2012 05 09 Snakes In The Subway

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Snakes in the Subway

Paladin & Krista

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Subway in Manhattan

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Paladin is being hugged to death so Krista steps in


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Subway System - New York

Dirty, dark, dingy, and dangerous. All are synonomous with the Subway system of New York City. The once pristine walls are covered, literally, in graffitie. Most of the 'art' is very good though odd and often ritualistic. Though there are a number of sections that appear to be nothing more than pure evil. Vile drawings of horrors, and words written in languages that are not recognizable. Someone, however, has tried to clean them up at least. As a hazy covering over the darker paints.. angels and heavenly scenes mix in an overlay that is truely unique.. and very New York-like.

In a deadly, bone crushing, embrace (bear hug), we find our hero (Paladin) trying to smooth talk his way out of Anaconda's grasp. Near to the exchange, Bushmaster slithers. His deep voice says, "Tell us where she is or my friend here will crush your very spine."
The Paladin retorts with a faux chuckle, "Why would I want to be let go, I mean… seriously. Anaconda's giving me a loving hug.". His arms are pinned to his side and he struggles to get at his utility belt. He's in worse shape than he lets on as he's being squeezed relentlessly.
The subway terminal is mostly clear of pedestrians. They've backed way away and the police are in route. The tracks are empty and it's likely that the snakes came up from the dark tunnels.
Located several yards away near to the stairs is a space aged looking pistol. It's black and purple and likely the side arm of the Paladin.

There is something uniquely refreshing about the subway for Krista…despite the fact that it is ugly, dirty and dangerous. It has a strange ability to equalize people, even the homeless and the buskers seem to take on a diffent stature in the areas below the city. Maybe because it is a place that some call home and others could call work. She slides down the stairway bannister and would probably get frowned at, if not a talking to by the transist workers were they not distracted. Hopping off when the stairs end she lands within a few inches of the scifi looking gun. "Well.." she says to herself bending over to pick it up and only notices the crowd of people when she straigtens. Her head cants as she wonders what the commotion is. Not being tall enough to see over the crowd she pushes her way through to the front, the weapon forgotten and dangling from her hand.

Bushmaster is annoyed with Paladin's games. He raises his right arm. There is an 8" blade that extends from the back of his forearm. The tip is placed beneath the chin of the grappled Paladin, "Tell me where Mamba is, or I'll not only have Anaconda cripple you, but I'll make your face so that the ladies will never look at you the same again."
Anaconda gives an additional squeeze.
Paladin groans, he's definitely in pain and having issues breathing. If it weren't for his own super strength he'd resemble a tube of toothpaste. Only red. "Never…" he mutters.

Eyebrows go up, she has lived in Manhattan for awhile but has never been this up close and personal to such an altercation before. Krista's hands clinch into fists and she remembers the weapon in her hand. She glances at it and the trapped man and does the math. The weapon seems to quickly disappear into her pocket for the time being, literally. Looking from the grabbled red man to the large man that has him trapped she figures Paladin isn't going to last until the cops get here. No one else seems to be doing anything so she is going to have to at least give the man a fighting chance. She she rushes forward and throws her 300 lb self against the back of Anaconda's legs in an effort to at least make him fall backwards and hopefully loosen his grip.

Anaconda is blindsided. Knocked forward a few steps and releases Paladin who falls to the floor. Conscious, but he won't act until the next round due to recovery time.
However, since Bushmaster was standing so close he saw the approach and attacks Krista. His claws strike true and do remarkable (30) damage plus inflicting poison.

Krista backpedals as she gets raked across the front, leaving not only slashes in her shirt but red scratches that ooze blood, if she were anyone else that could have been much worse and might have even struck bone, but fortunatly she is not. With no fighting skills she knows that the most the can do is act as a distraction, which so far has worked. She continues to retreat toward where Paladin is laying as she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the scifi looking weapon, which she drops on his chest. "You probably can use this better than me, Buck Rogers.

Paladin finds himself scampering backwards from Anaconda who is already approaching him with determination - the goal of grappling with him again.
When met by Krista and his weapon, he smiles, "Paladin's the name, stunning's my game."
He'll take the offered weapon and target Anaconda. He pulls the trigger, it resonates a BTAH sound as the stun burst strikes the larger woman. She drops to her knees, dazed, then falls to her face.
Bushmaster misses his second attack on Krista and even fumbles when trying to follow her - perhaps reticent now that he sees Anaconda fall.

As Krista keeps moving away from Bushmaster, she seems to shrink a few inches, though it would probably only be noticable to someone really paying attention since it is such a small amount. She is backed against the steel gate of the dividing fence. Feeling it behind her she quickly turns to rip it from its hinges, and swings it at the stumbling Bushmaster as she turns back to face him.

Krista swings and misses. But just as the swish goes by the off balance Bushmaster, a BTAH sound is heard and the Bushmaster drops like a snake.
Paladin stands up straight, brushes himself off and feels a rib pain - he'll grab it with his left hand and force a smile, "Thanks for the assist, little girl." he states.

Holding the large gate in front of her like a shield, Krista watches the now fallen Bushmaster a moment with wariness. She is half expecting him to jump up again. When she is addressed her mis-matched stare turns from the fallen foe up to Paladin and there is a slight downturn of her mouth, but she doesn't correct him. She turns for a moment, leaning the gate in its frame and making sure it is going to stay in place before turning back around. "Yeah, you have some pretty nasty playmates, Buck."

Paladin glances down to the fallen snakes. Smirks and says, "Yep. But they're goin to jail for a long time. Least till their friends break them out."

Police rush into the area. Paladin will give a statement, noting help from 'that little girl over there' and the police will want to know Krista's involvement, etc. Just a bunch of questions for future paperwork. They'll haul off the two villains and the scene will get back to normal.

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