2012 05 03 The Golden Age Of Mutants

Log Title:
The Golden Age of Mutants

Empath and Exodus

IC Date:
May 3, 2012

Administration Building - Massachusetts Academy

Brief Log Summary::
Exodus summons Empath to his office and shares his view on things.


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A mental note was sent to Empath. An impression for him to come speak with Exodus in the mid afternoon. Exodus, otherwise known as Monsieur du Paris, is found in his office. He stands wearing his costume. His back is to the open door and he looks over his bookshelf for something to read, or perhaps seeking familiar titles. It's been a few hundred years since he's been in circulation. The costume is what Empath sees. Everyone else will see a business suit.

Having been in class, Manuel hmmmns when he receives the mental summons. He stands up as the non-mutant teacher is about to say something to him. Manuel simply lifts his finger making a shush gesture to the teacher and taps his head. The teacher looks confused, but Manuel simply leaves and with a little twitch of his powers, the teacher stops any protest and simply continues teaching. Manuel is the senior most student taking senior college level classes at this point. Making his way through the campus at his own pace, he finally arrives at Monsieur du Paris’s office. Responding to the staff member with his thoughts, «You summoned me, Monsieur du Paris» Dressed in his school uniform, red blazer with a symbol of the academy, white dress shirt with red tie and khaki trousers. On his lapel is a pin with an unknown symbol, symbolizing the Hellfire Club. He peruses the room and then takes a seat.

If Empath does not close the door upon his entry, it will be closed by the telekinetic powers of Exodus. The older man does not turn or directly regard Empath's arrival, instead he fingers over the spines of three more books before answering, "Tell me, senior de la Rocha. Why are you still here at this academy? All of your friends, if you would call them that, are dead. Yet, you cling to what? Hopes that this new exhibit will make you … what, more powerful. Or is it your hope that one day Ms Frost will acknowledge your ego and come to fall madly in love with you? What is it, Empath, why do you stay?"

Empath's facial expression is hard to read when he is greeted with the barrage of questions from Exodus, "Our lieges, the Black King and Queen, felt that it would be best that I remain and continue in my training. As you yourself pointed out, Monsieur du Paris. You were able to detect my empathic scan upon first meeting each other. So clearly, there is always more to learn." He looks back as the door is closed telekinetically, he hmphs not too impressed, "As for my 'friends' and the White Queen, do not presume to know my feelings regarding them. While you are clearly a telepath and telekinetic of some worth, emotions are my domain. It is clear to the Inner Circle that I seek power. I have no qualms about 'working my way up' so to speak. I am pleased to be the Black Rook with an eventual rise when the time is right. And I serve as the current leader of the Hellions, as you must be aware.”

Turning to face the youth, Exodus' eyes carry the light of a purple energy within them. "Oh, I am quite aware - that you are a sociopath. Yet, the reason I ask these questions is simple; what is your end game? The Hellfire Club's Inner Circle is most prestigious. And to enter it, you must have power - such as ours. Yet, your power is useful, yet insignificant. You can control the /emotions/ of one or a few people. Which is only temporary and limited by line of sight. Truly, the Black King can do better than you."

In his statements, he's baiting Empath. Wanting Empath to become pissed off or annoyed.

Grinning, it takes a lot to bait a sociopath and empath, Manuel lets out an audible sigh and though he can sense the power with Exodus, he will not be baited…not yet at least. He looks over his finely manicured nails and takes a moment to absorb all that has been said and then retorts simply, “And yet, I am in the Inner Circle and you are not…I stand with powerful mutants, business leaders, and goddesses…literally goddesses. And you, Monsieur du Paris? Clearly for all your power and might, I am in the cabal. You must wait until Shaw and the others deem you fit…” Finally granting Exodus the privilege his eye contact, “My end game as you call it, is my own. Please step up your game, Paris. I have. As for fear, better than you have tried. I had Magneto and Charles Xavier within my grasp. When you can say the same, then I will be impressed. Until then…glowing eyes and psionic tricks do not impress me. Should you be granted a position higher than mine within the Inner Circle, I will show proper acknowledgement. Until then…you are merely my teacher and as you can glean from the whispers around campus…teachers mean nothing more than whatever I can get from them…what is it that you offer?”

