2012 05 07 See London See France See Chenda S Underpants

Log Title:
I See Lodon, I See France, I See Chenda's Underpants

Lifeguard and Richenda Gray

IC Date:
May 7, 2012

Foyer - Xavier Mansion

Brief Log Summary::
Heather returns home from Shi'ar Galaxy and is greeted by Chenda and her underpants.


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Early afternoon and dressed in her X-Factor uniform, Lifeguard, the half human, half Shi’ar mutant enters the mansion through the foyer. Carrying some duffel bags she drops them on the floor and breathes a heavy sigh of exhaustion, “Home sweet home.” She stretches a bit and looks about to see if anyone is around.

Upstairs, a pair of sharp ears catch that sigh, and a dark-tressed head appears over the stair railing. "Heather!" calls Chenda, catching sight of her friend and breaking into a smile. She hurries to the stairway, sitting down on the bannister and letting gravity carry her to the bottom quickly, but not without some risk to life, limb, pride, and, as a snagging sound halfway down makes plain, the seat of her sweatpants.

She hops up quickly, careful not to turn her back to Heather. "Welcome home! Need any help with your stuff?"

A smile crosses the avainoid’s face as Richenda bounds down, “Well thank you. But they are heavy.” Heather lifts the bag and drops it again and the sound of metal can be heard. “My brother and I visited home…or my aunt’s home. I will still never get used to calling the Shi’ar Homeworld home.” She shrugs and offers the girl a snug hug. “So did I miss anything good?”

Chenda is more than happy to receive the hug, stretching up and hugging Heather back tightly. "I'm sorry to hear it doesn't feel like home there, but I'm not sorry you got to come back!" she replies bluntly. "I hope the trip was enjoyable, there and back."

“Well, thankfully, now that my brother’s mutation has kicked in, the trip can be done in seconds. Gotta love teleporting. His teleportations are more powerful than Kurt’s. We can go to the end of the universe and back.” Heather smiles and takes a seat at the edge of the stairs. “So, how’re your studies going?”

"Oh, wow! That must make traveling a lot easier," Chenda says approvingly, turning to collect Heather's bag. This, unfortunately, /does/ require her to turn her back to the now-seated half-Shiar, and to bend to reach the straps.
Judging by the large patch of floral-printed white material showing in back, that trip down the bannister must've cost
Chenda most of the seat of her pants. But the bag's not too heavy for her to move, though it is too heavy for her to pick up. "Okay, I guess… I'm no scholar, but at least I'm learning how my powers work now, and my control's getting better. What about you, Heather? Are you adjusting okay?" She hasn't forgotten that thrown keyboard, judging by the touch of concern in her voice when she looks over her shoulder, dragging the heavy back backwards to the side of the stairs, almost right up to its owner.

Shaking her head and grinning sheepishly when Heather spots the girl’s pants problem, Heather stands up and moves to pick up the heavy bag rather easily. With her new form’s increases strength it is easy for her, “I am adjusting and I am getting under control. I am finally able to go on missions too. I was with Havok and Mirage when we took on the Alliance of Evil. It was a bit skittish, but I literally laid the beat down on Stinger, so I am good with the form, just need to control the anger a bit better,”

Chenda, seeing that headshake and discerning its reason, blushes as the taller girl moves and takes the bag. For her part, she tries to tug the hem of her sweatshirt down over the visible part of her panties, without much luck. "I wish I could go on missions. I've done some good with my powers in the city, but here I'm just taking up space in classes and waiting for a chance to do something useful." She sighs and sits down next to Heather on the stairs. "Sometimes I wonder why I'm even here…"

“Well, you are here to learn to control your powers. If you think about even the X-Men and X-Factor are students in a way. We are always training and learning teamwork and different aspects to our powers. And while it is great that you are to save some lives in the city, still you never know when you will be required to do something that goes beyond your abilities.” Heather ruffles the girl’s hair, “But you do a lot. I seem to remember a certain young woman using her powers to save my life on her first trip off-planet.”

Chenda puts up her hands to protect her 'do as Heather tousles her silky black locks. "Hey, hands off the hair!" she protests, though giggles undermine the mock-anger in her voice. "I'm glad you remember. I just wish somebody else did. But at least there's the Danger Room to break up the monotony."

“Well, again. You and Kisha both were really helpful in that battle. And I mean you all fought the Imperial Guard. I mean, seriously they are the most powerful team in the universe…maybe even the multiverse.” Heather shrugs as she thinks how the Imperial Guard rank among the Avengers and Fantastic Four. “Have you done any simulations in the Danger Room? It’s been awhile for myself.”

"Oh… I never thought about it that way," Chenda admits, beginning to smile. "And we fought and beat /them/ on their own home planet? That's not nothin'! And sure, did one just a couple days ago with Wolfsbane against a Yeti." She grins. "Saved the innocent people and chased it off!"

“A Yeti? Goodness. Where do they get the idea for these different simulations?” Heather starts to chuckle, but nods approvingly, “Well, saving people is always good. It is sometimes difficult to pick which is more important, defeat the bad guy or save the people. Saving the people is always the right choice, of course. But one can get battle lust and just really want to crush the villain!” Heather punches her fist into her other hand in a crushing gesture.

Chenda winces at the violence of the motion. "I think I'll stick with saving the people. I don't do so well at the whole crushing thing," she replies, leaning over to give Heather a calming hug. "Should we get this stuff up to your room before somebody comes along and complains that we're blocking the stairs?" And notices that /somebody/ is flashing her bloomers, for that matter.

“Sure.” Heather leans into the hug and then stands up hefting the luggage and easily carrying it up the stairs. “We can drop this off in my room and then grab some lunch? What do you think, Richenda?”

"Well, I do need to stop at my own room," Chenda replies. "But that's just one more stop. Need any help unpacking?" She falls in behind Heather, slipping off her sweatjacket and tying around her waist by the sleeves, the body hanging over the seat of her sweatpants.

“No I should be fine. Just drop it off. I’ll meet you in the kitchen in five minutes.” Heather offers as she lumbers up the stairs with Chenda and heads to her room.

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