2012 05 11 Science Happens

Log Title:
Science Happens

Cyclops, Dr. Nemesis, and Mirage

IC Date:
May 11, 2012

Midtown - New York

Brief Log Summary::
Cyclops and Mirage encounter Dr. Nemesis doing an experiment in the city.


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It's finally a pleasant day in Manhattan, after a week of dreary rainy weather, it's certainly due. The nice weather has more people out and about in the streets.

As for Cyclops and Mirage, well they both had to meet with Val Cooper so they car pooled and since the meeting ran long lunch is in order so they are out looking for a place to grab a quick bite before the road trip back to Salem.

Dressed formally in a bluish business suit and red sunglasses, Scott Summers seemed pleased with how his meeting went with Valerie Cooper. He got the information he needed regarding some secret information that will affect all of mutantdom, but for now. He looks about and immediately in their vicinity there is a bar and a fancy club. He looks to Dani, “Ok future leader, you decide. Bar or fancy?” He smirks as he points to both.

As circumstance would have it, the city of New York's midtown district has another X-Man… X-Person, X-Guy visit it this warm pleasant day. It's just down the street some, past one intersection where normally on the corner of the light there are people selling pirated DVDs, or imitation handbags, today there's something else entirely.

A portion of the sidewalk's been cordoned off by some gleaming flashing pylons that glow with a curious light, straps of aluminumish plastic connect them in a square that makes passing on the sidewalk a touch difficult. Within the confines of the delineated area there's a man in white and a fedora, his cane in his hand clicking upon the sidewalk as he frowns distantly towards a computer's display on one of those pylons even as the sound of a humming build up of energy can be heard.

"Move along people, nothing to see here, only the greatest SCIENCE you are likely to see in your miserable lives." Of course this sentiment doesn't go over well and there are the occasional hecklers, even a street beat cop wanders by at one point only to be sent on his way when presented with a properly signed and documented event report is thrust into his hands. "Beat it flatfoot, I'm changing the world here."

In Dani's case the meeting wasn't so pleasant. De-breifings on unauthorized missions rarely are. She handled it as well as could be expected and no one was thrown under the bus, "I'm think bar. After my meeting a beer and a burger is called for. Good thing you went first, I think Val was a little pissed at the end there.

With his attention suddenly drawn to the science experiment being performed in the street, Scott frowns and shakes his head when the man in the white coat and fedora comes into his vision. Audibly sighing, “Dr. Nemesis…” He looks to Danielle, “I almost want to pretend I do not see that and head straight to the bar…Dani, time to meet Dr. Nemesis.” Making his way towards the scientist, “Dr. Nemesis. Danielle Moonstar…Danielle Moonstar, Dr. Nemesis.” Looking over at the experiment, “What’s going on?”

Turning around amongst the beeping whirring humming pylons, the good Doctor's cane makes a resonant click upon the cement as he faces Cyclops, as if being beset by his worse enemy. The tall man in white narrows his eyes, features hidden behind the surgical mask, and then with a steady tone he replies, "Summers."

"Ms. Moonstar," A few moments pass as the two men look at each other, then with a snap of motion the Doctor gestures with his cane, "Science is what is going on, Mr. Summers. Science!" He rounds sharply and gestures towards a tubby child with a bubble of snot sneaking from one nostril, a tubby child that's reaching out to touch one of the pylons. "Don't touch that. Your atoms could explode."

The kid eeps and leaps back, then Dr. Nemesis looks back towards Cyclops. In a stage-whisperly tone he tells the leader of the X-Men, "His atoms wouldn't explode." Then, like a good scientist he adds after a moment's pondering, "Probably."

Following Scott's lead over the secured area "You mean the…" Dani starts to say but her words die as she is suddenly being introduced. She looks at the Doctor, not sure if she should offer her hand to the man. She's been living in the mansion long enough since her return to have heard about him and the rumours and gossip about what he does and his experiments but up until now she has just passed them of as just stories "Nice to meet you Doctor." but the inflection makes it sound more like a question then a statement. Thankfully Scott's question gives her some breathing room and she doesn't have to say anything more, she just looks around at what is going on. Though she does bite her bottom lip to keep from chuckling at the Doctor's warning to the children.

Another sigh comes from Scott as he watches. “He is our own Dr. Frankenstein.” As the tubby kids leaps back. Scott forms a small smirk and then studies the experiment for a moment. “Doctor, I trust this experiment will not lead to any property damage or destruction. But how long will the demonstration take? I suddenly feel the need to stay and watch over it.” He speaks partially from interest and partially responsible over the doctor’s actions.

"Not so much a demonstration, as perhaps a consideration." The Doctor looks between the two X-types, his gaze narrowing a touch. "If you are in a hurry then no it will not take too long for me to poke God in the eye, as it were."