His eyes narrow, the anger on his face mimics that within his mind. He strides forward toward Empath, «"You say you had Magneto within your grasp?"». Is said Mentally as well as Verbally,« "NO ONE has Magneto within their grasp. Not the Hellfire Club, not Sinister not Apocalypse, and surely not your pathetic mutation."»
With that, his hand rises and flames engulf it. «"Watch your tongue, child, or I will burn you to ash and bring you back to life with the memories of your death, fully in tact."»

A smile forms on his face as he can sense the genuine raw anger emanating from within Exodus. The cool veneer gone. Empath can get to Exodus. As the flame is generated, fear does, indeed, build within the Spaniard as is suddenly expressed on his face. He plants his feet on the floor ready to run if he can. He has survived a volcano and would not want to revisit the experience. “So I am warned. My apologies, Monsieur du Paris.” He bows his head low giving due respect to the powerful mutant, “I misspoke. I remember a time when the great Magneto was a part of Xavier’s brood. I was not aware that he is of right mind now. His way for the betterment of mutant is the correct way. If I had known, he was no longer with Xavier, then I would surely never have made such a grandiose claim. Clearly my intentions are anti-Xavier and purely in favor of Magneto.”

The flame fades. Exodus calms as he listens to the boy's apology and backpedaling. He himself takes a step back and the purple energy of his eyes diminishes. <"Xavier is a fool. He and his followers stand no chance against the coming storm. Now that the great Magneto has taken his seat upon the throne of Genosha, he commands an army upwards of 1 million mutants. That number will continue to grow as the mutant culture realizes that Magneto is their one true messiah. It is then that we will cast a shadow over our would-be oppressors and crush them like the vermin they are."> His own voice (mental and verbal) rose as he spoke. Clearly a zealot of his ideals.

“I concur and agree. Our lord and savior, Magneto, is amassing the means to show the futile flatscans that this is our world now. For long have they sought to oppress us, destroy us, nay, kill us for our abilities. We have given enough to them. It is time to rise and when Magneto gives the word. I shall be one of many to answer his call to arms. Should Xavier or his petty students get in the way…I have no compunctions in destroying them.” A smile curls on his lip as he places his finger on his chin, Manuel asks, “Though I must ask, Monsieur du Paris. Why would you even seek membership with the Hellfire Club when clearly Magneto has no need of us? What is your endgame? It is nice to finally have a leader among the faculty here. One that I can clearly learn from and emulate. What is your great and noble cause so that I may join?”

Looking out the window, reflecting upon his own thoughts and the questions presented. Taking a few steps toward it and the sunshine it allows.

Exodus finally answers, <"It is through the charge of Magneto that I seek position within the Inner Circle. That union, not only allows me to be an emissary to its members, but also demonstrates a union between our two factions. In essence, Magneto seeks a non-aggression pact, a mutually beneficial bond of trust that can be utilized when the world falls to our feet. Historically, the would-be world conquerors find themselves at odds with one another as they draw closer to victory. With open communication between our factions, we take steps for this not to take place.">

Nodding his head and he learns and gleans much from Exodus, “I see. It is better to be allies in the world than enemies. Wise decision. Of course, as Magneto is the former king of the club, he is aware of the power behind we act. He is aware and wise to see that a mutually beneficial relationship can only prove fruitful when the Age of Man is over and the Golden Age of Mutants begins.” Standing up and walking towards the window, “And in this new age, what role shall you play?”

In a quiet answer filled with conviction, the answer that reveals his true nature, "As a knight of my lord, it is only my duty to serve in what ever role he requires."

His eyes are filled with the sunlight that bathes over him.

Empath's eyes gaze out the window as he joins Exodus, "So be it. In this new age, I ponder what role Lord Magnus would have me play?" Feeling that he has placated Exodus enough, he changes tactics and topics, "So, as Magneto's greatest knight, you wield power over the very nature of life and death, similar to her highness the Black Queen. I posit. Are there no plans to resurrect the fallen innocent martyrs that died on this very campus at the hands of the foolish flatscans of the Right? And will there be no punishment for those who failed to protect the innocents? Perhaps, you should mull that over in your mind. I shall take leave now." He bows slightly as he makes his way out of the office. A smile on his face as he exits.

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