2012 05 02 Off To Jail

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Off to Jail

Havok, Mirage, Lifeguard, Frenzy, Timeshadow, Tower, Stinger, Mandroid Armor, Gargouille, Boys in Blue

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In route to Riker's island

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After capturing Frenzy, Havok, Mirage, and Lifeguard play escort to the police convoy that transfers the criminal to Rikers. In route, they are attacked by the Alliance of Evil.


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It was a harrowing battle. The three heroes, Mirage and Havok were on hand to face two of the Acolytes; Frenzy and Gargouille. The villains were engaged when they attempted to disrupt an anti-mutant rally in Long Island. During the fight, Frenzy caused a distraction allowing for Gargouille to escape. Calling out, Frenzy exclaimed to Gargouille to get backup.

This request does not go unnoticed. X-Factor is fully aware of who, and how dangerous the Acolytes are. Lead by the insane Magneto, the Acolytes are a massive mutant terrorist group bent on world domination. With these things in mind, X-Factor chose to escort Frenzy to Rikers instead of just allowing normal NYPD to go it alone. Even with Mandroid armor or Code Blue, the NYPD would struggle to defeat a large number of the Acolytes.

We find our heroes riding in the cargo section alongside Frenzy within the non-descript police van escorted by two cruisers. Both in front. Behind, by a quarter of a mile is a NYPD cargo truck carrying a suit of Mandroid armor to provide backup just in case.

Traveling over the Brooklyn Bridge, the heroes will hear an explosion in front of the convoy and the van will slam on its breaks. This interrupts their casual conversation with Frenzy about why she's a villain and how she doesn't believe she's a villain - but believes she's a freedom fighter and that X-Factor are the villains, turning against their species.

The driver calls back, "We've got trouble!" With the ability to see out the front windshield, the heroes will see the ginormous frame of Tower just off to the side of the bridge (who stands within the East River and is lifting one of the police cruisers with a giant hand). Also on the scene, running between the stopped vehicles toward the police van is Timeshadow (which appears as several images of himself - akin to Multiple Man's duplicates). Stinger is also on hand; she stands upon the hood of one of the police escorts and proceeds to blast electricity into the metal of the car, charging it and sending the police inside into spasm.

That's when the back doors of the van are ripped open by long metallic tendrils attached to Harness (who stands several yards behind the van).

[OOC] Havok says, "Frenzy http://www.comicvine.com/frenzy/29-2163/"

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[OOC] Havok says, "Tower http://www.comicvine.com/tower/29-10978/"

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[OOC] Havok says, "Harness http://www.comicvine.com/harness/29-2154/"

In consideration of the prisoner and who her freinds were Mirage has changed out her usual firearms for weapons of the more stunny variety. She is decked out with several grades of tasers and stun guns, from standard public variety to the powerful ones that are used by the government agencies, her bow and arrows are also present as a back up.

At the sudden stopping of the van she is jerked toward the front of the van before she catches herself on the seat.

She quickly scans out the front window taking in the situation before turning to the back pulling two of the more powerful tasers out ready for when the backdoor is opened. As soon as she gets a target she fires both at Harness.

Harness is caught unprepared for an 'electrical' attack. Considering her armor has a significant amount of metal to it, the taser attack surges through her body and she goes down.

Havok was raising his arms, ready to blast the crap out of Harness when she drops like a rock.

Frenzy says, "Who the heck was that?", confused as to one of her would be rescuers.

Havok stands (crouched) and starts to exit the van. "Officer, keep Frenzy, and everyone else down. Mirage and I will take care of these people - and if we're lucky, we'll have more in lockup by this afternoon."

He leaps out of the back of the van and quickly targets Tower. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Stinger makes short work of the police in the cruiser and will soon be moving to assault the van.

Timeshadow leaps upon one of the nearby stopped cars. He's also standing next to it, in front of it, and one of his 'dupes' leaps forward to try and punch Havok who just fired his plasma at Tower.

The police in the van move to the back of the van to secure Frenzy just in case something goes awry.

Having been doing an aerial recon following the convey, Lifeguard in her winged Shi'ar form flies down to assist her teammates. As they seem to be handling the Alliance of Evil, she swoops down with her claws out attempting to catch Stinger from behind.

Stinger leaps off the cruiser causing Lifeguard to miss.

With Harness quickly put down, Mirage holsters the expended tasers and takes a moment to help the police secure Frenzy before the jumps from the van. She is in time to see Tower go down and she starts to shout a warning to Havok about the Timeshadow dupe but is to late, he gets hit.

Another quick glance around and she notes the diving LG going after Stinger so she rushes in the direction of one of the other Timeshadow dupes and uses one of her other tasers on him.

Hitting the ground, Stinger dodges to the size after hearing the attempted attack (flapping of wings) of Lifeguard. She turns and raises her electrified arms to try and blast Lifeguard with her remarkable attack.

The electrical attack arcs across the distance and zaps the crap out of Lifeguard. (30pts)

Timeshadow's dupes all begin to encircle Havok (three in total). They all try and punch the leader of X-Factor. Two strike him, one misses. Havok is more annoyed by the attacks than taking damage. He targets one with his plasma and says, "Cut it out!" The shot goes wide and is launched off into the sky.

Meanwhile, Harness is still down (out) and Tower falls into the East River (also out).

Mirage's attack also misses Timeshadow. Likely due to his out of phase and multiple location quality.

Taking the shot, Lifeguard lets out a loud yelp as she is shocked and her feathered hair shoots up all staticky and feathers drop from her wings. Her body responds and her nemesis power takes affect making her more resistant to the electrical attacks. Grinning, but singed, she hisses out as she throws herself at Stinger attempting to knock out the blond mutant.

You paged Lifeguard with 'Water isn't resistant to electricty, we're like 86% water, we still get fried. Rubber is an insulator. And that would sort of make sense. But the book is your best guide to nemesis since it's such a jacked up power.'

Having missed with the taser Mirage holsters it and eyes the three Timeshadows, she assumes that they are probably similar to the other duplicate creators she is familiar with, get rid of the original and the others go away. She reaches out with mental fingers inflitrating the mind of one of the dupes, finds his fear and lets him have it.

Just before Havok takes action, the imagery of Pestilance (one of Apocalypse's horsemen) appears before Timeshadow. Timeshadow recognizes the threat and screams. He turns and starts to run away (all three of him). The image reaches out, touches a Timeshadow on the shoulder and then he falls unconscious.

Havok sees the trouble that Lifeguard is facing with Stinger and yells, "Hey, Girl!" to draw her attention. He fires his plasma burst toward her, but misses. The blast strikes the concrete retaining wall next to her. This however distracts her and leaves her wide open for assault.

Having missed again, Lifeguard scowls and as Havok's distraction works and makes another attempt at Stinger, getting angrier with her Shi'ar heritage coming through. She is ready to beat this girl.

With her concentration on Timeshadow, Mirage forms the image of his greatest fear and in the process stuns him. Once he falls over she releases the illusion so it fades out of view. Her attention is drawn to the fight between Stinger and LG when Havok yells in thier direction. Her bow is out and arrow nocked, but it seems that LG has it well in hand as she gives Stinger a smackdown.

Lifeguard smacks the hell out of Stinger, who is nothing more than a 98lb teenaged girl with super powers. Stinger drops and the battle is officially over.

Havok calls to a cop, "Officer, could you send a chopper to fish Tower out of the river?"

He surveys the fallen foes and smiles.

Within the hour, the convoy is back on track and the team will deposit the criminals to Riker's island where they will be held for trial.

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