2012 05 11 Grabby Hands

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Grabby Hands

Cyclops, Armand, GoGo, Alchemy, Phantasm

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11 May 2012

Times Square

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Harridan wants to touch Mike's face, Burner wants to cook things, And there are others causing trouble too.


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-==[ Times Square - New York City ]==-------

New York's 'Times Square' can be considered the centerpiece of the city. It is a major commercial intersection in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. The extended Times Square area, also called the Theatre District, consists of the blocks between Sixth and Eighth Avenues from east to west, and West 40th and West 53rd Streets from south to north, making up the western part of the commercial area of Midtown Manhattan.

Playhouses, Theaters, nightclubs, and movie houses dot the area. The Allied Chemical Tower stands ready to once again drop the ball when the next new year comes along.

In addition to the constant crowds that are in this area (many tourists), there are always street performers and other persons trying to stand out and be noticed (most often for a little pocket change).

The area is quite eclectic and diverse. < SEE: http://www.timessquarenyc.org/ >

In the later half of the early evening, where the sun is still about but has dimmed quite a bit in it's provided light, the streets of Times Square has become busier. Freed from the usual grind of the work week, many have set forth to start their weekends early. Cars move slowly as they perform their traffic light conga line through the pedestrian infested streets, a chorus of horns honking and people souting simply add to the acoustics.

As for Mike, he has located a street vendor who actually has decent (AND CHEAP) coffee on the menu. He's currently in the process of paying for the drink. Oh sweet caffiene!

An elderly woman is the vendor as Mike pays for his coffee. The lady offers a smile, "Thank you, sonny. My you are a pretty one. Full of energy and vigor…How old are you, dear boy?" The old harridan asks so sweetly, but sounding a bit like the evil old step mother from Snow White.

Making his way into the Times Square area is a man in a dark blue business suit. He appears as a regular fit yet slim man in his late twenties. He fits like any other New Yorker except for his trendy looking red sunglasses, which is odd to wear at this time of early evening. Scott Summers makes his way heading to the same vendor that Mike is at.

How many Ice Creams can one little Frenchie carry on his own? Who knows. Armand walks along, wearing a cinnamon red knit scarf around his neck that matches the knit cap he wears on his head, hair pulled back out of his face and hanging down his back and in each hand he holds a bowl of ice cream. One has vanilla and the other has cookie dough flavored and he has the spoon stuck in each bowl as he looks between the bowls and worries his bottom lip. This could be tricky as he's walking slowly and carefully.

As the lady smiles at him, Mike returns the smile. "I'm in my late twenties," offering up an answer that's not an exact one. Eyes set on the coffee that's been set on the little ledge as he reaches over to pick it up now that it's paid for. His free hand reaches over to the napkin dispenser to grab one of the thin sheets. Not enough for cleaning up a mess, but just enough to catch any dribbles that are on the side of the cup already. "Thanks."

"Oh you are so very pretty, boy." The old harridan reaches out to touch Mike's face. The smile on her face almost sinister.

As he approaches the vendor's cart. Scott stops in his place staring at the elderly woman and then at Mike. A look and expression rings on his face as if he feels he may recognize or know one of them. He is reaching for his ruby sunglasses as he is if to adjust them.

Armand cranes his neck a bit as he notices Mike as a familiar face and then he looks around warily before he clears his throat and raises his voice, heading in that direction. "….Oh! Monsieur Milkshake, did you want an ece-ice cream? I have two." A polite nod of his head.

The hand reaching towards Mike's face draws the musician's attention back to the woman as he steps back, drawing away from her outstretched fingers, taking the coffee with him. As he starts to walk away from the cart, he halts as he hears a voice from yesterday addressing him by a rather odd name. "It's Mike." He corrects, turning to look around for the Armand, giving a sigh as he sees the long haired man with the ice cream, "The name's Mike."

Lifting his glasses slightly an optic blast rings out and rings true striking the coffee cart and sending it crashing into Harridan. The elderly woman lets out a loud scream as Scott sprints over towards her, yelling for Monsieur Milkshake and his boy to move out of the way.

The sudden presence of the optic blast firing mutant does not go unnoticed as seemingly regularly dressed people rush towards Cyclops. Specifically two men…one one-haired but youthful looking man and another man whose hands are hidden by some odd looking gloves.

"…is your aunt or grandmother or cougar girlfriend?" Armand offers the cookie dough ice cream bowl to Mike before he blinks owlishly and peers over in the direction of Cyclops and the Optic Blast and he jumps a bit, taking a few steps backward. "…Ahh, yes, Monsieur Mikeshake…right…I tink I am high again, did you see the kaboomy red flash as well?"

