2012 05 01 Fo Shizzle Shaw Baby

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Fo-shizzle, Shaw-Baby

Empath, Exodus, Sebastian Shaw, Takara, and Banks and Smith (from Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

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May 1, 2012

Cafeteria - Massachusetts Academy

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Empath and Takara eat dinner when Shaw and Exodus show up.


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Takara currently is sitting in the dining area slowly picking her meal while still in school uniform. Her head wasn't as into classes as it usually was, the rumor going around that she came back into the school with blood on her top the other day. She is seated with a few girls, letting them dominate the conversation at the moment.

It is dinner time at the Massachusetts Academy and the boisterous, noisy, and loud students clamor for their food. In a secluded part of the cafeteria, used only by the Hellions is thankfully quiet. Seated at a more elegant and expansive table, Manuel de la Rocha sits in his school uniform, red blazer, white shirt, and khaki trousers. Looking across the cafeteria and spotting Takara, he gestures for his personal manservant to bring her over to his section.

The manservant bows and walks over to Takara, “Master de la Rocha would like your company at his table, Mistress Kelly.” He bows and gestures for her to follow him. The girls seated at her table grow silent and stare daggers of jealousy.

Takara graciously follows the man servant, waving bye to the girls in the face of so much jealousy, "Alas, I shall see you all later." The uniform fits her well as she approaches Manuel, "Thank you for the save, those girls were getting a little too daggery."

“The world is a cutthroat place and this academy is most representative of that.” Manuel rises from his seat as the manservant pulls out the chair for Takara. “Plus, at this point, you have earned your spot at the top. Thank you again for dispensing Bree.” Empath wears a sling showing he has yet to meet with the headmistress regarding the events from yesterday. Sitting down, a waiter brings out a menu of elegant edibles for the two to peruse, “Being an upperclassman has its privileges.” He grins.

The chatter in the room both hushes and becomes more excited as a set of double doors at the far end of the hall is opened to admit one of the school's occasional instructors and one of its largest, if not its single largest backer.
Sebastian Shaw stands a moment, his massive frame silhouetted by the light from the hallway beyond, his dress a stylish business suit. No tie, a mandarin collared shirt in white silk, his jacket has no lapels and a single row of silver buttons, matching the cuffs.

He takes a moment to take in the sight of the young people there, young minds to shape, connections to make, an agenda to advance, and he strides into the room, taking his time, but obviously headed for the far table.

Exodus, known to the students as Monsieur du Paris, enters the cafeteria through a side door. He presents himself mentally as a normal middle aged gentleman of noble quality and wearing a charcoal gray suit; to those who need not know he's powered. Yet to those such as the Hellions, he appears as he should, reddish skin, long hair, viral and quite powerful in his costume of blue, gold and purple with long flowing cape. He remains near to the door, yet will move to the side keeping the wall to his back. His eyes scan the room and consider things as he pursues through minds.

Takara takes her seat with lady like manners, a nod given in return to Manuel as she glances over the food on other, "It was a pleasure, getting Bree put out of the way. But Mr Shaw had a large hand in it, turned it into a lesson of influence." She takes a bite of the food, "Glad you are back amoungst the school Manuel, you were missed." Don't need to be empathic to know she was concerned, the hush of Mr Shaw and Monsieur du Paris entering draws her eye, "Speaking of."

Spotting Shaw, Manuel sighs and nods, but the presence of Monsieur du Paris draws his attention. “Goodness, that must be the new professor. I had yet to meet him, but he has quite the appearance…almost…demonic. He should fit in nicely.” Manuel attempts a peripheral emotion scan of Exodus. “But yes, Shaw has a way of helping us. I ponder poor Bree’s fate…but alas, she did stab me, so good riddance. Girlfriends come and go.”
Sebastian Shaw walks by the tables, nodding to a few select students, "Mister Banks, how has your cousin, Mister Smith been settling in?" he asks a very conservative-looking young man with dark skin and close-cropped hair.

Exodus presents as pensive, annoyed perhaps.

Exodus' eyes fall upon Empath as the youth reaches out to detect his emotions. His eyes narrow and focus. Mentally he casts to Empath, « Did Ms Frost not teach you subtelty? I'm disappointed, under her tutelage you should go unnoticed to even me. »

Takara seems quite calm about the professor showing up, the comment on his appearance only makes her smile, "Monsieur du Paris didn't strike me as the kind for small talk outside of classes. Otherwise, quite the fit." She finishes her next bite with a smirk, "They do come and go, lets hope the next one is less volitile.." Takara looks between du Paris and Manuel, then over to Shaw.

“I’ll have another girlfriend within the hour.” Empath’s eyes widen as he stares at Exodus, «It should have gone unnoticed by you? Clearly you are more than the typical faculty, Monsieur du Paris. Clearly, Ms. Frost’s lessons were not enough. I look forward to your instruction, sir.» He offered that telepathically as he finally orders a meal. “Filet mignon, well done. Very well done, please!” He reaches for a glass of water as he is suddenly thirsty.

