2012 05 12 Tortured Baby Cow

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Tortured Baby Cow

Tanya, Armand, Sandman, Phantasm

IC Date:
12 May 2012

The Hilton

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Mike and Sandman meet up at the bar for drinks and come across Armand and Tanya there.


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-==[ The Hilton Lobby - Theater District ]==------

Not allowing its exterior to outshine itself, this large and ornate lobby seems busy all hours of the day and night. A long counter with various stations for registering, check-outs, local travel information and special services allows guests twenty four hours a day attention. The staff here is always friendly and gracious. Antique tables set with lively green plants, share spaces with deep soft leather couches and chairs. The Hotel bar is open at all times and seems to be a favorite for buisnessmen. The lobby ceiling stretches upwards, the glass enclosed elevator banks lifting and desending in the center, the many suites stretching in a circular fashion around the lobby below.

Late Saturday evening and what is an Avenger to do on his day off, why go for a drink with his rockstar friend. William Baker, aka Sandman, makes his way into the Hilton Lobby and heads straight for the bar in the lobby as he waits for Mike to join him for a drink. â?Man, itâs been a long week and I can use a drink.â Dressed in a black T-shirt and black trousers, the Avenger makes his way in as he gets a few stares from some people who think they may recognize him.

Sitting there, wearing slacks this day instead of her pants, was the exotic european woman that some may have seen the other day. She was sitting alone at the bar, a seat on either side of her as she stared across the (So far) relatively empty room, her elbow on the bar top, chin held up by her hand. Her expression was that of some boredom, a now-melted drink beside her arm.

A blur with dark brown hair with dark blue streaks in it today comes running into the lobby, really…okay not running but Armand is moving rather quickly, eyes wide as he is holding close to his chest a box of…donuts as he looks over his shoulder and then continues moving forward quickly. His knit cap is just black today along with the scarf around his neck, messenger bag against his hip and golden backpack slung over his shoulder and he peeks back over his shoulder and continues walking forward, finally breathing.

As he waits for his friend to join him, Bill Baker makes his way to the bar and coincidentally takes a seat next to the exotic looking Euorpean woman. Offering her a nod, he looks to the bartender and orders a rum and coke and asks if there is a menu to peruse for food options. The bartender gives him the menu and Sandman asks Tanya, "Recommend anything on the menu?"

Tanya starts abruptly as she was spoken to. That glaze came off of her green eyes as they alight on Bill. She sat a little straighter, going up and down him almost methodically before those lips parted in a smile "Well, I hear the veal is good." she replies with a thick accent and jestful glitter in her eyes. Her hand came away from her face then as she continued "I have ordered it myself, though it is still cooking."

Armand makes his way towards the bar carefully and he exhales softly, his own accent thick with Paris and sprinkled with New Orleans as he takes a deep breath. "If see, tiny grey poodle. Please to tell me." He nods slowly and makes his way towards a couch, stumbling a bit and peeking into his donut box to reassure himself.

Nodding his head as he looks over the menu and seriously ponders the veal. "Well, if a pretty lady like yourself was brave enough to order it then, I shall as well." Bill is given his drink, which he lifts in a toast gesture, "I'll have the veal…" He looks to Tanya, "Thank you…I shall take your suggestion." With that he offers a small grin, "I am William, though people who I like call me Bill." Some tourists comes by and snaps a picture of him, which causes the hero to frown slightly, but then forces a grin on his face for the picture.

"I'm Tanya. A pleasure." She smild, but then blinked in surprise at the photographs, then looked back to stare at the man intently, as though trying to place his face now.

That's when the frenchman walkd up and distracted her. Her eyes turned back to him "A tiny grey poodle? " she asked, confused.

It seems that Bill isn't the only one rocking the dark colors. Despite this being a Hilton, Mike wears his knit cap into the building but upon reaching the higher end bar, he does have the presence of mind to remove it. Instead of hair falling out in a tangle from being tucked in, the lack of a cap reveals his hair to be pulled back into a pony tail but with the hair tucked under the collar of the black dress shirt. With the dark colors of his shirt, there's a bit of a visual illusion making for his hair to seem much shorter rather than it being tucked away. All the better to deter the prying eyes of bar passerby. Just another tourist in black jeans and a black shirt. Nothing to see here. Move al-

Mike doesn't quite make it to the bar when a squeal emits from a brightly dressed young woman exiting one of the elevators. "Oh my God! Wow!" The musician pauses, seeing a flash of colors in pink tennis shoes running towards him.

