2012 05 14 Prisoner Exchange

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Prisoner Exchange

Ms Marvel, Havok and Dantella

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Avengers Mansion

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Havok drops off a Kree Prisoner to the Avengers. Carol takes custody.


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Outside, an unattractive blue and white mini van with a large X on the side pulled up. The drivers side door opens and Havok (of X-Factor) steps out. He wears a black based costume of combat boots, cargo pants, black tshirt with glowing white concentric circles on the chest, and a black jacket over it. His head gear is up but his blonde hair and face are still quite visible.

He walks around and opens the passenger door to reveal a tall blonde caucasian female wearing a light blue, dark blue, red, and yellow costume with her hands shackled behind her. She does not appear pleased in the least bit. He says a few things, she does not reply, and he guides her to the front door of the mansion where he will ring the bell and await its opening.

[OOC] Havok says, "http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/2/25705/624101-dantella_01.jpg"

When contacted by Val Cooper with a request for translation assistance and possible prisoner transfer, Carol Danvers - formerly USAF, formerly NASA, formerly NSA, formerly DHS, formerly SHIELD, and long-time Avenger, current Chairwoman for the team and publicly known as the superheroine Ms. Marvel - responded in the affirmative. Of course, she responded in the affirmative with a request for details and lots of security requirement specifics. Prisoner transfers are notoriously dangerous for maintaining containment and operational security, and she refuses to be the weak link. It's not in her nature.

When Val's contact, Havok, arrives at the Mansion in his van, Ms. Marvel is at the gates, along with a few other Avengers sprinkled about keeping an eye on things. She escorts him inside the gates, seals up, and then leads him to the underground parking structure. Only once there does she let Havok get out and extract his prisoner, as the parking facility bolts up tight. A scan is made of Havok, including retinal scans and more. Then Carol offers her black-gloved hand. "Havok, right? Nice guest. Come on through. This entrance will lead directly to the containment cells. We'll sign her over once she's in containment."

To the prisoner, Carol offers simply, "< Welcome to Earth. >" But at least it's in her native Kree.

The Kree woman is definitely not pleased with the situation. She nearly hisses when spoken to by Ms Marvel whom she recognizes from prior engagements and of course Kree intelligence. They've never met personally, but the hatred is evident within the woman's eyes.

Havok keeps his eyes sharp at the level of organization, security, and of course environment in the situation. His eyes are even sharper when the curves of Ms Marvel are revealed but he says nothing off color and tries to oppress the 'oh my god i could cry' expression guys normally have when they encounter a woman such as herself.

When he's identified as 'Havok' by Ms Marvel, he replies with a nod and acknowledgement, "Yes ma'am.". He also releases the woman into Marvel's custody when the opportunity arises.

Carol smirks a bit at Havok's choice of address. It's appropriate, of course, but it sounds like she's his schoolteacher or something. Once Dantella is let to a cell and locked up tight, Carol turns back to Havok and reaches out to take his digipad, signing with her thumbprint, retinal scan, and voice print ID. "Danvers, Carol S J. Omega Niner One One Seven." Then she hands pack the pad, and smiles. "Well, that's the 'paperwork' out of the way. And call me Carol. Ma'am sounds like I'm a schoolmarm. What did Dantella there do to piss you X-folks off, Havok?"

"Alex, please… Carol." Is said in return with a relaxing smile, "Well, our lady friend was caught trying to access our secure areas. She wasn't very forthcoming with the why's so we had one of our paths check her out. From what we gathered, she was trying to get tech and we think her ship is broke down or something. Basically she wants off Earth and we were the means to do it."

Carol smiles even more broadly at that. "Thanks, Alex. I appreciate it." Not everyone in the mutant set likes to toss around their birth names, and Carol is the sort to respect those boundaries. She considers the X-crowd to be close allies. "Must be using a Shi'ar ship, thanks to the rebellion. With your Shi'ar tech base at the Mansion, that'd make complete sense. You'll have Hank and the others sweep the system, right? Make sure nothing is missing and nothing untoward has been added?" That asked, the blonde turns back to watch Dantella for a bit through the force screen. "If she wants off Earth, I'll be happy to oblige. But she's not going to like it." That's just the way things are.

Alex smiles broadly with her latter comment as he envisions Carol drop kicking the alien out into space. He recovers enough from a light chuckle to state, "Oh totally. Hank and Bishop were doing that when I left." he glances around and tries to pull the subject somewhere else, "So uh…Speaking of bases. I've never been here and well. Would you have time to walk and talk?"

Ms. Marvel smiles at that, a tad slyly. "Looking for a tour, Alex? Sure, c'mon. You're part of the 'family', so I don't see why not." There will be spaces she /won't/ take him, but those are few and far between. "This detention level is only for that. We can seal it off a hundred ways and maintain containment, so no one we are holding here can get to anything else in the base unless we screw up by the numbers. This way." She leads the way towards the lift tube.

"I usually toggle this to 'null'." Carol indicates the control pad at the door. "That turns off the gravitics, so I can just fly through the tubes to wherever I want to go. But with a guest, I won't get grabby." She's kidding, almost teasing. Security at the lift is just as tight and demanding as elsewhere here. The door finally hisses open to show a wide shaft, with a glowing blue surface at floor level, pulsing slightly. She steps out onto it, and waits for Havok before they head up.

Alex will step into the tube with her. "This place is a lot bigger than I expected." He states casually trying not to dwell on topics best left for later days. "And you totally have support personnel. It's like organized, or something." Which she already knows that the X-Mansion isn't at all organized other than a bunch of kids and adults running around randomly doing things and getting into trouble.

