2012 05 06 Yeti Unleashed

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Yeti Unleashed

Cyclops, Richenda Gray, and Wolfsbane

IC Date:
May 6, 2012

Danger Room - Xavier Mansion

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Cyclops runs a Danger Room session for RIchenda and Wolfsbane using Yeti


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It is Sunday evening, but as this is a school, there is always a lesson to be taught or learned. And so, Cyclops has opted to use this evening for a training session. Rogue and a pyrokinetic teen mutant can be seen leaving the Danger Room, looking very tired and worn out. Over the school loud system, Cyclops, requests the presence of Wolfsbane and Richenda Gray to the Danger Room. Standing in the Observation Booth, the X-Man leader and headmaster is dressed in his blue and gold X-Men uniform and can be seen reviewing different scenarios and simulations.

Wolfsbane makes her way down, clad in the old X-Factor uniform she'd had previously. "I've na worn this in a couple months, maybe longer," she says upon arriving. "Glad tae see it still fits, but it might be time tae find a new one. I'm na sure I want tae be reminded all tha' much o' things from back then. Oh, an' hullo, Cyclops."

Chenda arrives shortly thereafter, clad in a student's blue and gold workout suit (which might've been used by a member of the New Mutants previously). "I still feel like I'm wearing my underpants on the outside," she murmurs, mostly to herself, before she glances up and notices that hers aren't the only ears around. "Um, Student Gray reporting," she says hastily, nodding to Cyclops. Rahne gets a smile and a nod. "Hi."

Smiling to Wolfsbane, Cyclops speaks into the loud system into the Danger Room where Rahne is, “It looks fine, but feel free to design something new. Wolfsbane, I understand you are the school counselor and training is not necessarily within the job requirements, but I would like to start pairing students with different staff members to get them to understand that despite set teams, there may be times when they will work with someone differently, so teamwork and diversity is something I’d like to incorporate into the training. If you would not mind, I’d like to pair you with Richenda Gray for this simulation. When Chenda enters, Cyclops chuckles at her underpants comment, “It takes some time to get used to the formfitting ability of unstable molecules. As you progress through the year, you can design your own costume. In the meantime, Richenda Gray, have you met Rahn Sinclair, school counselor and goes with the codename, Wolfsbane.”

"I remember those days," Wolfsbane says, rubbing the back of her neck slowly. She's mostly human right now, except for the wolfen features that are kept fairly light for the time being. A brow raises when Cyclops addresses her as the counselor, not having remembered actually agreeing to it or not. Rather than protest it she adds, "On a trial period, tae see how it goes. An' if I'm ever oot in costume I think I'd rather just have something new an' more covering than this." It's more or less a swimsuit. "We've met," she says afterward, nodding to Richenda.

Richenda blushes. "It's taking a while, yes, and please just call me Chenda!" she calls back. "I'll work on a costume when I get time, but I have a few ideas." She smiles at Rahne. "In New York, a while back. She's good company," she replies. "So, what's on the menu, Garcon?"

“Well now that introductions are out of the way, ladies. Prepare yourselves.” The Danger Room goes black for a second and then the two mutants find themselves in the Canadian wilderness and some roaring can be heard in the background. The wooded area is heavily dense with trees and woodland creatures and the temperature is cold. While there is no snow, the environment makes it feel like it is early winter with low temperatures. Some screams can be heard as a woman yells out for her husband and child.

When the place shifts, Wolfsbane takes a moment to collect her bearings and looks around, her breath forming. "Well, this beats hot an' humid." She's got the layer of fur to help. "Remind me what ye can do again?" she says to Richenda before perking at the sounds somewhere up ahead. "Follow me," she adds, taking point.

Chenda blinks as the scenery changes. So far, she's only seen the Danger Room in all its metalshod glory. "Okay… this is different," she murmurs, then goes stiff as those screams start.
Fortunately, Wolfsbane snaps her out of it. "Long story… concussion bombs and I disintegrate stuff at a touch," she says quickly. "I'm right behind you!" And she is, watching to all sides. Nobody screams like /that/ for no reason!

The ladies do not have to walk far to see what is going on. A man in his late twenties carrying an infant is running for his life as he is chased by a snarling white beast. It is a Yeti! The creature, all white fur, but wearing a loin cloth and some sort of ornate metallic collar is soon closing in on the father and son as with sharp claws extended. In a clearing past the creature and its pray is a woman screaming out as her husband and son are soon to be a feast for the winter creature.

"Th' tech here is from another world," Wolfsbane says quickly. "It can mimic just about anything ye can think o' an' be like it was real." That very fast explanation given, she comes across the scene laid out before them and spots the bigfoot, Yeti, sasquatch or whatever it's called and mutters, "Och, ye've go' tae be kidding me." She's experienced enough with the Danger Room to know it's not /really/ real but it sure does feel like it, even to her senses. And, the point of it is to act like one normally would. "I think ye'd best be ready tae throw some o' those bombs an' distract him!" She's suddenly looking more wolfen than before, retaining the humanoid shape as she waits before following after the bombs to provide her own distraction with a growl.