Mr. Banks responds to Shaw, “Fo-shizzle, Shaw-baby. Ya got mad props for dis place! And he be a-ight. But my cuz, Smiddie wants to know when bi-atches and da hoochies are gonna come by ours rooms. Shaw-baby, you can arrange for da bitches for tonight. Much appreciation and much love.” Banks then resumes his meal.
Exodus remains a good 60 feet from the 'table' in question. He remains next to the side door. His arms cross over his chest and his attention falls from Empath as the conversation is resolved (on his part) and his mind removed from Empath's conscious. His attention falls upon Shaw and a slight smile of recognition, a micro-expression can be preceived.

Mr. Shaw pauses, and dryly notes, "I believe your cousin is having an undue influence on you, Mr. Banks. Your father wishes to send your younger sister here and I wouldn't want to have to mention this breach of etiquette."
The young man in question's demeanor shifts almost instantly (and comedically) in response "Yes sir, Mister Shaw…sir. Just…trying something new. I'll uh…stop now"

With that, Shaw moves on. He of course has noticed Exodus. And he 'greets' the ancient psionic in his mind, his telepathic 'voice' as clear and concise as any non-psi's can be, «Monsieur Bennet. A pleasure to see you again. So does this mean you've retained interest in our doings?» the unstated thought is still fairly clear, and deliberate. Magneto lost interest, the previous class of Hellions was killed and he wasn't there to defend or even avenge them.

Takara turns back Manuel, alot of what he ordered goes over her head for now, "Plenty out there." She glances over at the gentlemen that spoke to Shaw, has herself a little laugh about the gentlemens sudden change of tone. Takara tries her luc kwith trying to pronounce a dish properly, mostly successful.

The latest addition to the faculty unnerves Manuel, a nigh impossible feat. His plans to take over the Hellfire Club seem further and further away with an Asgardian enchantress and now this mutant who is powerful enough to detect the nigh undetectable empath. He finishes sipping his water as their orders are placed, “Well, Takara. So how well do you know Richenda and Charlene? Does Charlene know you are a mutant? And I wonder if she is one herself.”

Responding to Shaw, Exodus is pleased to note the psionic training given to him by Emma and or Selene. Things that would challenge most telepaths or those who would desire to control the mogul. He replies, his accent conveyed through the telepathic voice, « I am here on Magneto's behest. He desires my association with this facility as well as seeking an audience with you in regards to the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle. Something he has not only lost interest within, but is far estranged. »

Shaw's mental reply is a bit sharp, «I think Magnus has done plenty enough, wouldn't you agree? Considering how things went the last time. He'd best have some exceptionally good reasons and actually be willing to make a concession or two before we'll be so open to his presence. Ms. Frost is still a touch, shall we say, effected by the loss of her students? You, on the other hand, we bear no such acrimony to."

Simultaneously, he greets the youths, "Good afternoon, students. It's good to see up and about so soon, Mr. de la Rocha." his emotions in that are indeed sincere, but there is also a current of something else, like an artist about to set chisel to stone. Again, his words and thoughts didn't actually coincide in time.

Takara relaxes a little in her seat with Manuel, "I know them well enough to be comfortable around them, but not tell them. Charlene and Richenda do not know I have a power last I recall, they know my eye colors is a genetic thing." She seemed about ready to give more of her answer, but Mr Shaw arrives and she lights up with a smile, "Good afternoon Mister Shaw."

Satisfied with Takara’s answer he acknowledges Shaw’s arrival and stands up formally. “I am well. Thank you for your concern, Mr. Shaw.” Manuel mouths as his and Takara’s orders are brought to them. “Nice of you to join the peasants. To what do we owe this honor and privilege?” He looks over to Exodus, “I have not yet had the pleasure of a formal introduction to Monsieur du Paris, at least verbally. But I feel he will be a fine addition to the staff here at the Massachusetts Academy. But I wonder if his influence shall extend beyond the campus?”

Exodus responds in an initial zealotish tone, « I wholly agree on Magneto's account. His global influence and deeds exceed even that of many governments - even without his domination over the country of Genosha. Which is why he sent me, aside from the lack of amicable reception that he would receive upon his arrival. Yet, with all of this in mind. Know that I seek a position within the Inner Circle and at your leisure, I would stand for trials and queries. »

Exodus will pay no heed to the audible conversations 60 feet away. He's more focused on Shaw and their conversation, which is nearing its end as he declared his intentions.

«Quite a time for that as of late.» Shaw thinks back, allowing Exodus to see flashes of Amora and the Mandarin, «We are not lacking for prospective members. You understand that since some regrettable actions of the now-exiled Donald Pierce, we are a bit more careful to ensure any members' goals coincide with our own.»

To the youths he says, "Peasant? Hardly Manuel." he takes a more familiar tone, "As for Monsiuer Bennet, that is still up for discussion."

"Ah, that would be interesting. The plot thickens." Takara settles back into her seat once it is appropiate, grinning, "Makes me wish I came here a little earlier."

“I see.” Manuel offers as he stares at Exodus and then finally takes his seat and begins on his meal, “Please join us, Mr. Shaw.” When Takara mentions she wished she was here earlier. Manuel chuckles for a moment and then frowns a momentary memory of friends long gone. “Trust me, Kara-chan. You are here at the right time. You would not have wanted to be here before.” He makes no mention of the tragedy that befell his teammates as he slices into his filet mignon.

Thinking of his dead friends, Manuel rises, "Excuse me." He makes his way out of the cafeteria.

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