Alchemy comes into the area just in time to witness a flying coffee cart. "Oh dear," he sighs. "Here we go again. Can't these fellows do anything without causing things to explode?"

Annie pauses in her walk home when she hears the sound of violence. The sight of the flying coffee cart follows and it isn't much after that that Annie is bouncing high into the air to get a better look at what is going on, and to bring her closer to whatever it might be. One of the joys of no secret identity is the freedom to just spring into action without concern for a costume. Of course, she's wearing one anyway…but under her sweats.

Not quite realizing the woman's reaching was potentially harmful, Mike has little reason to be expecting anything of the violent nature to occur. So, when the cart gets blasted, causing for quite the noise, Mike is rather suprised. Head turning, he's looking to the offending source of the sound, feet already shifting into a defensive stance for fighting. His glance switches over towards the man yelling and then to Armand. His arm lifts up, seemingly acting as a form of barricade to Armand should the frenchie decide he's going to head over to the cart anytime soon. "What the FUCK is going on?!" He fails to correct Armand on the Monsieur Milkshake title this time around.

Armand just stares at Mike when he raises his arm and he looks back towards the explosion. "…the handsome man with demon shades just tried to blow up your cougar bitc-err…woman…I'd ask you the same question but I cannot swear or I'll piss my pants from fear!" He does not, however, drop his ice cream.

Finding himself being attacked by two man, Cyclops shoots the white-haired man who lets out a burst of flame from his hands when he is hit with the blast and sent flying in the direction of Mike and Armand. The second man shakes his head, "You!" Removing the gloves and kicking off his shoes, he reveals pincers in the place where hands and feet should be.

The elderly woman crawls out from under the cart and is holding some sort of staff which is glowing with energy. And loud hissing can be heard underground as two chunks of pavement go flying into the air and two more criminals are veiled. A man with a snake head and another muscular man join the fight against Cyclops.

A couple high bounces brings Annie crashing down onto the street next to Cyclops, with only a minimum of concrete splintering and ruined shoes. The beam was recognizable enough, though she hadn't ever met Cyclops before, the other folks certainly looked like villains doing villainy things. She tossed her gymbag to one side and called out, "Cyclops? You need any help?"

Okay. Well, we have an X-man being attack and the grabby coffee vendor has a magic staff. "Of all the vending carts in the city I had to get coffee at the one with some nutcase operating it." Mike mutters, shaking his head as he starts to undo the lid of his coffee. "Damn it. I was looking forward to drinking this too." He starts to move his cup holding hand but pauses as he sees the flash of orange. "Ah. Good." He looks to Armand, "It's time to get out of the way and let the pros deal with this stuff."

Armand sorta watches the scene like this: O_O and his hands tremble a bit as he holds his bowls of melting ice cream with a slow shake of his head as the ends of his hair which once were dark dark brown do start to turn a cinnamon red that almost matches his accessories as his nerves grow more and more shakey. "I see…that man has a snake head!" He wants to make sure this is clear. "And your girlfriend's cane is glowing! This not /rave/!" He takes a step back as somebody is flying in their direction.

Looking her over, Cyclops, while never having met Gogo is familiar with her from Lifeguard's reports on her. "Definitely! You got Shocker? Watch out for his pincers, they can electrocute you." Shocker reaches out with his left claw and attempts a jabbing claw punch towards Gogo's face.

Harridan and Burner are now near Mike and Armand. Grinning with glee, Harridan points her death staff at Mike, "Come here, boy. Let me touch you." She threatens him with her staff as she moves forward to touch his face. Burner's hands aflame and he points at Armand, "Pretty hair…Let's do a Michael Jackson and burn those suckers!" He fires off two flames at Armand, one at his hair and the other at his ice cream.

Slither leaps out at Cyclops ready to wrap around the mutant leader, while Lifter rips off a piece of concrete and hurls it at Cyclops and Gogo.

Gogo nods her head, "Annie. Gogo." Then Shocker attacks her, and rather than dodging she steps right into the attack, letting him punch her, which should keep him from getting pinched. As she is crunching into the punch, she grabs at his leading hand, trying to grab it with both hands while pushing herself back into a fall. This hopefully flips him right over her and into the concrete behind her. That's the plan at least.

"Oh for fuc-" Mike growls, finally just chucking the open coffee at the witch's face beforegrabs Armand's arm, with the intent of dragging him towards a possible exit route since deer in the headlights expressions are likely not good deterrents from injuries. "Move it!"