The tourist leaves after given a firm handshake from the Avenger when he looks to Armand asking about a poodle, â?I didnât think they allowed animals in here. But maybe ask the concierge?â Sandman offers as he begins to sip his drink and returns his attention o Tanya, â?Nice to meet you, Tanya. A pleasure also.â Bill nods his head as he offers a grin to the lady when he hears the squeal and shakes his head in amusement, â?Now that is a real celebrity.â He points to Mike as he spots him at the entrance.

Tanya hears the squeal as well, and laughs as she watches the woman run up to Mike "I am glad I never had fans like that." she admits idly, "You are welcome for the reccomendation too … Bill. And a pleasure to meet you as well finally. An honor, even." he was familiar, she knew that, but wasn't going to let on she couldnt remember WHO he was. Her hand picked up the warm drink now, taking a sip. Then she grimaced.

"Oui! Mademoiselle! It is chasing me all down the street after I buy mon sweets." Armand holds up his box before collapsing back on a couch and taking the time to catch his breath. "And all the little foo foo walking the tiny demonic bitch can say is 'No! No! Bad Tinkerbell, oh me so sorry, she just have colonic!'." His nose wrinkles and he shudders before he selects a chocolate iced donut and devours half of it in one bite. Omnomnom.

The brightly dressed woman at least skids to a stop, preventing the eventual run-in that Mike was likely expecting as evidenced by his starting to take a step backwards. As another squeal is emitted by the girl as she starts to tug open her purse, rummaging through it, Mike blinks, stopping his retreats as he recognizes the usual signs of fans caught off guard by a sighting. He lets her rifle through for a few more moments before he reaches into his own pocket, pulling out a pen and showing it to her questionably.

A feverish nod,a signed shirt, and hug later, Mike slides the pen back into pocket and makes his 'departure'. A full eight steps over to the bar. "Hey Baker." Taking the vacant seat to the other side of Sandman, the musician gives a nod and then looks to Tanya, and then Armand. "Huh. Small world."

Tanya peers at Armand now quite curiously, not sure what to take of him. Instead she watches Mike, laughing softly " I am in the presence it seems of two famous people. That is two each day for two days. This is QUITE the city." she admits.

"Oh you just arrived here?" Bill asks as he sips his drink and smiles as he still waits for Mike, but enjoys the conversation from Tanya. "I love you accent. But I cannot place it. Is it Symkarian? I spent a lot of time in Symkaria working." He grins and smirks at a memory then exhales, "But yes, you will always see and find celebrities all over this city." Speaking of which, when he is joined by Mike, he pats the rockstar on the back, "Long time no see." He looks to the bartender, "Whatever he wants on my tab." The bartender nods, "That is your account as Mr. Baker or your Avengers account." Bill hmmmns, "Just keep the tab and I will decide when it comes time to pay."

"Spain." she replies with a warm smile "I arrived a few days ago, but I was recovering from 'jet lag'. " she explains, her Veal arriving, smelling quite delicious as she peers at it, nodding in approval. She speaks as she starts to cut it into smaller peices. A pause in the slicing as the Bartender asks his question, and she turns to stare at Bill more fully now.

Armand lifts a hand to waggle fingers tentatively to Mike before he continues devouring Donut number…3 already, pausing to examine it and the berry filling that oozes out curiously and he nods slowly to himself.

"Hey uh… Armand." Mike greets to the finger waggler, "Did you ever get your ice cream?" As the bartender comes over, the attention goes towards the drink server for a few moments, "Guinness please." Mike requests of the bartender before looking over to Bill, "What can I say?" Mike replies, tone only slightly apologetic for the lack of contact since the concert attack. "Things have been out of whack recently." He leans forward, looking towards Tanya, "It's a good thing you didn't show up any earlier after that attack around the vendor cart yesterday. Probably not the best thing for jet lag."

"Spain. Lovely country with beautiful women." His veal is brought soon after Tanya's as he looks to Mike, "I would have ordered some for you too, but I wasnât sure how you like your baby cows cooked." He jokes as he looks to Armand, "Donuts, huh? Gotta check out Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts." Bill shrugs, "Though Entemann's is always good too." When Mike mentions an attack, Bill blinks and gets serious, "What happened?" he asks Mike with concern.

A bit of pinkness goes to her cheeks at the compliment, and she finishes severeing the meat into bits, munching on one peice. She nods to Mike in agremeent, eyes widening a little. Mouth full of food, she scooted around another bar stool so all of them could sit near each other now.