That having been said, Dr. Nemesis turns around and walks towards the center of the delineated area. He slides a small tabletish electronic device from one of his many many coat pockets and taps out a few keys upon its display, then reaches his free hand into another pocket. From within a hearty snack cake is produced and placed upon the ground in the center equi-distant from all the pylons. It takes some small doing as he moves the twinkie slightly to the left, the tablet beeps, he moves it to the right, it beeps again. There's finally a green flicker and he has the cake just right.

Straightening up he replaces the tablet in his pocket then turns back towards Cyclops and Dani. "There, all done. With any luck we'll have our results in an hour, perhaps two. Lunch?"

A curious look is given to both men, she is intuitive enough to realize that the two men have history. Her brows go up at the mention of godly eye poking "Which god? Or are you using the term generically?" she asks. Considering she has met quite a few, it is a fair question. She also eyes the snack cake dubiously, but refrains from comment on that.

Also eying the twinkie, Scott just looks from it to Doctor Nemesis back to the twinkie and then to Dani, “Lunch is an excellent idea.” He looks across the distance, “Plus we are close enough to the Baxter Building. Reed is a call away should something go awry.” He looks between the bar and the fancy club. “We were going to go to the bar. You are welcome to join us.”

“Those are fighting words, Summers." The Doctor crinkles his nose faintly, as if sniffing pointedly. He seems about to embark upon some sort of tirade when abruptly from behind them there comes a single short sound.


A glance over his shoulder is taken and all of a sudden with that sound… the pylons and the twinkie are gone. Vanished into thin air with no hint of anything having been there in the first place save perhaps for the faintest hint of a scent lingering in the air of… Brut aftershave?

The Doctor frowns, furrowing his brow. He looks back at Cyclops and says simply, "Hnh," Then he steps towards the other two. "Lunch it is then." A few steps more and he adds towards Dani, "Xenu, I hate that guy.”

Dani once more looks between the men, wondering if she is going to have to pull them apart in the next few minutes. Thankfully science happens and that won't come to pass..at least not yet. She nods looking suitably impressed by the disappearance of the objects and it certainly leaves a better scent behind than when Kurt suddenly disappears. "Xenu, huh?" she gives a nod "I can't really stand Hela myself.

Relieved that there is no evidence of the experiment nor any damage and destruction done. Scott begins the jaunt to the bar, “So was that some sort of teleportation device? You may want to consult with Hank regarding creating some sort of teleportational devices for the teams when Kurt is not available.” He grins, “And Reed Richards is a nice fellow and respected scientist.”

"No, it was not a teleportation… nevermind." Perhaps some mysteries of science the good doctor wishes to keep to himself. A nod is given as they start their walk towards the bar, the crowd already beginning to disperse. But then the Doc has something else to sink his teeth into, that being the reputation of Reed Richards. "Richards is a hack, sits on his laurels with his unstable molecules. All the time you hear, 'Unstable molecules, unstable molecules.'" His nose crinkles again as he pulls down the surgical mask. "Bah. I was creating sentient life when Richards was still trying to figure out which end to stuff the boiled peas into."

A few more steps and he adds for good measure. "Bah."

Following a few steps behind the men Dani shakes her head as they go back and forth about teleportation and Reed. She gives the Doctor another long look when me makes mention of how long he has been a scientist "So you must have made quite a few contriubtions in your field if you have been working for that long?" that's it turn the conversation around to his accomplishments, to stop the argument about Reed.

Chuckling at the doctor’s annoyed state, Scott lightens the mood a bit offering his own compliment to Nemesis, “Well, you have contributed much to the world, Doctor and we are lucky to have you on our side.” With that they reach the bar, Scott holds the door open for his fellow mutants and once inside is greeted by a young buxom waitress ready to take their orders.

"Ending World War Two, 'nuff said." And the Doctor leaves that little bit of history somewhat nebulous even as he steps into the bar after Scott holds open the door. Once inside he looks around at his surroundings, nose crinkling again faintly. He steps back and to the side out of the way so Dani can wander in and then he looks to the waitress. "There, the booth." Once he makes his wishes clear he starts over to the place, already assuming that's where they're going to sit.

Sliding into the seat he looks back to the waitress, "Old fashioned, with bourbon." He then looks over towards the other mutants and should they join him he'll ask, "So what brings you into the city?"

As he is about to give his order, Scott’s cell rings as he stares at it and looks at Dr. Nemesis. He looks over and then nods his head, “So sorry. I actually need to meet with Reed right now.” He stands up, “Dani, you can take the car back and I will find another way back to the mansion. Sorry.” He make his exit.

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