2012 05 11 Aftermath

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Armand, Gogo, Phantasm, Tanya

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11 May 2012

Times Square

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Tanya comes across the aftermath of the Mutant Force attack.


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-==[ Times Square - New York City ]==-------

New York's 'Times Square' can be considered the centerpiece of the city. It is a major commercial intersection in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. The extended Times Square area, also called the Theatre District, consists of the blocks between Sixth and Eighth Avenues from east to west, and West 40th and West 53rd Streets from south to north, making up the western part of the commercial area of Midtown Manhattan.

Playhouses, Theaters, nightclubs, and movie houses dot the area. The Allied Chemical Tower stands ready to once again drop the ball when the next new year comes along.

In addition to the constant crowds that are in this area (many tourists), there are always street performers and other persons trying to stand out and be noticed (most often for a little pocket change).

The area is quite eclectic and diverse. < SEE: http://www.timessquarenyc.org/ >

Armand just covers his mouth with his hand as he stands over —-> there away from the main fight, staring at the aftermath with a perplexed expression, hand resting lightly on his messenger bag still gripping his knit cap. And his hair still cinnamon red for the time being as he takes a deep breath. "…what is /wrong/ with this city…" Legitimate question!

"And what is /wrong/ with you?" A voice replies from the nearby alleyway. Gee, the voice seems familiar, "I thought I told you to get away from here."

Annie stays around to make sure that everyone gets locked up, then she starts hunting her blown out sweats and her gymbag. "Oh man. I hope I didn't lose another darn cellphone." she mutters as she looks. As she looks for her bag, she also scans the crowd. She could have sworn she saw Mike. Hopefully he hadn't been hurt in all that ruckus.

Armand's hand finds his hip as he jumps and turns slightly in the direction of that familiar voice. "Oh bite me, I lose my cookie dough in the ice cream and for second day scary strange people try to kill me with hurty flashy stuff they pull out of their ass." He stomps his foot before exhaling shakily and scanning the area. "Besides…there is Lady here that I had to check…whoa." That's when he really gets a good look at Annie and nods slowly. "…big Lady…couldn't be rude…"

"Lady?" Mike glances up, looking over to the female wrestler. "Oh, that's GoGo. She's a wrestler." He lifts a hand to wave to the orange skinned woman, "Hey Annie. Just one of those evenings, huh?"

Annie spots her bag as she's being called to by Mike. She sighs with relief with double emphasis, her friend is safe AND her bag is too! (In that order of importance of course) She does however go to get her bag first before taking a short leap over to Mike. Her bare feet slap the concrete of the sidewalk and her toes crunch it lightly as she does so. "Heya Mike. I thought I saw you in all that. Glad to see you got out of it unhurt." She runs her eyes over him to make sure, though likely only Mike can notice it, as it takes a bit of getting used to her glowing green eyes to notice where she's looking. She looks at Armand and offers him a smile nearly as big as the one she gave Mike, "Hi. You okay? I saw that burning guy shooting fire at you."

Armand's full lips form an 'o' as he listens to Mike somewhat introduce the large woman as she approaches and his eyebrows raise a fraction before he takes a deep breath before offering a hand to the woman. "Bonsoir…Mademoiselle…forgive my staring but one of my favorite fruits happen to be oranges and I cannot recall ever seeing one as succulent and breath taking as you are…mighty and massive and marvelous." He bows deeply before blinking at the question. "Oui…the firey guy shot the fire, but we are not hurt." A pause. "I am Armand. I lost my ice cream."

"We can always grab more ice cream at the shop." Mike offers up in a semi-condoling factor before giving a half smile to Gogo, "Just seems we keep running into these situations, huh?"

Gogo laughs and swallows up Armand's hand in her giant one. Her alien proportions give her a much bigger hand than even her nine feet tall physique would have normally. She gives hiis hand a friendly shake, "A pleasure to meet you Armand. Are you always so poetic? Or are you just inspired by us giant oranges to burst into it?" Then her eyes lift, "Oh! Do you write lyrics for Mike?" Releasing his hand she then looks to Mike and says, "Hey! Did you catch my entrance on the last Pay Per View? I used your song!"