"Non. No ice cream just ahh…more milkshakes and apples pies and a taco." Armand manages around a lemon cream filled donut before he holds up the box invitingly to the three individuals but he's not moving from his comfortably couch. "Donuts, Chocolate, Lemon Cream, Raspberry Cream and…ahh…Normal, but they is all hoes." Of course he means holes but that's how it sounds 'hoes' as he shrugs his shoulders.

"It's New York. People showed up wanting to kill people. They got stopped." Mike summarizes, skipping over a lot of the details in the process as he takes the beer that the bartender sets before him, "Nothing Scorpia related at least."

Suddenly there is a buzzing in Sandman's pocket. He sighs as he realizes. His Avengers id is ringing and an image of Thor, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver appears, "Sandman, you are needed. There is an emergency affecting the multiverse. You are urgently needed. All Avengers are being called in." With that he looks to those gathered around him, "Sorry, folks, but the multiverse is in danger." He sighs again and makes a quick exit.

Tanya is about to speak further to Sandman, and then he abruptly leaves. She frowned in dissapointment at that, and looks to Mike with a nod, pushing the Avenger's uneaten meal towards him. "… It is a hard job being a superhero here isnt it? " she asked, starting to fidget abruptly

Armand watches Sandman leave with a quirk of an eyebrow, mouthing to himself 'Avengers…Oh!' and his eyebrows shoot up, both of them as he examines a donut hole with a soft sigh and shakes his head, the blue streaks in his hair taking on a purplish tint. "Is a dangerous city this New York City, not just good place to see 'Cats'."

Mike lifts up a hand in a wave to the departing hero before the plate being slid towards him brings his attention to the food. Ah right. "Guess that'd be the Avengers tab," he says to the bartender, holding up the beer, "Minus this. Put it on mine." Bottle setting down, he looks towards Tanya, "Yeah, kind of makes you wonder how many meals they have to comp when emergencies pop up in the middle of meal time." He glances over to Armand, "Got an untouched veal meal here if you want to pounce on it."

"Well, its not like the food has to be thrown out. THey could have it 'to go'. " remarks the woman "I'm sure most places would understand yes? They ARE busy." she kept fidgeting, looking anxiously towards the door, and then back once more to Armand "Cats? Oh! THe musicals. .. admittedly that WAS on my to do list on monday after work. Uhm, are you going to eat that ENTIRE box of donuts?"

Armand shakes his head slowly. "O-Oh no…well…maybe but…" He looks a bit uncertain as he looks to his box of sweets. "Hm? Yes, musical will be lovely and ah? Oui. I was. With my mouth going to consume all the hoes but…I am feeling a bit full." He gets to his feet, craning his neck a bit. "I can really have the veal meal?" He slowly closes his donut box and quirks an eyebrow.

Tanya raises an eyebrow, amused, and she notes "If you are feeling full, then do you have enough room for the veal? " she asks with a smile on her face, glancing to Mike with a wink, then back to Armand.

"You could always box it up for later." Mike suggests, nodding, "I'm sure your room has a fridge for keeping it and a microwave for reheating it." He smirks, "Might be nice to give the hoes a rest later."

Armand looks thoughtful before giving a small nod moving a bit closer. "Hmm, I could keep box, oui." He looks agreeable enough as he adjusts his hold on his donut box. "Then eventually I have enough to have a dinner at my room."

Tanya smiles "There you go then." She notes, munching on her own veal "What was your names again sirs?" she ventures, still trying to get everyone's name

Mike slides the food over to another place sitting, glancing around for the server who set the food down to begin with. "The name's Mike," the musician provides before looking back to Tanya for a moment, "I don't think I caught yours either." Ah the joys of being late to the party.

"I am just Armand." Armand introduces himself. "It is pleasure to meet you Mademoiselle Vealmuncher." Then he's flagging down a server so he can get a to-go box, hmming happily to himself. More food!

"Mike who? You are performer? " asks Tanya, offering her hand after putting her knife down "Tanya Rivera. A pleasure to meet you both. Armand." She notes to the other one. Then a blink once more, followed by a giggle at her new 'name' "… Well, I've been called worse."

"Yes I'm a musician." Mike answers, reaching a hand over to take the offered hand in order to give it a shake before releasing. "Stage name's Mick Drago." He tilts his head to Armand, "He seems to like giving people odd names. Seems to associate me with milkshakes."

Armand mmhms softly as he receives his box and looks pleased as punch, carefully packing things away into his backpack before he bows deeply and politely to both Tanya and Mike. "Ahh, Monsieur, do not be cross. I do only because I like watching the sway as you walking away." He blows a kiss before looking to Tanya. "I have not flower but I will find fragrant rose worthy of your beauty on yet another day, for now…I must go. Cans await to be collected." He blows another kiss and then turns to head on his way.

