2012 05 08 The New New Mutants

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The New New Mutants?

Cyclops, Finesse, Mirage, and Wolfsbane

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May 8, 2012

Harry's Hideaway - Salem Center

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The staff and Finesse go out for lunch and Scott discuss the possible reinstatement of the New Mutants


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Tuesday afternoon and Scott Summers has opted to treat some of the staff to a lunch to catch up, evaluate, see how they are, and just have fun. With classes having ended early and wanting to let some steam off, Scott, dressed in a black T-shirt and jeans with his ruby quartz contact lens revealing blood red eyes, he takes a seat at a booth, beer in hand and ready to order some food.

Wolfsbane's kept the distinct features in public today, mainly because it's Harry's and that's just the kind of thing people do there. T-shirt and shorts are worn, plus some sandals just because of that sign talking about no service. "How long have ye been able to do tha' with th' contact lenses?" she asks Scott.

Sipping on a nice tall mojito Dani peruses the menu, still undecided as to what to she wants to eat. Sitting across from Scott in the booth, she glances up from the menu to him "That is new…to me at least." she is curious as well and waits for an answer. She is dressed casually like her companions, jeans, blouse and her goto footwear mocassion boots.

Dressed in a casual manner, jeans, t-shirt and a jacket, all completed with unassuming sneakers, Jeanne has tagged along with Scott and the staff for a visit to Harry's. Usually Jeanne isn't one to just hang out, but Dr. Nemesis' constant warning that she should stay away from Scott Summers as much as possible, likely served as a lightning rod of curiosity. Briefly looking at the menu after they've settled in, Jeanne orders a can of sardines and a serving of cottage cheese, to drink she has some ginger tea.

“Hank invented them. I rarely wear them, mostly around the mansion, but since we are at Harry’s and we are pretty safe, I figure I would give them a try.” He gives a wry grin as the red stands out in his eyes. “Does the look work?” He jokingly asks his peers. When Harry comes over to take their food orders, Scott offers to Harry, “Charge it to the Academy and I will have the usual.” Harry nods and then looks to the women for their orders.

"It makes ye look like ye have demon eyes," Wolfsbane answers, giving Scott a very honest opinion before glancing down at her menu. "Honestly, they creep me out a little." She /sounds/ serious enough, and Dani can't pick up on anything that would hint sarcasm or teasing. "Tae th' Academy? Right, then." She orders a double cheeseburger, a chicken sandwich and a cheesesteak, fries, onion rings and mozzarella sticks as well. "This should take care o' me until dinner." She adds to Dani, "Ye're doin' well again?"

"Yes, if looking like a spawn of Satan is /working/." Dani replies, mirroring Rahne's own opinion "Though I would be worried about the lens slipping up and accidently blasting whatever is in front of you, then what you look like with them." she hands over the menu "Chicken sandwich, thanks."

"It looks great if you want to blend in at a Twilight convention," Jeanne remarks dryly at Scott's question, as she waits for the others to finish their order. Glancing aside at Rahne, Jeanne murmurs, "feeling creeped out because of eye color is silly. People can wear contacts to intimidate, why give them an edge?" When Rahne makes her order, Jeanne looks at her with slightly increased interest as she narrates like a Discovery Channel narrator, "clearly dealing with enhanced metabolism. I guess that makes perfect sense, when taking your profile into consideration, Rahne."

Nodding his head, “Demon eyes, Satan, and twilight convention…Jean did they make me look like I was fiery, but I thought that she was saying I was hot.” A bit of a joke from Scott…Rare moment. His eye goes up a bit when Rahne places her order. Harry takes his leave with the orders. Scott jokes again, “I guess I will wear them with the students in detention then.” He exhales as he looks between the women that have joined him, “So, Jeanne how is interning with Dr. Nemesis? Rahne and Dani, how are you finding the students?”

Wolfsbane glances toward Jeanne a moment. "Everyone has things tha' make them feel off sometimes," she explains simply, handing the menu over as the waitress looks surprised at the order for just a moment. "I'm hungry," she adds, all the explanation she feels is needed. "But if I dinna finish, I'll just get th' rest in a wolfie bag for later." A shrug follows toward Scott. "If ye like them, tha's what matters in th' end. I'd still be extra careful. An' I've na talked tae anyone yet about counseling…things."

Nodding at Rahne's question Dani takes another sip of her drink before answering that question, "Pretty much all healed up, though I feel it if I over do it in training." she then goes to asnwer Scott's "Quite easily, I walk into my classroom and they are all right there." she grins at her jest, then grows serious as she contemplates a moment "Was I that much of a know-it-all when I was their age?" she gives a slight shrug as the question was rhetorical "Some are refreshing, others not so much. Overall though they seem to be good kids, if a little misguided at times.

