2012 05 03 No Brotherly Love

Log Title:
No Brotherly Love

Cyclops and Havok

IC Date:
May 3, 2012

Danger Room - Xavier Mansion

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Cyclops and Havok chat after a Danger Room Session


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Thursday morning and Cyclops dressed in his blue and gold costume runs a scenario in the Danger Room. This particular scenario is set in the Alaskan wilderness and at this very moment Cyclops is shooting a crimson beam from his visor knocking Gauntlet into a large and crashing through it. Cyclops engages the Dark Riders alone as Foxbat, Lifeforce, and Hurrican lie knocked out small version of Tusk have him surrounded.

Entering teh control booth, Alex finds that his brother is engaged in a danger room session. He smiles….
Taking a seat at the controls, he clicks the override and takes control of the scene. He pulls up various villains on the monitor and scrolls through with a swipe of his finger over the roller ball. He clicks Harpoon, Crimson Commando, Avalanche, and for fun, Electro. He then raises the difficulty level to 8/10 and hits the 'go' button. He also modifies the environmentals to start a heavy snow.

Villains appear in various areas around Cyke. Harpoon and Electro will fire from the flanks, Avalanche charges and the Crimson Commando will wait till the last second before Cyke is hit by Avalanche to wiz by him and knock him off balance.

With the sudden change in environment and villains, Cyclops grins. Someone is having fun, but spontaneity is always good, with little to no time to act and his vision obscured, Scott drops down into the snow hoping to avoid the blasts coming his way and lowering his visor and opens his eyes turns his head from right to left shooting in a swoosh type angle.

The blasts are dodged, but Crimson Commando rushes by seconds after and will drop a flash grenade at Cyke's feet as he hip checks the hero in passing.

Avalanche rushes forward and is probably Cyke's best target at this point (grab Avalanche, push him down on the grenade).

Avalanche is struck in the chest. He's slowed down but not stopped fully.

As Avalanche is slowed down Cyclops rushes to his side and using a quick judo flip and Avalanches own momentum forward, he flips the seismic mutant towards the grenade and rushes perpendicular shooting out optic bursts from the direction in which the other villains hoping to strike them.

The flash grenade practically makes Avalanche see-through as it flashes extremely bright. Crimson Commando is closest to Cyke so he gets the blast of the emerald beam in the back. He goes down in a tumble. Harpoon rushes toward Cyke drawing a harpoon and charging it up. While Electro calls forth a mighty arc of lightning that will strike multiple areas all around Cyke. Many will strike him (but area effect is weaker than 100 points of damage) and then Harpoon is upon Cyke, running him through with the harpoon. The end. Level 8 sucks. But no one was really hurt and the room fades. Cyke can then see his brother in the control booth high above wearing a grin.

Cyclops is run through with the harpoon and is on his knees when the room clears. He has a smile on his face and claps as he rises, still a bit unnerved being run through but a smile on his face. “Nice touch with Electro, Alex.” He looks up into the observation booth and nods to his little brother.
Over the loud speaker, "We faced him last year. I think my skin tingled for a week after that. I do NOT like electricity." Another button is pushed and the side doors open up - stairs will allow Cyke to climb to the observation deck/control booth

Climbing into the booth, “Neither do I.” Scotts adds in agreement with the X-Factor leader. Reaching the booth, Scott stretches out a bit, “Unexpected surprise, but something to learn from.” Exhaling a bit, “So…have you heard from Lorna since she left with Betsy?”

Swiveling in of of the many command chairs, Alex faces Cyke when he enters the booth. He clicks off the danger room proper before answering, "Yeah… yeah I have.". Before he states anything further he gives pause, "She's fine. Just needed some sort of girl break."

“A girl break? With Betsy?” The visor and cap cover Scott’s brow quirking. “I didn’t realize they were…close. I would have figured she would have went with one of the X-Factor women.” Scott shrugs and goes to take a seat behind the control board as he begins to review the scenario, “Are things ok with you and Lorna?”

"Probably more of girl time away from me. But hey, it's all good. I needed a crazy break." is his response with a slight smirk and grin. "So. We're on break. Which means I totally need to hit a strip club."

Cyclops hmmmmns loudly while punching away at some buttons displeased with his performance as he reviews the scenario. “Well, I’m not sure how Lorna would feel about. She and you have a tendency to do the break thing and come back together…so just watch out.” Scott shakes his head when he sees his defeat in slow motion noting angles and already strategizing how to get out of that particular moment and how he could have won. “Though if you hit up Manhattan, you may want to go to West Garden, that’s a spot I have heard Logan mention. It is supposed to be nice. Not that I would ever go to a place like that.” He grins, “Ask for May Lin, if you go.”

Alex chuckles, "Logan mentioned it, huh?" But doesn't really pursue the topic, he really doesn't want to know and is just teasing. "You got lucky with Jean. She's stable."

“I did get lucky with Jean.” Scott smiles as he turns to his brother. Making no mention of Madelyn, Phoenix Force, or any of the other chaotic events that have plagued Scott and Jean’s romance. “And you are lucky with Lorna. Just be careful. If it’s meant to be then it’ll work out, if not, you are surrounded by plenty of women on X-Factor and in this mansion and outside.” Scott smiles, “Have you spoken to dad lately?”

Alex ponders all the potential other women and smiles. He is pulled back to reality upon the query of their father, "Nope." is said sharply as an answer, really not inclined to either.

Nodding his head and understanding the reason, “Fair enough. But he will be visiting soon. He wants to talk to us both and to grandma and grandpa in Alaska. So, if you have the time…he is concerned about us…but I think there is something else too.” Scott shrugs, “Oh good work with the Alliance of Evil yesterday.”

Disregarding the father coming to visit topic. Alex goes onto the second (or third) topic, "Thanks, we were totally ready for their attack. Not exactly the real Alliance, but Acolytes. So we handled them pretty well and got them all in Rikers; safe and sound."

"I wonder if this means the Acolytes are actively recruiting more mutants. Though the Alliance do not add to much to their numbers. We may expect other groups, Brotherhood, Resistants, maybe even Marauders, Nasty Boys, and Dark Riders joining them. I hope this is not a bigger thing than just that incident." Scott ponders and then moves to another topic, "Oh and thank Heather for replacing the computer she tore apart. She and Terry got a new one and Hank installed it. Thank you for speaking with her."

Alex gives pause and watches his brother skip from topic to topic. He says says, "Dude, you need to lay off the caffiene or jump on the ritalin train. Are you under a lot of stress lately?"

Laughing at Alex’s question Scott seems surprised from his brother’s concern, “Not too worry, Alex. Just busy between the school, the X-Men, mutants in general. Multitasking and thinking aloud. Making sure I address everything is all. Got some stuff going on, but I’ll be fine.”

"Cool." Alex says after a moment then adds, "I hear warm milk helps." while standing from the command chair.

Standing up as he closes down the monitor and reviewing station. “Warm milk sounds nice, but beer is also good. Want to head to Harry’s. Buy a drink for your brother?” Scott smiles.

"Sorry bro, no time. Gotta take care of some team stuff and write a report for Val." Alex states as he handwaves a denial while walking toward the exit

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