe not.

"Oh totally. And thanks again." Havok states to the query of Firestar about their possible departure. He offers a slight smile and then turns to go speak with the police once again and perhaps with Damage Control.

Firestar smiles sheepishly at Havok, and edges a bit closer to Yishi, whispering to her, "I think that's our cue to go," and before Yishi can even give her say, Firestar simply grabs her friends and zooms into the air, she wants a quick escape, and figured Yishi wouldn't mind it too much.

Yishi bites back a little squeak as Firestar doesn't really warn her before grabbing her up by her armpits and hoisting her into the air. She's always amazed - she can't help it! - that Firestar is strong enough to hold onto her like that, but she's not arguing. And she doesn't get crispy-fried, so why complain? Just because she's dangling helplessly from her friend's hands? "I guess it /is/ faster." the altered voice murmurs, as they head for a rooftop together. At least they got away without trouble for being unregistered trouble-making mutie vigilantes!

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