2012 05 09 What Would Happen If Iron Man Went To A Nudist Co

Log Title:
What Would Happen If Iron Man Went to a Nudist Colony?

Sandman and The Vision

IC Date:
May 9, 2012

Game Room - Avengers Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
Sandman is schooled by The Vision about sentience and retells an old joke.


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Entering the Game Room, Sandman sits on the table and ponders over which video game to play. He turns his body into a sand form and then sand duplicates emerge from him and begin to toss about the various games as the main Sandman shakes his head, “I have played everything in here. I need something new to play.”

The Vision arrives by coming up through the floor boards of the game room. The ghostly Synthezoid phased through the solid surfaces and resolidifies in order to stand in the room. He notes the presence of Sandman, "Good afternoon." He says in greeting as he heads for a stand full of pool cues and billiard triangles.

Watching the Vision, Sandman grins, “Vizh! Buddy! You are a walking computer right?” He makes his way over to the pool table and reaches for a pool stick and pretends to strike some balls with it. He gestures grandiously and then pretends the stick is a gun and begins to mimic shooting bullets. Then he pretends it is a guitar and pretends to play it.

The Vision grabs the triangle and one of the pool cues at random. He heads for one of the regulation sized tables and places the triangle down on the felt of the table. He glances up towards Sandman, "I am a Synthezoid, not a walking computer." He starts digging out some of the billiard balls and continues, "Though I am certain you used that wording as more of a euphamism rather than a slur." He starts lining the balls up in the triangle. He asks, "Why?"

“Well, I have played all the games here. So I was wondering if I could use you to download some games or if you have any games inside you or something I could play.” Sandman ponders a thought, “Ohhhhhhh…you know what would be cool. If you and Super Adaptoid had remote controls and we could use you guys to fight each other.” Smiling, “Oh man, that would be so sweeeeeeeeet!”

The inhuman Vision arches an eyebrow at what Sandman suggests. He shakes his head, "I-" he pauses in disbelief, "-do not have any games inside of me, Sandman. I am a living, sentient being. I also doubt The Super-Adaptoid has games inside of him. Perhaps you should go to the local Arcade and play some pinball?" He pulls up the triangle to reveal a triangular-shappe arrangement of billiard balls. He phases through the table as he steps towards the side opposite the arranged balls. As he lines up a shot he says to Sandman, "And no it would not be 'sweet' to have the two of us fight. We are not mindless drones." He pauses before suggesting, "Perhaps you should go to the simulation room if you want that kind of blood sport."

Blinking a bit at Vision, “Wait a minute…you have blood running through you.” Sandman moves closer to the vision and stares at him, almost examining him. He then pokes him, “I thought it was all wires and duct tape in there.” He looks up and smiles, “I am sorry. And here I thought you were robots…or androids…or synthezoids…” He hmmmmns, “So no games, huh. Can you maybe download something?”

"We are synthezoids." Vizh confirms just before drawing his cue back and then thrusting it forward. There's a loud crack as the end of the cue squarely collides with the cue ball. Colored and striped balls ricochet around the table after Vizh breaks. As the balls move about the table, Vizh stands up erect and glances towards Sandman, "That doesn't make me any less alive, though. I may not have human blood running through my body, I do have an equivilant."

“Ok, but you can’t feel emotions, right?” Sandman asks as he looks confused, “But Phil can?” He shrugs, “Here is something that will help me out…What would happen if Iron Man went to a nudist colony?” Looking at the synthezoid, Sandman seems to study him again as he waits for a response.

The Vision shakes his head, "I can feel emotions just fine, Sandman." He says this in the flattest, unemotional tone one can imagine. Vizh phases through the table to walk across to the other side. The Synthetic Avenger starts lining up a shot. As he draws the cue back he says, "And I do not understand your last question. What if Iron Man did go to a nudist colony?"

“If he went to a nudist colony, he would be …stark naked…” Sandman smiles and starts to bellow out laughter. “Get it…stark naked. He would be naked because he would be a nudist colony and his name is Tony Stark.” Still laughing loudly, “So…stark naked…Phil taught me that one.”

Vizh still hasn't thrust the cue forward to take his shot. In fact, he hesitates even longer as he processes the terrible joke that Sandman gives him. Vision has a strait face on and he humphs after several long seconds of inaction. Vizh shakes his head, "A play on words; Moderately clever. I suggest not sharing that with Tony." Finally the ball is struck as Vizh takes his shot.

Watching the shot, “Yeah it was pretty good. And Phil made it. So I guess you are right about him being sentient or alive or whatever.” Sandman hmmmns, “You gonna have to learn some jokes, Vizh.” With that the Sandman makes his exit.

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