2012 05 08 I Just Wanted A Cup Of Coffee

Log Title:
I Just Wanted a Cup of Coffee

Gogo, Ms. Marvel, and Sandman

IC Date:
May 8, 2012

Upper East Side - New York

Brief Log Summary::
Sandman, Gogo, and Ms. Marvel encounter rudeness and species-ism when they want a cup of coffee.


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Early evening and having a day off from the Avengers, William Baker exits the mansion and heads over towards the Grapevine Café. Standing outside as be peruses a menu in their window, he seems confused. They have new management and fancy food and all he wanted was just a cup of coffee. Scratching his head, he exhales, “When did things get so complicated!”

Gogo walks down the sidewalk towards the Grapevine Cafe. She knows Sandman in uniform, but not so much out of it. However, she is the same in or out. Hearing his comment she frowns, "Oh no. It's fancy now? Shoot. I wasn't wanting anything fancy." She is in jeans, cowboy boots, Fantastic Four-Thing sweatshit, and an Avengers baseball cap.

Smiling as he easily recognizes Gogo, “I know. I just wanted some coffee, maybe a sandwich or something.” His voice is a giveaway to who he is, but he points to her baseball cap, “Always nice to see a fan…how’ve you been, Annie? It’s been a minute.” Bill laughs as he is dressed in a black T-Shirt and jeans, a much more relaxed garb that usual.

Annie squints and turns to look at William. Her eyes brighten up as she peers at him for a long moment, "Sandman?" She doesn't know his real name of course. "Is that you?" A huge smile spreads over her face and she offers him her hand, "Hey! Nice to see you…and, nice look." She then turns to look at the menu, "Damn…yeah. I wanted a sandwich or five and some coffee."

“Yeah, but in civvies, I am William Baker, but you can call me, Bill. All my friends do.” Bill does not mind sharing as his identity is public knowledge anyway. “Yeah, now I feel even worse for the times I wrecked this place. I guess the owners got tired of their place being destroyed in fights, so now someone else has taken over and made it too fancy.” Shaking his head, the Avengers shrugs, “Well, we can check it out, or hit the hot dog vendor over there.” Pointing to a cart on the corner.

She's the team leader! Why is it that /she/ is on the darned coffee run?! But Carol just sighs, squares her shoulders, and summons the energy that envelops her and transforms her costume into civilian attire. Not that it matters much, given she has a public identity, but fewer people stare when she's in civvies than when she's in costume. "Alright, you three keep working. And Stark, if you dare to go dialing Jarvis' cell number, I'm going to personally crush your latest armor. The man is entitled to his vacation, and we can get our own damned coffee." she grumbles, threateningly, before she goes jogging up the stairs from the labs and heads out the front door and the seemingly wrought-iron gate towards the sidewalks. She could brew coffee … if she knew where everything was in Jarvis' kitchen. She does not, and she isn't about to make a mess the poor man will have to clean up. So, she's heading for the Grapevine.

Annie gives his hand a shake then lets go. "Nice meeting you Bill." She rubs at her chin as she looks from the hot dog vendor to the menu in the cafe window and back, "Hmm. Hotdogs are always wonderful, but…I want. No…I need coffee. So, I guess I am left with the upscaled Grapevine. I see a few sandwiches on the menu, though they definitely look fancy. Artisan this and artisan that."

Across the street comes jogging a somewhat familiar-looking blonde woman, hair pulled up into a ponytail, arrayed in simple jeans and a t-shirt. She glances both ways, and then Carol jogs across the street through a gap in the traffic, making her way to the other sidewalk and approaching the entrance to the Grapevine. She spots the familiar large orange form, and William, and offers a nod and smile to both as she stops near the doors. "Hey there, you two."

“Wow, you need coffee. What’s up? Feeling ok?” Bill asks when he spots his teammate and leader stepping out of the mansion. He shoots her a nod as he stands with Gogo at the window of the grapevine, “I guess I can eat here. That says bacon on it. So it has to be good, I guess.” When Carol approaches he smiles and offers a nod, “Hey there yourself. Join us for some coffee and fancy food?”