Almost too bad that Jeanne isn't normally a good sort to appreciate a joke, when it's such a rare occasion, instead she just looks at Scott with a deadpan expression and suggests, "maybe it's because of Jean's past experience with this Phoenix fiasco, she must know best when it comes to fiery." Did anyone mention that Jeanne isn't very good at tact? When asked about her work experience with Dr. Nemesis, Jeanne recites, "he is a brilliant if an egotistical individual, has a bit too much jealousy where Dr. Reed Richards is involved, but I am learning and gaining experience and skills from working with him. I rather like him, when he's not being stupid. He is quite fond of teasing me. But then he usually looks for people's buttons, he likes to press them. Luckily I understand that, so it's very hard for him to faze me." She then revisits her earlier remark, "you should definitely go as a vampire for Halloween. It's perfect." At Dani's comment, Jeanne smirks, but says nothing.

“Well, I think all of us were misguided when we first got to the academy, but things were different Charles was the only teacher. With the X-Men acting as teachers and each with varying degrees of interpersonal skills, well…some students will behave differently with different teachers.” When the Phoenix Force is mentioned, Scott remains silent a moment. All for awkward comments, he is prone to make them himself. He ignores that particular comment, but does add, “I think a vampire might be a good idea.” He smiles and then looks to the other two mutants, “So I have been thinking of reinstating the New Mutants, as a squad for more advanced students. Opinions?”

"I've never spoken tae him," Wolfsbane says of Dr. Nemesis, then she answers Dani. "Were ye, ye say? Ye mean ye're na still one noo?" And that's definitely a joke given her grin, not to mention the teasing Dani could feel through their link. She also ordered a lemon-lime soda and a fruit punch drink, the latter of which she sips from as she stays far, far away from the Phoenix thing and instead considers Scott's question. "If ye think it's a good idea, it's yuir call."

Dani grins back at Jeanne and then at Rahne, amusement at the teasing felt. "I really haven't given it much thought. With the rest of the team scattered, and only Rahne and I left I figured that team was through." she replies about restarting the New Mutants.

"New Mutants? I read the files about that team…not that I'm a Mutant perse, but do you think I might qualify? I'd like to be a member of a team that helps people," Jeanne muses, "I do enjoy my work, but I don't really use my gifts enough to give back in other means, and that is directly kicking some criminal ass." So, she does have aspects other than fascination with science after all. "I'll understand if you say no, I mean, I'm not a mutant…and I'm not really one of the students either. Better to keep them as a cohesive group without introducing disruptive agents." When Jeanne gets her order, she reaches for her fork and deftly starts to mash her sardines with percision. Her movements are impressively fast though.

“Well, with X-Factor and the X-Men spread out between missions, it may be a good idea to have a home team. X-Force is who know where and Excalibur is in England. I don’t like the idea of students going out on missions, but at the same time, we need to be realistic. It would not be for all the students, but ones who have proven themselves with training.” Scott offers with regards to the New Mutants idea. The orders are brought to everyone and Scott begins to partake, but adds for Finesse, “Well, that is another aspect. We fight for the dream of co-existence, but we act in a very segregated manner. Aside from Mimic and Longshot, we have never had any non-mutants on the team. So, I would not be opposed to a non-mutant yet someone with abilities on that squad, Jeanne. I would want to speak with Dr. Nemesis, first though.”

"I'd say it's a bad idea unless ye're sure th' ones as part o' it are ready tae go oot an' do th' missions," Wolfsbane says, shaking her head a few times. "When we were th' New Mutants, I know it came about for other reasons because th' Professor was being controlled, but none o' us were ready tae fight as a group for a while. Tha' never stopped us, so ye'd best be prepared for th' same things with another group o' kids." Granted, she's still in her late teens. A glance is had between Jeanne and Dani, then she stops short of ripping into her cheesesteak first. Om nom nom.

As Dani begins to tuck into her food, and continues to listen to the conversation around her. Both of which are interrupted when her cell phone beebs at her. Glancing down at her phone she sighs "It's the other boss lady." that being Val "I have to take this." she gives an apologetic look to all and gets up to go take the call somewhere more private.

"That's perfectly reasonable," Jeanne says with a hint of a smile on her face, "I should like to listen in on that conversation, though I understand if privacy is called for." She is quite pleased at the thought, she wonders how the Doctor would take it if it is made clear that she had a conversation with Scott Summers. Mashing the sardines all done, Jeanne proceeds to mix them up with the cottage cheese, "I can only say that I would be a great benefit to whatever team that has me as a member." Amazing how she can say such a thing and still sound perfectly modest, as if there's no boasting intention behind her words. She nods at Dani when the other woman gets up to take the call.

"Have fun with /her/," Wolfsbane says as Dani takes care of her call. Not a fan of Val Cooper, no she is not.

“Well, of course. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Rahne. No one would be forced onto the team and it would only be those who are prepared to be on the team. I would not send them out on missions unless it is completely necessary. They would be secondary to the senior teams.” Scott nods as Dani gets up to take her call, “Tell, Val. I will be expecting her call as well. We have somethings to talk over.” When Jeanne offers to listen in on the conversation. Scott offers “That is not necessary and I am glad that you consider yourself a valuable asset to any team, but be warned. An important aspect of teamwork are interpersonal skills, Jeanne.”