"Wow! So a life-size, 3-D game of Pac-Man wouldn't be out of the question?" Chenda has to ask, trying not to smile in spite of her worries. This place seems so /real/! "I've gotta suggest that sometime!"
And out they come, right into the thick of things. And there are people in trouble, just like the screams hinted! "Yow, it's Bigfoot! Or more like Big-Everything!" the gypsy girl exclaims, already summoning her power-seeds to her hands. "Got it… might wanna pull up your socks, Rahne!" she calls back, and hurls the flash-bangs straight at the creature. "Hey, furball! Catch!"

First the growl catches Yeti’s attention so he stops and lands allowing the father and infant to run past the two mutants. He stops and stares at Wolfsbane when he is struck by the power seed. The bright flash of light and corresponding sound explode onto the creature sending him falling back into a tree, dazed, but seemingly unharmed as it screams out and begins to lash out wildly and randomly with its claws.

"Focus," Wolfsbane says, the idea of a realistic video game put aside for now. "An' I'm na wearing socks," she adds, hanging back to see the way the things thrown by Richenda work - and how they affect the big beastie. She flinches but sees the monster just end up more angered than anything else. "Help keep th' people safe. I'm gaunae..do something." Just what, she hasn't figured out yet, but she starts by slipping around mostly behind the Yeti to leap upon its back and shoulders, grabbing at the collar in an attempt to 'steer' it away from the others. "Calm doon!" Good luck.

"Next time, I'll just tell you to look down," Chenda ripostes. She dives to the side, rolling out of the Yeti's reach. Seeing the father getting safely past, she hurries after him. "Hey, get back to your wife and get out of here! Circle around! I'll protect you!" she shouts, well aware that her 5' 3" of Spanish gypsy prettiness isn't exactly the height of protective reassurance. Maybe the unstable molecular long johns will help with that, or so she hopes!

When Wolfsbane leaps on the creature’s back, she proves strong enough on the blinded and bewildered creature to begin to stir it away from the fleeing family and towards a tree. The creature runs headfirst crashing into a large tree sending it falling to the ground as it moves about wildly trying to get Rahne off its back. Screaming and howling, it reaches for a large part of the tree and hurls it at Chenda while Rahne is still on its back and the father rushes around and back towards his wife.

Wolfsbane holds on with everything she's got when the big beast starts to flail and charges into the tree, causing a shudder that goes through her as well as she keeps a grip on the collar, toes curled into the Yeti's sides before she lets go and falls away, morphing into a wolf by the time she lands. From there she literally nips at the thing's heels in an attempt to drive it away from the others, darting back and forth, even between its big legs. Richenda is trusted to her part for the moment.

"Good jo… Yow!" Chenda throws herself to the ground in midsentence as she sees that tree trunk hurtling across the sky at her! It's a close miss; she feels the object graze her hip and shoulder as she hits the ground. But it looks like the innocents are all getting clear and away!
She rolls to her feet, power-seeds in her hands as she sees Rahne herding the thing away. Much as she trusts Rahne's agility, she still hurls a pair of concussion blasts at the thing's upper reaches, to give the wolfgirl some breathing space.

The power-seed toss is timed perfectly as Wolfsbane leaps off the crazed creature’s back. Once again struck by the power seends, the creature lets out a pained roar and can see the wolf at its heels. With the family now gone and the battered creature in no way able to fend off the two mutants. The Yeti begins to flee the area. Once it is clear, the Danger Room goes black and returns to normal. Over the loudspeaker, Cyclops offers, “Excellent teamwork. And in particular, your priority was protecting the family before defeating Yeti. Once they were cleared you let the creature flee. While a dangerous thing, it was more of a priority protecting the family. Good work both of you.”

Wolfsbane ducks away as some of the things thrown by Richenda prove their effectiveness, leading to her pausing as the bigfoot begins to subsequently beat feet and leave the area. The wolf stands as if on guard, hackles raised with her tail stiffened, then she begins to relax as the threat passes and the room is what it once was before. A shift later and she's back on two legs, looking back toward the observation room. "Short an' sweet. I guess I've still got it," she speaks back to Cyclops with a hint of a grin, nodding over to Richenda as well.

Chenda summons another pair of power seeds… and watches as the Yeti retreats, slowly letting them dissipate. This one's over, the innocents are safe, and she and Rahne are fine. Good ending, in her book.
Apparently, it's a good ending in Cyclops's book as well. "Whoo! Score one for the good girls!" Chenda crows, whirling and giving her furry partner a hearfelt hug. Every time she does this, she realizes more and more that she's good for more than shopping, sneaking out, and annoying a certain stuffed-shirt brother of the Danger Room coach. "Thank you, sir! Thank you!"

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