"Oh hi!" Annie steps over to greet Carol with a quick hug. "Bill and I were about to get some food here. You want to join us?" She steps out of the way of the door as a pair of women step out. She then grabs hold of the door and holds it open for the other two, "They have bacon. As Confucious and Bill say, if it has bacon, it has to be good."

"Well, I was here to make a coffee run. I can probably hang a while. They'll keep working without me. Not like I offer much in the brain trust department." Carol sarks good-naturedly, smiling at Bill. She gives Annie a hug. "Let's get out of the doorway. Then we can figure out the menu." She heads inside, if only to break the logjam of one wait on another, ad infinitum. She's practical like that.

Following the chairwoman inside, he smiles, “Well, I think your brain is as good as the others. At least it is prettier.” Bill awkwardly compliments as a hostess greets them all. She stares oddly at Gogo and hmmmns as she moves closer to Bill and Carol, “Is your friend a mutant?” Bill quirks an eyebrow and frowns at the question.

Annie bends low and twists sideways to make her way through the door carefully once the others are inside. "Well…I wouldn't want to keep the rest of your team waiting for coffee and whatever else you are fetching. I am surprised you don't have like…someone, to do that for you. You are all so important." She eyes the hostess and pulls her lips back in a big big smile to show off her glowing white teeth and her pretty fangs.

"Thanks, Bill. Sweet of you to say." Carol offers with a smile. If he's feeling awkward, she just does her best not to add to it.

Carol's answer to the server is simple, if perhaps a bit confrontational. "My friend is just that: my friend. Her genetic status is no one else's business but her own. If you intend to refuse her service because you believe she may be a mutant, I will point out that would be catastrophic for your business." Because Carol wouldn't hesitate to levy the entire Stark legal team to hammer this place into dust. And she wouldn't hesitate to pose signs on the Avenger's Mansion fence decrying that the Avengers will NEVER do business with the Grapevine Cafe for its racist policies.

“We do usually. But Jarvis is on vacation, and I refuse to make a mess in his kitchen just because I don't know where everything is. So, I'm here instead." Carol offers Annie with a smile, which turns cold as she turns to stare at the server. Waiting.

Sandman would snap his fingers and say ‘Oh no, she didn’t’ followed by a ‘Burn’ when Carol responds to the hostess. But he remains silent instead. Impressed with Carol’s directness and understanding her threat. She may be a powerful energy absorber and emitter, but the woman is just as dangerous sans power. Bill simply shakes his head at the hostess, “Oh…Um, please follow me.” She leads the three heroes into the cafe and pretty far back away from the entrance. Bill hmmmns and notes a larger table in the center of the cafe. “I’ll think we would prefer to sit here.” The hostess looks to retort, but sighs and nods, “Please go right ahead.” Bill smiles as he uses his sand powers to elongate his arms and pull out the chairs for the heroines.

Annie shakes her head at Carol's chastisement of the server. "Wow. I nearly wet myself there. You are one scary lady when you want to be." She then looks around and says, "Umm, you know…maybe I should just go grab that hotdog that Bill suggested. I aint sure I won't get a nice helping of spit in my food." She settles onto her chair gingerly. "I guess they hired some hate along with getting the new menus. Not what I would call much of an improvement. And I guess I didn't answer your question earlier Bill. Just had a long morning of getting beat to a pulp over and over."

Carol's words and demeanor were cold, it's true. But she didn't show all of her cards. She never had to, and that was part of the whole point. "Sorry about that, Annie. You shouldn't have to deal with scum like that." Carol takes her seat, nodding to Bill in thanks. "Listen, to Hell with her. You stay, you enjoy yourself and the company. Living well is the best revenge." It's a life lesson Carol has taken to heart for years.

As he pulls the chairs out for the ladies, Bill shakes his head, “Ya know what. With all the time and money I have spent here. I think I do not like it anymore. You, ladies, enjoy. But I am just going to get a hot dog outside.” Shaking his head as he is disgusted by this place, he storms off.

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