2012 05 10 The White Knights

Log Title:
The White Knights

Armand, Empath Krista, & Benedict Kane, Reeva Payge, and the White Knights

IC Date:
May 10, 2012

Central Park - New York

Brief Log Summary::
The White Knights attack Empath in the park. Armand and Krista intervene.


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Thursday afternoon and it is a nice spring day in New York City. Having come to the city to get away from the Massachusetts Academy and their questionable faculty, Manuel de la Rocha decides to spend the day simply relaxing, perhaps causing some mischief. It really depends on how he feels. For the moment, he reclines on a bench and simply people watches. The warm weather has made it so that people are wearing less and some simply lay out on the great lawn of the park. He sighs and listlessly ponders what to do.

Feeling a bit peckish, Krista decided that she would see what the Central Park food vendors had to offer to satiate her hunger. She wandered around, her violin case in hand, going from vendor to vendor before settling on a pretzel and soda. Food purchased she has retreated to a much loftier perch for herself, the thick brach of an oak tree where she can see out over the park and people watch while she noshes her snack.

It started with a bus ride, that's how it always starts but now that he's in his destination of choice…the young man just walks along, using a black bandana today to keep his hair out of his face as he pushes…what seems to be a grocery cart in front of him. The cart is filled however with plastic bottles and soda cans on top of a black duffel bag. Armand pauses to look around curiously and inhale deeply the scents from the food carts and he nods slowly to himself. "Oui…just you wait boys, we have hot-dogs after we are finished." And he continues pushing his cart.

A limo pulls up within the park’s street near enough to the bench on where Manuel sits. Those inside the limo, simply peer out as the window is lowered but make no move to exit. Manuel for his part is none the wiser to their presence. Feelings the pangs of hunger, Empath stands up and moves to a hot dog vendor’s cart. Once he reaches the cart, he stops a moment . When he reaches the cart, he suddenly grabs his own throat and begins coughing uncontrollably and suddenly bends over feeling an immense amount of pain.

From her vantage Krista has no trouble seeing the limo and those that are in it peering out. Though the distress and coughing of the young man pulls her attention away from them. At this point to her it is just a coincidence. Sitting up from her leaned position against the tree trunk she drops to the ground and makes her way to Manuel. There are footprints several inches deep under the tree where she landed "You alright?" the pint sized Krista asks with concern.

Watching people carefully to see if they drop a can or plastic bottle or something he can collect, Armand catches a glimpse of that Limo with a quirk of an eyebrow and then he turns his attention to the hot-dog cart, doing the mental math necessary to figure out if he can at least afford the hot dog part of a hot dog. That is when Empath grabs his throat and looks like he's in the middle of a medical emergency and Armand hmphs, directing his cart that-a-way and taking off at a run to make his way to the man's side with concern. "Monsieur…are you okay? Come now…breathe…you must chew!"

Empath cannot respond as he is coughing uncontrollably and then falls to the ground and begins vomiting profusely. Blood starts to come out as well, as sores suddenly begin growing on his face and flesh. His air passageway is closing and he struggles to breath

Seated in the limo Benedict Kine and Reeva Payge, the unofficial White King and Queen of the Hellfire Club under Shinobi Shaw smile. Revenge on Empath has been performed and with the arrival of someone. They grin. Benedict grins, “Time for the White Knights.” The limo drives off.

As Krista and Armand arrive to assist Manuel, most other New Yorkers either leave or simply watch. Over the hot dog cart, pink energy suddenly forms as two human-looking twin males with white haired dressed in blue and red costumes similar to chess pieces and carrying pink energy staffs appear. The White Knights have arrived as they speak in unison, “Leave now and you will live. Interfere and you will die!”

"I guess that is a no." Krista says toward the now fallen male. She glances up at the newcomer with the cart "Apparently this is more than just choking." she takes out her phone to dial 911 when the twins appear "Wow, twice in one week, what are the odds." pretty good in Manhattan actually. She seems unphased by the threat of death, of course once you have nearly died a few times, it kinda looses the ability to scare you.

Armand just opens his mouth and shuts it as he watches Empath, kneeling down beside the falling vomiting man as he carefully removes his bandana in an effort to dab/pat at the poor man's face and then his eyes widen as it just gets worse and he studies the poor man and then looks to Krista. "…non /really/? I would never guessing on my own." A drawls wryly before jumping and swearing with a jump as the twins show up and he just blinks several times. "…what in hades are you wearing…" Blink Blink then he's back to tending to Empath. "I am needing water! And a straw!"

When Krista does not move. Both of the staffs of the White Knights begins to glow with energy. One fires off a blast at the cart that Armand is pushing and the other fires a blast between Krista and Empath hoping to put some distance between the two. As the limo drives off, the sickness and pain that Manuel was feeling begins to fade as he can breathe now and the sores begin to fade from his flesh. He is gasping as air returns to his lungs, but he remains on the ground recouping. “We said leave!” The twin knights shout as the blasts are fired.