Wolfsbane sniffs in open annoyance of Val, though the initial anger is interrupted as she stares at the choice of sardines mixed with cottage cheese. Jeanne gets a long and silent look before Scott receives a quick nod and she goes back to dealing with her multi-plate meal. They did combine a couple things on one, and the side orders are all on another. "Just letting ye know what I think," said to Scott.

Jeanne looks a bit displeased when Scott brings up interpersonal skills, the one thing that has always eluded her. "Well, if I'm honest, I never really been part of a team before. It probably will be difficult having to rely on others, specifically when I am not sure they can reach the optimal decision in every situation. I'd likely be tempted to take too much on my own…responsibility has to be shared in a group dynamic, if the group is to be successful." If anything, at least she understands Scott's claim has merit. Having had her say, she digs into her meal and starts eating.

“And I appreciate that, Rahne. Your experiences make your thoughts more valued than others.” Scott continues with his meal and sips from his beer. “The fact that you can acknowledge that, Jeanne, shows that you would make a good part of a team. Knowing your own limits and learning from that. Having to rely on team members can be an overwhelming experience. Something that members of the X-Men still learn.”

Wolfsbane has not had the issue Jeanne apparently does, the one of being overly self-confident. "Well, part o' being on a team means working with others. If ye're na th' one in charge, hopefully if ye have a good idea it'll be listened tae. Otherwise th' best thing is tae follow th' leader." She isn't speed-eating, but the way it's looking so far there won't be much left to take home.

Jeanne nods at Scott when he makes his observation, but adds no comment of her own, as she goes about finishing her meal. Though Jeanne does pause at Rahne's tip, looking not quite in agreement, as she remarks, "if the leader is an incompetent fool, following him or her would be a mistake. Not every leader instated deserves or can operate in that role."

“Unfortunately, you are correct, Jeanne. Not every leader works out. But we would choose carefully. Thankfully, we have a history of good leaders from Dani and Sam to Alex and Ororo.” Yes he did mention his brother as an example of a good leader. And he did not list himself. “In the case where the leader is not adequate for the position, then we would select someone else. Thankfully, from the current batch of students, we have a good selection to choose from. Jeanne, have you interacted with the students?”

"Who said th' leader's an incompetent fool?" Wolfsbane asks Jeanne. "Just because ye think ye might know better how tae handle something doesna mean th' leader has nae clue. That's th' point I'm making." A sip of soda, the lemon-lime one. "If th' leader's a poor one tae begin with, that'll be fixed one way or another. I dinna think Scott's gaunae appoint someone he doesna believe can handle it."

"Too much self doubt is never a good thing," Jeanne says sharply at Scott's neglecting to include himself in the list of good leaders, she read files, she knows he's a good leader even if he doesn't accept it for whatever reason. Asked if she had interacted with the students, Jeanne admittedly shakes her head for a no, "I am mostly in the lab with the Doctor, I haven't really tried to interact with the students yet, is it advisable for me to do so?" With Rahne challenging her words, Jeanne looks at her without blinking, and asserts, "my point was a valid one. A leader can be an incompetent fool, and I will not allow a terrible leader to bring me to failure. It is very possible that a good leader would make a choice I would not consider, but it is impossible that a bad leader would make a bad choice I would not be able to identify as such." Jeanne seems rather adamant about that last point.

Wolfsbane continues to shake her head, disputing the point. "Like I said, I'm na speaking about a bad leader. I'd na expect anyone tae follow someone like tha. But a good one is bound tae think o' things ye've na thought o' yet. Tha's what leaders do." She can be a stubborn one, too. No leader, but she gets the importance of one. "It's a matter o' trust. If ye all dinna have tha' trust, then there's nae point in having th' team in th' first place. An' if ye've got thoughts about being part o' a team, ye'd best get tae know others first." That said, she grows quieter in the interest of finishing her multi-plate meal.

Watching the two ladies share their ideas of leadership, Scott remains quiet as he finishes his meal and then adds, “Yes, I think you should try to interact with the students, Jeanne. Especially if I go through the New Mutants squad. Dani will be taking her class on a field trip to Limbo. It may be wise if you join us on the trip. Aside from how fascinating you may find the dimension, it would be a good chance for you to interact with them socially.”

"Unlikely, but I did provide for the miniscule probability he may have a different angle," Jeanne agrees, "whether it has any measure of success remains to be seen, but I will acknowledge a plan that is not an utter failure at logic." Jeanne does seem to contemplate Rahne suggestion that she mingles with the students in good light, it makes perfect sense if she hopes to be part of a team after all. "Good point," is all she says about that. "Agreed," she says as she looks up at Scott, having a sip of her tea, "I will make attempt to interact with the students."

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