"We can, oui but will not be the same." Armand points out to Mike before turning back to Gogo and staring at that giant hand completely…devouring his already dainty sized hand and he blinks again before looking back to Gogo. "…ahh poetry can only flow when inspiration is there. And you are inspiration in the flesh." His head tilts to the side as his hair goes from the cinnamon red shade to a more orangeish shade of red and he shoves his hat back on his head, taking a deep breath. "Mike and I just meet recently, now I must find…bus or taxi back to hotel."

A young woman, hair done up in a tight bun, comes striding around the corner. Over one shoulder was what appeared to be a tangle of silver buckles and black leather. She appeared less than pleased at the cellular phone that unfortunately held the majority of her attention, as it was not until she was within the 'discomfort zone' of the recent spat that Tanya finally looks up, dark green eyes widening, blinking once before her booted feet brought her to a sharp halt. "Aye! Always troubles it seems around here!" a thick spanish accent rolled out in declaration.

Mike's brows lift as Gogo asks Armand about writing lyrics. His head quickly shakes in the 'no' manner to immediately dispel that thought. "No I didn't." He pauses. "Don't exactly have the right type of box to get the Pay Per View channels anyways. Bu-" He pauses, watching Armand's hair change color. "-huh." Blinking, he looks back towards Gogo, "But maybe I can catch it in person."

Gogo tilts her head as Armand's head tils. Her long scarlet tails dangling as his hair turns orangish red. She smiles, "Your hair changed color. That is pretty neat." Turning to Mike she says, "Oh! I can totally get you tickets. I have a pretty good match in the next one. They are testing me out against a much better opponent. Well, I'm way better than she is, but you know, ratings and all. She is sexy. But yeah. I will get you tickets. Just let me know how many you want." The nearby voice draws her attention briefly and she looks over at the young woman with the silver cuckles and leather thrown over her shoulder.

Armand ducks his head sheepishly as attention is paid to his hair but he pauses/freezes when Tanya arrives and he holds up a 'one moment' finger. "Monsieur Mike Milkshake…Lovely Mademoiselle Orange Gogo Annie….forgive. Normal I would stay." A slow shake of his head. "But I really must piss and make room check in for the evening so I can keep my room, it is pleasure to meet you both." He bows his head politely and takes a deep breath. "Now I go before I get almost blown up again." Then he turns to start to make his ice creamless exit.

The others ' eyes were not the only ones that caught that changing hair. Tanya's own widened more a moment, then the woman just stood there, watching him depart. And then she looks at the other two with a raised eyebrow "ahh… That happens often in America?"

Mike watches Armand make his exit, head tilting. "That's a bleedin' mentaler right there." Hearing another voice asking a question, the musician's head turns, looking to Tanya, "Oh yeah, it's that new mood ring brand hair coloring you have to special order. Changes color with the moods. Not to be mistaken with the Hot Wheels brand."

Tanya blinks at Mike, and coughs a little as she shifts the leather straps "I meant the abruptness of his speech." she notes, not amused at this point.

"Oh? Well…he is certainly a flatterer. A way with words." Annie stares after the pretty man for a long moment, then looks back to the others. She eyes Tanya's straps and buckles, trying to figure out what is going on there, while saying to Mike, "I've heard of stranger things. If you could make it, I could sell it."

Mike snerks, "For you maybe. First thing he brought up with me was-" He pauses, thinking better of it. "-nothing." He shakes his head, "So uh, Gogo. You have my phone number, right?"

"Ah." states the spaniard flatly, then turns to focus on Annie more and then offers a smile, seeing the gaze "Horse tack. I missed my bus, and it is faster to walk right now. I suppose in a city this big it si to be taken that you will quite find everything." A glance to Mike and Gogo

Annie/Gogo nods to Mike, "Yeah. I do." She slings her bag over her shoulder, "I'll give you a call so you get mine." Then she turns to offer the Spaniard a smile, "Yes. You can certainly find anything in New York. Even horses. Though unless you are a police officer, I don't think they let you actually ride them on the streets." She gives the woman a nod, then steps over to give Mike a hug, "I am going to get going Mike. Nice seeing you. And don't be a stranger." That said, she squats down before launching herself up into the air. Apparently she's not feeling like walking home now that she's in her uniform instead of sweats.

"Oh, there are ways. A pleasure running into you both…" she steps back a few feet, in case SHE was next to be hugged, and watches Annie depart with a leap. Then her eyes turn to Mike, and she smiles once more, turning to depart without another word.

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