That's when Armand has to stare as this horror scene seems to only grow and he just takes another step back before he has his ice cream AND hair being targetted and then Mike is being threatened and then his arm is being grabbed and he'd be torn if he wasn't dropping his vanilla ice cream to yank off knitcap and all that hair falls free in a blanket of hair that extends from his lowerback to the back of his knees and he goes from looking like a pretty boy to…that weird fast food muppet that's made just out of hair almost and he's half being tugged along and turning to the side and hoping like hell the flames hit his hair as he tosses that cookie dough ice cream towards Burner. "Cuz…its…en thriller…bitch!"

Harridan screams as the coffee is thrown in her face and she drops the Deathstaff as the ice cream is tossed at Burner's face. It leaves a mess and causes him to be momentarily confused but no damage. His fire blast manages to strike Armand's hair but does no damage. Getting his attention again, he fires off another stream of flame towards the running away of Mike and Armand as he goes to attend to Harridan.

Shocker gets grabs but releases a shock of electricity at Gogo, but she is able to hold her own. Her grappling and flip tactic works as Shocker is tossed thankfully at the direction of Slither who is knocked away when his teammate hits him. This frees Cyclops to blast the concrete heaved at him by Lifter. His optic blasts renders the chunk of pavement to dust.

Lifter charges forward, "Hey, She-Thing…see if you can flip me over!" The superstrong mutant rushes towards Gogo in a tackle move.

Gogo grimaces as she kips up from her prone position on the sidewalk. She hadn't intended to fling Shocker so much as slam him into the concrete…but seeing as it distracted the other villain, it wasn't a total loss. And now she's got someone charging her. Unable to resist the challenge, she calls out, "Bring it on!" Lowering her shoulders she starts charging him as well. As she rushes for him she gets larger with each step, her sweats ripping off as she goes from big to really big. <from seven foot tall to nine foot tall, bulking up as well.>

Mike runs! Oh god oh god oh god. Unaware of Armand's ability, Mike's pretty much still trying to lead the stranger out of the battle area, tugging him along behind him as he's pretty much encouraging him to run. RUN LIKE THE WIND! Preferably into a nice, area where they can hide. So intent on this, he's not really focusing on the blast of fire heading their way.

Armand has no ice cream and is not in a good mood as he notices somebody just tried to burn him and his hair protected him, did that just happen? But he's still being drug behind/along with Mike, half running and half stumbling and his hair goes from being long and flying behind him like a sick prehistoric cape and back to its usual lower back length, just all cinnamon red in his stress and he takes deep breaths, pantings softly and letting out a French explicative as more fire is shot in their direction. "MIKE!"

As Gogo charges and grows, Lifter's powers increase his superhuman strength as resistance and the two collide into each other. The two massive forces collide and send enough force that Cyclops is knocked off his feet and dust is actually forced upward and when it clears, Lifter is on the ground unconscious. Which is perfect timing actually as Slither and Shocker are back on their feet. Slither leaps out at Gogo hoping to wrap around her and squeeze and Shocker leaps out at Cyclops with clawed hands and feet.

Helping Harridan up who is screaming about being burned and needing energy, she turns on Burner and reaches out grabbing his neck as he begins to be drained of life force and Harridan begins to heal. His fire blast did little to the fleeing Mike and Armand.

Gogo collides with Lifter with all she's got. The two are thrown back by the impact, but one of them gets up and that's the Gogo Girl. Annie's eyes are burning bright green, and she staggers a bit as she looks around to see what is going on, "Maybe using a throw would have been a good idea." The thought doesn't go much beyond that as she finds herself being wrapped up by Slither. "What the?" She launches herself skyward. It will either break the grab…or she'll find out how impact resistant the snakey mutant was.

It must be serious if Armand actually called out his real name. Mike's head turns quickly in time to see the flame die away from the lack of Burner supplying it anymore. He stops running, letting go of Armand to let him run under his own power. "Get outta here!" He snaps before bolting down an alleyway.

Armand blinks several times, flinging his arms out to steady himself as he watches after Mike and he looks around. "…Mon dieu..Okay! Next time Mike!." Is murmured desperately as he squints in the direction of Gogo and Cyclops and the others and then he's jogging slowly in that direction, because while huge…Gogo is still a lady. He thinks.

A well-times optic blast is enough to send Shocker flying against a brick wall and knocking him out of the fight and as Gogo leaps out to break the hold which sends Slither falling to the ground and into the concrete pretty hard and knocking him out. As Mike and Armand have fled, at least in Cyclop's mind. He fires off a blast at Burner and Harridan knocking out the two before Harridan can completely drain him. At that moment, a vehicle across the street with the mysterious mastermind behind it drives off. With Harridan and the Mutant Force knocked out. Proper authorities arrive and take care of the criminals.

As the authorities arrive, a little black bird observes for a few moments upon a nearby rooftop. "God damn it." The raven mutters before fading away.

With the authorities present to deal with the criminals, Cyclops makes a quick exit.

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