2012 05 09 What If Iron Man Went To A Nudist Resort

Log Title:
'What If Iron Man Went to a Nudist Resort?

Sandman and Super-Adaptoid

IC Date:
May 9, 2012

Gallery - Avengers Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
Sandman and Super-Adaptoid chat in the gallery.


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The Adaptoid, in the form of his normal guise as Phil, stands before one of the many paintings of the gallery. His eyes calculating angles and quality of the work while trying to appreciate the value of art's influence on humanity.

Entering into the gallery on his way to the kitchen is the Avenger, Sandman, in his usual garb, green and brown stripped shirt and black trousers. The hero spots Phil and stares at him for a moment. With all the busy happenings in the lives of the Avengers, Sandman is aware of who Phil is, but has yet to have any real interaction with the former villainous android. He offers a smile and makes his way into the room, “Phil, right?”

In a very human fashion, Phil turns to greet Sandman. "Yes. Though I am reticent to call you by any name other than Sandman as I still struggle with multiple personality presentations in humanity."

Nodding his head and not really getting what Phil said, Sandman just offers, “Sandman is fine.” Finally walking forward and shifting his hand to a larger sandy form. He pats Phil on the back, rather strongly…but friendly, “So, Vizh, Iron Man, and the rest say you are a good guy now. Welcome to the group. I was sorta like you. All badass and whatnot. Still am badass, but as a good guy now.” He winks and pats Phil on the back again.

"Which strikes me as odd. We are, as you say, alike. As are many of the Avengers. Former criminals that often fall back to their criminal ways. As you have proven in the past and I suspect that one day I may befall such a fate - if reprogrammed. So I ask, why do they do it? Why allow the potential threat within their home?"

“Well, it is always a risk. Everything is a risky, Philly. But they see a chance at redemption. Avenging is not just about fighting the villains and saving the world. It is about saving the person too. Everyone, and I guess in your case, everything has a chance to be better. I mean, yeah, I could go around robbing banks and being rich and stuff. But the Avengers have shown me that I can be better than that. They saved me, the way the save the world and universe. It’s the same with you. We voted to bring you on after thinking it over. You have as much a right at redeeming yourself as I did and Hawkeye and Vision and everyone.” Sandman scratches his head, “So you are like the Vision? I mean I get you can talk and stuff, but do you got like emotions and feelings and your own thoughts?”

After a lot of consideration, Phil accepts Sandman's initial remarks and then being questioned, he states, "We are very similiar in many regards. Synthetic life, if you will. Though I struggle with asserting emotional understanding even though I'm fully equipped with emotions."

“Ok…ok. And the Vision does not feel emotions, but used too?” Sandman takes a moment ot consider and then just decides to consider them all to be live versions of a video game. “So, are you fun? I’ve hung out a few times with Vizh. He’s great and all, but he has no freakin’ sense of humor. Tell me a joke. You have a computer brain. Tell me something funny.”

Phil pauses a moment as his processors search for a good joke. He poses, "'What if Iron Man went to a nudist resort?'" and then waits for a possible answer in the form of a question.

Blinking and scratching his head, Sandman cannot think of a response of where the joke will go. But nudity is always a good way to start a joke. Finally after a few minutes of awkward silence, “I don’t know. What happens if Iron Man went to a nudist resort?”

Phil then offers the answer with a slight smile, "He would be Stark naked." then he chuckles to himself as if he found it funny.

After the chuckles, silence follows. Some crickets can be heard outside and Sandman just looks at Phil. A smile starts to form on his face and then he bellows out the loudest laughter. He takes a completely sandy form as smaller duplicates step out from his body. Each begins laughing. Finally the true Sandman looks up at Phil,”That was so good, that my duplicates had to come out and laugh too.” They each move forward and pat Phil on the back, each with lessened strength. “Ok, you got jokes. Now I’ll have to take you out to the poker games with the Thing. See how well you fit in at fun with the good guys.”

Another slap on the back and Phil is jostled. He's curious about the dupes but leaves it well enough along as he's already scanned Sandman for powers and potential duplication. He replies, "I would have an unfair advantage. Especially after I find a good mentalist to duplicate."

“Well. Moondragon showed up and saved my butt a few months back, so if she stops by…I’ll tell her to meet you. She walks around basically naked…but she is bald. Don’t dig that look too much.” Sandman shrugs, “But you got a computer for a brain right. Can’t you just figure it out on your own. Are you smart or do you just copy stuff?”

"My original form is devoid of hair. Perhaps she will find me attractive?" Phil queries mindlessly in a very human tone of interest. "But yes, I'm capable of counting cards and discerning the odds. It is a simple application of mathematics."

"Yeah…You know maybe, you should go on a vacation. Yeah…you and Vizh…and me. We could do Vegas and win." Sandman considers for a moment. "As for Moonie…Well, she might. But be careful. She saved my life and all, but I heard she's got a bad attitude and she did somethin' to Thor…so watch out."

"I will take both under advisement." replies Phil as he seems contemplative of both suggestions. Then states, "Pardon me, Sandman. I have an engagement to attend. It was nice speaking with you."

“Alright, Phil. It’s been real. See ya.” Sandman waves as he makes his way to the kitchen.

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