2012 05 07 Sexy Experiments

Log Title:
Sexy Experiments

Kisha, Lifeguard, and Wallflower

IC Date:
May 7, 2012

Kitchen - Xavier Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
Lifeguard, Kisha, and Wallflower have lunch and chat.


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Dressed in her X-Factor uniform, but is bent over in the fridge ruffling through it looking for something edible for lunch. She speaks in some odd alien language as she peruses the options. Lifeguard’s head pops out from the fridge as she places some cold cuts and a loaf of bread on the island in the middle of the kitchen. The half-Shi’ar, half-human mutant begins using her claws to cut through the meat and bread in a sloppy messy manner.

Wallflower Blinks as she walks into the place " wow .. I thought I got the munchies " she says softly cocking her head " You know there are simpler ways to make them "s he giggles " And less gets on you "

For once Kisha is neither on fire, covered in oil or plotting something that is likely against international law never mind school rules. For she is in search of that most blessed thing which regular people call coffee. To say she's been reclusive since her little trip into space would be an understatement although the level of contraband technology confiscated by staff has kept anyone from thinking she was dead. "You should try presliced bread," she offers blandly slipping into the room and making straight for the kettle. "Or premade sandwiches for that matter.."

Looking over at Wallflower, Lifeguard offers a smile, “That is true, but I never get to use these that often.” She looks around at the mess. “Plus I am still learning to grip things.” She reaches for a knife and begins carving some turkey and then has a thought, “So I am now part of a birdlike race. So does eating turkey make me a cannibal?” When Kisha enters and offers a suggestion, Heather smiles, “Well, that is a good idea.” She steps away from the turkey and opts for some salami and bologna instead. “I have not seen either of you in the longest…I take it you have been busy with your studies?”

Wallflower Rolls her eye's as she moves intot he kitchen a bit herself and starts to make what looks like some sendwitch and she puts some water on the boil " Move over lemme have at it ".. for one thing to laurie it's acutally something she's good at . She looks over ' WE missed you too "

"Not likely, it's frankly amazing that they're even able to impregnate Humans never mind produce viable offspring. So the chances of them being even remotely connected to a turkey…. Well lets just say I'm pretty sure you're more closely related to the turkey on your human side," Kisha informs casually. "Out of interest is it strange knowing you're quite probably an intergalatic terrorist? I mean I personally have a few concerns about the repercussions from the little space trip to your sham trial…."

Moving away to let Laurie do her thing, Heather takes a seat and allows her lunch to be made for her, “Oh.” She blinks as she had not thought about her status as a terrorist, “Oh well, I just visited the Shi’ar Homeworld. While some of their enemies may consider me a terrorist. My aunt is back in power as empress, so at least among the Shi’ar I am good.” She posits a thought though, “I should probably look into that though. Considering aliens showed up once to take me…that could happen again.” Her expression visibly darkens as she reclines on the seat, “Um, how have your studies been? Enjoying the Danger Room?”

Wallflower looks up " I've started to control my power " She says brightly as she smiles" I'm getting better.. but umm my teeacher got kicked out so I kinda stalled there " she says with a sigh " I've been kinda doing nothing cause of that " . She places down a rather big club sandwitch infront of lifeguard.. for Kisha she gets the boiling water and sets up a french press to make her coffee.. witch is 100 times better then using the machine .

Kisha blinks a few times, then shrugs. "One of the teachers got kicked out? Wow I am out of the loop. I guess I shouldn't have spent all that time working on a way to launch satellite weaponry. Which it turns out I am not allowed to build. As for the danger room… it's pointless for me. Unless they intend on giving me time to take it apart for my own amusement. None of my 'gifts' are helped by training in that sort of enviroment."

“Your teacher got kicked out?” Heather pauses, “Oh…wow… Emma.” She looks sullen and having dealt with the issues regarding her transformation, she has been meaning, but never found the time, to contact Ms. Frost. When satellite weaponry is mentioned, Heather just stares at Kisha, “Thank god, you are on our side.” She starts to chuckle, “And yes, Ms. Frost was kicked out for her affiliation with the rival school. The Massachusetts Academy is back up and it seems you all have a rival group. Fun, huh.”