The threats might not have done it, but the energy blasts sure do, it startles Krista enough that she goes from being a petite 4'9 to a tiny 3'5 in a matter of seconds, as well as to drop her pretzel and unopened soda, the latter of which may conveinetly roll toward Armand. While she is fully capable of taking a punch without batting an eye, energy blasts are different so she immediatly retreats back to the nearby tree she was perched on earlier. Though does not leave, just watches warily from there, for the moment.

Armand scoots actually closer to Empath as he recovers and he raises into a crouch, staring at the Twins and watching Krista out of the corner of his eye as she seems to get smaller. "How about…YOU leave and I get nice man to medical professional because you are bein' quite rude I tink." He eyes the soda can and then the twins and then back to the soda can. "Monsieur…are you still feeling weak, we may need move."

Still recovering, Manuel watches the twins and stares attempting to use his empathic powers on them and suddenly blinks. His eyes widen. “They are not real…or at least not human.” He blinks as he moves closer to Armand as he has an idea of what is going on now. The twins drop down from hovering position. One shoots at the cart again causing it to explode with whatever was inside it. The other points his staff at Armand, “The feeble woman left. You should as well, vagrant! Your life means nothing to us and probably means nothing to the rest of society. Be gone or die.” The staff glows again as it is pointed at Armand.

With the twins attention off of her Krista is free to act. She scales the tree quickly, the fact that there are no branches that she can reach not being an issue. Scanning the branches above the spies one that will work for what she has in mind. Scaling the few feet to that branch she walks out onto it and leaps off toward the twin holding the staff out at Armand. As she goes through the air she resizes to her normal 4'9" so that her hefty 300 lb mass will hopefully take at least one of the twins down.

"Not human? What hades you mean not human? You talk like E.T. is tryin' kill me with their pregnancy test colored power sticks?"
Armand might be panicking a tiny bit as he turns his head in time to see his cart get blown up! All his belongings! Blown up! And he just stares with his mouth open before he points a finger at the twin threatening him. "Thatwasallmystuff!" He then is trying to rummage around the hot-dog cart, searching for something stick like or metallic and all he finds…is a hot-dog which he wields threatening and then sighs and continues searching. "Go away! You're not real!" Then…he drops his hot-dog to stare as he watches Krista flying through the air. "…am I high?"

And indeed one of the twins goes down. Not real does not mean illusions, perse. The staff is dropped and suddenly disappears.
The twin is crushed underneath Krista’s leap/dive/tackle. He falls unconscious from the surprise tackle. Empath quickly follows Armand and dives behind the hot dog cart as he realizes from the way they are dressed what this is all about. As Armand threatens the other twin, He fires off a series of pink energy blasts like a machine gun from his staff as a stream of energy bullets fly through the air towards Armand, Empath, and Krista.

The one twin down for the count Krista jumps to her feet only to be thrown backwards agains the same tree she dived from by the impact of a couple of the energy blasts. The impact causes the tree to shake and the young woman to fall to her knees. She looks up though and frowns at the remaining twin, she is unconcerned and paying no attention to the hiding Armand and Empath.
"Oh you are so going down now." she warns as she shrink down once more, though this time she is dimunitive enough to only be seen as a moving line grass that is rapidly zigzagging its way to baddie.

"…you got him I think Mon Petite Mademoiselle…" Armand points this out before ducking behind the hot-dog cart and shaking his head slowly. "I tink Monsieur choking guy…the little woman, she is very strong. We'll be okay. Maybe."

“Yes, maybe.” Empath finally looks over and acknowledges Armand. “Well, that is true. But I suggest a hasty retreat, my French friend.” With that Empath attempts to make a getaway moving in the opposite direction of the fight.%r%rThe remaining White Knight notes the height powers of Krista and shakes his head, “My dear…it will take more than shrinking to defeat me.” He notes the movement in the grass, but is not able to fully make out where she is. So he fires off randomly at the grass, ignoring Armand and Empath for the moment.

At her current height even if she were to get hit, the most it would do is knock her down. She smaller she gets the more impervious to damage she gets, right now nothing short of a LAW is going to do much and on top of that her strength has more then tripled. It also takes a bit longer to get to her target but once she does she uses that strength and her dimuntive size to wedge herself under his foot in an effort to toss him through the air.

Okay as…Empath starts to make his get-away…Armand just shakes his head slowly. "…right, you have nice day now." Then he's peeking up from behind the cart watching the 'fight scene' with much squinting as he looks around for the tiny woman as he straightens up slowly and looks back to the disaster that once was his cart. "…mmr…kick his arse mini-mademoiselle…"

Still shooting into the grass, the White Knight has no idea that Krista is under him and so she goes unnoticed as she is under him and tossing him through the air. The Knight is thrown back a bit, but being able to fly, hover, and teleporting. His power kicks in before he gets tossed too far. Reappearing over where is twin is. He looks down and finds that Empath has fled the scene.
Grumbling to himself, he looks over to the two remaining mutants, “You have interfered with our mission. Vengeance shall be ours! So say the White Knights!” With that both twins are bathed in pink energy and teleport away! Empath is long gone.

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