"It's true. We do have an entire support staff, though many never see them, outside of Jarvis." That being the nigh-miraculous head butler of the Mansion, inherited by the Avengers from Tony Stark. Carol smiles, settling in comfortably as the platform of light moves them up quite a bit, then pauses. Doors sit sealed in front of them, a datapad lighting up beside them. Carol clears them once more, and the doors slide open to reveal an ultra-modern hallway not unlike the one in the detention level, but not nearly so spartan. Here there is art on the walls, displayed on large smartglass screens. "This is our main underground level. We have a vehicle bay, basic labs, the entrance to our practice room, gymnasium and pool, and the monitor rooms, as well as briefing halls. Our practice room is analagous to the Danger Room at the Mansion, with Stark instead of Shi'ar tech." Give, and take. "How is everyone upstate, by the way?"

Inspired and impressed by the affectations, Alex is reminded of his own spartan underground at the X-Mansion and likes how the Avengers decorated theirs.

Finding a question at the end of her listings, Alex answers, "Pretty good. I mean nothing's really changed aside from organization. Ever since Muir, the Professor has really gotten everything in a clean order and instead of one X team, there are two. Blue and Gold. There are also students. X-Factor also operates out of the mansion, so it's pretty crowded."

"I stayed at the Mansion for a good while some years back. Lots of good people." And Rogue. Which is why Carol doesn't visit as often as she might otherwise. The two of them really do need 'space' from each other. "Before Binary." Of course, most of the people here on Earth haven't heard of Binary. That was something 'out there' in Shi'ar, Kree and Skrull space. By the time she returned to Earth, she was just Carol Danvers again. Then Ms. Marvel, and Warbird. Now, she's back to Ms. Marvel, and a lot better off. Not perfect, but better off.

"I always liked the feel of the Mansion, so full of life and people. It seemed … healthy." Carol offers. "It's why I lobbied to remove the old active roster limitaion when I took over as Chairwoman. Now we can put as many folks on active duty as are cleared to serve and free to do so. We field operational teams depending on who is available and the nature of each crisis." We. Meaning Carol. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. "So our support staff needs have increased a bit, in some ways. Decreased in others."

Carol keys open the door to the monitor womb, stepping inside to let Alex get a good look at the dark room and its full banks of flicking, rapid-fire screens of images and data. They monitor the world, here, and near-space. They even have feeds from SWORD in here, though most aren't cleared to know where they come from.

Alex is oblivious to many of the things she mentions. Even SWORD. He doesn't want to look ignorant, so he avoids query. He steps into the room and looks around. "Dayum." is muttered as he takes it all in and is glad not to be on monitor duty - he hates it in this regard.

He reflects back to the statement about being full of people. "I figure we're going to have to build some sort of addition if we continue to get students. Like a dorm hall or a whole new building for classrooms. Right now we're near capacity, we've got the students doubled up in rooms. You really should come visit sometimes, see the changes."

"I stopped by to visit a few months ago, but most everyone was out." Carol offers, with a shrug. But it's true, she doesn't stop by very often, especially considering how close she considers her bonds with many of the X-Men. "I could say I've been busy, and I have been." But she won't lie. She may not confess that she's staying away to avoid Rogue, but one would most have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to realize it. "Still, I'll try to stop by soon."

The tour will continue, with visits to medbay, a few of the low-security laboratories, the quinjet hangar, gymnasium, and the pool. "Of course, with only limited exceptions, most of our facilities are all underground, whereas many of the Mansion's facilities can operate above-grund, given you have the grounds space, and space nearby." She rather always enjoyed watching powered baseball and volleyball, though back then she didn't have powers of her own to join in.

Havok is impressed and pleased with the tour. Lots to see and take in, plus he has something else to compare to beyond their former Washington DC base that was like a low-rent not so secret base. "Yeah, the city is really tight and space is limited. The only way to do it down here is to go up or down, and you've got the down covered."

Carol nods, knowing Havok would understand what she meant by her comments. That he doesn't try to reiterate his invitation proves he also has a pretty good idea why exactly she hasn't leapt at the chance to visit, before or now. "I confess, I was a bit surprised to learn that Charles had offered to house the current X-Factor team. I know he doesn't want the students pushed about the registration thing." She tries to push back on that issue when she can, as well. It doesn't sit well with her, even if it is the law. As far as she is concerned, it should either be every metahuman, or none. Singling out mutants is a prejudice she doesn't appreciate whatsoever. "So, what else can I do for you, Alex?"

"Nothing really, you've been great." Alex states prior to addressing the former topic, "We're not like the original X-Factor claimed to be. We're not mutant registration enforcement. We're just heroes - and when it comes to the villain being a mutant, then we're supposed to be the first responders. Sort of like yall when it comes to every other threat excluding Galactus, which is when the Fantastic Four takes charge and saves the day."

He seems to be proud of his statements, putting it into perspective and how the government bills X-Factor in the media - protecting the US from mutant villains.

Carol nods, glad to hear that she's done all she can to help, to make Alex content. "Well then, I'm glad that you're not focused on the registration thing so much. That … that just makes me feel better. It's none of my business, I suppose, but that's still how I feel." She offers a little smile, rueful, well realizing she has little right to moralize about such things. "So, want some coffee?" Hey, it's all part of playing hostess, right?

There's a nod from Alex as she understands his place and position. But when offered coffee. "Thanks, but I'd better be hitting the road. I've got reports to file and people to hunt down."

Carol smirks, but nods to Alex. "Understood. I'll see you out to the parking structure, and clear your exit. Take care of yourself, Alex, and your team, obviously." That said, Carol guides Alex out, and watches him depart. She'll question the Kree prisoner for a bit, once she sends word to SWORD to arrange for her repatriation to the Kree Empire.

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