Tanya watches Armand go, but she did blush once more. She had stopped fidgeting as well, then looks to Mike, thinking, then makes two asssociations "Ahh! Mick Draco! Yes… and I think it is a reference to a song? " she asks, guesturing to Armand as he walks away

Mike looks over to the departing Armand questionably, quiet as Armand heads out. Upon the odd mutant's exit, Mike shakes his head, turning back to the bar. "I figured it was because I gave him enough money to get a large milkshake." He reaches over to grab his beer bottle, shaking his head, "Well, Aat least you didn't get the oranges comparison he did to one of my friends."

Tanya ahs "Yes, I think I caught the tail end of that yesterday." she drawls, brushing some hair out of her face "I should be grateful I am 'Vealmuncher.'. It at least sounds aggressive."

Mike snerks as Tanya repeats the new nickname. "Just don't go using that around drunk fratboys."

Tanya smirks "I have no intention of it." she finishes her drink "Do you live in New york?"

Mike nods. "Yes. Born and mostly raised here," he answers, "So, are you just visiting the states or doing something a bit more lasting for hanging around here?"

"I'm moving here. It was decided I needed to come here to full fill a few uhm, family wishes." She explains, glancing to the door once more, then back. "I'm from Spain, and this seems like a nice place, even if it is dangerous."

"I'm sure every place can be considered dangerous if you look at it a certain way." his glance shifting towards the doorway once more, likely in que from Tanya's glance, "New York's just a bit more blatant and frequent about it. But at least it is not boring around here."

"Yes. That can be a good thing though - its more obviously there. So c an be avoided." she nods at the last, but sighs.

"Most of the time." Mike tags on to the observation, "Some can't be."

Tanya smiles a little wearily "Yes, so I see. I guess we'll see what happens, yes? What do you do when not performing?"

"Work." Mike answers matter of factly, "There's a lot of stuff fans don't get to see. Songwriting, music arrangements, video shoots, appearances, publicity work… List can go on." He draws the bottle towards his lips, "But if you want to have a career out of music you don't just simply show up, sing your bit and go home." He takes a long sip of his beer.

Tanya ahhs a little "I remember some of that, yes. So always working. No time for play? " she asked with a smile.

The bottle lowers, allowing Mike to smile a bit. "Oh I get my play in when I need it," he admits, "Just, not as much as I used to."

Tanya ohs again once more "I used to do some performing too, though we were not as interactive with the fans." She admis

"You did huh?" Mike asks, "What type of performing?" As he awaits the answer, he drinks from his beer bottle a bit more.

"I did trick riding for the Cavalia show." she explains "And helped train some of the horses later. I left the show about three years ago though."

"Trick riding?" Mike repeats, lowering the bottle once more, "That sounds like that takes a lot of practice of its own. What brought you to that career choice?"

Tanya smiles "It does. But I used to ride normally, and you first learn how to fall off a horse without hurting yourself. Trick riding just makes it a FANCYfall." She jests "Ah, my parents have a horse farm in Spain, and it looked like fun after boarding school."

"Ah." Mike nods, "T-" He pauses as a rather out-dated cellphone ring interrupts him. "Uh one sec." Reaching into his pocket, the musician retrieves a candybar styled cellphone, the screen itself, although lit, just displays splotches of black and nothing from behind it's cracked screen. Hitting the center button, Mike brings it up to his ear. "'ello." Mike's smile starts fading, "You what? She what? " He tilts forward, bringing a hand up to pinch at the bridge of his nose, "Bleedin' hell Wade, if it wasn't you I'd have a hard time believing that…"

Tanya falls silent, watching patiently as he takes the call. She frowns then, brow furrowing in concern.

Mike grumbles, "-yeah, just, stall. I'll be there in a bit." The thumb shifts over, hitting a red colored button. Call finished, he looks over to Tanya, "I've got to go. Friend did something stupid." Sliding the extremely battered phone into his pocket, he starts to get up from his seat.

Tanya ohs softly "Sorry to hear that. Do take care, okay? " she asks, straightening.

Reaching into another pocket, he pulls out a wad of bills and sets it on the counter, not even counting them out. He grabs the bottle and quickly downs the remainder of the contents before he gives another nod. "It'll work out fine." He pulls out his knit cap, pulling it over his hair once more, "See you around Tanya." With that, he scoots on out of there.

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