Wallflower Frowns " The hellions havn't attacked us they havn't done anything wrong so far.. and Miss selene even came to the school to make peace with Professor X but he just said she was evil and nasty and told her to get out with even giving her a chance " . She shrugs a little " But yeah because of that I lost my teacher " .

"I'm only really on my own side," Kisha notes innocently, glossing over that her satellite weapon plans may not actually have worked. As she hadn't had chance to test any of them. "I do wonder… Wasn't her affiliation common knowledge? In which case the hiring policy seems a little strange. But anyway I'm not sure why you think we have to be rivals, if they want to run around playing hero or villian let them. I just want to finish my education and perhaps set up my own business."

Hearing Wallflower’s statement and blinks, “Um…yes…I wasn’t off-planet when that happened and I should go find Emma and see how she is, but from what I have heard Selene is evil. But as long as no attacks are made. Then things should be ok.” When Kisha brings up a good point about Emma’s history, Lifeguard acknowledges, “Well, my understanding is that Xavier believes in second chances and after the death of her original students, Emma was offered that second chance. The specifics of her firing, I am unaware of, but it had something to do with Selene. Who from what I understand is an evil goddess of some sort. So I guess evil goddesses aren’t as deserving as mourning mutants?” She shrugs, “And good point, Kisha. I like the idea of you starting a business. Mutants do not necessarily have to save the world, though I do appreciate your intervention in saving me.” She smiles, “I heard about the box you trapped my mother in.”

Wallflower Think for a moment " Why not use the danger room to sex up your experiments like that you don't risk alot and they won't get so angry at you .. since most of it will be virtual ? " . She blinks " I didn't hear what happened in space nobody really told me "

"Sex up my experiements? I don't tend to make that kind of machine…. And I wouldn't use one in public even if I did…." Kisha replies, frowning at Wallflower. "Well, I now remember a variety of obscene statements in alien languages. Shame I can't pronounce any of them, but it never hurts to expand your knowledge. As for anything I may or may not have done using a poorly guarded security console the less said about it the better. I'd rather not have angry aliens taking the matter personally!"

Stiffling a grin at the two, Lifeguard offers, “It turns out my mother is a crazy alien empress who wanted to kill me. I was kidnapped and some of the students and staff came out and rescued me in space.” Shrugging and looking to Kisha, “Your secret is safe with me…as for using the Danger Room to set up your experiments that is not a bad idea. Beast or Dr. Nemesis might be good to help with that.” She quirks her eyebrow at a thought, “Kisha, have you met Dr. Nemesis yet? His laboratory might be a great place for you to try stuff out. And I believe his intern, Finesse, is quite nice too.”

Wallflower blinks " I meant set not sex " she blushes maddly and covers her face " Oh what a blunder " she says tryig to hide her shame a bit as she pulls her legs up to hug them.

Kisha twitches. "I have met him. Although independently of my joining the school," she states suspiciously. "I think he was spying on me or my work. Quite possibly because I referenced some of the work he published online. But anyway.. I don't really care for how nice people are providing they respect my personal boundries." She pauses and blinks. "Your mother was the Empress? I suppose that explains why she didn't just murder you quietly while she was busy with the sham trial. Out of interest where do you think she is now?

“No need to be embarrassed. Sex is a natural part of life and nothing to be ashamed of.” Heather offers as consolatory tone to Laurie. To Kisha, “Oh she is in a prison on a planet far far away. My understanding is the planet is completely covered in water and she is buried deep within the core of the planet.” She shrugs, “Oh well…good riddance. “ She laughs and then asks, “Have either of you been doing things socially with your classmates? I hadn’t seen either of you in so long. I hope you have been having some fun too.”

Wallflower Shakes her head " No " she says softly " Kinda hard miss emma would help me control my powers now she's gone I'm back to using the spray that is starting to wear off faster and faster "

Kisha glances at Wallflower, then hmmms. "I could try work on a new variation for you?" she offers. "As for having fun I thought I already mentioned satellite weaponry? How could anything be more fun than that? I must however confess that knowing I aided in thwarting the plans of someone who needs to be imprisoned inside the /core of a planet/ is something of a concern."

“Well, maybe you can help each other.” Looking to Kisha, “That is nice of you to offer to help her. That might give you something to work out without the threat of a nuclear meltdown.” After offering her suggestion, Heather grabs her sandwich, “Well, I need to head off myself, but it was good seeing you both.”

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